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Troy Lee Designs Skyline Chill Jersey
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Our opinion

A great jersey for cold rides during shoulder season, but it certainly doesn’t come cheap

Perfect fit and fit; ideal jersey for mixed weather days between seasons; the lens wipe is a useful size and is convenient

The inconvenients:
Not as thick as some, so you’ll need to add extra layers for going out in the dead of winter; Dear

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The Skyline Chill Jersey by Troy Lee Designs is meant to add a little extra warmth to your bike when the weather starts to deteriorate as winter approaches or on those chilly spring mornings.

While a winter jersey won’t replace a jacket, especially in a downpour, the good ones ensure that you won’t need as many layers when the temperature starts to drop.

But how does the Skyline Chill behave on the track?

Troy Lee Designs Skyline Chill Jersey Details

The fit and fit of the Skyline Chill is based on the regular Skyline jersey, although the Chill uses a thicker mesh fabric (TLD claims it weighs 70g / m² heavier than the standard jersey) in order to get you Keep warm.

In terms of feel, while the exterior is silky, the interior has a soft, almost micro-fleece grip.

As for the fit, TLD has gone for a relaxed fit, although it’s snug enough to ensure that you don’t end up with excess material swelling as you ride. The rear hem drops slightly to help keep your lower back covered when sitting or out of the saddle and launching.

Other details include a generously sized lens wipe, which can be found on the left rear of the jersey, and a printed label on the neck. The Skyline Chill is bluesign certified, which means it was created to meet very high environmental standards, which is nice to see.

Troy Lee Designs Skyline Chill performance jersey

How we tested

In order to get the best measurement of the Skyline Chill, I tested it alongside five other winter jerseys. Throughout the test, I wore the same sleeveless underwear (or no underwear at all on the hottest days) and did not wear a bag.

I have ridden in a variety of track conditions, from dry bone to totally soggy, and a temperature range of 5 to 12 ° C.

Also in test

In many ways, thanks to the grip and weight of the fabric, the Skyline Chill looks a lot like a regular jersey. There are no fluffy wool windproof panels and there is no noisy thermal material.

The lack of loose or additional waterproofing materials means the Skyline Chill is best suited for transitional fall or spring days, when it’s cold but not freezing outside.

I found the Skyline Chill jersey to really make sense on days when the weather changed frequently. While the fall days can be chilly early on, when the sun comes out, the temperature can really climb. Here the Skyline Chill excels.

While not the warmest winter jersey, there is enough insulation to keep you from getting cold. Yet when you start to work really hard, you never feel like you’re choking or about to overheat.

Naturally, pairing it with a thick, long-sleeved baselayer means it’ll look good when it’s cold enough, but it won’t keep you as comfortable as some swimsuits, especially if there’s a cold headwind.

The fit and fit is also perfect, with sufficient length in the sleeves and body, which keeps me from feeling like I’m not properly covered when on the bike. Thanks to the fitted collar, cold drafts are avoided.

While the cuffs aren’t particularly deep or tight, you can still comfortably roll the sleeves up onto your forearms (where they will stay) if you feel the need to.

Overall, while the Skyline isn’t the warmest winter jersey, it’s a great kit for fall and spring hikes, when the temperature can really fluctuate throughout the day. I’m a huge fan of the fit and feel, but there’s no escape from this steep price tag.

Troy Lee Designs Skyline Chill Bikini Bottom

While the Skyline Chill jersey doesn’t come cheap, it works great on cold weather rides, where it’s too soft to wear a jacket but rolling into a regular jersey and a base layer isn’t enough.

It might not be as comfortable as some when it’s really cold, but I like that it retains that ‘normal’ swimsuit feel more, while still being warm enough.

It also means when you’re working extra hard the Skyline Chill never feels too hot or stuffy which is a big plus.