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Will Seth Jarvis be part of the lineup?


TAMPA, FLORIDA – OCTOBER 01: Seth Jarvis # 24 of the Carolina Hurricanes shoots during a preseason game against the Tampa Bay Lightning at Amalie Arena on October 1, 2021, in Tampa, Florida. (Photo by Mike Ehrmann / Getty Images)

Preseason hockey is an opportunity for players to get rid of rust from their games. We have seen pros trying to get rid of rust from their bodies while giving their legs some movement as we move into the start of the NHL season. We are also seeing the outbreak of young players who are starting to emerge in the stars. This year we see youngster Seth Jarvis start to become an important player for the Carolina Hurricanes.

Carolina’s 13th pick in the 2020 NHL Draft has impressed dramatically this preseason. For someone who is only 19 years old, Jarvis has done a lot of good things in the NHL setup and that gives the management team a tough decision to make. Are they giving him a chance this year and starting to burn his entry-level contract or are they sending him back to juniors where they can’t call him back?

I also want to reiterate that Jarvis is not eligible to play for the Chicago Wolves. Players who are CHL products must report to their junior teams until the age of 20, unless they make the jump directly to the NHL. This is how CHL teams can still sell jerseys with names of star players and earn money from it.

He played pretty well. He certainly doesn’t look like a teenager in his first camp. It was a real team there. They were coming strong. He was awesome. That’s all I can say. He seems to belong to that league, that’s for sure… It’s the system problem, unfortunately. There is still a huge learning curve. There are still a lot of mistakes that are made, and it’s not just because he’s not there and doesn’t understand it, but he’s quickly learning from what I’ve seen since being with him. him. So yeah, the system on kids like that certainly isn’t helping them.

Carolina Hurricanes head coach Rod Brind’amour was quick to congratulate the young man from Winnipeg, Man. Rod kept suggesting that Jarvis certainly deserved a place in the NHL. He will not have the opportunity to move from his WHL team in Portland to the Carolina Hurricanes as the organization deems appropriate. However, you don’t want Jarvis to get used to the WHL. You want to encourage its development, which means AHL is the next logical step. Still, he is not eligible for the American Hockey League. Again, the logic is silly that he can’t play in the AHL due to his age and being through the WHL, so he has to come back to the same level he already dominates instead of move on to a more difficult challenge in the hopes of becoming the best player possible. It is bordering on madness but it is not essential.

The other option is to have Jarvis in the NHL roster. If he’s ready, that’s fine. Any player ready to take on the challenges of the National Hockey League should be welcomed with open arms by any team. But rushing a prospect is a cardinal sin.

Let’s assume here that Jarvis makes the list. He’s been so fantastic throughout the preseason that management can’t send him back to Portland for the season. Do you really want to ruin Jarvis’ talents as a 4th line grinder? If not, and you decide to put it away in the 3rd line, who do you do the shredder? It is such a difficult situation.

No one wants my opinion but has it anyway. For me, I think you have to wait for Jarvis. One more year at the juniors shouldn’t damage his game. Find the holes he needs to work on, whether it’s his defense or just trying to improve his skating, and let him do it in Portland. . Who cares if his production drops if he’s a better player overall? The important thing is to get the best out of this very talented young man.

Question for Cardiac Cane readers: Should Seth Jarvis be on the opening night list?

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