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Q&A with second-year UND forward Louis Jamernik


UND therefore gave Jamernik the opportunity to come to school in the middle of the season.

Jamernik agreed and arrived on campus for the second semester. His first college games were on the road at Colorado College. This weekend, its final games of the 2021 calendar year return to Colorado College. Jamernik spoke to the Herald this week about it and more.

Q. How do you feel about playing at Colorado College this weekend and what do you want to see from your team in Game 1 of the series?

A. I think we have to find this Friday evening. Let’s start with having the right frame of mind, staying positive, and really focusing on playing full, full 60 minutes, and then playing the full 60 minutes the next night. It’s just kind of a building from that. We just have to play hockey and not think about it too much.

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Q. You came on board during the Christmas holidays last season. Do you remember playing at Colorado College?

A. My first NCAA hockey games were here. It was super cool. I’ll never forget the whole weekend, but especially just walking into the locker room on day one and we had the green jerseys hung up. I got goose bumps all the time. I was like, ‘Holy cow, I’m playing for North Dakota.’ It’s an honor.

Q. Last season you played at the World Arena. How do you feel about playing for the first time on their brand new ice rink, Robson Arena?

A. I think it’s going to be really exciting. They now have an NHL-sized rink (85ft wide), so it will be smaller (than the 100ft World Arena). It might also help with elevation changes. Playing on big ice with a change in elevation is pretty heavy, especially after a month of sitting at home like I did before showing up last year. But it’s going to be exciting and a quick game for sure.

Q. Last weekend you played on the Olympic sized big sheet in St. Cloud. Was it a fit for you?

A. It’s a big adjustment, but we’re very lucky in North Dakota to have Olympic ice (at Ralph for training). We practiced Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday on the big sheet here. This stuff helps get our angles and dimensions, but at the end of the day it’s just more ice. A team like St. Cloud which is very fast and can make plays. . . you can’t adapt right away, but we found a way at the end of Saturday and got the win.

Q. Do you think your game is best suited on an NHL sheet or an Olympic size sheet?

A. It is a very good question. I do not know. I should sit down and think about this one. I just skated. I don’t really think too much.

Q. What do you think of the game you and your teammates Gavin Hain and Mark Senden played on Saturday night?

A. I love playing with Senden and Gavin Hain. They are veterans and great leaders. They stepped up and it’s easy to play with them because they just play with so much competition and passion. They are still working hard. After each shift we can talk about things. It’s never about a work ethic or anything like that. It’s just the little things and if we want to adjust something. But every day they bring it, and it’s easy to play with them.

Q. How do you think you’ve handled the past three weeks against the top 11-ranked teams Minnesota Duluth, Minnesota and St. Cloud State?

A. I love it, because you look at other high-end teams and I don’t know if they’ve played exactly as many high-end teams as we have. I think it really improved our group. We are growing as a group. To make that Friday and Saturday adversity come on and go, we identify it early in the season. When it comes to the big stretches and the playoffs, what matters most is getting those back-to-back games. You can’t lose at all, because you’re done.

Q. How does it feel to still be at the top of the conference after this streak?

A. It really feels good, but at the same time, I don’t know if we pay too much attention to it. I think we just focus on what we have to do each weekend. The conference ranking comes with that.

Q. Do you think the younger ones are starting to understand that you are going to get the most out of everyone you play?

A. Yes, exactly. That was the message in the room on Saturday morning. Guys, we have to expect everyone’s best game. North Dakota has a very good tradition and a very good history and a great etiquette to go with it. Everyone is excited to play in North Dakota. It’s an honor, but we also have to do our best.

Louis jamernik

Position: Cheeky.

To classify: Second year.

Cut: 5-11, 195.

Hometown: Calgary, Alberta.

Previous team: Okotoks Oilers (AJHL).

Major: Aviation.

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