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Timberwolves 113, Bucks 108: Wolves pass their first test against the best!


Hi Canis Hoopers!

Do you like KATharsis? What intensity! What suspense!

The Wolves roared and scored from the opening point, flooding the Bucks with pack tactics on the defensive end. But the mighty Bucks held on, and on the Wolves, Giannis Antetokounmpo hammered, with plenty of mighty slams and jam! Ultimately, it looked like Wolves fans were going to suffer another devastating disappointment, but instead we maybe watched the anointing of Sir Anthony Edward. As an NBA superstar, of course.

Losing to the Pelicans at home in the last game obviously put our heroes to shame, and they were determined to regain respect for the Timberwolves name. After their victorious effort, Karl-Anthony Towns and Anthony Edwards both talked about training with the intensity necessary to restore their propensity to win.

This game is quite a story, layer by layer, so maybe we should break it down player by player:

The last two games, D-Lo seemed a bit slow, but against the Bucks, De’Angelo Russell was determined to make a show. By scoring or assisting on 15 of Wolves’ first 19 points, D-Lo led the team to a 19-10 advantage, and a lead they would never give up. If I remember correctly, this should have been 17 of the first 19, but Russell wasn’t credited with helping Vanderbilt’s jam after they both exhibited remarkable restlessness and muscle. to force George Hill to turn around.

Russell led the Wolves with 29 points, hitting hard blow after hard blow, as well as a trio of treys. My favorite D-Lo bucket was against 6-8 Jordan Nwora. With 3 minutes to go, he struck an incredible scoop to give Wolves the advantage 108-97:

After D-Lo’s initial show, Ant and Towns showed they were also good to go, both beating double digits in the first quarter. Together they performed the pick and roll with such orchestration, it resulted in the frustration of the Bucks as Ant hit a magnificent pull-up without hesitation. With a pair of deep threes, Ant fired 6 free shots, showing a determination to lead and thrive.

In the end, the Wolves tensed up and it looked like the Bucks would rally to ruin their night, but never underestimate Anthony’s willingness to fight! Never say the ant can’t !!! Because he did it! After Khris Middleton made a ridiculous fade to narrow the lead to just one point, Ant wouldn’t disappoint. Wolves spread out onto the pitch and Ant got to work, penetrating and devastating against the Bucks defense for an incredible basket, fueling a Khris Middleton foul with a victorious wolf howl!

While Ant hit the winning shot, attributing the majority of the credit to a particular wolf is something I can’t. Each of the Triumphant Wolves Triumvirates has made an incredible contribution. Karl-Anthony Towns made a point of playing calmly and under control. In the first quarter, when the whole peloton had the knack, KAT was perfect, hitting three shots from the field, including two at 3 points, as well as three free throws. Towns finished with 25 points and 5 assists, shooting 70% from the field and 80% from the free throw line. He struggled a bit with turnovers and made another offensive foul, clearing Pat Conaughton with his elbows after a rebound. To his credit, Towns has shown remarkable control of his emotions, accepting every referee’s call with the confidence to show his maturity. Several times during the game, Karl and Giannis went mano to mano, but the Big KAT would never have thought of shrinking!

Chris Finch noted that KAT had moved away from the hoop, explaining his total of 3 rebounds, but the other Wolves big men sprang up to amass the boards. Jaden McDaniels and Jarred Vanderbilt, Big Mac and Vando, put in another display of fire and desire, combining for 24 rebounds. While he didn’t always have the ball, Vanderbilt’s willingness to give it all left me speechless. The Wolves have pledged to bounce back as a team, to “pounce and amaze the Bucks, beating them 49-43 on the boards.”

Although the Bucks fought, Wolves refused to lose and became the first Bucks opponent to lead end to end in Milwaukee in 130 games! To be fair, the Bucks were missing two pillars of heart, Brook Lopez and Jrue Holiday, without whom the Bucks could never have won their championship. But, despite Wolves’ 20-point lead, Giannis and Khris did everything they could to give the Bucks a chance to succeed.

Giannis Antetokounmpo, The Greek Freak, led all scorers with 40 points and all rebounders with 16, while racking up 7 assists and 3 blocks. But it was his shot that knocked my socks off! It looks like Giannis is adding a new dimension to his game, which is already the most dominant in the NBA. Giannis shot 65 percent from the field, hitting three of six 3-pointers, as well as other shots at medium and long range. And, spinning brutally and winning against KAT, Giannis unleashed an attack worthy of the first Shaq:

This game was a classic from the start of the season, and it’s a shame the whole nation couldn’t witness the sensation! Even the post-game moments were a real treat. Giannis and Karl kissed and swapped shirts, correcting each other with a lot of mutual respect.

The interviews were almost as entertaining as the game. Complimented on his composure in the video above, KAT first bristled. “I think the fans have the wrong impression. I play with fucking passion. This is what I play with. But then he recognized his efforts to play and lead with intelligence, “And also I understand that these guys see the way I act is the way they want to act, so I have to be very calm, I guess you guys have to say, but uh, just to keep us all together, doing all I can mentally and physically, basically I let my game speak for itself.

Commenting on his embrace and jersey swap with Karl, Giannis said: “Great guy. I respect his game and I love what he does.” I am a collector, he continued, I collect jerseys and I didn’t have his jersey. I think Thanasis took Anthony Edward’s jersey, and I didn’t have a chance to catch it, but we replay them. I love basketball. Collect the jerseys Collect the cards Collect magazines and stuff like that so I think that was an opportunity for me to get his jersey signed.

It’s hard to find a nicer athlete than Giannis Antetokounmpo. Confidently excelling in English, Giannis’ Greek accent is quite entertaining, but never confusing. He has become a remarkable leader for a man of his age. “I don’t want to be treated any differently from the rest of the guys,” Giannis explained. “I want to be coached. I want to get better. I want to go up. . . I told him, train me hard. If I’m not playing well, take me out. If I do something wrong, call me on it. I believe that if I am able to take it, in this team, everyone will be able to take it.

Anthony Edwards echoed Giannis’ sentiments, and he also appears to be one of the NBA’s leaders and friendliest players, in his second season alone. Edwards delivered gem after gem and turns out to be interviewers’ delight night after night.

Referring to KAT, D-LO and himself, Ant said, “The 3 of us are ready to take criticism and take it the right way, not the wrong way. And grow up. And that’s great.

When asked what was going through his head on his game basket, Ant replied, “Take a bucket, Ant. Take a bucket, fo ‘sho’. “I had it then, and DLo was coming. It’s like bruh, go ahead. Understood. Let me be closer, too. Fo ‘sho’.

Of the wolf swarming tactics, Ant said, “Dude, we’re locking up, man. I don’t care what nobody says we play the best defense in the league. I slam this.

When asked how he makes sure the team brings the same energy to every game:

“Say my shit, before the game.”

As for the reserve and the resilience of the Wolves:

Pat Bev said during the shootout, “Dude, they’re the defending champions. It’s not a call they won’t get. So we just got together like, we’re not gonna cry today.

About Jarred Vanderbilt:

“He’s my favorite player on the team. He helps us. . . I can’t even describe it. I love to see him succeed.

And my personal pleasure of the night was when Ant’s face lit up as he listened to an Irish interviewer ask about Giannis’ mojo:

“With a guy like that, you can’t stress that he’s scoring, that’s exactly what he’s going to do. I mean, muh’fuckas 7’2”, 280 pounds. Like, you can’t do nothing. Like, shit, we put 4 people on him. My boy is still scoring the ball. He’s amazing, man, that’s nothing ‘I can say about him. He is unstoppable.

Indeed, the Wolves played against the best. If not the best team, due to their missing stars, they definitely faced the best player in the world, and he brought him in with all his might, but gloriously Minnesota won tonight!

Apart from Clyde:

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