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Well Fashion: a new direction for materials and products


Consumers are increasingly demanding comfort and durability in addition to style. That’s why SGS supports the textile industry with a range of voluntary marks that help demonstrate a product’s compliance with defined criteria of quality, performance, durability, functionality and durability.

Fashion is on the move. The dominance of the athleisure market over the past decade has turned into a ‘fashion good’ trend.

Well Fashion Drivers

Consumers are no longer content to wear several outfits in a day. Instead, they want comfortable, durable and functional outfits that are better for the environment and suitable for the office, gym and socializing. They also want to see evidence that performance and durability claims have been backed up by independent evaluation and certification.

Governments, NGOs and retailers are also driving change. Around the world, legislators are introducing sustainable business models focused on better design, reuse and recycling – the circular economy. At the same time, retailers want visible assurance that the products they sell meet set standards for quality, durability and functionality.

Industry Response

A radical overhaul is underway at the heart of the textile and apparel industry. Innovative approaches to design, manufacture, acquire, track, experience and dispose – the entire product lifecycle – are introduced. Materials and processes that provide better quality, performance, durability, functionality, usability and durability are used by designers and manufacturers seeking to develop fashion that meets and exceeds market demands.

However, taking a forward thinking approach to the fashion lifecycle is not enough to succeed in competitive markets. Performance and durability claims made for a wide variety of products require independent substantiation to confirm that they are trustworthy. Therefore, to succeed in global markets, you must demonstrate to buyers, regulators and consumers that your fashion product’s claims have been independently verified.

Better for people, better for the planet

SGS works with a variety of forward-thinking manufacturers around the world to help them develop innovative materials and products that are not only better for us as consumers, but also better for the planet. Our comprehensive line of independent verification solutions helps manufacturers successfully enter new and expanding markets with inventive, high-performance products.

Developped by Pacific Century Textiles, Nu Dye® is an ecological dyeing process that uses no hazardous substances. It provides optimum color uniformity and a unique and identical fading effect of garment dyeing. According to Pacific Century Textiles findings, Nu Dye® allows substantial savings in water, energy and chemicals compared to traditional dyeing methods.

Consumers want textiles that perform well and are comfortable. Bemis’s Advanced three-layer seam tapes made from recycled polyester jerseys ensure textiles meet stretch and recovery requirements without compromising waterproof performance.

Consumers also want products that keep them cool and dry and protect them from the sun. A boy®property of Juo Yu Co., Ltd., is a clothing brand that develops clothing that meets these comfort criteria, including instant cooling. This is a new form of technologically advanced material that wicks sweat away from the body and then uses it to help the material actively cool body temperature.

This is just a selection of the many companies that SGS currently works with in verifying and certifying durability and performance claims. These innovative technologies enable the development and manufacture of new forms of clothing that are not only better for us, but also better for the planet.

What our customers say

Pacific Century Textiles

“Brands and consumers are more concerned than ever that tissues that touch the human body can cause health issues. The ECCS brand helps my company dispel those fears. It demonstrates to brands and consumers that our products are free of harmful substances, thus enhancing our ability to promote Nu Dye® sustainable, while strengthening the confidence of brands and consumers.

“If I had to choose one word to describe our experience working with SGS, it would be proficient. The SGS team provided fantastic support throughout this demanding journey. industry have helped make the project a success. To fully express my gratitude would take more than a thousand words, but I would like to make a special mention to the SGS representatives who helped facilitate the progress of this project.

“Looking forward, we hope to work with SGS to achieve another of our sustainability goals: to replace all traditional garment dyes with Nu Dye.®. This would significantly reduce the textile industry’s consumption of water, energy and chemicals.”

Johnson Wong, Director, Pacific Century Textiles


“At A BOY’S®, we bring clothing design closer to the needs of modern citizens. Thanks to technological advances, we create fashionable and functional clothing that is more practical for everyday life.

“SGS’s Global ICM Certification Increases Consumer Confidence When Buying ONE BOY’s Quick Cooling UV Protection Lightweight Hooded Adult Jacket®. This has helped us successfully access new markets around the world.

“Trust is the best word I can find to describe the experience of working with SGS. They have provided us with reliable testing and market surveillance services and although certification can be complicated, we have gained experience considerable amount of the international inspection process Obtaining SGS ICM certification was definitely worth it.

“A BOY® hopes that by working with SGS, we can continue to build consumer confidence in our products while striving to achieve our full value as a sustainable and social enterprise.”

Weiting Yen, President, ONE BOY®


“Bemis has ambitious sustainability goals. To deliver on our ‘better by Bemis’ claim, we invest in new sustainable materials and better manufacturing processes/chemicals. We also conduct research to improve the life cycle of products, so it is important for us to fully understand the durability requirements of our customers to find the right balance between material performance and cost.

“SGS provides us with material/application testing services and custom end-use evaluation protocols – an increasingly important driver of innovation. Working with SGS has given us the opportunity to develop new better training platforms and better test protocols and we were also able to speed up our development/qualification processes.

“‘Flexibility’ comes to mind when describing the experience of working with SGS. COVID-19 has had a significant impact on business operations and supply chains over the past two years. SGS has made demonstrating flexibility throughout the process, handling samples efficiently and providing us with up-to-date information and technical support.

“We are always learning how to best use the SGS IC brand. From a quality control perspective, it is a powerful quality control tool for regional manufacturing. This is especially true when travel is limited. We also hope to use the brand to expand our network into new global markets.

Alan Lao, Senior Director, Product, Technology and Development – Asia, Bemis

Connect with consumers using trusted product brands

We offer a full range of voluntary marks to help manufacturers demonstrate their product’s compliance with established criteria. Independent verification creates transparency, bridges the gap between manufacturer, retailer and consumer, and enables buyers to make more informed buying decisions.

  • SGS independent inspection mark (IC mark): shows compliance with defined criteria for quality, performance, durability, functionality, ease of use, workmanship and preferred material condition
  • SGS Environmental Claims Certification System (Green Mark): independent certification against defined assessment protocols for specific environmental claims
  • SGS performance mark: demonstrates that a product’s claimed feature, performance or function has been verified by a third-party laboratory


SGS voluntary marks enable you to:

  • Demonstrate independent verification of claims

  • Improve transparency

  • Build trust in your brand

  • Convey the superiority of your product on the market

To learn more about our voluntary SGS marks, please contact:

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