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Top 5 Reasons It’s Time To Jump Off The Texas Tech Red Raider Train


So here we are … back in an old familiar place.

That’s right, Jones AT&T Stadium. The home of the rabid fan base of VOS Texas Tech Red Raiders. With this weekend’s incredible loss to Kansas State, we have all kinds of questions.

Will we even get to 6-6?

Matt Wells gonna get fired?

What conditioner does Henry Colombi use?

And most importantly … WHY DO WE CONTINUE TO SUCK SO BAD ????

It seems more and more that Red Raider football is what we do to maintain some interest in Texas Tech sports during the timeouts leading up to the basketball season. It’s something to make us feel less dead inside, until Mark Adams cheers us up and gives us a reason to wake up in the morning. In other words, it’s just the filling of Saturday.

Red Raider football fills us with blissful hope and then lets us down like getting a toothbrush on Halloween. Which then begs the question that could be considered blasphemy here on the Southern Plains: “Is it time to stop caring about Texas Tech Football?” “

Yes. Yes it is.

If Texas Tech doesn’t care enough about the fans to put a quality product on the pitch, then why do we care so much about Red Raider Football? Believe me, it’s not ONLY the team we’re talking about. There are a lot of other factors at play here. Do us a favor for a moment, as we discuss why it’s time to jump off the Red Raider train…

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    Lack of a winning tradition

    Let’s go out right away to tell. We suck.

    Texas Tech hasn’t had a winning season since 2015, and hasn’t gone above 0.500 in our conference since 2009. And that isn’t getting any better anytime soon.

    And celebrating the fact that a few good teams are leaving our conference doesn’t mean we are re-establishing a winning tradition. We don’t get better because everyone fears more than we do.

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    Stability at the top

    Our current coach, Matt Wells, is 13-17 Texas Tech, and will be 14-20 at best by the end of the year. Even the famous Kilff Kingsbury, who had Patrick Freaking Mahomes as his quarterback, won only 46% of the time. Although Kliff is currently 7-0 as coach of the Arizona Cardinals, we haven’t had good hires since Mike Leach was replaced by Senator Tommy Teuberville. It starts with the sports director and the president of the school. Choose better.

  • TX Tech and UH fans battle it out (@atxhobogrl, Twitter)

    The fans

    Yes, we are loyal to the Reds and Blacks, and we have our #gunsup. We raise our flags every Saturday and then take them down just as quickly after a loss. We are really greedy for the punishment. However, some fans take advantage of the fact that they are not at home and take advantage of the gameday experience to behave like idiots. The student section is meant for kids to step aside, but when I hear 50 year old men screaming how bad we are (using colorful 4 letter colloquialisms) around impressionable young ears, then you have to call it back , Jethro.

  • (Photo by John E. Moore III / Getty Images)

    Other Texas Tech Sports

    Of course, the money is in major college football, but after a while … pride wins out over the wallet. And, having very elaborate programs in other sports, such as men’s basketball and baseball, makes the football program look positively amateurish. Of course, there is something to be said for the ‘school of basketball’ argument, like the excuse in North Carolina, etc. However, this is Texas, and football is king. As good as Mark Adams should be this year, it’s still a world of football in Texas, and if we can’t get the football schedule on track, we might as well be in New Mexico.

  • John E. Moore III / Getty Images

    Jones AT&T Stadium

    Say what you want about the 74-year-old home of Red Raider Football, the stadium itself is uncomfortable. Especially during the afternoon games on the east side of the stadium, where most of the stands are located. It’s hot and it’s blinding. And that’s something else: the bleachers. Pull them out and set up real SEATS. The last two times I sat on these stands my chiropractor was able to make his payments by boat. It’s cheap as hell, and it looks like a big high school lot. Which, given the quality of the game lately, may not be that far from the basics. I also don’t think we need a stadium on campus either. Parking sucks and traffic on game days is ridiculous. Build a new stadium north of campus, along Texas Tech Parkway, and provide plenty of access and exit ramps from the Loop and Marsha Sharp.

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