Home Hockey jerseys RMNB’s newest jersey, a Pride jersey, is available for pre-order until Friday, April 22

RMNB’s newest jersey, a Pride jersey, is available for pre-order until Friday, April 22


RMNB launched its first hockey jersey in December to celebrate its 12th anniversary as a blog. The jersey was so popular that we decided to design another thanks to our partners, Men’s League Sweaters.

This time we honor our diverse community of readers and many of our significant contributors over the years with a pride shirt. There is also a donation component for two LGBTQ+ charities.

RMNB’s Pride jersey can be pre-ordered through men’s league jerseys here.

The RMNB Pride pullover comes in black and the design is accented with rainbow colors. The RMNB puck design includes the phrase hockey for all.

The bottom of the jersey features the DC skyline in dark grey.

The back of the jersey will be customizable and will feature your name and number.

The jerseys are sublimated and printed with excellent detail (as we learned in our first project).

The RMNB Pride Jersey was designed by K.P. designa talented jersey concept creator who we are now lucky enough to call a contributor on the site.

Sales and production of RMNB jerseys are handled by Michigan-based Men’s League Sweaters.

Sizes available include unisex sizes from small to 3XL. Kid’s sizes and goalie cuts are also available. There is a helpful size guide on the Men’s League Sweaters website that should answer all your questions. Jerseys are a bit large to fit over hockey gear. To use Ian as an example, he usually wears XL shirts, but he fits better down a size in a large RMNB jersey when wearing the jersey casually.

The RMNB Pride jerseys are inspired by two recent events.

On February 14, 2022, Doug Johnson — talented journalist and pioneer of hockey blogging — died at the age of 57. The news was personally heartbreaking. Doug, along with her husband Craig Brownstein, created the forward-thinking hockey website Puck Buddys in 2010 and the duo eventually contributed pre-game articles and features to RMNB. Puck Buddys has covered hockey teams in 20 different cities.

The articles on Puck Buddys were always fun, witty, intelligent and heartfelt. The blog was a safe place for LGBTQ+ hockey fans to congregate and featured voices and experiences the community could relate to. boys who love boys who love hockeyread the slogan at the top of the site.

Doug and Craig also notably created a series in which they shared the experiences of a gay high school hockey player who had not come out and went by the alias Zach. Entitled The Thin Blue Line: The Story of a High School D-Manthe series gained national attention from The New York Times.

If you knew Doug, you were a lucky person. Even on his worst days, Doug would always put on a warm smile, give you a warm hug, and make a joke or observation that made you laugh or think. He was also incredibly articulate.

“A question we often get here is ‘How does it feel to be a gay hockey fan? ‘” Doug wrote on Puck Buddys. “We are never quite sure what people expect from the response. Are they curious if it’s difficult, if we feel ostracized or just not quite like everyone else, if we just don’t fit in? We rarely have a quick answer at hand.

In Doug’s honor, a portion of RMNB Pride jersey sales will go to SMYAL – an organization that supports and empowers lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning (LGBTQ) youth in DC and surrounding communities.

RMNB is also inspired by avid reader turned outstanding contributor Miranda Rosenfelt, who led our Instagram coverage for parts of 2020 and 2021. Miranda recently came out as trans and underwent high profile surgery, documenting their experience on social networks.

“It’s kind of safety in numbers, if people can see other trans people thriving, it makes it a little bit easier for the person who comes next,” Miranda explained.

In Miranda’s honor, a second donation will go to Casa Ruby – an organization whose mission is to create successful life stories among transgender, genderqueer, gender non-conforming, gay, lesbian and bisexual people.

RMNB Pride jerseys will be available this week only – until Friday, April 22 at 11:59 p.m. You can pre-order one from the Men’s League Sweater website here.