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Ranking of Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony Uniforms

With bold vests, sporty sporrans and checkered luggage, it’s inconceivable to confuse Staff Scotland with the nation’s myriad of informal sweatpants.

The dark shirts have a touch of Edinburgh nightclub bouncers, but the overall effect is more inviting than intimidating.

Australian staff flag bearers Eddie Ockenden and Rachael Grinham lead their groups in RM Williams jerseys during the opening ceremony of the Commonwealth games.Credit score:Getty

While other nations’ uniforms rushed to athleticism and informal silhouettes, Australian blazers, ties, skirts and scarves continued our long-standing tradition of athletes entering the stadium in what looked like governors. a personal faculty.

A must-have for many sports enthusiasts, RM Williams boots were happily worn and the green of the blazers was expertly faded, but the bright yellow ties and scarves had a low-cost air to them.

Probably the most exciting part of the uniform was the sudden flares from queer Indigenous artist Jenna Lee.

Upgrading Prince Charles’ custom clothing is a feat that neither Prince William nor Harry has achieved, so kudos to Staff Cameroon.

Britain’s Prince Charles posed with Cameroonian athletes and crew.Credit score:Getty

Wearing conventional clothing using the red, yellow and green colors of the Cameroonian flag, with some athletes transforming the flag into a headscarf, the athletes considered able to perform instead of weightlifting.

Anticipate influencers unaware of the pitfalls of cultural appropriation to add it to their dreamboard for Splendor In The Grass for the next 12 months.

Geraint Thomas of the Wales team leads the parade in Julien Macdonald's uniform during the Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony at the Alexander Stadium
Geraint Thomas of Staff Wales leads the parade in Julien Macdonald’s uniforms during the Commonwealth Video Games Opening Ceremony at Alexander StadiumCredit score:Pennsylvania

Rival in character recognition Ness from the sequence Gavin and Stacey, The Welsh are renowned for their love of music, which seeps into the marching band-style uniforms worn by the country’s athletes.

With navy cuts dominated by sturdy pointed shoulders, dragons perched on jackets and Welsh gold pins, the uniforms were filled with dazzling symbolism.

“Generally the design is something very Welsh and incorporates a variety of Welsh symbols and colors that signify Wales,” says Julien Macdonald, a favorite designer of Liz Hurley and Kylie Minogue. “It’s something I really enjoy doing and even though I added a touch of the Julien Macdonald look to it.”

additional result pleasure Points are earned for unisex ties only, rather than the gladiator. The same points were deducted for smart heels awarded to certain female athletes.

Lesotho athletes enter the stadium during the Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony at the Alexander Stadium in Birmingham.
Lesotho athletes enter the stadium during the Commonwealth Video Games Opening Ceremony at the Alexander Stadium in Birmingham.Credit score:PA

The shorts and black shirts worn by Staff Lesotho, a landlocked country bordered by South Africa, were unremarkable, but their accent game was solid.

While the beads and necklaces worn by Kenya’s female athletes instantly grab attention, it’s the inclusiveness of Staff Lesotho’s hats that propels them up the style medal ladder.

Athletes proudly donned the national mokorotlo image, a conical straw hat inspired by Mount Qiloane that showcased their style-leading uniforms.