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Top Asian-Owned Canadian Companies to Support Right Now


Asian Heritage Month is traditionally a time to recognize the many achievements and contributions of Asian Canadians. But these days, what is meant to be a celebration has been compounded by the rise of anti-Asian hate crimes and incidents fueled by the COVID-19 pandemic. Last March, the Chinese Canadian National Council for Social Justice and the 1907 Project found a continued increase in anti-Asian racism and xenophobia across Canada, with a total of 943 self-reported incidents across the country in 2021. , which represents an increase of 47%. compared to 2020.

Despite the challenges of the past two years, Asian Canadians have continued to thrive and take pride in their heritage, culture and roots. This year, the Canadian government is celebrating Asian Heritage Month under the theme “Continuing the Legacy of Greatness” to remind Canadians to come together to fight anti-Asian racism and discrimination in all its forms.

So, in the spirit of Asian Heritage Month, let’s pay tribute to the many Asian-Canadian entrepreneurs who are leaving their mark on the world and giving space to new generations of talent. With so much Asian excellence in the country, here are some brands and businesses to celebrate and support in May, as well as all other months of the year.