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Rating: Universal Colors Spectrum Light Men’s Short Sleeve Jersey


The Universal Colors Spectrum Light (Breathe Deep) Men’s Short Sleeve Jersey is made entirely from post-consumer recycled Italian fabrics and is extremely lightweight and breathable, ideal for summer riding. Its performance has been excellent during the recent 35°C heatwaves (stop giggling everyone in your hot countries…), and while it compares easily to other jerseys at the same price, this price is not for so negligible.

Universal Colors is a relatively new brand; its first products appeared in the summer of 2020. This Spectrum Light jersey is its featherweight climbing option, and that certainly rings true – it weighs just 78g on our scale. Compare this to other “lightweight” climbing jerseys and it’s impressive, with the Gore Chase Jersey for example in the mid-range at 119g, and even the impressive Endura Pro SL Lite SS Jersey at 94g.

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Sometimes lightweight jerseys can lack structure, but the fit here is just brilliant. The fabric has just enough stretch to be tight without being constricting, and it quickly became my go-to for long rides during the heat waves of the test period.

It’s breathable and quick-drying, which does a great job of wicking sweat to keep you cool and comfortable. The seams are very inconspicuous and Universal Colors says they are “ultrasonic welded”, whether or not that involves Dr Who I can’t say, but it definitely “seams” to work…sorry…

The three pockets are medium-sized – deep enough to safely hold a full-size phone, pocket pump or packable vest – but I would have appreciated a zippered pocket for valuables. The pockets do a good job of not bouncing around when fully loaded, at least, and there are some reflective accents on the back.

This jersey is described as ‘fitted’ and that’s right, and while it’s slightly more relaxed and forgiving than a full aero jersey, there’s nothing to beat upwind of. The collar, if you can call it that, is very understated but covered my base layers. The arms are trendy and cut long.

2022 Universal Colors Spectrum Light men's short sleeve jersey - cuff.jpg

The body meanwhile is cut less aggressively than some aero jerseys (the Nopinz Pro-1, for example, is a little shorter), so standing in the cafe is unlikely to create unsightly gaps in your bibs. .

2022 Universal Colors Spectrum Light Mens Short Sleeve Jersey - hem.jpg

The hem is also elasticated and has silicone grippers to hold it in place.

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Universal Colors has been flying the eco-flag from the start, and this top is also pretty green…okay, it’s all sorts of messy colors, but there’s a good reason. “The design is inspired by the impurities and imperfections resulting from the treatment of plastic waste”, explains the company.

2022 Universal Colors Spectrum Light men's short sleeve jersey - back.jpg

“With around fifteen disused 500ml bottles, we are proud to say that each jersey is made entirely from post-consumer recycled Italian fabrics.” Good to know that the bottles are also decommissioned… well, these fabrics are sewn together in Lithuania by a BlueSign accredited factory, LTP.


At £120, there’s no denying the Spectrum Light is an expensive option, but it matches the performance of equally priced jerseys while still benefiting from those eco-friendly credentials. The same cut (and the same wild color, if you wish) Gore Chase jersey mentioned earlier, for example, is £129.99 but lacks the excellent low-profile stitching found here.

The Assos Mille GT C2 jersey is cheaper at £95 and a solid alternative, especially as the slightly thicker construction means it can be worn on cooler journeys.


The Spectrum Light jersey is extremely impressive. It delivers all the performance, breathability and comfort we’ve come to expect from a lightweight, premium performance jersey, even when using fabrics made from bottles. At the time of writing it’s also been reduced to £72, making it an even more attractive proposition – as long as you’re a fan of one of the two fairly quirky color schemes.


Strong, light and with excellent performance thanks to its recycled fabric, it’s a winner

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Brand and model : Universal Colors Spectrum Light Men’s Short Sleeve Jersey

Tell us what the product is for

Universal Colors says: “Designed to excel in warm conditions, the jersey’s knit structure improves airflow and breathability to aid comfort and performance during the longest days in the saddle. Soft, stretchy and form-fitting, this must-have summer garment is so refined, you’ll barely notice you’re wearing it.”

I completely agree with this: it works very well in warm conditions and is very light, comfortable and well made.

Tell us a bit more about the technical aspects of the product?

Universal colors say:

Ultrasonic welded seams for a smooth finish

YKK zipper in recycled PET

Three back pockets

Elastic hem with silicone gripper

Reflective details

Rate the product for build quality:


I’m a big fan of low profile seams.

Rate the product for its performance:


Rate the product for durability:


No exits. The stitching seems sturdy and precise.

Rate product for fit:


Tight without being too tight. It’s a good compromise between aero and comfort, and I’ve happily worn it on all-day rides.

Rate product for size:


Rate the product based on its weight:


One of the lightest jerseys on the market.

Rate the product for comfort:


Evaluate the product for its value:


There are great jerseys out there for a lot less money, but this one outperforms many others at a similar price.

Is the product easy to maintain? How did it react to the wash?

No exits.

Tell us how the product performed overall when used as intended

Very well; it was the first to come out of the drawer during the heat wave.

Tell us what you particularly liked about the product

Lightweight and breathable.

Tell us what you particularly disliked about the product

There are only two color options and they both have the potential to camouflage you.

How does the price compare to similar products on the market, including those recently tested on road.cc?

As mentioned in the review, it’s not cheap at full price, but it’s more than equal to similarly priced jerseys.

Did you enjoy using the product? Yes

Would you consider purchasing the product? Yes

Would you recommend the product to a friend? Yes

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This has green credentials without sacrificing performance. It is a very light, comfortable and breathable jersey that is perfectly thought out and fits perfectly. It’s not cheap, but it’s easily the equal of similarly priced jerseys.

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