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SHOUT 2021: we continue because what else can we do? | The mail



One thing I have learned since being in this pandemic and going through countless blockages (more and a multitude of different reactions to it all) is that people have learned very well how to keep going. and manage it all. As Mr. Dan Andrews held his 150,000th press conference on this pandemic, my family and I arrived in beautiful, sunny Ocean Grove to help our beloved family move to a new home. We sat in the car outside their new home, listening to Dan tell us that our seventh lockdown began at 1pm that day, August 21, 2021. We had planned a full day ahead of us: gardening, readjustment, some heavy lifting- lifting and moving everything to its new location, but all of that was given up by the next twist from Mr Andrews and his health team. So at 11 a.m., we rushed out and put our plans into action. At noon our family made their reservations at our favorite cafe – luckily there was room for us! When we got there I was expecting a slight panic and a rush to town that would drive us all crazy! But luckily the music was playing and the smiles never stopped on the faces of customers and staff. Our server was very nice to us and he joked like it was just any old Saturday. The lady who greeted us at the door was very nice too, when we showed her our IDs … just to confirm that we were not from the forbidden Melbourne! We sat and enjoyed our meals for as long as we could, chatting and discussing life stories and events, minor or major. When the adult conversation got too intense, I went outside to play with my cousin in the garden. With the sun shining on us, we returned to our cars, dreading our reality at home. Our warm backs from the welcome sun and our smiles slowly fading. But the sun was helping us on our way, making it easier for us to say goodbye and do the right thing – the mantra of 2021. The farewell we shared on the sidewalk outside Bendigo Bank was different from all the others that we have had. to do. As my grandmother told me, it’s sad because we know this will be the last time we can see each other for a long, long time. For how long that time will be, we don’t know either. My aunt wasn’t too confused, her mindset was focused on cleaning the houses. My mom had to be rock and was a calming influence on everyone. My little cousin and grandmother were following suit, and I just hoped I could be in this beautiful city again someday soon. I can hold on until then. As I sit here now, in the car driving the long drive home, there are a lot of memories going on. Summer appointments that we miss, vacations we would like to be. My family may be feeling a little shaken up, but we continue, because what else could we do? As my grandmother’s favorite saying goes “such is the life” of the famous Ned Kelly. I think it really captures exactly how we all feel and how we just have to go on and fight this thing all together because it’s our life now and there’s not much we can do about it. Read SHOUT 2021 here.



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