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Spurs themed custom sneakers, Fiesta medals to t-shirts


SAN ANTONIO – There are plenty of talented fans out there who can do wonders with a pair of sneakers, a plain t-shirt and more to show their support and love for Spurs.

For example, give them an empty sneaker canvas, and they’ll add a Spurs Fiesta-themed flare to make any fan want their own.

And that’s exactly what custom sneaker artist “drippedcustomz” did recently.

His custom Spurs trainers feature the team’s retro colors and he shows how he created them for all to see.

But fan creativity doesn’t stop at sneakers.

Just in time for Fiesta 2022, Zap Fiesta Medals has created a medal featuring team legend, Tim Duncan, with him showing off his five title rings and named “El Rey” (The King).

This medal will be perfect for fans attending the San Antonio River Parade, Carnival or any Fiesta event in the coming days.

And if you’re looking for some great Spurs gear for the next time you head to the AT&T Center to cheer on the team, Bexar County Social Apparel has you covered.

They recently shared custom t-shirts featuring the iconic 1996 San Antonio All-Star colors, complete with the jalapeno that featured on the All-Star jerseys.

Spurs fans certainly love their Spurs and it shows every day!

Will you get any of these Spurs themed items? Do you have some of your own custom work that you would like to share?