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UEFA to launch Metaverse Gaming League ahead of Women’s Euro 2022

NBA Draft top picks Paolo Banchero, Chet Holmgren and Jaden Hardy talk performance tech with SportTechie


Andre Cohen

Ahead of Thursday’s NBA Draft at Barclays Center, SportTechie spoke with projected top picks Paulo Banchero, Chet Holmgren and Jaden Hardy at an event Tuesday at Smokey Vale Barbershop in Brooklyn, NY. Highlighted prospects Catapult’s portable devices and a Virtual Repetitions playbook learning software like some of the performance technologies they have used during training.

The event was organized by electric shaver brand Phillips as part of its promotional campaign for its Norelco OneBlade the razor. While playing the role of first-year student at Duke last season, Banchero and his teammates wore At Captault GPS tracking device in a pocket under their jersey during practices and games. Data from the device was reviewed by Duke’s Sports Science team for player load management purposes.

“We could see how fast you were running, the exits, stuff like that. After a loss that you could see it’s our Catapult stats, and after a win it’s our stats and compare them,” Banchero said on Tuesday. “If a player is tired or plays long minutes, you go being able to see their decline or rise off the catapult. This definitely give you a good idea of the player’s performance.

Hardy left college to play for the NBA G League Ignite team last season and remembers using a similar tracking device. “During practices and matches, they used to put a tracker in our shorts to track the distance we ran. One time our coach told me that I had run almost five miles, I was like a dang.

While Hardy should be selected in the Second part of the first round, Banchero and Holmgren both should be drafted among the first three picks. Holmgren, the former Gonzaga star replaced by WME Sports and BDA Sportssigned a NIL agreement with an online playbook software Virtual rehearsals (VRP).

“There is an app called VRP I used it’s a pretty cool concept,” the 7-foot-1 said Holmgren. “You enter games on the app and you put on virtual reality glasses, and it’s almost like you’re playing [NBA] 2K except you exceed games.