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Many great questions for our sports business mailbag – thank you! I answered as many as I could and chose the best question from the topics that received several similar submissions. The questions have been edited for clarity and length. Let’s dive into …

Do you think that in the next 5-10 years we will be watching all sports live only and not via cable?

– Become P.

No. We will exist in a hybrid world for many years. Linear TV and cable plan are hit hard, but streaming costs come as a real shock when consumers see the prices to buy pay-per-view channels. Until the price drops, and I don’t know how it goes, the current model will continue to work. I suspect that it will take significant mergers and acquisitions within the streaming industry to bring us to a world of pure streaming. And the streaming plan and the price will probably end up looking a lot like your cable bill today.

Do you think collectible cards will be coveted again in a few years or is it just a flash in the pan with something new / fun?

– André L.

Physical trading cards will be around for a long time. People still like to collect physical items, and old cards hold their value as there are only a certain number of them, and new editions are even rarer. The card industry will experience its ups and downs, as all commodities tend to do. The current investor boom will certainly subside. Will it get as bad as the bust from the post-junk wax era? Not sure.

What would it take for the New Jersey Devils third kit to be considered a financial failure? Are these just jersey sales or are there other factors?

– Jay B.

Fail only if they don’t sell any at all. Don’t be flip: Jerseys aren’t a particularly big retail line item, mainly because they’re expensive – especially the official versions of the game.

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