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What’s the story with chic blonde Douglas who wants to give me the smelly eye?


Hello, old stock. We are very excited here on Blackrock Road after hearing about the new exclusive toilets in Clifden.
Confused also really, because I don’t see the point of putting something aimed at an elite class
a place like Clifden
. (Sorry now, but the definition of a respectable person in Galway is someone who washes their hair even when they’re not on a date.)

Having said that, the idea of ​​an expensive jack is a good corker, because nobody wants to do their business next to a mediocre one who thinks he is, because he went to
the Christians
. The main issue I can see with the outlets in Clifden is the price they charge to use it.

I want to say
3.50 is not enough to deter a Norry, let alone a Glanmire aspirant. Anyway, myself and the other Blackrock Road millionaires are planning to build a series of posh jacks around Cork – what do you think would be an appropriate price to discourage non-entities?

Reggie, Blackrock Road

I thought there that I don’t know of non-entities and then I remembered that I had a cousin in Bishopstown. I called her and said, how much would you pay the most for the toilet? She said, 45 euros. I said, would you pay that to go to the bathroom? !! She said, I thought you meant buy a toilet. #Inexpensive toiletsInBtown

Come on, what’s the matter with chic blonde Douglas who wants to give me the stinky eye downstairs in Derrynane?
myself and
the old doll got a loan from Budgie’s camper there and drove to Kerry for the week.

It’s so hot in the back of the thing in this weather that I’m not able on the sex front,
old woman
doll thinks I must be having an affair, and I kind of wish I was now because I’m blamed for it anyway.

So we are in Derrynane o
n Tuesday on the beach like and I felt a little threatened by all the local gomies in their Kerry swimsuits, pacing like they own the place.

So I see these three blondes walk past me wearing expensive sunglasses and I scream “cute love accent, nice to see one of us” and she looked at me like I was from Clonmel and said “I have nothing to you” out of his nose, as they do to Douglas.

Sorry now, but denying that you’re from Cork is
like the worst thing you can do, especially in the last week in Munster. Do you think I should report it?

Dowcha Donie, Blackpool

There is actually a hotline to report a betrayal against Cork called 1-800-Langball. I called him there and said a Douglas refused to talk to a guy from Blackpool on Derrynane beach. The hotline woman said, which of them are you reporting for treason against Cork. I said, the guy from Blackpool didn’t do anything wrong. She said, except to go on vacation to Kerry. #The snake

It gets sneaky on our WhatsApp group Douglas Road Stunners who refuse to make eye contact with Norries on vacation in Derrynane.

Myself, Fifi_2WhiteRangeRovers and Lorna_67GrandKitchen made a real entrance on the beach
there yesterday, almost in slow motion so the local Kerry bees could see that we were carrying $ 20,000 of designer gear between us. (Not a tag in sight, it’s not like we’re from Glanmire, but there was no doubt about our net worth.)

Anyway, everything got messed up when this person with a northern accent tried to talk to us, and then his girlfriend who looked like a walking tattoo started screaming “is the
see behind my back, Donie? “. As if, like !! I could see all the Killarney chic in last year’s jumpsuits and
sneering at us, as if they had never been mortified by a hairy nosed Kerry farmer who came down from the mountain to wash himself.

One of Killarney’s bees shouted “good luck with Sunday’s game, girls” which obviously sounds like humor in the Kingdom as her two friends almost peed in their three-pack of panties. Anyway, what did they mean by good luck on Sunday?

Jenni, Douglas Road

I think there might be a game, Jenni, the bogball. I called my crazy GAA ex in Tralee and said, are you confident about Sunday? He said no, you can’t count on the guys from Kerry to grab the chance. I said, why do you think I broke up with you? #Pig

Hello, it’s Rosealeen here at Ballydesmond. Isn’t that how I saw a Facebook photo of him and Roy Keane below in Youghal during the week, with the big pair of legs on him.

I told Berna, what are we doing here when we come out of Scartaglin Pond when we could make our eyes on Roy on the beach and him a millionaire.

Our only concern is that we have never been to East Cork before,
because it’s too close to Waterford, and this shower would make Kerry’s guys look like the main race. So, are there any precautions to take, tell me?

Rosealeen, Ballydesmond.

I called my friend in Ballycotton over there and said, do you think the people of North Cork should take precautions. She said absolutely – the fewer children the better.


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