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Rams Win: The Green and Gold Game 2022


FORT COLLINS, Colo. – When scoring is usually irrelevant, as is usually the case in spring games, Colorado State head football coach Jay Norvel managed to score an overall victory for his program and the community he hopes to build around him during the 2022 Green and Gold Weekend.

“(Our staff) are part of the community,” Norvell said after the spring game. “We want our team to be part of the community and engage with the community. When we go out and play on Saturdays, we need our community. We need our fan base. We need our alumni. We need our former players. We need all these people.”

The statistics have been counted to be sure. 522 total rushing yards for the green team made up mostly of expected starters, in fact. But, at the end of it all, it’s the whole day that really serves as the main takeaway from the Green vs Gold 2022 game.

Just ask old Dane Stratton or Trae Moxley what the weekend was all about.

On Friday night, Norvell and his team welcomed more than 100 alumni to participate in the inaugural Alumni Ram Walk as part of Colorado State Football’s 130th celebration. The evening ended with a dinner hosted by Norvell and the Director of Athletics Joe Parker.

And that was only Friday.

Saturday’s game day started with the Grit Run, a 5k run/walk organized by Norvell and his wife Kim, to benefit the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. Over 300 people signed up to run the race, many of whom were inspired to sign up Saturday morning. Norvell capped the contribution with a donation of $10,000. Kim was born with the disease, and medical advances to manage the disease for which there is no cure have dramatically improved the quality of life for those who battle it.

Fans were then treated to a 141-game scrimmage in which teams were split into a Norvell format dubbed “1’s vs The World”. The white team were spotted with a 21-0 lead, and throughout the first half they looked like they could do it. But, the green team and the quarterback Clay Millen (22 of 33, 292 yards, 4 TDs) came back strong in the second half for a 49-37 win. It was a day of execution and opportunity, where the young players had the opportunity to put on their game shirts and compete on Sonny Lubick Field for the fans.

After the match, Norvell spoke briefly to his team before storming into the locker room to meet and lead another team onto the pitch as around 250 young Ram fans had packed in for the free post-match clinic. of the field program.

Colorado State Athletics hopes parents and guardians have a restful night after tiring their youngsters with an hour of football drills with the 2022 Rams.

Ultimately, stats and calls will only be memorized by graduate assistants and coaches, frantically recording information to review later.

It was a day for the community, and we also played football.