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Randy Ambrosie brings his vision of CF to Riders Fans


Ambrosie spoke about how the pandemic had forced the league to re-examine how it operated and how the things the league had done could be done better by individual teams and how what some of the teams were doing could be done better by the league.

It’s a shift in culture and attitude that will continue on Monday as individual CFL teams present their business plans to the league and Ambrosie explained how the league’s relationship with Genius Sports will hopefully translate- the, by a game more interesting for established and potential CFL fans.

TSN’s deal with ESPN ends at the end of 2022 and the league and its partners envision a new world where single game betting is possible and to make it more attractive the game needs to be better marketed and better analytics provided to attract special to spend $10 on bets.

The new look includes installing cameras in CFL stadiums capable of taking 1,000 frames per second to give the game a new look and allow things like seeing how fast the athletes really are.

Ambrosie spoke about the importance of a new collective agreement with the CFL Players’ Association and said he was very optimistic that negotiations on a new agreement will go well.

The league also did a product review with 1,200 fans in January which identified talent and continuity issues in teams and better flow of play which will result in less than two games and punts which appear to have marked the experience of the 2021 season.

The league is looking to find the next generation of fans and one aspect that will help will be adding a 10and team.

Ambrosie said the CFL has a committee made up of representatives from a corporate-owned team (one would assume Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment), a private team and a community-owned team. This committee works with an investment bank and the first report is that the expansion of the CFL is not an option but a necessity.

In the current nine-team league, each team has three weeks off, which Riders coach Craig Dickenson says is problematic in trying to establish continuity in the squad. Have a 10and team means that each team will then only get one week off per season and it is possible that the season will end and the Gray Cup will be played in early November instead of rolling the dice in late November or December. Ambrosie said the Gray Cup could be played as early as Nov. 7.

Rider CEO Craig Reynolds says the last two years have been tough for the team and while the team’s merchandising has improved, he expects it to be another two years to the Riders to get out of the fiscal black hole into which they had fallen.

With league meetings scheduled for next week, the CFL will look to increase Canadian participation in football, particularly flag football. Ambrosie said the rest of the league should invest in grassroots football like the Riders do and that one in 20 Canadian players in college sports in Canada ends up playing in the CFL while one in 280 players in the NCAA ends up playing in the NFL.

Other things to discuss will be rule changes, including things like changing the penalty for holding from 10 yards to five and bringing the hash marks closer on the Canadian court.

What that would do would be to eliminate the past practice of throwing a Canadian receiver out to the wide side of the field where few quarterbacks have the arm strength to make long passes. Closer hash marks would make options on both sides of the field for quarterbacks and Dickenson said defenses would be asked to play more man-to-man defense and there would be big plays as a result.

The ensuing Q&A session criticized the CFL for apparently giving up sponsorship of flag football in Canada to the NFL, but Ambrosie said he was unwilling to concede the future to the NFL. and that there was no secret agenda for going to four lows.

Although it hasn’t been made official, it looks like the Riders and Toronto will be taking part in the Touchdown Atlantic game on July 16 with the official announcement in about a week.

In the meantime, the CFL and the Riders will have to try to understand that the current cost of games is becoming prohibitive for fans without feeling like they are getting their money’s worth.

Consider that in the 1990s, I regularly commuted to Regina from Prince Albert to cover the Riders and often returned the same night to write the story.

So if I had a family of four in Pennsylvania and drove my Camry with a 71 liter capacity gas tank, it would cost me $120.15 to fill up my vehicle in Prince Albert at current gas prices for the 360 ​​kilometer journey from Prince Albert to Regina. Gas in Regina is more expensive, so filling up in Regina would cost me $127.19.

A hotel would average $148 and a pre-game meal would cost around $120. Once we got to the stadium, if the kids wanted Rider hats and the wife and I wanted hats, the cost would be between $81 and $203.98.

Replica fan jerseys are where riders make big bucks and getting two blank youth and two adult jerseys would cost $468.97, but if we wanted to get four custom jerseys then the cost would jump to $789.96 $.

Let’s say four 2020 Gray Cup t-shirts would make us pay $59.98 for two adult t-shirts and $49.90 for two youth jerseys. Tickets for a family would cost $99. So for a game, taking a family of four would cost $1,247.27 down to $1,727.24 up.

With the CFL schedule, it’s very difficult for an out-of-town family of four to attend every game, but four games wouldn’t be unreasonable. Gasoline costs would range from $360 to $381, while hotels for four nights would be $592, meals would be $360, tickets would be $297, and I didn’t factor in taxes on top. of all that.

So the cost to hit four games for a Prince Albert family of four would range from $3,269.42 to $3,722.39. The time and expense required to attend these games is one reason Riders membership packages have grown from 27,000 to 21,000 with virtually no waitlist unlike a few years ago.

With the rising cost of gas, this comes on top of coming to Rider games and out-of-town fans may find it easier to grab a dozen beers and a large pizza and splurge. sit on the couch and watch, saving a ridiculous amount of money.

With the Riders being one of the most expensive teams to watch and cheer on in the CFL, they have to balance trying to repay and repay their stadium contributions without standing out of the market with their insanely expensive concession prices.

The Riders have also missed out on money-making opportunities, such as locker room sales where jerseys and game-worn gear are sold to fans. It’s been at least four years since the last such sale and you can go online and see Montreal selling used gaming items, Ottawa selling used gaming items, Toronto and Edmonton.

Part of that could be down to runners having to cut staff to accommodate football operations caps, but I suspect part of it is down to runners taking the easiest and probably the most lazy of the slightest resistance when it comes to sales.

Until I sat down to calculate the costs, it was hard to gauge how much being a Rider fan would cost in 2022. Perhaps that explains all the empty seats at Mosaic Stadium.