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Supervest Partners with Alto to Enable Investors to Fund Merchant Cash Advance Offers Using an IRA


New York, New York – September 20, 2021 – Superjacket today announced a new partnership with Alto Solutions, Inc. (Alto), the next-generation self-directed IRA platform that makes it easy for individuals to invest in alternative assets using retirement funds.

Supervest is a merchant cash advance (MCA) alternative investment platform that allows investors to participate in thousands of transactions on a fractional basis, providing diversification and reducing risk. The Supervest platform helps guide investors through this once inaccessible asset class with a simple and transparent system. This new partnership will allow accredited investors to use their IRA to fund their investments on the Supervest platform.

“The new partnership between Supervest and Alto will be a game-changer. Investors will now be able to easily deposit money into an excellent alternative investment platform,” said Tara Fung, Chief Revenue Officer of Alto.

The Supervest platform helps bridge the gap between MCA finance companies and investors. The benefits of an MCA investment include shorter duration, low market correlation and attractive returns compared to other alternative asset classes. Investors can expect to see more alternative investments accept IRAs as a source of funding due to their popularity.

“Investing from an IRA makes it easy for individuals to put their funds to work in an asset class like no other,” said John Donahue, Chief Investment Officer of Supervest. “We are very excited about the partnership with Alto as it gives our platform a broader reach and also benefits IRA holders, allowing them to participate in an alternative asset class that would otherwise not have been available to It’s very much in line with our future growth path.

For more information about Supervest, please visit www.supervest.com. For more information about Alto, please visit www.AltoIRA.com.

About Supervest

Supervest is the premier equity crowdfunding service for merchant cash advances (MCA). Supervest connects accredited investors to previously inaccessible asset classes. Supervest provides a fully transparent and secure platform for investors. Supervest is headquartered in Schaumburg, IL, near Chicago, IL. Our Supervest community is one of the fastest growing alternative investment platforms for investors.

Learn more about www.supervest.com.

About Alto

Alto is a Nashville-based fintech company that launched its next-generation self-directed IRA platform in 2018 to make it easier for individuals to access and invest in alternative assets using their retirement funds. The first of its kind, Alto’s platform streamlines the process for investors, investment finance portals and investment sponsors. Alto’s current investment partners include Bitwise, DiversyFund, Fundr, Masterworks, Republic and Vint, as well as financial advisors, fund sponsors and other direct issuers. Alto is not a registered dealer or investment adviser.

For more information, please visit www.AltoIRA.com or follow Alto on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

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