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Strange Islanders: The Podcast! – Episode 4 – Kirk Muller (with guest Michael Paul Smith)


Joined by actor, writer and podcaster Michael Paul Smith, Dan and Mike go back to the original Islanders villain who changed the way the team was perceived forever.

The three talk about Muller’s decorated career before the Islanders, the franchise-killing business that brought him—reluctantly—to the Islanders, and the surprisingly lucrative business that shipped him (which was later also ruined). They rewatch the legendary video featuring the team in their Fisherman jerseys with Muller getting booed like he owes everyone money at the Nassau Coliseum, find the connections between Muller’s rejection and future deserters from the Islanders, and discover his last season with the Leafs, Panthers and Stars, who were obviously not the Islanders.

Finally, they launch a show on the Muller saga and pick the actors who have the chops to bring the dastardly antagonist to life.

Thanks again to Michael for coming. Follow him on Twitter at @MPSmithnyc and listen to his hilarious podcast Ted & Michael Read Sketches into Microphones. Here is the black episode they posted this week that was mentioned here.


  • Longtime LHH readers may remember Michael and his now wife Gillian in this video that was posted here a while ago. Michael admits he was basically doing a John Tavares impersonation.

  • Here is Fisherman’s infamous intro video. Muller’s boos are exceptional.

  • Strange Islanders: The Podcast! is proud to have a new theme song this week, “Joins” by Bjorn Falk. Björn is a musician and Islanders fan who generously gave us the song to use for the show. To find out more about his work, you can find him on Spotify and on Bandcamp. Thanks again, Björn!

What makes a “Strange Islander?”

were always open to suggestions on other weird islanders to discuss. Remember the criteria. Applicants must meet one of the following two conditions:

  • Played one (1) season or less for the Islanders or very short stints over multiple seasons.
  • Be an NHL veteran not usually associated with his time with the Islanders.

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Theme song: “Joins” by Bjorn Falk. Listen to more of his music on Spotify and Bandcamp.

Drum effects via Zapsplat.com.