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Turn heads; striking heads: an unforgettable trip for neighbors and family | Blues de Saint-Louis


“He was pretty calm,” said Ed Neighbors. “He’s pretty unfazed, I think. He looked good there. He didn’t sound nervous, (not) too much. After the game, he was happy to be able to chat a bit with all of us.

Since the generosity of the Blues brought them to their son / son-in-law’s first game, the group Neighbors decided to make it a road trip. They attended all three games and were not difficult to spot outside or in the ice.

After all, there aren’t many # 63 Blues jerseys in Glendale, Arizona, or Las Vegas. The neighbors wore the number 21 for juniors, but that number belongs to veteran Tyler Bozak in St. Louis.

“I don’t put too much emphasis on the number that’s on my back,” Neighbors said. “My parents quickly bought jerseys, so I might as well keep them. “

Besides, as Neighbors’ mother-in-law, Malia, said: “Sixty-three is three times 21.”

True. So there were four No.63 Blues jerseys sitting in row 6 in front of the players’ benches on Wednesday at T-Mobile Arena in Vegas. It was a different game for Neighbors. You didn’t notice it so much in the Blues’ 3-1 win over the Golden Knights.

He only played three shifts in the third period of a close, fast and intense game. Bérubé frequently overtook Vladimir Tarasenko, inserting him in place of the neighbors on the Schenn line. It paid off, with Tarasenko scoring the game-winning goal.

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