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The NFL stadium that offers the most expensive beer


Philadelphia may bill itself as the “city of brotherly love,” but that love doesn’t stretch far enough to get you cheap beer — at least, not if you’re dealing with the Philadelphia Eagles. According Food & Wine, the Eagles sell their beer for an incredible price of $14.67, just under $15. The second most expensive beer on the list was the Rams and Chargers, which sell their beer for $13.75.

How much will a $14 beer cost you in the long run? According Bookmakers, the cheapest price for four Eagles tickets is around $620, with a parking fee of $40. Two 16-ounce beers are $29.33 while two 20-ounce sodas are $11. Four hot dogs will set you back $24, not including pretzels, popcorn, ice cream, or other refreshments. This means that, for four people, attending a Philadelphia Eagles game could cost upwards of $724.33, plus or minus other purchases made. Such a high price, however, doesn’t compare to the San Francisco 49ers, who charge $1,028.34 for a family of four to enjoy the same hot dogs, sodas and beers at their game.

Some might argue that paying such a price is the cost of seeing the game in real time, rather than sitting at home in front of your TV. While that’s a fair argument, perhaps even the most die-hard Eagles fan will cheer them to victory with cheaper beer and snacks in their own home.