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St. Cloud women’s hockey gets its bearings in first season under new name – The Rink Live


ST. CLOUD, Minn. — Going from the historic team name Icebreakers to the new moniker Crush wasn’t an easy change for the St. Cloud women’s hockey team.

“It was very tough for the girls, it was tough for a lot of people, especially the veterans. We’ve been the Icebreakers, or Breakers, for I think 24 seasons,” the St. Cloud head coach said. , Amanda Pickett.

The name change came about for the team due to the growing number of co-op teams in the St. Cloud area, not just for hockey. All of the schools involved in these combined sports programs have decided that they will call themselves the Crushes and will don blue, white and orange jerseys.

The name change was officially announced last summer, but the Icebreakers’ past stood out on the ice again last year. The team didn’t receive their new shirts in time for the first game of the season – so they got to wear the historic Breakers jersey one last time in a 5-3 win over Alexandria.

“We just got our gloves literally two months ago, we don’t have any windbreak covers, we don’t have our bags, we don’t have our scrimmage shirts…it’s always difficult because that we don’t have any tricks,” Pickett said of the transition.

Even though some of the flaws in the name transition are still being worked out, the team went 14-10-2 last season, double the number of wins the team had the previous season.

The team had an athletic group of seniors, five of whom committed to playing collegiate sports. Kat Bell and Cailey Davidson, in particular, have both committed to playing hockey at the D-III level for Wisconsin-River Falls and Wisconsin-Superior, respectively.

The seven seniors in the roster have provided a lot of leadership to the squad which we will miss as there will only be two seniors next season.

Goaltender Kailee Falconer, who posted an .895 save percentage with three shutouts, is one of the key veterans to leave the program.

Rising junior Abby Stevens will likely get the nod in goal for the coming year. Pickett said Stevens has played a few games over the past year and is working with two other goaltenders in summer training camp. Confidence is essential for these promising keepers.

Returner Ava Schmidt will be heavily relied on to score in 2022-23, when she tied for the team lead with 35 points.

With Schmidt, you can expect to see rising juniors Jenna Amundson and Lauren Juncewski as well as second Molly Burkstrand making an impact on the scoresheet.

The Crush has also seen a big increase in their fan base this year as newly co-opted young players from the Riverblades Central MN have been seen cheering on the team at many games.

Taking players out in public is part of Pickett’s coaching philosophy, as it helps to both grow the game and build that fan base for the team.

Senior player Cailey Davidson even had a super fan this year who waved and cheered her on throughout the season.

Although there is still work to be done with the new name “Crush”, the team has made great progress this year and hope to continue their good work.

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