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Skip Bayless has officially taken his LeBron James trolling to a new, insanely small level


Whether you love it or hate it, Skip Bayless has become a staple presence in the sports media landscape. Whether on the air or sharing his shots on Twitter, Fox’s personality has gotten into the habit of directing LeBron James. In recent days, however, Bayless has taken things to a new level, even by his standards.

While the cliché may say all is fair in love and war, the columnist-turned-talk-head has made his way into a new frontier of trolling. Bayless is now trying his hand at the role of film critic and has taken pictures of James’ role in Space Jam: a new legacy.

Skip Bayless is no stranger to targeting LeBron James

When you’re an international superstar like LeBron, you’ve got to have your share of haters. Dealing with people like Skip Bayless, however, goes beyond the call of duty.

Over the years, Bayless has made James his favorite punching bag. While there is a lot of criticism of the Lakers star’s performance on the pitch – who can forget the creative label “LeChoke” – Fox’s personality was not afraid to take it a step further. During the 2020-21 campaign, for example, Skip suggested that James was preparing to use a lingering ankle injury as an excuse in case he struggles in the playoffs. He also attempted to argue that the winner of LeBron’s match in the play-in tournament was “lucky”.

While you could cynically claim that Bayless is just trolling and making wacky claims about King James to make the headlines, taking pictures of LeBron has just become part of his public personality. After losing a bet to GQ writer Mark Anthony Green, for example, Skip had to say 10 good things about the LA Lakers star rather than rummaging through his wallet.

‘Space Jam’ is Skip Bayless’s latest avenue of attack

As noted above, Skip Bayless wasn’t afraid to push the boundaries when it comes to criticizing James. Recently, however, the Talking Head has taken things to a whole new level.

As pretty much everyone knows, LeBron is the NBA star player in Space Jam: a new legacy, which makes him the Michael Jordan of this generation. Bayless seized on this reality and used it as his last ammunition against the Lakers man.

In addition to spending part of a recent Undisputed Speaking episode of the film, Bayless also launched a series of tweets take photos of LeBron’s role in Space Jam. In one, he suggested that James was trying too hard to act and couldn’t just play himself, like Jordan did. Another tweet suggested that, if you count the original Space Jam, His Airness was a perfect 7-0 in league games, which is an obvious reference to King James’ history in the NBA Finals.

Again, it’s very possible that Bayless is trolling and adopting his role as the pantomime villain. Just like wrestling fans want to boo the heel and cheer the face, the biggest name in Fox Sports knows the dance. If he takes increasingly laughable photos on LeBron, everyone will be inclined to take the plunge, creating an increasingly big snowball on social media. People will talk, which ultimately pays off for Bayless and company.

While we do recognize the game in the making (probably), that doesn’t improve Bayless’s comments. It’s one thing to push the boundaries when it comes to sports, but trying to fit a kids’ movie into the equation is just a bridge too far. Part of the art of trolling is keeping things believable and within the potential limits of a good faith argument. Skip, it seems, even has a hard time doing it.

LeBron James, for his part, doesn’t seem too concerned with his haters

No matter how fame, fortune or success one has, dealing with the constant media snipes ends up being tedious. If that’s the case with King James, however, he’s not letting anyone see him sweat it out.

Although his NBA campaign ended prematurely, LeBron did not take a vacation to defend himself on social media. He recently told his enemies he loves them and, in another tweet, brushed aside any concerns about the new Space jam movie. At this point in his life – James will be 37 by the end of 2021 and has countless NBA honors to his name – the Lakers’ senior man seems to be rightfully confident in his own skin.

No amount of Skip Bayless jabs seem to be able to change that.

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