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Why there is only one pair of Nike Whataburger in the world


According to Eater, Nike Whataburgers aren’t for sale the same way you can get a shirt at McDonald’s or KFC. Instead, these shoes were designed specifically as prizes in an online contest. In 2017, Eater explains, Whataburger decided to take advantage of its cult following in the southern and western United States and hired Jake Danklef, a San Antonio-based artist, to create a pair of bespoke Air Jordans decorated in the restaurant chain. signature colors.

But the orange and white Air Jordans weren’t the only shoes Danklef designed, according to Footwear News. A second pair of sneakers, black and red slip-ons with the words “Spicy” and “Ketchup” written on them, would be the second prize. The third and final prize would be a low-top white sneaker decorated with colorful “sticker” prints similar to those the chain uses on its burger wrappers. Air Jordans would cost around $2,000, slip-ons would cost around $1,500, and low-top sneakers would cost $1,300 – quite expensive shoes.

To enter the contest, participants shared their favorite custom Whataburger dishes through August 7, 2017 using the hashtag “WhataThoseContest”. While we can’t find any documentation of who won either sneaker, it’s safe to say someone is enjoying their Whataburger with a little more swag right now.