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Ranking of PHF 2022 All-Star jerseys


Scheduled for January 29, the 2022 PHF All-Star Showcase will take place in Canada for the first time in league history.

With designs that pay homage to the host team and the host city, PHF has released three jersey designs and a logo for this year’s event designed by sports branding agency, M Style Marketing. The logo and sweaters are bold, unconventional, and are meant to give them a unique Toronto feel.

But do they look good? This is the question we will try to answer right away by assigning alphabetical notes to each of the three jerseys. You might be wondering what my qualifications are, and by that I’ll tell you that I have absolutely none and it’s just for fun.

Swimsuit # 1

Although all three models feature the street map of the city of Toronto as the base of the jersey, this is certainly the element that stands out the most on this one. I can see how the fact that the weird lines and spots on the jerseys don’t immediately stand out like a map of Toronto, but I think it works. It’s clearly a map, although you can’t instantly locate what it is.

Who doesn’t like a map? The maps are cool, the maps are fun, if your phone dies at the All-Star storefront and you need to find your way home, fear not just ask Shiann Darkangelo to stand still as you chart your course to ‘at the nearest metro station using his left shoulder as a guide.

What I like about the cartographic element is that (as far as I know, and with the caveat that I’m not actually from Toronto), these aren’t just grid maps of the downtown. You might call them the Toronto Six, but Canada’s first team PHF is actually playing slightly outside the city core of North York. It would be a little odd to incorporate a map paying homage to the host team without actually including the part of town their arena is actually located in.

One thing I wish this jersey did was incorporate a little more color in places other than the lower half of the sleeves. Something simple like describing the logo in this neon yellow could really help the black, white and gray of the logo stand out against the black white and gray of the background.

Class: The first jersey gets a solid B- from me. I can see what they were looking for and it is working, but there is definitely room for improvement.

Jersey # 2

Okay I know I just said I wanted more color and this one could definitely be considered the simplest of the three, I think white really works here. The map isn’t overwhelming, and just like the white Sixes jerseys, the light gray elements on a white background give the whole a depth and texture that we don’t typically see on hockey jerseys.

The logo stands out from the background. I really like what they did with the logo on all three jerseys. The combination of stars and text with a maple leaf makes the whole thing more solid.

The sleeves of this one are asymmetrical, but similar enough that they always match. The angles and sharp lines of the sleeve elements go with the sharp lines and angles of the map.

Class: I give a B + to the second jersey! It works better than the first, it’s themed, it’s fun, everything is well integrated, I just want more color.

Swimsuit # 3

It might be controversial, but this third jersey is my favorite. They have become creative and different and it is paying off. It looks more like a funky sweater than a hockey sweater.

The map element is most prominent here, occupying an entire sleeve and part of the shoulder. Black and white contrasts with other colored elements without attracting attention.

There’s nothing underrated about this swimsuit, it’s loud and in your face, but it’s all tied together in a way that makes it work. This gives us colors that we are not necessarily used to seeing on hockey jerseys with the maple leaf elements of pink, green, purple, blue and yellow. These colors are present on the other two jerseys, but it is certainly on this third that we pay the most attention.

The logo doesn’t quite match the other two, but the shape is similar enough that it still feels like part of the whole. Choosing to invert the colors and have the stars and text in black really works with the brightness of the background color.

Class: I give the third jersey an A. It’s a little weird, it’s risky, it sure won’t be everyone’s favorite, but it’s cool and I would wear it.


One thing to look for in all star jerseys is their effectiveness as a set. Sure, they can look great on their own, but what are they like together?

One thing I always think about is whether or not I will be able to tell them apart with a quick glance at the ice cream and these most past. The third is going to stand out from the other two no matter what, but the first two give me a second break. White and light gray are not exactly opposite on the color wheel. Ultimately, however, the sharp stripes of the sleeves of the former versus the asymmetrical shapes of the latter should be enough to distinguish them from one another.

They also appear to be part of a set without being exactly the same. Most of the time the stars’ swimsuits achieve this by choosing a color scheme and just inverting it, I love that they tried something different here. Each jersey used the same elements and colors without being too matched.

The last thing I’m looking for, looking at these all-star jerseys, is what they’re going to look like, not just up close in a promotional photo, but what they’re going to look at the players, both in the stands and in photographs. . There are so many cool little details that could get lost in a photo or from 10 rows in the stands, especially when it comes to the second jersey.

Class: Overall jerseys get a B +, but one of those really high B’s you get in school that makes you say ‘oh come on’, because you’re at one point of getting an A. I absolutely respect the PHF and the designers for trying something new and being bold. The colors are on point, the card is cool, the logo pops up, but I’m not rushing to buy one for myself. They understood the mission, but the execution left a little to be desired.