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Weta uni kills Tadzewu and wins the first trophy


Contest winners receive their cash prize

No, it wasn’t a Reinhard Bonnke’s kind of crusade, nor any of their traditional festivals. It was not even a political campaign or the funeral of a prominent figure in the province.

Can a city on a hill be hidden? The good people of the municipality of Ketu-Nord have seen and heard about the historic “Notoamenenyo Howliwli” and have come in large numbers to pay their last respects.

Young people, however, were divided over the winner of the trophy: “It never happened in this municipality” was the common song on their lips, music that resonated with the elderly, who could not do without. the joy and the truth that the words breathe – they danced to the sound of this historic orchestra. “At least it happened in our lifetime and we will tell this Angel of Hope, the Afetsi Awoonor Foundation, to our ancestors,” they resolved, seeing the glow emanate from the faces of even the losing teams. .

It was a clash of the Titans in Ehi on Sunday, September 19, 2021 as Weta United FC defeated Tadzewu Leads SC to win the first “Notoamenenyo Howliwli”. The competition, which began on December 5, 2021, was strategically organized by the Afetsi Awoonor Foundation for the benefit of the four traditional provinces of Ketu-North Municipality. Each province was represented by two football teams.

Runner-up Tadzewu Leads and Weta United (who beat Penyi Future Stars 2-1 in the semi-final on Saturday) were the favorites to win the trophy after their stunning performances in their previous matches. Both teams worked hard and earned their places in the final.

The fans were unstoppable. The players and their technical teams were practically on fire! 5,000 Ghc were involved, along with full sets of shirts and boots. Earlier in the afternoon, Penyi Victory Stars clinched third place with a 3-0 victory over Kave Future Stars, who lost to Tadzewu Leads 1-3 in the semifinals.

They left with 2,000 Ghc, complete sets of shirts and boots and medals. The presentation was given by internationally renowned musician, activist and artist M. manifest, while 4th Kave Future Stars walked away with Ghc 500, full sets of shirts and boots.

The park at this point was packed as was the ecstasy and it was a good day for the food vendors. Weta United opened the first half of the final with a goal.

This early goal, though denied by the referee, catalyzed each team’s desires to win the Ultimate. Weta United scored again in the dying minutes of the first half.

Tadzewu Leads came close to equalizing several times in the second half, but the Weta United goalkeeper was always on hand to make great saves. Weta United fans flooded the pitch upon hearing the referee’s final whistle. Yes, they took all the loot with one goal! They are the winners of the “Notoamenenyo Howliwli” maiden.

Afetsi Awoonor Foundation Co-Chair Adaku Ufere-Awoonor presented Tadzewu Leads, the second runner-up, 3000 Ghc, full sets of shirts and boots, and medals.

It was an enviable moment of great euphoria when the Angel of Hope, Mr. Afetsi Awoonor, President of the Foundation, joined by other dignitaries, presented the medals, 5,000 Ghc, the trophy and the sets of shirts. and boots to tournament kings, Weta United FC.

The other participating football teams were Dekpor Mighty Rovers FC, Dzodze Heritage FC, Tamekorpe Stone Breakers FC and Afife FC. Each of them received 500 Ghc as an attendance allowance.

Many prominent personalities were present, including Torgbui Ashiagbor IV, Dusifia of Weta Traditional Area; AB Ahiable and some notable international personalities such as Vic Mensa, Aja Monet, Phiona Okumu and many more.

“Notoamenenyo Howliwli” is one of the main flagship programs of the Afetsi Awoonor Foundation. The competition aims to empower young people and promote unity through football.

The Foundation expresses its sincere gratitude to the following people: Torgbi Ashiagbor IV, Dusifia of Weta Traditional Area, AB Ahiable, Wilson Ackey of Dekpor, Famous Gadah, Megbeda Emmanuel Dadadzogbor, James “Galeagbelime” Dotse Tessu, Stephen “Toronto” Kuvor, Justice Ackey , Faith Tagborlo, Godwin Adifli Atom, Wonder Gbemu, Ahedor Enoch Kwame, Adaku Ufere-Awoonor (Co-chair of the Afetsi Awoonor Foundation), M. manifest, Vic Mensa (Ghanaian-American musician, activist and songwriter signed to Roc Nation) , Aja Monet (American writer), Phiona Okumu (Spotify music manager for ASS); and to all of our flagship sponsors, participating teams, police and ambulance services.