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Sixers star Tyrese Maxey attends Philadelphia Union game


Tyrese Maxey has been doing a little sports tour in Philadelphia lately. With the Philadelphia 76ers star back in his NBA home market, Maxey has kept busy when he’s not in the gym working on his craft.

A few weeks ago, the young star hosted her first annual 1% Better Camp in Philadelphia. The former first-round pick brought young basketball players together to train them for a day to help them improve their games.

After hosting his camp, Maxey participated in the Danny Rumph Classic game at LaSalle University. Unsurprisingly, Maxey was the star of the show as he recorded a double-double scoring 34 points and grabbing ten rebounds.

Earlier this week, Maxey made a public appearance at the Philadelphia Phillies game. Not only did he attend the game between the Phillies and the Cincinnati Reds, but he took part in a mid-game interview, discussing a wide range of highs, like teaming up with new additions to the Sixers and congratulating the base on Philly fans for kissing him off the jump.

After Maxey created a ton of buzz at Citizens Bank Park earlier in the week, the star goaltender was encouraged by Philadelphia’s MLS organization, the Philadelphia Union, to attend one of their games soon. Maxey was convinced he would be there this weekend.

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stick to his word

Maxey indeed kept his word and attended the Union game on Saturday.

” What’s new ? It’s Tyrese Maxey. First Philadelphia Union game, first ever football game. The atmosphere is amazing. I have the fans behind me. I can’t wait to hit the drum and see them get a dub.

Unsurprisingly, Maxey’s taped video involved a group of cheering fans in the background as Union fans were delighted to see the 76ers star in the building donning the home team’s jersey.

When Maxey was selected 20th overall in the 2020 NBA Draft, he was immediately embraced by the Philadelphia fan base as the emotional former Kentucky guard made it clear Philadelphia wouldn’t regret calling. his name on draft night.

Just two years later, Maxey is an undisputed fan favorite in Philadelphia as his personality and on-field production have won over the city of brotherly love.

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