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QR Code Creates New Way For Coaches To Find Talent Through Interactive Recruiting Jersey


AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) – College recruiting can be difficult for high school athletes. Finding ways to grab the attention of the college by sending emails to the handout leaflet, but now the technology allows coaches to go directly to a player and get the information through a QR code called a jersey. interactive recruitment. Off-Speed ​​Athletics owner Anthony Bethel has partnered with QR Recruiter to revolutionize the recruiting process.

“With our jerseys, we make personalized full sublimation uniforms. A few months ago I was dropping off some college uniforms in Arkansas and ran into a guy named Wayne Woolsey, ”Bethel said. “He’s started a business called QR Recruiter, so we’re on the verge of launching a series of products. Basically QR banners are QR codes that you can either put on a dugout canoe so far, that way they can scan that QR code that shows them everyone on the list. You can click on their link. This causes them to highlight their test results, so on, and so on, now we’re going to be the official QR recruiter merchandiser. We’re going to start putting QR codes on our jerseys.

Larissa Liska: “How do you think this will help speed up this process and help more children integrate into university teams?

“Basically you can go online. Buy your QR tag, and it’s very inexpensive. So once you’ve purchased your draft tag or purchased a jersey with a draft tag, we’ll link it to your profile. You’re good to go from there, ”Bethel said. “So, you know, I think I spoke to you the other day. We’re even going to set this up where you can go to camps. Basically you introduce yourself, choose your jersey size with your camp logo on it. We’ll scan it and link it to your profile, then any coach out there will have access to all of your information, which makes everything that much easier. It’s quite revolutionary. We call the jerseys real interactive recruiting jerseys.

You can purchase team jerseys through Off-Speed ​​Athletics or individual labels and banners through the QR Recruiter website.

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