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PIERRE LaBOSSIERE CHRONICLE: Kraken all about the show and the hats


I went to a hockey game the other night and a rock concert broke out.

I finally got to watch my first Seattle Kraken game last week.

And yes, it’s kind of like going to a rock concert — or maybe a jazz funk fusion concert.

I avoided going to a Kraken game the first few weeks of the season, both because of COVID and because the ticket prices were ridiculously high – literally $500 per seat was the cheapest I’ve had could find the first weeks of the year.

Since then, tickets have fallen to a more reasonable level. It’s still expensive, but no more expensive than, say, a ticket to a concert starring someone other than Adele. And prices are likely to drop even further as the novelty of Seattle finally having an NHL franchise wears off.

It was a fun evening. The Kraken team isn’t terribly good yet. The Kraken aren’t the worst team in the National Hockey League, but they come close. The team is probably a few years away from being really good.

But the match I went to guys didn’t go too badly. They lost 4-2 to the Nashville Predators, one of the best teams in the NHL. The Predators were just a lot faster than the Kraken and their passing was a lot sharper. The Kraken tended to dump and chase and then forecheck into the offensive zone, which is something less skilled teams do to try to keep the game close.

But, hey, Seattle now has major league sports between the Seahawks and Mariners and that’s what matters. I know everyone here wants the Sonics back and the Kraken has certainly done their part to help, building a loud and bright new palace with private money for the Sonics to move in one day.

For now, they go to great lengths to make everyone have a good time. Loud music, lots of lasers, a pair of giant video screens. A live DJ and a live funk band who were really really good. The music is curated by KEXP. They sure put on a show, which I’m sure they have to do, because the product on the ice probably won’t be competing for the Stanley Cup for a while.

And that’s okay. I didn’t expect anything else. I went there for quite a while. It was my first NHL game in probably 10 years. I attended a Colorado Avalanche game the day I became a Canadian citizen again at the consulate in Denver.

The new Climate Pledge arena is amazing. Not as huge as the Las Vegas arena, but the acoustics are a huge improvement over the old Key Arena. Worst gigs I ever heard were at Key Arena.

I sat in the rafters of the cheap seats and still had a great view of the ice. It was always intimate. They designed it well.

And it’s a very family atmosphere. I remember years ago when I was a kid I used to go to Fresno Falcons minor league hockey games and the games got taken over by gangs and bikers and there were fights in the stands and people were screaming F-bombs the whole game. Not a place to take kids or families. And unsurprisingly, the Falcons have long since gone bankrupt.

At Kraken games, you will see a parcel children, all dressed in Kraken jerseys. And wear cute Kraken wool beanies. In fact, Kraken beanies also seemed to be very popular with women. Half the women in the arena seemed to be wearing them.

And in the end, people didn’t seem disappointed with the end result. None of the kids pouted at the final score.

The early years of a hockey franchise are crucial. Many, many teams in NHL history have been forced to move within the first five or six years of a team’s formation, so it’s really important to build that fan base and show people a moment of pleasure. That’s exactly what the Kraken franchise does.


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