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What soap stars really look like when the cameras are off


A life on the cobblestones of Coronation Street, the market stalls of EastEnders, living on the farm in Emmerdale or strolling through the village of Hollyoaks is not always the most glamorous for the actors who often dress up to play their part. characters.

But away from the limelight, soap opera stars have a radically different look and enjoy the glitz and glamor of showbiz – a world far from their on-screen alter egos.

Hull Live reveals what some of your favorite stars really look like away from the camera …

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Amy walsh

Amy Walsh plays troublesome Tracy on Emmerdale Farm

Did you know this soap star also has a famous brother?

Amy Walsh, 33, is the sister of Kimberly walsh from the popular 2000s girl group, Girls Aloud.

Amy plays Tracy Skankley, also known as Tracy Metcalfe, a chaotic character who is divisive when she makes her first appearance in the village.

After being kicked out by her mother at a young age, Tracy turned to prostitution and later adult chat lines to support herself.

Once in the village, she quickly found work in the local B&B and also tried selling erotic novels.

Amy is much more glamorous in real life than her complicated character.

Alex lincoln

Alex, who plays Jamie Tate in Emmerdale, shows off his rock-hard body when he’s away from the set

Alex, 26, played Jamie Tate on Emmerdale since 2014.

In her spare time, the star has directed and starred in numerous short films, and enjoys showing off her toned figure on her Instagram page.

The actor has a large number of social media followers with 16,200 Instagram followers and over 2,000 Twitter followers.

The actor enjoys sharing photos from his adventures around the world on his Instagram page, while delighting fans with sneaky behind-the-scenes footage from his time on the Emmerdale together.

Coronation Street

Gemma winter

Gemma Winter is a little different from her on-screen character who loves a tracksuit and pigtails

Gemma, a mom of four and kebab seller, lives her life in tracksuits lined with daytime accessories and loves a stomach-baring crop top.

But in real life, actress Dolly-Rose Campbell, 33, exudes glamor, enjoying a chic vacation sipping cocktails in New York City and visiting art galleries in her native Manchester.

And unlike her character, Dolly prefers a peaceful life relaxing with her dog and knitting.

As for the similarities between the two, Dolly says there aren’t.

“I’m pretty smart and love to knit and sew, which I don’t think Gemma would enjoy,” she previously told the Sunday Post.

“And we have a very different sartorial sense.”

Ellie Leach

Teen actress Ellie is much more glamorous than her schoolgirl character Corrie

19-year-old actress Ellie plays Faye Windass in Coronation Street.

The young star is linked to Corrie’s beloved star Brooke Vincent who is Ellie’s cousin.

On screen, Ellie plays a young teenage girl who has a lot of issues, but in her personal life she’s quite glamorous and unlike her schoolgirl character.

She spends her offscreen time hanging out with her boyfriend, hanging out in fancy bars and traveling abroad.

Faye’s early stories included her adoption journey, being the victim and perpetrator of bullying and getting pregnant at the age of 12 and keeping it a secret from her family.


Danny walters

Danny Walters is much more of a gentleman than his on-screen character

Danny’s character, Keanu Taylor, comes from a not-so-rich family and is very protective of his family members.

Keanu often causes chaos around Albert Square, disturbing neighbors by being rowdy and being questioned by the police.

Danny dresses completely the opposite of his character, ditching the offscreen tracksuit and dressing like a gentleman in a three-piece suit.

He spends much of his free time at the gym, on vacation or riding expensive motorcycles.

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