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Review: dhb Aeron Lab Superlight waterproof vest


The dhb Aeron Lab Superlight waterproof vest features a racing fit that prevents rustling and flapping of the material, with a super short front best suited to maintain an aero position in the drops. The vest is light and compact, making it easy to stow in a jersey pocket, but despite this, it offers surprisingly impressive protection against wind and rain.

You might be forgiven for wondering what benefits Aeron Lab, at just 88g, can really deliver when conditions aren’t ideal. However, after about six weeks with the vest, I have been grateful that I stuffed it in a jersey pocket on numerous occasions.

I think the fact that it is so easy to take walks is particularly important; I’ve worn plenty of vests that offer good protection but are inconvenient to store away when not needed, and therefore left at home – the very good Lusso Aqua Challenge, for example. The dhb packs in a size that comfortably fits all but the smallest jersey pockets and is now the first thing to pack when conditions look anything but perfect.

As with most products in dhb’s Lab line, expect a close-fitting fit, designed to maintain an aerodynamic position rather than strolling around local cafes.

Besides the fit, the vest shares many of its features with the slightly more casual Aeron Rain Defense vest, and like this one, it’s available in either blue or orange for people who want something a little more noticeable.

While I expected an aggressive fit, I was still surprised at how short it is in the front, sitting roughly at my belly button, with even dhb’s own Lab jerseys protruding from the front. about an inch. While not to everyone’s liking, when in the drops it makes absolute sense, avoiding any excess material and therefore settling or swelling around the breast.

2021 dhb Aeron Lab Superlight Waterproof Vest - hem.jpg

A small amount of stretch around the armholes and shoulders keeps things in place in these areas without being restrictive.

2021 dhb Aeron Lab Superlight Waterproof Jacket - Shoulders.jpg

A drooping tail also ensures maximum protection against road projections from the rear wheel.

2021 dhb Aeron Lab Superlight Waterproof Vest - tail.jpg

dhb gives a recommended temperature range of 8-25 ° C, and thanks to a classic British summer it was possible to test everything – sometimes in one ride! I wouldn’t choose to wear it up to 25 degrees – if it starts to rain when it’s so hot, I’d rather just enjoy the hot shower; up to 18 degrees looks more realistic before he’s just more comfortable with it.

On the other end of the spectrum, when paired with a decent basecoat / cuffs, 8 ° C seems reasonable. The vest does a great job of preventing wind chill even on fast descents, and the 30,000mm waterproof does a great job of keeping you dry. The taped seams help, although I noticed a tiny amount of entry through the zipper, but overall the vest performed admirably and much better than many “waterproof” jackets I’ve tested.

2021 dhb Aeron Lab Superlight Waterproof Vest - collar.jpg

Breathability is also good – it’s rated at 30,000g / m2 – and the double zipper means you can unzip from the top or bottom for extra ventilation. It also makes it easier to access the jersey pockets below.

For snacks and for quick storage of small items, the vest itself has two pockets, one on each side, with drainage holes to prevent water from sticking. The lack of elasticity of the material in this area means heavier items will drag the vest, and I wouldn’t store anything too valuable in there as they aren’t elasticated at the top, but they will do the trick for a temporary banana storage. . The slight angle of the pockets makes access extremely easy.

2021 dhb Aeron Lab Superlight Waterproof Jacket - pocket.jpg

Other features include reflective accents, these being the text on the back as well as two vertical stripes, but limited to the small logo on the front.

2021 dhb Aeron Lab Superlight Waterproof Vest - arm.jpg

A section of microfiber at the back of the neck adds to the quality feel, and the zipper pullers may not look like much but are easy to use even with numb hands or while wearing gloves.

At £ 100, the dhb is by no means cheap, its price putting it in competition with generally more expensive brands. However, few offer the same combination of weather protection and racing fit.

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Rapha’s DWR-treated and even lighter (55g) Explore Light Jacket costs £ 85 but has a more relaxed fit, while his Pro Team Lightweight Jacket (upcoming review) costs £ 90 but does not offer protection against the rain.

If you don’t need full waterproofing, you can spend a lot less: the Stolen Goat Palace Bodyline Vest will save you a bit at £ 65.


My overwhelming feeling is that the Aeron Lab vest has a very specific time and place: tough rides when speed is important, and for that it’s a perfect fit. If you’re not going to use it for that purpose, there are much cheaper vests out there, especially if you don’t need the racing fit, and more versatile options if you don’t keep an aero position all the time. time wearing it.


Packable race-cut vest offering excellent protection

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Brand and model : Dhb Aeron Lab Superlight waterproof vest

Tell us what the product is for

dhb says: “Waterproof protection for cycling doesn’t have to be heavy and ill-fitting, the dhb Aeron Lab Superlight waterproof jacket proves you can enjoy a race fit, impressive rain protection and do everything without being bulky. “

The vest is ideal for those who run or when speed matters.

Tell us a little more about the technical aspects of the product?

From dhb:

Suggested temperature range 8 to 25 degrees C

3-layer waterproof fabric – taped seams

Breathability 30,000 g / m2-24h – Waterproof 30,000 mm H2O

Super light and compressible – 85 grams (medium size)

2 back pockets with laser cut drainage holes

Reflective logos and trims

Stretch and breathable center back panel for improved fit and comfort

Lightweight two-way central front zip for ventilated use

Long silicone dipped zip pulls fit for gloves

Elastic silicone grip at hem and elasticated armholes


100% nylon

Rate the product for build quality:


Rate the product for its performance:


Very waterproof, very windproof and the breathability is also impressive. Tick, tick, tick.

Rate the product for its durability:


Evaluate the product for fit:


Very nice – the elasticated areas ensure no flapping and the drooping tail provides sufficient protection, but the front is very short.

Rate the product for size:


Expect a racing cut. The dhb sizing chart is accurate but follow his advice: “If you have an athletic rider physique and want that feeling of performance, go for your normal dhb size. For riders with a wider frame or those who prefer the fit of the dhb Aeron kit, we suggest you go up one size. ‘

Evaluate the product by weight:


Rate the product for its comfort:


Evaluate the product for its value:


This is niche work. I wouldn’t choose to wear this vest on the Sunday club’s easy race, for example, the aero cut limits its use to hard and fast training and races.

Is the product easy to maintain? How did he react to washing?

No way out.

Tell us how the product performed overall when used for its intended purpose

Very good, and is so squeezable you’ll probably have it with you always.

Tell us what you particularly liked about the product

Waterproofing – better than most jackets.

Tell us what you didn’t particularly like about the product

I like to be aero and I like to go fast, but the short front looks a bit silly when you get up at the end of a smash fest.

How does the price compare to similar products on the market, including those recently tested on road.cc?

It’s expensive for a lightweight vest with no thermal credentials, but it performs great, and cheaper competition rarely combines so much weather protection with such a great fit.

Did you enjoy using the product? Yes

Would you consider purchasing the product? Yes

Would you recommend the product to a friend? Yes

Use this box to explain your overall score

It fulfills its function extremely well. Wind and water protection is great and the fit is perfect if you’re looking for something that doesn’t move. It’s expensive, however, and the very short forehead isn’t practical for anything other than drops.

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