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Virginia Tech Athletics move forward in NIL space evolution

NOIRSBOURG – Virginia Tech Athletics continues to explore additional avenues for its student-athletes to monetize their visibility as representatives of the Hokies brand. In March, Tech Athletics announced an enhanced partnership with the INFLCR, launching the Hokies Exchange platform allowing student-athletes and businesses to interact and arrange a variety of name-endorsement deals,… image and likeness (NIL).

Once a company, collective or individual has registered and been approved for Hokies Exchange, they will be put into a database where student-athletes and the entity can log in for potential NIL offers. Companies can filter through the student-athlete index and narrow the selections using different criteria.

Additionally, athletic director Whit Babcock, confirmed that a trio of NIL collectives have offered their services to Virginia Tech student-athletes, businesses and donors. Babcock indicated that the following three organizations have chosen to align themselves with the Hokies:

Commonwealth None
Commonwealth NIL is a New River Valley-based company founded by former Virginia State Delegate Nick Rush and former tech Forrest Rush. Commonwealth NIL specializes in comprehensive, diverse and innovative NIL solutions. Commonwealth NIL raises resources for NIL contracts through events, activities and special sales with a unique focus on the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Hot Route Marketing, LLC
Hot Route Marketing has taken a different approach than other organizations in the NIL space. Under the leadership of Virginia Tech alumnus Kelly Woolwine, Hot Route Marketing, LLC represents a vehicle in which corporations, donors, and fans can invest in a consolidated pool of resources from which NIL opportunities can be organized for students. -athletes.

Triumph NIL, LLC
Triumph NIL seeks to partner with corporate clients with Tech student-athletes to create compelling campaigns that drive real results, in addition to providing platforms for donors and fans to support their favorite Hokies. That group is led by James Cowan, president of CowanPerry PC and also includes former Tech All-America running back Kevin Jones.

The Hokies remain at the forefront of the rapidly changing NIL landscape. Earlier this year, Virginia Tech Football, along with Fanatics and OneTeam, announced a partnership that will allow fans to purchase custom jerseys for which student-athletes will be compensated.

Virginia Tech is not directly involved in NIL introductions or NIL agreement negotiations. The guidelines on NIL continue to evolve and Tech Athletics remains committed to providing our student-athletes with every means necessary to maximize their overall experience and marketability while competing for the Hokies as we seek to amplify our competitive position in all of our college athletic programs.

What our coaches say
“I appreciate that Whit and our administration at Virginia Tech continue to be aggressive in the rapidly changing NIL space. The launch of the Hokies Exchange platform was a critical first step in giving our student-athletes direct access to business opportunities. The fact that several NIL collectives have chosen to align with Virginia Tech indicates that the market is ready to work directly with our student-athletes. NIL is changing college athletics and we want our student-athletes maximize their value in the open market.

Brent Pry – Virginia Tech Football Head Coach

“I am thrilled that Virginia Tech and our administration have provided our athletes with so many opportunities in the NIL space. From education and the Hokies Exchange platform to these new NIL collectives, we are doing everything we can to ensure that our student-athletes have the resources to make informed decisions and have the confidence to approach NIL opportunities in a way that will benefit them.Our mission is to support student-athletes in all their endeavors on and off It’s another step in the right direction for our department and I’m delighted to see this put in place with our athletes in mind.”

Kenny Brooks – Virginia Tech Women’s Basketball Head Coach

“There is perhaps no hotter topic on the recruiting track than NIL right now. The NIL space is constantly evolving, and I applaud our leadership within Virginia Tech Athletics for being proactive. and continue to strengthen our NIL opportunities. Our guys experienced first–maintaining some of those advantages. Now that we have multiple NIL collectives aligned with us, those opportunities will only increase. I appreciate the sense of urgency that our athletic department has demonstrated to enhance our NIL programming It is critical that our student-athletes have the education and tools to succeed in this space as we move forward in this new era of athletics university.”

Mike Young – Virginia Tech Men’s Basketball Head Coach

Virginia Tech Athletics also announced plans Thursday to make financial rewards available to student-athletes following the Supreme Court’s decision last June in Alston v. NCAA.

“We are pleased to be able to offer this financial incentive to our student-athletes to make the kind of academic progress that will benefit them for years after graduation,” Babcock said. “We are currently finalizing our criteria for this program and plan to release the details to student-athletes, their families and our coaching staff this summer. We plan to begin this financial reward program beginning in the fall of 2022. Thanks to the tremendous success of our Drive for 25 and the generosity of our Hokie Club donors, we intend to be highly competitive in this space to ensure that Virginia Tech remains a highly attractive destination for the best student-athletes in the world. country. “