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The new image of the Quebec Nordiques that never existed



Rejected concept logos and never worn jerseys are always fun to ponder in sports.

Many of these failed concepts and jerseys are interesting to watch, but they never reached the stage of what was to come for the Quebec Nordiques: formal approval.

In March 1995, Journal of Quebec revealed an image of a new jersey and the Nordiques’ colors which were quickly confirmed as legitimate by the franchise.

The image, taken earlier this week by sportslogos.net founder Chris Creamer, shows how unique the rebranding would have been.

The igloo and stick imagery disappeared and was replaced with the head of a husky on a heavy teal, dark blue and black jersey. By the late 1980s and 1990s, the use of teal had exploded on the North American sports scene, so it’s no surprise that the Nordics wanted to jump on the trend. The sweaters have retained a Quebec element by having at least the fleur-de-lis shoulder patches.

While the failure to secure a new arena in Quebec City and the move to Colorado for 1995-96 meant that would never happen, it is still interesting to see how far the team would go. a radical rebranding.

Although the jerseys were never officially worn, they have become something that has fascinated hockey fans ever since.

Many designers have embarked on their own concept of jerseys using the husky logo and counterfeit jerseys have been spotted on sites such as eBay (to our knowledge there are only two official jerseys) and were also created there. inside. the EA Sports NHL series.

While there is modern interest in the jersey, it will likely never win life as a regular Colorado Avalanche jersey, but it would be fun to see the franchise wearing it to a Stadium Series game if the opportunity presented itself.

The rebranding of the Nordiques could be part of one of the biggest simulation situations in hockey, because yes, it would have been part of the team getting into a big logo trend of the 1990s, but also a alternate timeline that saw the Nordics stay in Quebec.

How would the look have aged? The look would almost certainly have received some sort of element update in the 2000s or 2010s. Still, it would have been fun to follow, at least.

Over two decades later, those jerseys and logo could have the most impact of any rebranding that has never actually been part of an official NHL game.



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