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The mother, father and daughter team make personalized creations in Holland


HOLLAND – Creativity is a family trait among the Hungerinks.

Shelly, Randy and their daughter, Kayla, own and operate Superstar Designs in Holland. The company specializes in embroidery and sublimation, a printing process that uses heat to transfer dye into fabric.

A holiday themed design from Superstar Designs, a locally owned and operated personalization company.  Shelly Hungerink estimates the company has filled between 250 and 300 orders since launching in 2021.

“My daughter is very creative,” Shelly told The Sentinel. “She told us she wanted to get into embroidery, so we bought a tiny little machine last summer. It went from there.”

After Randy expressed interest in sublimation, the family bought the equipment and added the service to their business.

“We can add images or people or words or just about anything,” Shelly said. “I help my daughter embroider. She chooses the colors and designs, and I help her finish them. Then my husband helps with the sublimation, pressing all the shirts, wrapping them and folding them. He also makes tumblers and mugs.”

Since launching the business last summer, Shelly estimates the trio have filled between 250 and 300 orders – and that’s on top of their daily duties.

“My daughter works part-time at Eddie and Barkus in Holland, and she’s also a dance teacher in Spring Lake,” Shelly said. “My husband and I own a drywall business and I work at the East Holland Veterinary Clinic.”

Superstar Designs specializes in embroidery and sublimation.  One of their most popular products are personalized covers, used for jotting down papers, watching specific shows, or reading.

Between end-of-year gifts, craft fairs and word of mouth orders, the family is busy.

“We’re open to designing, manufacturing, helping someone create whatever they want,” Shelly said. “We can put business names on coffee mugs, tumblers or shirts. We’re open to anything. We’re one big, happy family.”

Learn more at facebook.com/superstardesigns21. Place an order at superstar-designs.myshopify.com.

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