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The story behind what could be the first Hendrix Lapierre Capitals jersey sold at Capital One Arena


Maybe it was game 1 of 82, but At Hendrix Lapierre NHL first goal could be considered the most memorable moment of the 2021-22 season. Taking a pass from TJ Oshie, the 19-year-old sent a shot towards the net that went through Rangers goalie Alexandar Georgiev. Lapierre tumbled into the backboards, later admitting he didn’t know he had scored until he heard the roar of the Capitals crowd. The rookie was then picked up and mobbed by a smiling TJ Oshie, who started a boisterous celebration on the ice. Lapierre was congratulated on the bench by Alex Ovechkin, of whom Hendrix was a big fan of growing up. So much so that he had one of Ovechkin’s skulls on his wall.

While this all sounds like a perfect story, there was one thing missing from Lapierre’s goal: no. 29 Lapierre jerseys in the crowd. It’s both a sign of the times and how fast Lapierre’s rise in the NHL has been.

After being drafted by the Capitals in 2020, Lapierre played just 21 junior games before his NHL debut on Wednesday. The QMJHL, where Lapierre plays, held a partial season due to the COVID-19 pandemic and Hope missed several of those games in the fall and winter after being selected for the World Junior Selection Camp. from Team Canada. Combined with the surprising severity of Nicklas Backstrom’s hip injury and Connor McMichael’s rise to top prospect status, Lapierre was not slated to make the squad. And because of his lack of playing time, he literally had no hype around him. Not only did most casual Capitals fans not know who Lapierre was, even those who did did not know what his NHL number would be, the 29-year-old, making a jersey purchase from a distance.

This created an interesting situation where not only fans (to our knowledge) had Lapierre’s Capitals jerseys on at the game, but neither did his girlfriend or family, who traveled to DC earlier to watch his first. match.

But there was one fearless fan who, minutes after watching Lappy score his first NHL goal, dropped a large sum of money to leave the arena for a bespoke goal. The longtime Capitals fan’s name is Paul. Paul’s reasoning for Lapierre’s jersey, beyond Lappy’s general talent and goal that night, was that his own birthday is March 29 (Tom Wilson’s birthday).

“So 29 is my lucky number,” Paul said in an interview with RMNB. “When I saw Lapierre go out on the ice for the first time, I told everyone around me that this guy was going to score tonight.

Then he went and did it.

“When Hendrix scored I went crazy,” continued Paul. “I left my seats and immediately went to find the custom shop in Capital One Arena to ask them to make his jersey for me. When I got to the store they said no one had number 29 on the team and I said, “Yes, there is someone with that number. HE JUST MARKED. “

The process of creating the jersey was not without challenges. Paul couldn’t find Lapierre’s name on the Capitals website, so when he entered the custom name, he misspelled the custom name on the receipt. La Pirre. The jersey designer luckily checked the spelling before creating the jersey.

“He’s an Aries, so he’s impulsive as hell,” said Claire, Paul’s best friend.

“I represent a future legend! Paul said enthusiastically.

Capitals fans who want to be as cool as Paul can purchase a Lapierre jersey from the NHL online store. Lapierre’s name was recently added to the drop-down list as one of the players that can be personalized on jerseys.

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