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Michigan Soccer Players Now Selling Officially Licensed Jerseys

In the new era where college athletes can earn money with their own name, image and likeness, players across the country are taking advantage of various opportunities. For Michigan football players, one option is to sell custom jerseys.

From ‘The M Den’, which is the official merchandise retailer of Michigan Athletics, officially licensed personalized jerseys with the names and numbers of current student-athletes are now available.

Freshman Michigan quarterback JJ McCarthy is among those selling jerseys. The 5-star signatory from La Grange Park, Illinois, tweeted on Saturday in an attempt to rally Wolverine fans to purchase a personalized and officially licensed Michigan soccer jersey with McCarthy’s name and number 9 on the back.

“Anyone want a # 9?” McCarthy tweeted.

McCarthy is Michigan’s highest ranked quarterback under Jim harbaugh and enter as a potential candidate for entry-level employment from the start.

Despite being a five-star prospect for most of his recruiting and a first verbal speech with the Wolverines, McCarthy’s engagement never seemed to be in doubt, even after the Wolverines have struggled on the pitch throughout the 2020 season. In fact, he was arguably the group’s most vocal engagement when it comes to building the best possible class.

“The first visit I made here was one of those gut feelings, those gut feelings that you’re like, ‘yeah, there it is.’ And that’s what I tell all these guys, ”McCarthy told the Michigan Insider in November. “I’m impartial with them at the end of the day – because I’m not a salesperson. I’m talking to you because I want you to be my brother for the next four years. So I’m not going to sell you BS on the ‘you’re going to play right now, all that.’ No, we’re going to work together. We’re going to break our asses. And we’re going to win games. That’s it. And we’re going to win a championship. “

Currently, the freshman is competing with the incumbent Cade mcnamara for the starting job and many wonder when the Wolverines will turn to their young gunslinger. Bud Elliott of 247Sports wanted to put out the flames regarding the hype around McCarthy.

Speaking on the Cover 3 podcast, Elliott explained that McCarthy is not at the level of a Trevor Laurent or Justin Champs so it takes patience.

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“I don’t think McNamara is that bad,” Elliott said. “Yeah. Like, he didn’t kill him, but he’s got a whole year under his belt in the system. McCarthy has a couple months of different practices. It’s just that I don’t, I don’t go into that. , assuming you know that McCarthy is someone who… to me he’s not a transcendent Everyone gets rid of him, you know? Justin Champs. Well i guess georgia didn’t keep the others away from hell Justin Champs and they screwed him up. You know, Trevor Laurent type. I think he’s one of those quarterbacks that we gave a really good rating to, (I) think he’s really a quarterback, but he’s not someone who just cleans up the bridge, I don’t think so. I think he’s going to have to go there and learn… ”

Dean Straka contributed to this report.

Rapha Core Cargo Shorts Review: Workaholic cycling shorts with the gift of pockets


Think of Rapha’s Core Cargo Shorts as a sort of ‘everyday’ version of its Pro Team and Classic lineup, both of which are designed for serious road riders who ride tough miles and get expensive because of it. The Core range is for those who maybe want something a little cheaper that can be used on a daily basis but don’t want to give up the prestigious label.

But that doesn’t mean Rapha’s “value” range is cheap, as you’re still looking at £ 95 / $ 120 for a pair of shorts – but that’s what some of the best cycling shorts cost, to be. fair.

Obviously, this particular pair of pedal-friendly pants also doesn’t come with the support straps found in the bib shorts alternative, so where does your money go? Well, you get the same chamois (the spongy lump that goes under your butt) that you use in the Classic range, which is great and offers a lot of support on long, strenuous hikes. There are also comfortable flat seams to prevent chafing, plus laser-cut soft silicone leg darts to hold the shorts in place and stop them, excuse the pun, get on.

Plus, they’re made from Rapha’s typical high-quality dense mesh fabric, which helps avoid the sticky issue of an opaque butt panel like after the shorts have been worn and washed a few times.

The Cargo piece in the title refers to the fact that this particular model comes equipped with two mesh leg pockets, which Rapha says have been designed and tested to deal with all manner of cycling gear, essentially eliminating the need to wear a traditional bicycle. jersey with back pockets.

Rapha Core Cargo shorts for men: price and availability

Review of the Rapha Core Cargo Shorts

(Image credit: Rapha)

You can buy the Rapha Men’s Core Cargo Shorts directly from the Rapha website for £ 95 / $ 130 / AU $ 165

While the price tag is steep compared to rival high-end brands, such as Assos and Le Col, there are obviously cheaper shorts available than this, with Wiggle’s own dhb brand being a good place to start for some savings. .

Available in XS to XXL, there should be a pair of shorts to fit most body types, but Rapha’s outfit varies depending on fit, with some signaling the need to take a size up while that others claim they take a size smaller. Unfortunately, Rapha does not offer their “Downsize” program on shorts, as this would allow those who have lost weight while riding to claim a 50% discount on new clothes.

Rapha Core Cargo shorts for men: design and fit

Review of the Rapha Core Cargo Shorts

(Image credit: Rapha)

Rapha’s approach to cycling gear has always been understated and sleek. In an area full of bold colors and face logos, Rapha plays it cool with simple lines and classic details that rarely go out of style.

On the surface, the Core Cargo Shorts look a bit simple but take a closer look and you’ll find a subtle tonal mark dotted around, while the overall build quality gives off a premium feel. The fabric is light but thick in the right places,

Like much of Rapha’s gear, I found the size to be perfect, but I’m still a fairly standard midrange. I only fight in the swimsuits, where I find that I have to take the size. But oddly, these strapless shorts were quite high in the front and I found out that I had to pull the waist up almost to the navel to get the chamois to sit well.

It’s not a big deal, but if you’re not used to having such a high belt while pedaling, it might seem a little weird at first. Rapha’s classic chamois is also quite chunky compared to the thinner version used in Pro clothing, while competitors have certainly refined the cushion with little detrimental effect on overall comfort.

Overall the fit is good and there is something nice about not having to deal with straps. However, straps would help keep the shorts in place, but for casual walks it’s much easier to go to the bathroom which is nice.

Review of the Rapha Core Cargo Shorts

(Image credit: Rapha)

Rapha Core Cargo shorts for men: performance

Review of the Rapha Core Cargo Shorts

(Image credit: Rapha)

The beauty of these shorts is the pocket design, which looks criminally simple, but it’s not often that you find two deep mesh pockets on the side of a road or gravel bike shorts. It’s just not considered aerodynamic, although a pair of Shimano shorts I recently tested had a small pocket for a phone on one leg and it came in handy.

But Rapha put the bag in the pocket and it really works. I often found myself looking for the Cargo Short over a more typical bib shorts on a casual stroll, simply because I could slip my phone in one pocket and a snack in the other. There is something incredibly awkward about reaching out behind you to blindly extract food in a running jersey, especially after experiencing the ease of going for a pocket snack.

Rapha also did well to make sure that whatever is in those mesh pockets doesn’t sink into your thighs, although the pockets themselves can suffer from small holes and tears if you decide to put them in. something pointed or obtuse.

Lastly, it’s probably not the nicest topic to talk about, but these Cargo was it shorts are a lot easier to handle when it comes to those impromptu convenience breaks on long commutes.

Rapha Core Cargo shorts for men: verdict

Review of the Rapha Core Cargo Shorts

(Image credit: Rapha)

While not as technically accomplished as Rapha’s elite Pro clothing line, the Core Cargo Shorts are a great everyday workhorse. The leg pockets are really helpful and the overall fit and finish is great.

When paired with a cycling jacket or more casual jersey, they allow riders to hop on a bike without going for the full-suit look, but the shorts still offer the comfort of a chamois and fit. contoured to ensure there is no loose clothing in the way or a king of mountain records.

All in all, these are cycling shorts to treasure – although personally I would always prefer a bib shorts.

Michigan Official Track & Field Retail Store Partners With Players To Sell Jerseys With Names On Back

In what is considered the first deal of its kind, Michigan’s official athletic retail store The M Den announced on Saturday that it is teaming up with Wolverines soccer players to create custom jerseys for sale with the player’s name and number on the back.

In the past, retailers were prohibited from selling college jerseys bearing the names of current players. But with the recent passage of Name, Image and Likeness (NIL) laws and rules, The M Den is now allowed to sell the jerseys as a custom product.

“At the moment, the only authorization we have is to do this through our custom swimwear program,” said The M Den president and co-owner Scott Hirth. “We could print any of the 10 billion people on the planet with their name and number on the planet, with the exception of the current players two weeks ago. So the only thing that has changed now is that we can add to the 10 billion people on the planet, the 130 players on the team. We don’t have the capacity to make 1,000 for player X and make it a stock program. not to say that next Tuesday we can’t do it, but for now, that’s what we can do. “

Currently, the university does not allow the direct sale of officially licensed products bearing the player’s name and number. However, the custom jersey option is a loophole around this rule that the university was happy to welcome. Customers can go to the website, click on a drop-down menu that lists positions and player names to choose from, and create a personalized jersey for a Michigan soccer player.

Mr. Den worked with former Michigan soccer player Jared Wangler, who set up Valiant Management Group, an NIL agency, to help secure contracts with the players. Wangler was with the squad from 2014 to 2018, and he still knows most of the players on the roster. He says that at this point there are about 60 Michigan footballers registered, with more in the works.

“We have a relationship with Scott Hirth at The M Den, and I’ve been putting that on his radar for four or five months now,” Wangler said. “It was the first deal we wanted to do for the guys. I was there last week, I met all the players and I had a contract to review and I helped everyone to s ‘enroll. We’re trying to maximize that for Michigan and make it the first school for NIL. “

The deal will pay each player the same amount per shirt sold and pay each player quarterly. If one player is more popular than another and sells more jerseys, he will earn more money, but each player will have the opportunity to earn the same amount per jersey.

“The rules on this are two weeks old and change daily. I said as long as your eligibility exists at the University of Michigan, we will pay you for the right to put your name and number on a jersey,” he said. Hirth said. “At this time, our contract with each player is for the duration of their eligibility in Michigan.”

For now, this is an exclusive partnership between The M Den and Michigan student-athletes. They may not take advantage of other jersey sales that are not part of the Nike Custom Soccer Jerseys offering.

The rules change, and they are also different from state to state and school to school. For example, Georgia has published rules for its players that will not allow student-athletes to use the school’s trademarks or the Power G logo. The University of Michigan technically still has a similar rule, but it relaxes these rules by allowing The M Den to create personalized jerseys.

Lake Elsinore rallies after Little League snack bar hit by vandals and thieves – press enterprise


the Little League of Lake Elsinore was hit by several hard knocks.

After having interrupted his season for the coronavirus pandemic, the youth baseball program has seen three break-ins and vandalism incidents at its snack bar in Swick-Matich Park on Elsinore Lake in the past month and a half.

Reported damage includes stolen kitchen equipment, food and drink, spattered cheese and nacho syrup as well as urine and feces on the floor and walls, League President Jovanny said. Huerta. The vandals defecated on the teams’ All-Star tournament jerseys and stole a box of jerseys. Two new throwing machines, valued at $ 1,700 each, were also taken.

  • Richard Piceno sweeps the floor as volunteers clean up on Saturday, July 17, 2021, inside the vandalized Little League snack bar on Lake Elsinore. (Photo by Watchara Phomicinda, The Press-Enterprise / SCNG)

  • Maricela Gonzalez sweeps the counter as volunteers clean the interior of the vandalized Lake Elsinore Little League snack bar on Saturday, July 17, 2021. (Photo by Watchara Phomicinda, The Press-Enterprise / SCNG)

  • Volunteers throw out trash as they clean up the interior of the vandalized Little League snack bar on Lake Elsinore on Saturday, July 17, 2021. (Photo by Watchara Phomicinda, The Press-Enterprise / SCNG)

  • Von Piceno and other volunteers clean up the vandalized Little League snack bar on Lake Elsinore on Saturday, July 17, 2021. (Photo by Watchara Phomicinda, The Press-Enterprise / SCNG)

  • Volunteers Von Piceno, left, and her husband Richard clean up the interior of the vandalized Lake Elsinore Little League snack bar on Saturday, July 17, 2021. It has been vandalized several times over the past month. (Photo by Watchara Phomicinda, The Press-Enterprise / SCNG)

No suspects have been found, according to Huerta, who said the first incident was reported to the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department on June 2.

A spokesperson for the department could not be reached on Friday July 16 to confirm the incidents.

“It was probably young children who did it not once, not twice, but three times,” Huerta said. “They obviously knew what they were going to do and they kept coming back.”

Further break-ins took place on July 9 and Monday, July 12, Huerta said.

The games snack bar was Little League’s most stable source of income, Huerta said, but the park it is in never had a security system or cameras. The snack bar was used to store equipment during the pandemic, as games were temporarily suspended and the park was undergoing repairs.

Vandals broke into the locked room with a crowbar, said Huerta, who estimated the damage to be in the thousands.

League volunteers and families tried to clean up after the first incident, but break-ins continued to occur.

The crimes came like Lake Elsinore Little League teams, which has been around since the late 1960s, has reached state championships and won local tournaments. There are now over 300 youngsters, a majority of them new players, in the Lake Elsinore Little League, making it one of the biggest seasons on the program, Huerta said.

The League also received a prize of $ 10,000 T-Mobile grant in March, helping to boost youth participation after the pandemic.

“We won a lot of games and had a lot of reason to celebrate, especially going to the state championships,” said Huerta. “It really puts a damper on that – now we don’t even have the money to do our annual All-Star Banquet, no money for team trophies, nothing to celebrate our accomplishments. “

Little League parents and community volunteers gathered at the park on Saturday July 17 to help cbend over the mess left at the vandalized snack bar. Another All-Star tournament was due to end later today.

“We are strong from Lake Elsinore,” Huerta said. “It won’t define who we are or our hard work to make our dreams come true for our children.”

A GoFundMe account for recovery efforts raised over $ 1,800 through Friday July 16. Organizations such as Lake Elsinore Chevrolet and Canyon Lake Little League donated.

the Storm of Lake Elsinore The minor league team is contributing a portion of ticket sales from this weekend’s games to help the league recoup its losses.

“Fifty cents from every ticket sold these days and $ 0.25 from every hot dog sold will go towards their efforts to recover from this challenge,” said by email Shaun Brock, CEO and Co-CEO of Storm. .

Auction money during Storm matches will go to the league.

“I think the immediate goal is to try to cover their loss, but if we can go beyond that and raise as much as possible, I totally agree.”

Huerta, who has a son in the Little League Under 12 team, said players were wondering how and why this happened.

“Children, parents, they can’t all believe it,” he said. “They ask me, ‘Why would (someone in) our community do this to us, when we have something that they can be proud of? It really broke my heart.

Michigan QB 5-Star Freshman JJ McCarthy Gathers Fans to Shop for Custom Jerseys

After the NCAA Division I council met to discuss a proposed name, image and likeness, it has now been official, as of July 1, that student-athletes from all 50 states can take advantage of their name, image and likeness and not break NCAA rules. . And athletes have wasted no time over the past 17 days when it comes to capitalizing – or at least trying to – on the new freedoms that have been granted.

Add Michigan freshman quarterback JJ McCarthy to that list. The 5-star signatory from La Grange Park, Illinois, tweeted on Saturday in an attempt to rally Wolverine fans to purchase a personalized and officially licensed Michigan soccer jersey with McCarthy’s name and number 9 on the back.

“Anyone want a # 9?” McCarthy tweeted.

McCarthy is Michigan’s highest ranked quarterback under Jim harbaugh and enter as a potential candidate for entry-level employment from the start.

Despite being a five-star prospect for most of his recruiting and a first verbal speech with the Wolverines, McCarthy’s engagement never seemed to be in doubt, even after the Wolverines have struggled on the pitch throughout the 2020 season. In fact, he was arguably the group’s most vocal engagement when it comes to building the best possible class.

“The first visit I made here was one of those gut feelings, those gut feelings that you’re like, ‘Yeah, that’s it. And that’s what I tell all these guys, “McCarthy told Michigan Insider in November.” I’m impartial with them at the end of the day – because I’m not a salesperson. I’m talking to you because I want you to be my brother for the next four years. So I’m not going to sell you BS on the ‘you’re going to play right now, all that.’ No, we will work together. We’re gonna break our ass. And we are going to win games. That’s it. And we’re going to win a championship. “

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McCarthy completed the 2021 cycle as the second pro-style passer in the class. He is ranked 22nd in the general classification of the class, regardless of his position.

Should the NHL get City Connect jerseys like the MLB?


Should the NHL follow in the footsteps of the MLB and adopt the City Connect jerseys?

In the past, a few seasons ago, NHL teams had two jerseys. They had one for their home games and one for the road games. Pretty simple, isn’t it? Then somewhere along the line the alternative third jerseys became a thing. The company of Three then why not!

Then sports executives saw that more jerseys means more jersey sales and some leagues went crazy with multiple jerseys. The NHL even admitted that the hugely popular retro reverse jerseys were a way to recoup some of the money from any revenue lost over the past year. You can’t blame them, but when every NBA team has enough jerseys to fill a closet it can get a little confusing.

Enter MLB and their new City Connect jerseys. Seven of the league’s teams would get new alternative jerseys inspired by their cities. The NBA already has something similar in place. Some of the new MLB jerseys have received rave reviews, like the Miami Marlins and Chicago White Sox jerseys. Others, like the Boston Red Sox version, look like a yellow hockey training jersey.

Aaron Bummer # 39 of the Chicago White Sox. (Photo by Jonathan Daniel / Getty Images)

Both the MLB and the NBA have alternative jerseys that pay homage to the cities they represent. Could the NHL be next and should the whole league get them?

Where other sports leagues go, the NHL generally follows. Will the NHL ever get these City Connect jerseys? After how quickly reverse retro wore off last year, the league saw the added value that the new jerseys can bring.

Here’s an idea if the NHL ever decides to go the City Jersey route. Follow the lead of MLB and only have it for a few teams. Those few teams should be the Original Six. If these City Connect jerseys celebrate city and team history, you can’t find a better contender than the Original Six.

Jazz Chisholm (2)

Jazz Chisholm Jr. # 2 of the Miami Marlins. (Photo by Eric Espada / Getty Images)

What exactly they might look like is up for debate. For example, the New York Rangers tried to honor their city with the ‘Lady Liberty’ jerseys from the 90s. This design made a comeback for their Reverse Retro. Even though the obvious example has been used before, there is still a lot of inspiration around New York City for a brand new design. As the City Connect Baseball jerseys have shown, they don’t always have to follow the current color scheme of the team they represent.

The NHL has done something similar in the past with the Winter Classic jerseys. Remember when the 2020 Winter Classic jerseys for the Nashville Predators paid homage to the former city team, the Dixie Flyers? Instead of being inspired by the history of hockey, city jerseys should be inspired by the history of the city and the unique identity of each city.

If done right, they can be amazing. Once the Original Six are over, the concept may spread to all teams in the NHL. Let’s first see how they handle the jerseys of hockey’s most famous franchise.

Which Premier League club jerseys are the most expensive?


The Premier League club are releasing new home, away and third jerseys ahead of the upcoming 2021/22 season, with fans now able to gear up as they return to the stadiums.

Here is an overview of the fees charged by each club for jerseys on their official online store.

In addition to the usual replica shirts, available in men’s and women’s sizes to meet a large market, some clubs – but not all – also sell more expensive “authentic” versions which are the same premium jerseys worn by the player for the games.

Clubs sell children’s shirts, as well as complete mini-kits for young children and baby kits, although not all clubs differentiate between mini-kits and baby kits.



Adult (replica): £ 65

Adult (authentic): £ 100

Children: £ 45

Mini-kit: £ 45

A way

Adult (replica): £ 65

Adult (authentic): £ 100

Children: £ 45

Mini-kit: £ 45

Third – not yet published

Aston Villa


Adult (replica): £ 57

Adult (authentic): £ 90

Children: £ 45

Mini-kit: £ 40

Baby kit: £ 35

Absent – not yet released

Third – not yet published


Home – not yet published

Absent – not yet released

Third – not yet published



Adult (replica): £ 52

Children: £ 42

Mini-kit: £ 42

Baby kit: £ 37

A way

Adult (replica): £ 52

Children: £ 42

The third

Adult (replica): £ 52

Children: £ 42


Home – not yet published

Absent – not yet released

Third – not yet published



Adult (replica): £ 69.95

Adult (genuine): £ 104.95

Children: £ 54.95

Mini-kit: £ 49.95

Baby kit: £ 44.95

Absent – not yet released

Third – not yet published

Crystal Palace

Home – not yet published

A way

Adult (replica): £ 55

Children: £ 45

Mini-kit: £ 45

Baby kit: £ 45

Third – not yet published



Adult (replica): £ 60

Children: £ 45

Mini-kit: £ 40

Baby kit: £ 35

A way

Adult (replica): £ 60

Children: £ 45

Mini-kit: £ 40

Baby kit: £ 35

Third – not yet published


Home – not yet published

Absent – not yet released

Third – not yet published



Adult (replica): £ 60

Children: £ 45

Mini-kit: £ 50

Absent – not yet released

Third – not yet published



Adult (replica): £ 69.95

Adult (genuine): £ 99.95

Children: £ 54.95

Mini-kit: £ 44.95

Baby kit: £ 39.95

A way

Adult (replica): £ 69.95

Adult (genuine): £ 99.95

Children: £ 54.95

Mini-kit: £ 44.95

Third – not yet published

Manchester city


Adult (replica): £ 70

Adult (authentic): £ 110

Children: £ 55

Mini-kit: £ 50

Baby kit: £ 40

Absent – not yet released

Third – not yet published

Manchester United


Adult (replica): £ 64.95

Children: £ 49.95

Mini-kit: £ 44.95

Baby kit: £ 37.95

Absent – not yet released

Third – not yet published



Adult (replica): £ 65

Children: £ 50

Absent – not yet released

Third – not yet published



Adult (replica): £ 50

Adult (authentic):

Children: £ 35

Mini-kit: £ 40

Absent – not yet released

Third – not yet published



Adult (replica): £ 55

Children: £ 45

Mini-kit: £ 40

Baby kit: £ 35

Absent – not yet released

The third

Adult (replica): £ 55

Children: £ 45

Mini-kit: £ 40

Baby kit: £ 35



Adult (replica): £ 70

Adult (authentic): £ 110

Children: £ 55

Mini-kit: £ 50

Baby kit: £ 45

Absent – not yet released

Third – not yet published


Home – not yet published

Absent – not yet released

Third – not yet published

Western ham


Adult (replica): £ 60

Children: £ 50

Absent – not yet released

Third – not yet published



Adult (replica): £ 55

Adult (authentic): £ 100

Children: £ 42

Mini-kit: £ 45

Baby kit: £ 38

Absent – not yet released

Third – not yet published

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Youth development is on my agenda


Amidu Chinnia Issahaku, MP, Sissala East

Amidu Chinnia Issahaku, Member of Parliament for Sissala East Constituency said youth development was essential and was part of his agenda for constituency residents.

He said this to Tumu when he presented seven sets of jerseys, soccer balls and a cash sum of GH500.00 to second division football clubs in Sissala East constituency currently participating in the division league. of them.

“As a young man, I am very interested in making sure that I develop the young people in my constituency and football being one of the areas that young people are interested in, I have decided to support the teams that have qualified for the division two with jerseys, soccer balls and some 500.00 GH? each to the teams, ”said the MP.

Mr Issahaku has often said that club owners have complained about the lack of support from executives and businessmen in promoting football in the Sissala region and that the situation has put an end to the dreams of the talented footballers of the region.

He explained that Tumu had been one of the places that produced some of the best football talent in the region, but its promotion was very poor.

“I want to make sure that there is a paradigm shift from this support to local teams,” said the deputy, who is also the deputy minister of water and sanitation.

He called on the different clubs to build on each other’s strength by supporting each other and sharing their expertise

“If we want our football to travel far, we have to love each other, there shouldn’t be too much rivalry between you knowing that you can’t all qualify for the next leg at the same time. We must be ready to support any team that has the opportunity to qualify, ”Issahaku urged the clubs.

The teams included: Liverpool United FC, Real 24 Hours SC; Tumu Royal FC formerly of Happy Stars, Kpunjinang FC; Welembelle Eleven killers, Kowie Eva Stars and Kong Danger Stars.

Mr. Liman Fuseini, owner of Real 24hours football club in Tumu, applauded the MP for his kind gesture and called for more support from other business entities in the municipality and beyond.

The Recorder – Keeping Score: A 10-year journey in preparation


Ten years ago, last February, I wrote here that I couldn’t wait to take my newborn grandson Chase Greene to his first Red Sox game, and on July 1 this momentous occasion came to pass. is produced.

It was getaway day for the Red Sox, a rare weekday afternoon game, and April dropped off Chase at 8:30 a.m., dressed head-to-toe in Red Sox gear. He settled into the back seat and made himself comfortable. “On long car trips I like to take my shoes off because I tie them very tight and it gets very boring,” he said.

Chase is in the grip of baseball fever. He collects the cards, watches the Red Sox on NESN, and counts the points (guess who taught him). He played shortstop in the Newt Guilbault League and although he excelled, he had made the last game of the league championship.

“It was a lot of pressure on you in the last game,” I said.

“Do you mean hitting with the winning point for the last out?” With like 300 people watching? I didn’t even want to go up to bat.

“It’s baseball,” I said, “and you came down swinging. ”

We parked at a Trader Joe’s in Cambridge and drove past an elementary school and little league field and through the Memorial Drive exit ramps to the BU bridge where a group of geese rose from the river bank in search of food.

On deck, we saw kayakers pass under a graffiti-covered railroad trestle not far from the boathouse where the Head of the Charles, the world’s largest two-day regatta, will resume in October.

We crossed the streetcar tracks on Commonwealth Avenue and joined the Red Sox fans striding towards the baseball stadium like pods of Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Several wore Andrew Benintendi jerseys in honor of the popular left fielder who saved the season by catching Alex Bregman’s drive at the 2018 ALCS.

Benintendi had been traded to Kansas City for Franchy Cordero. At the all-star break Cordero was scoring 0.179 with one homer and Benintendi was hitting 0.275 with 10 homers. Alas, he was injured and did not play in the Red Sox series.

We strolled through the park amid the crowded din of barker carnie selling windmills and fans lined up while waiting for the ticket office to open.

Chase wore his navy Curt Schilling jersey with the number 38 on the back, blue shorts, a blue Red Sox cap and wore the black Rawlings glove he received for his birthday. “I hope you catch a lot of balls,” said a woman sitting on a crate and smoking a cigarette.

Scruffy locals who sold contraband programs on the streets for $ 3 had been replaced by Red Sox workers who sold them for $ 5, and ticket dealers were gone, replaced by digital ticketing. We’ll never hear those Boston bellows and their constant refrain, “Who’s got tickets?” Who sell ? Who has extras?

Chase heard his name call him and turned to see his friend Jack Burnham crossing the street with his father Mike. We stopped and had a chat, officially making Jack the first friend Chase met during a Red Sox game. There will be many more.

Mike pointed to the MGM Music Hall which is located behind the stands in the central court. Construction was in full swing, destroying places like the Motor Inn where transients, out-of-town media, and minor league appeals once stayed. I felt like Frank Gallagher from “Shameless,” bitterly complaining that the developers had ruined the old-fashioned baseball vibe.

After the doors opened, we walked through the wet concrete belly of the park and up the ramp behind the marble. Chase stopped and watched, but it wasn’t Alice in Wonderland’s moment generations ago when a child’s vision of Fenway Park went from black and white to a whirlwind of bright colors and to the sound of organist John Kiley playing “Sweet Rosie O’Grady.

“Let’s go get a hot dog,” Chase said, and we went into a concession area behind the left-field grandstand. “We’re not open yet,” the cashier said. “Come back in about five minutes. ”

We left to find our seats and when we returned the grill guy recognized us. “Hot dog, right? You need it. You launch today.

Chase took a bite and his eyes widened. “This is the best hot dog I have ever eaten in my life! I’m not even going to use ketchup!

The cashier nodded that the money was about as good as I had made it in any game, so kudos to the Red Sox for hiring good people.

Regarding our seats, back before Red Sox Nation, Pink Hats and Wally the Green Monster, there were three choices of tickets: bleachers, grandstands or boxes. Today, the Red Sox website lists 33 different price points, and costs are skyrocketing quickly. Two seats a few rows away from the visitor’s dugout canoe for the next Blue Jays series cost $ 362; two seats to watch the Orioles where the old press box cost you $ 810.

I went there on the cheap, paying $ 114 for two seats in section 33, the alcohol-free section next to the left field wall. I had considered buying two Pavilion seats on the upper deck, but didn’t want to pay the extra $ 150.

Chase was not thrilled with the family of four sitting to our left and the three teenagers who were to our right, or the kids behind us kicking our seats.

“Do you want to sit somewhere else?” I asked, and he nodded.

Chase stayed close. He followed me to the bathroom and followed me straight on our journey to Right Field, that vast wasteland of obstructed views and poorly positioned chairs. This is where they put bus groups and people with paid tickets who end up wondering if their selfies should be on the back of a carton of milk.

During our research. I spotted the family from upstate New York who let Chase and I get ahead of them in the line. They had toured the stadium and decided to stay for the match. It was a mistake. They were stuck in a section where two aisles converged and fans crowded in front of them, like the woman using a cane to pull herself up on the old stone steps and the father holding a two month old baby.

We sat behind the right field foul post in chairs that faced the central field bleachers. Chase sat on his side and tried not to let the filthy post get in his way. He was tilting his head side to side until he noticed a block of empty seats behind third base.

“Let’s go over there,” he said.

KC’s Whit Merrifield hit Nate Eovaldi’s sixth pitch to center field for a single. – After this round, I say.

We walked back and went up a tunnel behind third base. The usher looked at my Springfield Indians T-shirt and said, “I’m so old I saw the Springfield Indians play against the Providence Reds in their smelly Coliseum.

When the Red Sox retired he let us go to our seats. I looked at Chase and said, “After you.”

He was flexible and quick and I rushed after him across the grandstand to the upper lodge seats where he transformed into an empty row and sat in a seat he owned. “Wouldn’t you say those seats over there are the worst in the world?” he said.

Below us, another bailiff had kicked out two children who had tried to sit in the lower huts. He wore an LL Bean raincoat and masked, he looked like Joe Biden. He was looking for scofflaws and stared at us for a while, but then turned his attention away.

We were safe at home.

The game was everything a 10 year old would want to see. Kike Hernandez, JD Martinez and Danny Santana all hit homers and Xander Bogaerts doubled up. When the Kansas City pitching coach went to the mound, Chase asked, “Why do coaches wear uniforms?” ”

Excellent question, I say.

“They’re going to make them feel sorry,” Chase said when the score was 8-0.

“No pity rule in the big leagues,” I said, so we agreed to leave if the score reached 11-0. Late in the sixth inning, Rafael Devers threw a three-point explosion to give the home side the lead 12-0.

“Looks like this game is in hand,” I said, and we left to shop for some souvenirs. Chase bought a t-shirt for his brother Carter, a pack of Red Sox cards and a baseball signed by Robby Scott.

Robby Scott was a Red Sox pitcher who was released in 2019. Chase bought his autographed baseball because it only cost $ 15 and the other unsigned baseballs cost $ 45.

I held up a glass bottle the size of a pepper shaker filled with authentic Fenway Park soil. “How much, ten dollars?” I asked the clerk.

– Twenty, he smiles. “Every time someone buys one, it blows my mind. ”

Chase quickly figured out how to find good seats. When I told him about the expensive Pavilion seats, he said, “Take them. I’ll put $ 100.

Imagine that, a 10 year old kid offering $ 100 for a baseball ticket. I don’t know who should be more embarrassed, me or the Red Sox.

Chip Ainsworth is an award-winning columnist who has written his observations on the sport for four decades in the Pioneer Valley. He can be contacted at [email protected]

River Hawks Sellout 21st Annual Golf Outing Presented by UKG


DRACUT, Mass.—Former and current UMass Lowell men’s hockey players gathered on Friday for the 21st Annual River Hawk Hockey Golf Tournament presented by UKG at the Four Oaks Country Club in Dracut, Mass.

The second consecutive sold-out tournament brought together 120 golfers who took to the fairway in 30 foursomes. With a record of 31 alumni gathered for friendly competition, the event brought together former and current River Hawks to reunite with friends, family and fans.

“The 2021 golf tournament was a huge success. The sold-out field had a record number of hockey alumni, as well as the participation of our varsity leadership group. We thank our distinguished Chancellor, Vice-Chancellor and Rector who were all present, ”said Head Coach Norm Bazin following the event. “We also thank our sponsors for their continued support. Their involvement and participation provide our players with the resources they need to compete at the highest level of college hockey.

To close the day, several participants left with unique prizes, such as signed jerseys, River Hawk gear, souvenirs and more. Proceeds raised during the 2021 tournament will be used to continue the growth and development of the UMass Lowell hockey program and its student-athletes.

The River Hawks open the 2021-22 roster with a pair of road games against Arizona State on October 2-3 before returning to the Tsongas Center on October 15-16 for Homecoming against LIU. To purchase tickets for the upcoming season, please visit www.GoRiverHawks.com/seasontickets.

Michigan soccer players sell officially licensed jerseys to MDen

“Who is your Wolverine?” The email started. “Now, for the first time ever, get an officially licensed Michigan football jersey personalized with the names and numbers of current student-athletes.”

Of course, the store is not allowed to sell the jerseys without the consent of the players. Only 34 players have their shirts for sale at the moment. The list, as of this moment, includes the following athletes (jersey number is in brackets)

• First year quarter JJ McCarthy (9)

• First year recruit Donovan edwards (7)

• Redshirt second half of the race Hassan Haskins (25)

• Redshirt second half of the race Lucas Andrighetto (37)

• Wide receiver Freshman AJ Henning (3)

• first year cornerback Eamonn Dennis (13)

• Fifth year senior security Brad hawkins (2)

• Cornerback Redshirt in second year Green Gemon (22)

• Cornerback Redshirt in second year German green (33)

• Redshirt freshman safety Caden Kolesar (35)

• Cornerback Redshirt in second year Vincent Gray (4)

• Safety of first year students RJ Moten (6)

• Safety of first year students Makari paige (7)

• Redshirt first year linebacker Antoine Salomon (ten)

• Redshirt junior linebacker Josh ross (12)

• Redshirt second-year linebacker Michael barrett (23)

• Redshirt rookie left tackle Karsen barnhart (52)

• Redshirt freshman tackle Thirty Jones (53)

• First year care Zak Zinter (65)

• Redshirt junior right tackle Andrew Stueber (71)

• Redshirt rookie guard Trevor Keegan (77)

• Redshirt junior tackle Joel honigford (84)

• Junior defensive end Aidan Hutchinson (97)

• Defensive tackle in second year Christophe hinton (15)

• Junior Redshirt defensive tackle Donovan Jeter (95)

• First-year defensive end McGregor braid (17)

• First-year defensive end Jaylen harrell (32)

• Junior Redshirt defensive tackle Jess speight (67)

• Redshirt first-year defensive end Mike Morris (90)

• Junior defensive end Redshirt Taylor Upshaw (91)

• First-year defensive end Kris jenkins (94)

• Redshirt first-year defensive end Gabe Newburg (99)

• First year kicker Cole hussung (93)

• Redshirt first year snapper Guillaume Wagner (49)

Additional details on the jerseys, provided by The MDen, can be found below:

How Martine Rose built the latest subcultural fashion brand


Of course, some people will never know all of the trends that arguably started with Rose. It would frustrate many designers – your work is one of the most influential of the last decade, and yet you remain something of an underground darling. But for Rose? Meh. And that makes her that rare and special thing: in the age of fashion where everything is for everyone, it remains a subcultural brand. Some of his weirder pieces attract only a few, and that is his intention. “I never really wanted to be part of a big thing, she said last year. “Anything mainstream – since I was little – didn’t really appeal to me. “

It’s almost impossible running a successful fashion business today without the backing of famous musicians or actors, but Martine Rose’s relationship with the celebrity is unusually organic, like her relationship with Drake. the Lost lionesses film is Rose’s second project to take place in a Martine Rose virtual world—on the film website, you wander through a quintessentially British metropolis of metro stops and storefronts, which then leads you into an underground amphitheater, where the film is played against a brutalist wall. The first such project, ‘What We Do All Day’, took viewers to a digitally rendered UK real estate housing project, where, in three live performances held throughout the day, the camera zoomed in on live streams of ordinary people going through their day. inside, people like skirt fanatic daddy Mark Bryan, DJ Big Youth and … Drake.

“My God, what a darling! Rose said, a little amazed. “I just love him.” They first met on her first Nike project, then she tracked down her number and texted him, “and he was just like…” Yeah! Of course! ‘”He’s been a fan of the brand for a long time, and his pop-in was the perfect fusion of their two sensibilities, which share a certain, well, sensitivity. It was just suddenly in the studio, directly on your computer, live. “Was that really Drake?” A friend of mine texted me while this was happening. It was so laid back, so subtle. So out of the blue, happy to be underground. Therefore Martine Rose.

Maybe what draws Drake to the Rose brand is that, at the center of all this coolness, is Rose’s abundant warmth, a sense of tenderness. This is the soul of Rose’s brand, which she has built quietly and steadily over the past fifteen years, with a three-year stint as a menswear consultant for Demna Gvasalia in her early years. at Balenciaga, from 2015. (“The unicorn of the fashion professions, right?” she says.) If Balenciaga is a billionaire empire, Martine Rose is a family business. Her first entry into fashion was a brand launched with longtime best friend Tamara Rothstein, who is now Rose’s go-to stylist; Rounding out their quartet are Chua Har Lee, a shoe designer responsible for Rose’s moccasins, and Meera Sleight, a textile developer and designer. They’re not formally part of the team, exactly, it’s something a little more unique and closer than that. “They contribute, consult and educate so much about the collections because they are so close to me all the time,” Rose said last year.

“It’s like when you leave school for the first time [as a kid] and you’ve always been a stranger and then suddenly you find your people, ”Rose continued. “So when I say I never wanted to belong, I always wanted to belong to a certain group, and when I found these girls, I felt like I found my group. “

Rose’s clothing is the product of rigorous design experimentation. It’s a classic in that its changes in vision mostly occur through changes in figure. She helped perfect the tall figure at Balenciaga, taking it from the reverent Margiela length of Gvasalia’s years at Vetements to something beefier, more frightening, more reminiscent of the strong men of Georgian upbringing of the Gvasalia’s working class (Rose, like Gvasalia, is Georgian Orthodox), or the bouncers outside the clubs and rave warehouses that Rose grew up idolizing. (The fact that the form is still spreading across different levels of the fashion ecosystem – in fast fashion and pop culture, for example – is a sign that she’s found something really odd, and therefore excellent. )

New Jersey’s First Concrete Contractor Helps Residents Install, Maintain, and Repair Concrete Surfaces and Structures – Breaking News on the News Front

Concrete, although a durable and long lasting material, needs a little love and care every now and then. Whether it’s resurfacing your patio or driveway, repairing cracks and cracks in walls and floors, or adding unique patterns and textures to sidewalks and swimming pools, it is always good to know who to call.

Concrete contractor NJ is New Jersey’s expert on concrete. As a premier contractor, they provide residential and commercial services to those in New Jersey, installing, maintaining, and repairing almost anything that has been built with the durable, tough material called concrete.

Below, we outline the top five services Concrete Contractor NJ provides to New Jersey residents, and why they are the go-to team for your concrete projects:

  1. Stamped concrete

Stamped concrete is also known as textured or printed concrete. Considered an art form, it reproduces the appearance of stone, slate, tile, brick or wood, and incorporates patterns and textures into the design for a unique look and finish.

Driveways, walkways, patios, sidewalks, pool decks and even interior floors can come to life with this technique, creating inspiring and admirable features for your home or business premises.

Concrete contractor NJ is the master of stamped concrete. Their team can help you bring your visions to life or recommend an innovative design to meet your needs.

  1. Paving

New paving can turn a tired and damaged driveway, walkway or trail into something you can be proud of.

Yet finding a reliable and efficient paving contractor can be like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Skip the hassle and talk to Concrete Contractor NJ. Their experienced and expert paving team can present you with a choice of materials to suit your budget and an array of patterns and designs, backed by efficient, high-quality workmanship.

  1. Concrete counters

Concrete counters are currently the full range. Very desirable and indispensable for interior designers when it comes to homes, apartments, hotels and business premises, they look like an expensive mineral or stone, but in fact it is of finely constructed concrete.

The advantage of installing concrete countertops is that they not only mimic the fascinating look and feel of a high-end countertop, but are durable, long-lasting and economical.

Speak to Concrete Contractor NJ to learn more about their expert techniques that produce amazing results.

  1. Concrete resurfacing

Concrete resurfacing is the process of laminating concrete over an existing surface to cement it. This can be a complex task and a successful application often depends on the severity of the damage to the concrete or the surface.

Many YouTube videos show the process, and many will try to take the DIY approach. However, it should be noted that if you don’t do it right, it can only damage the surface more, bringing you back to square one and costing you more money in the process.

Some of Concrete Contractor NJ’s most popular resurfacing services include swimming pool remodeling, to maintain or repair a pool deck, or basement resurfacing, where floors are prone to damage, cracks and crevices. .

  1. Concrete repair

Although it is known as the unbeatable material, concrete will degrade, crack or break over time. Things like temperature, repetitive contact, or unexpected contact can cause damage.

You may not want to completely renovate your driveway, patio or paving and will only need minor concrete repair services. Repair rather than overhaul can save time and money.

Concrete repair Concrete Contractor NJ’s services are perfect for anyone who needs minor repairs to their patio, driveway, sidewalk, driveway and any concrete surface.

More information:

Concrete Contractor NJ assures you of a high quality service for your masonry and landscaping needs. Our company has established its name as one of the premier concrete companies in New Jersey for many years. From planning concepts to implementation and completion, you can count on us to deliver perfection. Our mission is the satisfaction of our customers. Find out more via the site: https://www.concretecontractornj.com/

Source: https://thenewsfront.com/concrete-contractor-nj-new-jerseys-premier-concrete-contractor-helps-residents-install-maintain-and-repair-concrete-surfaces-and-structures/

5 Cleveland Sports That Are Worth Doing


Cleveland is considered one of the great cities in the United States because of its culture and state-of-the-art architectural landscape, but people have a great deal of respect for the sports team. While sometimes not at their best, Cleveland sports have since gained a lot of support from their timeless fans.

Their crown jewel may be the Cleveland Cavaliers, but Cleveland is also represented in the MLB, NFL, G League, and American Hockey League (AHL).

With that in mind, is Cleveland Sport worth getting more bets from all sports fans around the world? Like some of the major sports betting games on the planet available at https://www.tvg.com/promos/horse-racing-betting -guide /, Will this whole team be able to survive in the next few games for coming years ? Let’s take a look at what every sport in Cleveland is like right now.

Cleveland Cavaliers (basketball)

Known as the Cavaliers, Cleveland Cavaliers Since its founding in 1970, he has played in the NBA and in the Central Division of the Eastern Conference. The colors of the jersey gold, navy blue, black and wine stand out, and the Cavs certainly shine brightly every time you play.

Looking at the team’s performance, we won the NBA title in 2016. They were also the five-time conference title holder and a record for seven division meetings. However, their only league title came with the acquisition of the Golden State Warriors and LeBron James in 2014.

In the 2020-21 NBA season, the Cavs settled into 13th place seed in the Eastern Conference. Will the next NBA season serve as a year of redemption for the Cavs to take back the championship?

Cleveland Browns (football)

Kevin Stefanski currently leads the Cleveland Cavaliers and represents the AFC North District of the NFL. Known for their orange, brown and white jerseys, the Browns are the rising star of the NFL this season and the Dark Horse team.

From 2003 to 2019, the Cleveland Browns experienced 16 years of drought in the playoffs. As a result, neither group has had the chance to achieve AFC’s significant achievements. But in 2020, the curse is lifted and the team successfully passes the playoffs.

As the final NFL season begins in September this year, the Browns are hoping for better teamwork so they can win the coveted first Super Bowl title. But will 2021 be the luckiest year for the Browns to claim supremacy for the next NFL season?

Cleveland Monster (ice hockey)

If you’re not that keen on basketball or soccer, ice hockey is also a popular sport in Cleveland. They got the Cleveland Monster which represents the annual American Hockey League (AHL). It is the last group formed by Cleveland Sports.

Founded in 1994, the team began operating and playing AHL in 2007. Monsters can be identified by white, burgundy and blue uniforms. The Cleveland Monster is currently run by Mike Eaves and owned by Daniel Gilbert.

Looking at the team’s accomplishments, we won the first Calder Cup and Conference Championship titles in 2015-16. As AHL continues to be popular in the sports betting industry, can the Cleveland Monsters be established as one of the hardest teams to beat their name in the sport?

Cleveland Indians (baseball)

While most of the Cleveland sports teams mentioned above have fallen significantly behind in their respective tournaments in recent years, the baseball division will play a major role. It is one of the first sports teams to perform brilliantly since its inception.

Founded in 1901, the Cleveland Indians participate annually in the American League. They are identified by their distinctive red, white and dark blue uniforms. In terms of record, the Cleveland Indians have won 10 Central Division titles, 6 AL pennants and 2 World Series achievements.

Cleveland State Viking (College Basketball)

Cleveland Sports not only shines in professional sports games, but also has something to prove in the college department. Cleveland State Viking represents Cleveland State University in NCAA Division I on the women’s and men’s basketball teams.

Since 1972, the Cleveland State Viking has been a member of the NCAA. They represent three conferences: the Horizon League, the Mid-American Conference (wrestling) and the ASUN Conference (men’s lacrosse).

Final idea

The idea of ​​sports betting revolves around the idea of ​​betting a certain amount on an entry that the bettor thinks he can win. It’s easy to imagine, but it can be exhausting, especially when you’re facing a professional league that involves high levels of decision-making and, of course, luck.

Therefore, in popular sports betting games such as NFL, AHL, NBA, NCAA, and MLB, there are good reasons to find Cleveland sports on your betting list and see how your profits are. increase rapidly. There is always.

Hockey fans had a LOT to say about the Abbotsford Canucks’ new look


We are also Canucks.

I don’t know if that will be the slogan for the new team or not, but today has qualified as an interesting day for the Vancouver Canucks. The team unveiled the new name, logo and jerseys for their AHL affiliate, which is moving to Abbotsford after eight years in Utica.

This is the first time in the Canucks’ 51-year history that their farm team will be near home, so fan interest was high. For months, fans have been spitting out names and creative concepts, though the most obvious choice has gone a bit under the radar.

After a 20 minute delay this morning, it was revealed that the AHL team will be known as the Abbotsford Canucks and will use Johnny Canuck as their logo. Johnny Canuck was the primary logo used by the Vancouver Canucks of the Western Hockey League, a franchise that existed from 1945 until Vancouver entered the NHL in 1970. The NHL Canucks purchased the logo rights over a decade ago, but have used it sparingly since.

Johnny Canuck’s traditional design was used in merchandise sold by the team, and a stylized Johnny was used as a crest on their alternate uniforms from 2008 to 2017.

These new Canucks will wear the same colors as the team playing at Rogers Arena, although green, not blue, will be the main color of Abbotsford’s home uniforms. Other niceties with the new jerseys include retro-inspired laces around the collar and an A on the sleeves, which is a nod to 1970s Canucks uniforms that had Vs on the sleeves.

So was it a big blow or a terrible blow? If you ask Canucks fans, the answer is… both.

The Canucks never had universal approval for a logo or jersey overhaul, so why start now, right? Here’s a look at some of the very entertaining reactions from fans today.

Reform Jews in New Jersey show political might


“This is the day that the Lord has made,” Governor Phil Murphy said, quoting Psalm 118.

The governor was speaking at Calvary Baptist Church in Paterson, the date was June 18, and the occasion was the signing of the Fair Chance in Housing Act – a law that generally prohibits landlords from asking potential tenants for their criminal history on housing applications. Supporters of the measure have successfully argued that letting landlords refuse to rent to criminally convicted people makes it extremely difficult for ex-inmates to reintegrate into society, leading to homelessness and recidivism.

“I thank the sponsors and advocates for their tireless commitment to making this bill a reality and making New Jersey a fairer place to live,” said Mr. Murphy.

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He then recognized four advocacy groups: the New Jersey chapter of the NAACP, the Latino Action Network, the Fair Share Housing Center, and the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism, New Jersey.

And as Mr. Murphy rummaged through a box of pens for the signing ceremony, he made sure to give one to Sarah Blaine, the lead organizer of RAC-NJ.

The signing of the bill marked the success of RAC-NJ’s first lobbying effort – not a bad result for an organization that is barely a year old.

“It’s a wonderful way to start. It’s great for endorphins and morale, ”said Jessica Schachter of Montclair, a member of the RAC Core Team.

RAC-NJ is the eighth and newest state branch of the Washington DC-based Reform Judaism Religious Action Center, which has been the hub of Reform Judaism’s advocacy work for over 60 years. Most famous is that his conference room was the site where civil rights leaders drafted the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Voting Rights Act of 1965.

RAC-NJ is an evolution of the Reform Jewish Voice of New Jersey, an all-volunteer advocacy group that originated from an appeal by State Senator Loretta Weinberg of Teaneck. “I need you to show up in Trenton,” she told a group of Reform Jews in New Jersey at the 2006 Union of Reform Judaism Biennale.

With RAC-NJ, however, local advocates have the support of a professional organizer. Ms. Blaine, who lives in Montclair, is an employee of RAC’s main office in Washington; her position is funded in part by the Michael and Alice Kuhn Foundation, based in Texas, as well as by local contributions. (Teaneck’s Temple Emeth, for example, raised money for RAC-NJ as part of its High Holiday 2019 appeal.)

Sarah blaine

Ms. Blaine arrived on board in February 2020. She grew up in Milburn and Short Hills. His family was a member of the B’nai Abraham Temple in Livingston; In high school, while getting involved in the Reform NFTY youth group, she visited the Sharey-Tefilo Temple in southern Orange. She taught in high school and then worked as a lawyer for seven years. She was back in school working on a Masters in History, with the idea of ​​returning to teaching as a high school history teacher, when she saw the listing for the RAC-NJ position. “That was all I was interested in,” she said.

RAC-NJ officially started last August. “We started off with two terms,” Ms. Blaine said. “Do non-partisan civic engagement as part of the Reform Movement’s 2020 Civic Engagement Campaign and solve an issue we wanted to work on to address racial and economic injustice in New Jersey. “

For the civic engagement campaign, Ms. Blaine prepared materials that several of New Jersey’s 45 Reformed congregations used. Given the unique conditions of the 2020 election, “we spent a lot of time teaching people how to vote and what all the rules were around voting,” she said.

This included explaining the intricacies of the New Jersey mail-in ballot, for which the presentation she prepared provided a Jewish analogy: the ballot, which was wrapped in an inner envelope and an outer envelope, was like the Torah, the Torah cover and the ark.

“We have presented it in congregations across the state,” she said. “We were training leaders so they could call every member of their congregation. In addition, there were a lot of postcard mailings to voters, encouraging them to vote and raising awareness among young voters. “

After the election came the question: what to press for?

A team of 22 people studied the problems. “We heard about many different campaigns that people were working on and we narrowed it down to two finalists, reflecting the policies of the Reform movement,” Ms. Blaine said.

One was a same-day voter registration campaign led by the New Jersey Institute for Social Justice in Newark.

The other was the campaign for the Fair Chance in Housing Act, led by the Fair Share Housing Center in Cherry Hill.

During Passover, RAC-NJ organized two town halls that drew a few hundred people from congregations across the state to help choose which issue to prioritize. Both ideas were popular and were equally balanced when it came to a vote; in the end, RAC decided to focus on housing.

Fair Share Housing launched its campaign for the bill in April and RAC-NJ was on board.

Members of the RAC-NJ team pose during the signing ceremony.

The organization has an active partnership with groups from 26 Reformed congregations in the state. “A few more are still in the making,” Ms. Blaine said.

The RAC-NJ has educated its members on the issue and guided them in their dealings with their legislators in Trenton.

“We spent time with lawmakers and staff explaining the bill to them,” Blaine said. Reformed clergy, including cantor Jacqueline Menaker of the Shirat Hayam congregation in Ventnor, Rabbi Jim Stoloff of the Avodat Shalom Temple in River Edge, and Rabbi Philip Bazeley of the Anshe Emeth Memorial Temple in Highland Park, testified in Trenton.

“We’ve heard a lot of stories,” Ms. Blaine said.

Cantor Menaker recounted his experience trying to find a place to live with her ex-husband, who had been convicted of a felony. “We had someone in one of our congregations who is a nurse, who recounted how she saw people entering and leaving prison because they did not have access to housing,” he said. she declared.

His group asked the question: “How do we live with the idea of ​​teshuvah if we continue to hold people’s criminal records against them?”

“As Jews We Believe In Making The World Right And We Believe In The Fair Chance in Housing Act” was the title of an editorial written for NJ.com by three members of the RAC-NJ team: Rabbi Benjamin David Adath Emanu -El in Mount Laurel, retired State Superior Court Judge Peter Buschbaum of Pennington and Nilene Evans of Washington Township.

Ms. Evans served as the chair of the social justice committee at Avodat Shalom Temple in River Edge. Working with the RAC-NJ statewide “has been an incredible experience,” she said. “You have a big voice. Most of our Reformed congregations in New Jersey are small. With a few hundred, three or four hundred members, you can’t have as big an impact as with the 15,000 members of the reform movement in New Jersey. It amplifies our voice and makes us a force to be reckoned with.

“It’s rare for a new social justice group to win their first campaign, but it’s remarkably energizing to do so,” she said.

In this case, the success of RAC-NJ’s first legislative priority was not without precedent.

“Four of our state projects have been very successful in the past few weeks,” Ms. Blaine said. Besides its New Jersey group, RAC Texas has been successful in fighting voter suppression in the legislature; RAC New York worked on the “less is more” campaign to end the practice of jailing people for technical parole offenses, and RAC Illinois won over an immigration issue.

“When we do this justice work, we really add value to a coalition,” said Blaine. “We have this reach in largely suburban neighborhoods to which many more traditional advocates do not always have the same access. This has been the experience in many states. Working together and pushing our community to work for justice means that we can really help, as a lot of this justice related fights take place in the suburbs. “

With the success of its first lobbying campaign, the RAC NJ will return to civic engagement until the national elections in November.

He plans candidate forums and creates electoral toolkits. He challenged his congregations to double their impact.

“In the last gubernatorial election in 2017, the statewide voter turnout was 39%,” said Blaine. “We challenge our congregations to ensure that at least 78 percent of their eligible voters vote in November,” said Blaine. She said the group will also try to find people willing and able to serve as election agents. This year, for the first time, New Jersey will have early voting, so the need for poll workers will increase.

And then, after the election, “it’s likely we’ll be working on lobbying for the vote on the same day during the lame duck session from November to January,” she said. “After the lame duck session, we’ll come back to find the problem to deal with next.

“I meet a lot of Jews who do different kinds of justice and politics work. What is really inspiring for me is doing it together as Jews and letting our values ​​be the key to this work. “

Drake’s girlfriend Johanna Leia shows off Bikini Bod working on rapper’s song

Duckthe new girlfriend Johanna leia isn’t afraid to publicly show his love to the rapper days after getting caught on a romantic date at the Dodgers Stadium.

The model, whose age is unknown, posted a series of steamy snaps of herself in her bathroom on her Instagram story.

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In one photo, Leia stands in front of the mirror while showing off all of her curves in a tight black two-piece bikini. She posed seductively while aiming the camera to capture her best angles.

Source: MEGA; @ johannaleia / Instagram

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The mother of 2 looked immaculate as the sun caught her from the perfect angle. Later that day, she looked gorgeous while filming herself braiding her hair.

His day ended with his home workout on a bike while listening to Drake’s track with Migos. Johanna has posted a ton of clips that include the Worse behavior the rapper’s music was there.

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drake girlfriend johanna leia shows bodysuit dodgers official date couple

Source: @ johannaleia / Instagram

All signs point to Drake and Johanna being serious enough. Sources say the two have been dating since several months.

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Sources say Drake originally met Johanna’s son Amari Bailey about six months ago. Amari is a top basketball player and Drake began advising him on fame, life, and finances.

Johanna and Drake were even seen sitting next to each other during Amari’s match.

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drake girlfriend johanna leia shows bodysuit dodgers official date couple

Source: @ johannaleia / Instagram

Drake then hit it off with Johanna and they started dating a few months ago. The romance is pretty serious as the three of them hung out at the music mogul together.

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Earlier this month, ABC7’s helicopter spotted Drake and Johanna in the middle of a romantic date at an empty Dodgers stadium. The team allowed the rapper to have a field date with a private chef preparing food for the couple.

The Dodgers organization made custom jerseys for Drake and Leia to wear on the date.

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drake girlfriend johanna leia shows bodysuit dodgers official date couple

Source: MEGA

The relationship is Drake’s first serious thing aside from his previous love for Rihanna.

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Leia had previously dated a 28-year-old Los Angeles Lakers star Alfonzo McKinnie. The father of his 17-year-old son is a 49-year-old retiree from the Louisville Cardinals Aaron Bailey. She is also the mother of her 7 year old daughter Savannah.

drake girlfriend johanna leia shows bodysuit dodgers official date couple

Source: @ johannaleia / Instagram

BOWL.com | Junior Gold 2021 Notebook

Pictured left to right: Emma Peruzzi from Columbus, Ohio; Angel Gustafson from Seminole, Florida; Brooke Kochel of Carbondale, Illinois; Natalie Schildhouse from Shorewood, Illinois


By Gene J. Kanak

INDIANAPOLIS – The qualifying portion of 2021 Junior Gold Championships hit its midpoint on Tuesday as bowlers in each of the three age divisions for boys and girls (18 and under, 15 and under and 12 and under) completed their second block of four-game qualification. That leaves just two days and eight games to go before the first cups are made on Friday.

The sustained pace of scores continues
Several bowlers were successful and moved closer to the first cup with strong performances on Tuesday.

John Nunn of Jacksonville, Fla., The 2019 U15 champion, won games of 244, 237, 245 and 247 at the Western Bowl to walk away with a set of 973. In his Under-18 debut, he had a total. of 1785 in two rounds, an average of 223.13.

Other boys with strong U18 performances in the top three teams on Tuesday included Daniel Pinn of Sioux Falls, South Dakota (957), Zach Greim of Poway, Calif. (952), and Ryan Toffoli of Miami (948).

Greim has a total of 1,822 over two days, Pinn is 1,814 for two rounds and Toffoli is 1,730.

In the girls’ under-18 division, Jillian Martin, a member of the United States junior team from Stow, Ohio, had another strong day, following her first-round total of 931, which included his first game of 300, with 862 in the second round. pins through eight sets, an average of 224.13.

Kyleigh Husted of the White House, Tennessee, matched Martin’s effort with an 862 of his own on Tuesday. She improved her score on Monday by over 100 pins (759) and is now at 1,621 in two rounds.

Aidan Furukawa of Sunbury, Ohio, had a four-game block of 899 in the under-15 boys’ division, which included games of 255 and 248. His eight-game total is 1,737 (average of 217 , 13).

Melia Mitskavich of Du Bois, Pa., Earned a 258 of her own cards en route to a total of 843 in U15. It has an average of over 206 for its two laps and stands at 1653.

Jos Weems of Chicago won games of 198, 212, 187 and 216 for a set of 813 to push his tournament average to over 200 in the under-12 boys’ division with a total of 1,601 (average of 200.13). First-round leader Matteo Quintero of Smyrna, Tennessee, nearly matched Jos’ effort with 797. After posting 952 on Monday, Matteo has an overall total of 1,749, averaging 218.63.

Alyvia Matiasek of Lockport, Ill., Started her day in the women’s under-12 division with a 227 game course en route to a total of 679 to improve on her first four-game block of 123 pins. She has a score of 1235 in two rounds.

Same goal, many different approaches
Twenty years ago, it’s very likely that you could have attended youth bowling tournaments across the United States without seeing a two-handed bowler. Ten years ago, with Professional Bowlers Association superstar Jason Belmonte firmly established in the bowling scene, you almost certainly would have seen at least two two-man players competing here and there, but, by this time, they still would have been. considered something new.

Fast forward to 2021, and two-handed bowlers are everywhere. Young and old, men and women, veterans and newcomers, the combination of speed, athleticism and power displayed with two-handed play is winning more and more bowlers every day.

This fact is clearly evident to anyone competing at the Junior Gold Championships, as there are simply too many two-man players to count among the contenders in this year’s tournament. That being said, there are still many “traditional” players.

So that begs the question: what influences the next generation of bowlers when they choose to pursue one style over another?

“My dad works in a bowling alley, and he wanted me to try it out to see if I would like him. It was my first time picking up the ball, and I held onto it,” said Angel Gustafson of Seminole, Florida, who is competing this week in the girls’ under-18 division. “I tried traditional bowling just for fun, but I didn’t like it. I like to stand out.”

U18 bowler Kelcey Aczon-Kawamura of Las Vegas also enjoys the exceptional nature of two-handed bowling, and she would encourage other young girls to consider it as well.

“Two-handed play is just a unique style, especially on the female side of bowling. You don’t see much of that,” Aczon-Kawamura said. “Gender doesn’t really define a style, so I think more young girls should try two-handed because it’s different, and it’s fun.”

Individuality in full screen
Spectators entering any of the six bowling centers used during the junior gold qualifiers will quickly notice a couple of things.

The first is that there is an incredible amount of bowling talent on display, regardless of the division on the lanes at any given time. The second is that every bowler has their own sense of style, and they’re not afraid to show it.

Uniquely designed swimsuits, smart accessories and flashy color combinations abound at Junior Gold. Some bowlers keep it simple by wearing jerseys that display the name of the high school or college team they represent, their hometown, or the ball maker they prefer.
Others go in a different direction, wearing athletic clothes and accessories of their own.

Jameson St. George of Forest Lake, Minnesota, came to Tuesday’s qualifying round sporting a colorful jersey designed to promote cluster headache awareness in support of fellow Minnesota young bowler Aizec Olson.

Emma Peruzzi of Columbus, Ohio, donned a “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” jersey affiliated with her 10 Pin Home Radio League, where each bowler wears a jersey connected to Leonardo, Raphael, Michelangelo or Donatello.

But perhaps the most interesting and entertaining story behind the jersey selection is that of Nathan Danz from New Palestine, Indiana. Danz and his doubles partner Christian Luna struggled to find a way to come up with a name that celebrates each of their different legacies. What they landed on was a stroke of genius.

“Since I’m American and Christian is Mexican, we looked for something that could combine the two,” Danz said. “After a while, we came up with American Taquitos, and we stuck with that.”

Because why not?

Other explanations for displaying interesting bowling clothing included simply liking the look of his superhero jersey (Chase Cagnolatti from Prairieville, Louisiana), wearing a jersey specially designed for all the winners of the State Pepsi from her hometown bowling center (Hayden Reitz from Brookway, PA), and wanting to show off the new bowling socks she got for her 16th birthday last Sunday (Brooke Kochel from Carbondale, Illinois).

But no matter what they wear or for what, this year’s Junior Gold bowlers all seem to look good, feel good and enjoy their tournament experience.

Strike Force Lanes benefits from the Junior Gold experience
071321_Notebook2_StrikeForceAnyone who has ever tried hosting a bowling tournament knows how much hard work and how many long hours it takes to get things going. When this tournament is an event of the size and scope of Junior Gold, that task becomes even more daunting. Nonetheless, Strike Force Lanes General Manager Rob Barnhart and his staff have nothing but positive things to say about their first time as the host center for the country’s first youth event.

“I’ll hit wood because I don’t want to mess anything up, but I feel great about the way it’s been so far,” Barnhart said. “As newbies this is the biggest stage we’ve ever been on. We’ve had other events, but nothing of the magnitude of Junior Gold. We’re just in awe of the event itself. “

Ron’s wife Linda, Strike Force office manager, shared many of her husband’s feelings about being the host. However, she also quickly thanked the many other people and organizations working behind the scenes to help Strike Force make the event a success.

“It took a village to organize this event on our side,” said Linda Barnhart. “We got the bleachers from the local Boys & Girls Club and high school, and there are a lot of others who helped out as well. It’s a big event, and the people of Greenfield need to know how great it really is. important.”

Ultimately, what Barnhart wants more than anything is for the event to help the people of Greenfield and the greater Indianapolis area as a whole. In this regard, he wanted to thank Strike Force Lanes Youth Director Brian Petrey, who Barnhart said was one of the driving forces behind Strike Force’s affiliation with Junior Gold.

But like his colleagues, Petrey, who is also commissioner of Indiana High School Bowling and tournament director of the Indiana State Youth Bowling Open Championships, was unwilling to take any credit.

“Rob and Linda allowed me to start leading their youth leagues from Strike Force. Eleven years later it’s built into that,” said Petrey. “I certainly wouldn’t do everything I do today if they hadn’t given me this opportunity.”

No matter who helped who, the end result seems like a great tournament experience for all the Junior Gold bowlers who have had the chance to play Strike Force Lanes. For this reason, Ron Barnhart would be happy to have the opportunity to welcome Junior Gold again and would encourage other bowling centers to do the same.

“We would love to get involved with Junior Gold again if the opportunity arises,” said Barnhart. “The involvement of Strike Force has been a very good thing for Greenfield itself and for Indianapolis, and I’m sure the same is true for other communities. I want to thank USBC and Junior Gold for this opportunity. . “

LA Rams reveals new homecoming jerseys for 2021 season


What a great way to ring in a new era of Rams football, paying homage to the past while recognizing that the future is bright for the franchise.

By the way, the iconic Dickerson glasses were a nice touch.

Last season, Los Angeles had the No.1 defense in the NFL. While the Rams have lost key contributors to this cause, such as coordinator Brandon Staley and defensive backs John Johnson III and Troy Hill, they still have a locking corner to Jalen Ramsey and three-time Defensive Player of the Year Aaron. Donald in the front.

What should really help LA improve in 2021 is that their offense takes a huge step forward. Head coach Sean McVay is already one of the brightest minds on this side of the ball in professional football, but Jared Goff’s move to Matthew Stafford as quarterback is bound to be a resounding success.

Despite playing in the NFL’s top division, NFC West, Stafford gives the Rams the top QB game they’ve been missing in recent years with Goff under center.

But that’s not to deny the impact that the hasty attack on LA can have. Despite being on a backfield committee as a rookie, Akers made the most of his chances.

Akers was the catalyst for the Rams’ 30-20 win over the Seattle Seahawks in Wild Card weekend, rushing for 131 yards and a touchdown to go with two receptions for 45 yards. He followed it with 90 rushing yards against the Green Bay Packers in the divisional round.

With a much better passing game to complement him and a full year of the McVay system under his belt, Akers is set for a real Year 2 breakthrough. Fans will likely be delighted to see him play this year, especially when he’s running. for touchdowns with this vintage booty.

How to buy youth soccer jerseys online


“Youth football uniforms”

Looking for a way to get the team soccer jerseys and uniforms, buy them online. There are many ways to buy youth football shirts online.

In order to have the best quality clothing at an affordable price, many teams and sports groups have started to offer custom soccer jerseys to their loyal supporters. The demand for these jerseys is so high that teams are constantly looking for ways to meet this need and make things a little easier for their valued fans. This way the team can come up with new designs to their fans, and they can also get feedback from them on what design or combination they would like for their jerseys.

Not all fans like to receive custom jerseys of a certain team or a certain player. For this reason, teams and players sometimes choose not to have them custom made. This means that they will not be offered any changes or alterations to their jerseys, which in some cases could end up being a problem for the team. However, changing or modifying the jersey that one owns is not such a big problem, because if the jersey was purchased with affordable uniforms online then it is very easy to modify these jerseys to meet the specifications of the person wanting the jersey to be changed.

The same goes for minor leagues, colleges and recreational sports. If the jerseys available for sale online are from an affordable uniform online supplier, there should be no problem with the teams wearing these jerseys. In fact, many professional teams have their own youth soccer jerseys designed and produced for their teams. For example, the NFL has a jersey available for purchase with the Green Bay Packers logo on the front and a number four printed on the back.

Many online providers who offer affordable uniforms online will actually allow the individual to design their own personal football uniform. The individual will be able to choose the type of shirt he wants, whether it is a solid burgundy or some other type of color, and he will be able to choose the color of the pants and the jersey. They can change the numbers that are displayed on the shirt as well as the logo and numbers that are printed on the front of the uniform. This gives the person buying the jerseys the ability to customize them to their own specifications.

Football shirts are considered to be one of the most popular styles of clothing worn by millions of people around the world. Much of this popularity comes from the fact that soccer is such a big sport and there are so many different styles of jerseys to choose from. These types of jerseys can be based on a player’s entire playing career or just part of it. People who wear a particular jersey year after year may find that they are tired of the style they have because they no longer play the game.

When you shop for affordable uniforms, we want to make sure that you are looking for custom options as well. Be able to personalize the purchase with a meaningful name or logo that many fans take advantage of when shopping for their team’s apparel. They want to be sure that they find a great website that will get them the jerseys they love.

Media contact
Company Name: Affordable uniforms online
Contact person: Scott McDaniel
E-mail: Send an email
Call: 602.730.7252
Address:P.O. Box 21741
City: Mesa
State: Arizona 85277
Country: United States
Website: https://affordableuniformsonline.com/sports-uniforms/football-uniforms/youth-football-uniforms

2022 WR Shawn Miller sets decision date


Are you looking for the scoop on football recruiting in West Virginia? Subscribe to Mountaineer Maven, with detailed and exclusive information provided by Schuyler Callihan, a name you can trust, and his team. Subscribe today and get the first month of an annual subscription for just $ 1, or a full annual subscription with almost 20% off!

West Virginia’s coaching staff have been quite dynamic lately as they have added some major elements to the recruiting class of 2022.

Later this week (Saturday, July 17), one of the Mountaineers’ main targets, WR Shawn Miller (6’1 “, 190 lbs) from IMG Academy will announce their engagement.


Miller will choose between Arizona, Michigan, Illinois, Indiana and West Virginia.

Miller was on hand for the West Virginia Spring Game in April, then paid an official visit to WVU in June.

“I feel like I can fit into their air attack well and make an impact early on,” Miller said of WVU. “The environment and the fans are very energetic, unique and crazy about their football program. It’s a program that breeds potential playmakers like Tavon Austin and a bright and winning future in the hands of Coach Brown. ”


WVU named finalist for 2022 WR Kevin Thomas

Highlights + WVU DB Commit Review Christion Stokes

Neal Brown, WVU is Red Hot on the recruiting trail

Chinese-language sports reporter spreads love of hockey among Chinese Canadians


When Brian Wong moved from Hong Kong to Calgary almost thirty years ago as a teenager, he said he “felt like a foreigner” because most of his college peers were talking about a game he knew nothing about.

An avid sports enthusiast, he discovered that “the conversation in the hall was all about hockey, and I became determined to learn as much as possible about the game,” he said. Dawn Alberta.

It was, he recalls, a way of integrating into Canadian society. Wong said he would get $ 5 tickets to games at the supermarket “and sit nosebleed at the Saddledome with my friends and watch all the games.”

Now, Wong is striving to attract more Chinese immigrants to the game he has grown to love.

He works part-time for the Calgary Flames, producing digital content in a mix of English and Cantonese telling stories about the team, its games and hockey culture in general. He also talks hockey in Chinese on his popular podcasts.

Stories feature players, pre-season roundups, upcoming games, or topics like special effects used during games. Wong said the video is popular “because it’s show and tell, and we have a lot of local and even international viewers.”

“Its culture goes beyond the stadium”

He said there is a growing interest in hockey among Chinese speaking immigrants in Calgary.

“They now follow the news, the matches and they even analyze the games. In Calgary, newcomers wearing Flames jerseys or hockey jerseys in general are very common, ”said Wong.

“There are teams made up of immigrants from East Asia who play in bright leagues, beer leagues or non-contact leagues, but not a lot. But playing is a different thing as they fear possible injuries. ”

Wong said he tries to get his predominantly Cantonese and Mandarin audience to connect with hockey using sports terms the audience is familiar with, some of which are taken from football.

“Hockey is not an easy sport to watch and understand for a spectator. They wonder why there are offside, why there are line changes, why penalties are imposed, body checks and why they are fighting, ”Wong said. “Using their own language, I can explain a complex situation.

“Learning Canadian sport is part of the process of integrating an immigrant’s journey. Ice hockey is the national sport. His culture goes beyond the stadium and he opens the door to Canadian society.

Broadcasting and podcasting

Wong has been a professional Chinese language radio sports presenter in Canada for 21 years, covering a variety of sports.

Her first major assignment was the 2001 Athletics World Championships in Edmonton, followed by the FIFA U-19 Women’s World Championship, also in Edmonton.

He said he started paying more attention to hockey after the Flames reached the Stanley Cup Final in 2004. He now produces his own podcasts and publishes them under his FeverSports label.

But it was not possible to get Chinese comments to the level that Hockey Night in Canada in Punjabi has reached. Wong said he had not been able to attract sponsors to pay the fees.

He hopes that with the introduction of ice hockey in mainland China, the popularity of the game will also increase in the national community.

Growing interest in China

Next year’s Winter Olympics are hosted by China. The home country ice hockey team has automatically qualified for the group round and wants to ice a competitive team.

During a pre-COVID trip to China with the Flames, Wong said he saw considerable interest in the game, as NHL games are now broadcast live there.

“We spent time talking to the players, coaches, kids and parents and found that there was a lot of interest,” he said. “Parents are willing to pay for their kids to attend hockey camp and learn the game, and some of the practice and play facilities are of a very high standard.

The NHL has been actively promoting the sport in China since 2017, training coaches and helping to build facilities. Big teams have also played games in China trying to popularize the sport.

But the biggest boost will come, Wong said, when a Chinese-Canadian becomes a big hockey star.

“We need a Yao Ming-esque phenomenon, so the kids will all want to play,” he said.

“Overall, I want people to feel the joy of watching a game live, cheer on your team and have a sense of belonging.”

New Jersey Toddler, found father in Tennessee – CBS New York


RAHWAY, NJ (CBSNew York) – A toddler from Rahway, New Jersey was found in Monterey, Tennessee on Saturday, about 3 hours after police issued an AMBER alert.

Sebastian Rios, two, has been found unharmed and his father, Tyler Rios, 27, of Highland Park, has been arrested, CBS2’s Christina Fan reported.

READ MORE: Family: Remains of missing New Jersey mother Yasemin Uyar found in Tennessee

The boy’s mother, 24-year-old Yasemin Uyar, is still missing.

Rios reportedly abducted the boy and his mother on Friday.

Police identified Rios as a suspect after Sebastian failed to show up to daycare and Uyar failed to arrive for his scheduled shift at work.

Officers conducted a welfare check at Uyar’s home on Westfield Avenue in Rahway, where neighbors told CBS2 that she and Sebastian lived.

UPDATE: Family: Remains of missing New Jersey mother Yasemin Uyar found in Tennessee

AMBER alert notifications were sent around 2:40 p.m. Friday after police could not find anyone at the house.

Rios remains in detention in Tennessee and awaits his extradition to New Jersey, where he will face criminal charges.

Uyar’s friends and family gathered at the Reformed Church in Highland Park on Saturday to pray for the safe return of the young mother.

Inside, it was an incredibly moving scene as Karen Uyar desperately waits for answers about her daughter.

READ MORE: The prisoner who escaped from the barge at East River prison has been recaptured

“I mean, we’re just excited that Sebastian is back, but our focus, as far as it is on Sebastian, is also to find Yasemin,” Karen Uyar told CBS2’s Nick Caloway.

Yasemin’s car could also be missing. This is a silver 2018 Ford Fiesta with New Jersey plates W421713.

“If we can find his car, then we have a big lead in finding it,” said Karen Uyar.

“I just hope she’s safe for herself, her family and everyone. It touched a lot of people, ”said Robyn Morris, a friend of Yasemin.

Family and friends say Sebastian’s father has a history of abusing Yasemin. They say she had a restraining order against him.

“Typical case of domestic violence. It gradually got worse and that’s where it ends, ”Morris said.

Yet this alleged kidnapping was shocking for Yasemin’s mother, who asks for help and does not give up hope.

“Always have hope. I still have hope. We pray. Sebastian needs his mother and we just want her to come home,” she said.

Anyone with information on Uyar’s whereabouts is urged to call the Union County Prosecutor’s Office.

NO MORE NEWS: Branson Flight signals confidence in commercial spaceflight

Stay with CBSNewYork.com for updates. Christina Fan and Nick Caloway of CBS2 contributed to this report.

Gareth Southgate proves a middle aged crush


Gareth Southgate a middle aged crush

You could only feel a little sorry for Gareth Southgate when digital marketing agency North revealed the results of its research in which Euro 2020-related internet search queries had seen the biggest increases since the start of the year. tournament.

Topping the list, with a 950 percent increase, was, “Is Jack Grealish single?” Then, with an 800% increase, was, “Is Mason Mount single?” Most of the England squad’s relationship status was, in fact, a source of considerable interest, but one query saw a meager increase of only 120%: “Is Gareth Southgate married?”

Thankfully, the gaffer was the subject of a very admiring Twitter thread where contributors speculated on how charming he is. A Penny Mullord, for example, suggested that “he would hang the laundry properly, being careful not to stretch the shoulders of your cardigan,” while comedian Madeleine Brettingham said he was ” middle age”.

“I just want him to drive me to a colonoscopy appointment, then sit outside eating a scotch egg in dignified silence.” It is an image that will never leave us.

Quote of the day

“If you want to knight someone, you have to knight everyone on the team. It’s a team game. What about the right-back or left-back who aren’t as much in the public eye as Harry Kane? “- If Kyle Walker and Luke Shaw are not Gentlemen after Euro 2020, Harry Redknapp will spit.

Day number

54,000 – That’s how many pounds a seller on the Ticombo site was charging for a ticket to Sunday’s final…. with a face value of £ 295. Not expensive at the price.

Conspiracy Theory of the Week

The finalist is the one proposed by the Spanish journalist Roberto Morales who described Euro 2020 as “the most shameful competition” because UEFA had “organized” for England to win it by allowing them to play all of their matches. except one at home, then assured they got a questionable penalty to win their semi-final. Quite why UEFA would do this, he did not explain.

Italian newspaper Gazzetta Dello Sport, however, knows the answer – it’s because UEFA wants to reward Boris Johnson for taking a stand against the Super League.

“Roberto Mancini will have to take into account the political wind blowing. Johnson is the man who saved European football. A return on investment would make sense. We can have bad thoughts, we can be sinners, but better than to be a fool. “Hmm.

Caught pulling a sick man

Fans are generally delighted when cameras detect them during games and they are on TV. Aside from digital content producer Nina Farooqi, of course.

“We were all over the news, my face was on every TV screen in the world – I had friends from Australia and America telling me they had seen me,” she said. told The Telegraph, herself and her friend having been shown wildly celebrating England. equalizer against Denmark at Wembley. “The rational part of me was like, ‘Oh no, is this going to come back to haunt me?'”

You can see what’s coming. Her boss spotted her and gave her the bag. Yes, Nina had fired a patient, her business was already understaffed. Without regret? “I would do it again,” she said. This is the idea.

The Italian players sing their anthem before the semi-final with Spain. Photograph: Matt Dunham / AP

Final ticket scam

How desperate are English fans to get their hands on tickets to Sunday’s final? You can imagine. And, as you might expect, there are quite a few wicked souls out there who intend to make the most of this desperation.

A Twitter account by the name of ‘Wembley Scam Tickets’ (@WembleyTickets) has been set up to warn people of the shady guys selling non-existent tickets on the platform. Based on messages they had received from deceived buyers, on Thursday alone people had paid £ 32,000 for ‘fraudulent tickets’ on Twitter.

“It will be a lot more,” they added, “but many are too embarrassed to say it.” Pancakes.

Verratti and Kuipers have a story

How would Italian Marco Verratti have felt to learn that Bjorn Kuipers had been chosen to referee Sunday’s final? Probably not great, they have a bit of history.

In May, when Verratti’s Paris Saint-Germain met Manchester City in the Champions League semi-finals, Kuipers was in the driver’s seat, with PSG not very happy with their decision to kick Angel Di Maria out. A somewhat heated discussion ensued between the referee and their players, during which, according to Verratti, Kuipers “told me f ** k you – if we say that we are banned for 10 games”.

It will then be a moving reunion.

A tail of two Gary

Gary Neville: “When our national anthem was booed, I always saw it as the opposition fans trying to destabilize us, drown our fans and never as some kind of attack on us as people. Is it really that bad and disrespectful? “

Gary Lineker: “Please, please don’t boo the Italian anthem. A / It’s an absolute worth listening to. B / It’s really rude, disrespectful and totally classless.

Make your choice.

Let down the kingdom

You may have seen the photo circling the two guys in Kerry shirts amid the Italian crowd in last Tuesday’s semi-final against Spain. They appeared on Ray D’Arcy’s RTE radio show, their identity revealed as twins Seamus and Niall O’Connor from Brosna in North East Kerry.

A tweeter by the name of John O’Sullivan made a very salient observation about this, however. “They let the whole county down – sure what Kerryman ever made it to the semifinals?” True.

Prince of Wales

“Watching football is a bit too much for the nerves.” – Prince Charles revealing why he can’t watch Euro 2020 matches in England, so unless the Queen tells him he won’t know on Sunday night if football has come home.

May Brevard’s Record Tourism Development Tax Collection Surpasses $ 1.6 Million

Puts TDO On Track To Surpass $ 14 Million In Total Budget This Year

PETER CRANIS: The May tourism development tax went into effect on Tuesday after the long weekend and generated fireworks rivaling July 4. The final figure was $ 1.653 million – a 97% improvement from May 2020 and a 25.5% improvement from May 2019.

BREVARD COUNTY, FLORIDA – The May tourism development tax went into effect on Tuesday after the long weekend and generated fireworks rivaling July 4.

The final figure was $ 1.653 million – a 97% improvement from May 2020 and a 25.5% improvement from May 2019.

This makes it the most successful May in TDT history and puts us on track to surpass $ 14 million in total budget this year (assuming we hit our budget numbers for the remaining 4 months – we more on that later).

Let’s break it down a bit. Since the start of the year, TDT stands this year at $ 10.178 million against $ 9.11 million in 2020. It is still lower than $ 10.8 million in 2019 and $ 10.6 million in 2018, but it is catching up quickly according to current trends.

Since the recovery started in March, our March to May period was $ 5.3 million. This is compared to $ 4.9 million in 2019 and $ 4.5 million in 2018, making it our best March-May in history.

If we end the year at 2019 levels from June to September, our total TDT will hit just under $ 15.5 million. In 2019, we just passed $ 16 million for the year and in 2018 we were just under $ 15.6 million, so we could be very close to passing 2018.

While I think we are unlikely to hit 2019 levels, there is a scenario where we could continue to exceed each remaining month by 10% from 2019 levels, which could bring us closer to 2019.

Looking at TDT by type, vacation rentals still show popularity, accounting for 31% TDT for the month and 36.4% TDT for the year to date.

Hotels accounted for 67.8% of the total for the month and 61.7% year-to-date. In terms of cities, Cocoa Beach and Cape Canaveral (42.6%) still surpass Melbourne and Beaches (40%) as a percentage of the total.

Now it’s time for summer! We already know that June has been going very well and we are waiting for the final STR numbers, as well as the vacation rental data to make our monthly estimate – a topic for a future newsletter for sure.

The May tourism development tax went into effect on Tuesday after the long weekend and generated fireworks rivaling July 4. The final figure was $ 1.653 million – a 97% improvement from May 2020 and a 25.5% improvement from May 2019.

Launch of the Pandora Space Coast station

We’re excited to announce the launch of Space Coast Groove, Space Coast’s own Pandora radio station. This playlist was made thanks to recommendations from visitors, our office, and industry partners who have been asked what songs bring them back to a vacation on the Space Coast. Listen to it and tell us what songs you would like to hear the next time you have fun.

10th Anniversary of Space Shuttle Atlantis Final Mission

July 8 marked the 10th anniversary of the final mission of Space Shuttle Atlantis, STS-135. The celebrations took place at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex with 6 veteran astronauts recounting their time on the iconic spacecraft. These birthdays are a reminder of how lucky we are to live here on the Space Coast to witness the story simply by #LookingUp.

July 8 marked the 10th anniversary of the final mission of Space Shuttle Atlantis, STS-135. The celebrations took place at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex with 6 veteran astronauts recounting their time on the iconic spacecraft. (photo by NASA)

Breakfast by plane / by car at the Valiant Warbird Air Museum

The Warbird Air Museum will resume Fly-in / Drive-in breakfasts on the second Saturday of each month. The next Fly-in / Drive-in breakfast will take place on Saturday July 10 from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. The menu will include bacon, sausage, oatmeal, fresh fruit, made-to-order omelets, juice and coffee. The cost will be $ 12, which includes admission to the museum. If you have any questions, please call the museum at 321-268-1941. The address of the museum is 6600 Tico Road in Titusville, located at the Space Coast Regional Airport.

USSSA Pride Military Appreciation Night Raises Thousands of Dollars for Veterans Memorial Center

USSSA Pride dominated an 8-0 victory over Team Florida last Friday in their Military Appreciation game at USSSA Space Coast Stadium. Three World War II veterans were honored during the opening ceremonies by throwing the game’s first pitches. Memorial jerseys worn by USSSA Pride have been auctioned for over $ 5,500! Proceeds from this auction were donated to the Veterans Memorial Center on Merritt Island and retired Master Sgt Michael Sonnenschein.

Three World War II veterans were honored during the opening ceremonies by throwing the game’s first pitches. (Image by Kit Mohr)

321 Podcast take off

Tune in to this week’s 321 Liftoff the Podcast to hear Michelle Goldcamp, Director of the Convention and Visitors Bureau for the Cocoa Beach Area Chamber of Commerce, and Nancy Peltonen, President and CEO of the Chamber of Commerce from the Grand Palm Bay.

Tune in for a discussion of the various tourist activities and upcoming special events taking place in both regions of the Space Coast over the coming months.


Space Coast Tourism Board business listings are FREE to qualifying Brevard County businesses. If you own a business, or know of a business owner, who does not have a listing on our website, please take the time to submit your information. Submissions will be reviewed and posted on VisitSpaceCoast.com shortly after receipt. Announcements are featured in blogs, emails and social media posts and are a great way for our office to keep visitors informed about your operations.

STR and Vacation Rental Reports

Space Coast Tourism Board now receives weekly STR reports to track hotel trends and we’ve created a custom report that looks at year-over-year and week-to-week performance.
If you would like to receive these reports by email, simply contact Deborah Webster at Deborah.webster @visitspacecoast.com and we’ll add you to the list.

Information on the Tourism Development Bureau’s grant cycle

Cultural committee meeting

On Wednesday July 13, the Cultural Committee will meet with a very busy agenda. The committee will begin reviewing and noting applications submitted for the Cultural Support Grants program after this meeting and its next meeting will be on August 24th.

Beach committee meeting

On Tuesday July 7th there was a Beach Committee meeting which all 13 applicants attended and gave a 5 minute presentation of their project which they submitted for the FY21-22 Tourism + Lagoon Grant Program. The rating is due to Deborah Webster of the committee on July 21, and the committee will meet again on July 22 for the meeting to review, rank and recommend projects and funding to go to TDC on July 28.

Marketing Committee

Tourism Development Marketing Committee meeting will take place Thursday July 15th at 2 p.m. at the Brevard County Government Center in Viera. You can attend this meeting in person if you wish, or you can attend it virtually through Zoom.

Grants for sporting events

The Sporting Events Grant application for Cycle 2 FY21-22 opens August 6, 2021, for events from April 1, 2022 to September 30, 2022, which generate 200 or more overnight stays through participants and participants.

‘I’m really pumped’: former Olympian eager to start Summer Games – NECN


An athlete who won Olympic gold with Team USA can’t wait to see summer athletes compete in the upcoming Tokyo Olympics.

“I can only imagine how excited they are,” said Amanda Pelkey. “I’m excited for them! “

In 2018, Pelkey ​​won gold at the Olympic Winter Games in South Korea, while on the US hockey team. His hometown of Montpellier, Vermont then hosted a big celebration of his accomplishment.

Pelkey ​​said the Winter and Summer Olympians often have closer friendships than most people can imagine, like his with football stars Kristie and Sam Mewis of Hanson, Massachusetts.

The athletes trained together when Pelkey ​​lived in Boston, she said. Because of this, for the hockey player, the highlight of the Tokyo Olympics will be watching the Mewis sisters in action on the football field.

“Just to see the girls you’ve trained with and enjoyed training with and see them there, I’m really excited,” Pelkey ​​said in an interview with NECN on Friday. “I have to buy them some jerseys. “

Now living in Canada and playing professionally for a team in Calgary, Pelkey ​​also runs skills programs for young players, including his AMP hockey camp this week in Stowe, Vermont.

“I watched a lot of her games and I absolutely love watching her,” said Ashley Reilly, 6th grade, of Burlington, Mass., Of Pelkey.

“I’ve tried to work as hard as Amanda, and she’s my great inspiration,” said fellow camper Izzy Butler, grade 8 student from Lyndon, Vermont.

Inspiration won’t be available for this year’s Summer Olympians. Organizers of the Summer Games announced this week that no spectators will watch the competitions in person at most stadiums, amid the COVID-19 state of emergency in Japan.

“Well you have to dig deeper to find your own energy,” Pelkey ​​said of what it would be like to compete in a largely empty place. “But really, when you’re playing for something on a bigger scale, much bigger than yourself, you don’t really need the spectators, do you?” You kind of have to generate that own energy, and that’s why these players are elites. I think that’s what makes them the best.

The gold medalist will see who else can be called that when the Tokyo Olympics begin on July 23.

Take advantage of the offer on personalized volleyball uniforms

Custom volleyball uniforms are a great way to instill team spirit. So grab the best custom collections today and be good at your game.

Well, volleyball is a team sport. It is a game of skills but also of motivation within the team. In the majority of cases, teams lose in volleyball competitions due to lack of inspiration. This is why it is so essential to opt for Custom volleyball jerseys. With personalized volleyball jerseys, you will be able to win competitions more easily.

The first and foremost reason why jerseys are all the rage among gamers is that they help with identification. The players of a team can differentiate themselves from others mainly on the basis of personalized jerseys. Custom jerseys include all the items you can be good at in a contest. Custom jerseys feature your team’s logo, number and other relevant details.

In addition to inspiring confidence, volleyball outfits also help the team with a feel-good factor. It’s quite common that when you wear the right outfits, you feel great. Volleyball jerseys are usually made of high quality fabrics, which keep players comfortable. Functionality is another reason why custom volleyball outfits are such a craze among gamers.

Jerseys worn by players must not limit their movements. Without a doubt, volleyball is a high intensity sport. You have to be flexible to win and lead your team to success. Wearing high quality, personalized volleyball jerseys should always be a priority for you. On the other hand, no team match can be won alone or alone.

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Indeed, it is a great way to make your team united. Custom jerseys also help your team perform at their best in front of the crowd. Additionally, spectators can also differentiate your team members based on the jerseys they wear. As you can see, wearing custom jerseys in the field can be very beneficial.

If you’re a new team and still think about the intricacies of jerseys, don’t think much. You can even display the name of your sponsors on the jersey. So what are you waiting for! Get your favorite volleyball jerseys at a discounted price and take your game to the next level.

Media contact
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Ohio State Name, Image and Likeness Guidelines: All activities must be disclosed, cannot conflict with college agreements, team activities


While college athletes are now free to sign sponsorship agreements and enjoy their name, image and likeness, there are still many rules they must follow in order to remain eligible to play for their respective schools. .

At least for now, the NCAA leaves it up to individual schools (and state laws, if applicable) to set name, image, and likeness guidelines for their athletes, and the Ohio State released its NIL guidelines for Buckeye athletes to the media on Thursday.

Below, we take a look at some of the noteworthy elements included in these guidelines, which can be read in full here:

All activities must be disclosed to the State of Ohio

According to the guidelines, all Ohio State athletes “must submit your proposed verbal or written NIL Agreement to Ohio State via Opendorse in advance” for any NIL activity for which they receive compensation, allowing the State of Ohio to review these proposed agreements for any potential conflict with academic agreements.

From the guidelines:

If there is a conflict:

  • Ohio State will notify you of the relevant contractual provision that is in conflict

  • You cannot enter into the proposed contract, but you can negotiate a revision of the proposed contract to avoid the conflict

  • You must submit the revised contract to the State of Ohio for review before embarking on the NIL business to ensure compliance with these guidelines and Ohio law.

Ohio State athletes will not be permitted to enter into NIL agreements that conflict with college sponsorships. Examples of such conflicts listed in the guidelines include agreements that would require athletes to “wear products competitive over Nike during team activities” or “promote competitive drinks over Coca-Cola on. the campus “.

“Failure to disclose an NIL activity in advance could affect eligibility,” state guidelines state, and athletes and businesses related to the activity, compensation, your verbal NIL agreement or written, etc.).

Athletes who fail to adhere to Ohio State’s NIL guidelines could be subject to “loss of privilege and other penalties, if any, including, but not limited to, verbal or written reprimand,” probation, loss of training privileges, loss of competition privileges, suspension or expulsion from the program. ”

No drugs, gambling or adult entertainment

Ohio State athletes will be prohibited from entering into NIL agreements with companies in the following industries:

  • Distilled alcohols (i.e. hard alcohol)

  • Tobacco products (including electronic smoking devices, vapor products, or products or devices that consist of or contain nicotine that can be ingested into the body)

  • Casinos or any entity that sponsors or promotes gambling activities

  • Controlled substances

  • Marijuana products (including legalized or medical)

  • Medical marijuana grower, processor, laboratory or dispensary

  • Any business engaged in the sale, rental or display for any form of adult entertainment consideration which is characterized by the emphasis on the display or display of sexual activity

The Ohio State guidelines also state that the university “reserves the right to restrict other categories of businesses, brands, or similar types of contracts to the above industries (or other areas permitted by Ohio law) if the Ohio State provides this information to you. before you register with Ohio State or 30 days after the Ohio Executive Order goes into effect if you are currently registered.

NIL activities cannot conflict with team activities

While athletes will now be able to make appearances at events and be paid for them, they will only be allowed to do so in their spare time. Ohio State’s NIL guidelines state that its athletes “may not participate in any NIL activity while required to be present for training, scrum, or competition” and “may not participate in any NIL activity during the activities. team required, on or off campus, including, but not limited to, media, team trips, photo ops, community services and team building activities.

The guidelines also tell athletes that they “should understand that there may be consequences if you choose to miss a class or other academic requirement to participate in an NIL activity.”

Athletes must pay to use OSU facilities

Although athletes in the State of Ohio generally have access to facilities for their respective sports at all times, they will not be permitted to conduct NIL activities at these facilities unless they have received “l ‘express permission’ from Carey Hoyt, senior associate athletic director of the Ohio State Sports Administration. and student-athlete development, and pay the applicable rental rate for that facility.

These rental rates are not cheap. A half-day rental of the indoor court at the Woody Hayes Athletic Center, for example, costs $ 2,500, while a full-day rental costs $ 4,500.

Rental fees will also be required to conduct NIL activities at non-sporting facilities on campus.

Athletes will not be permitted to conduct NIL activities in areas that are not commendable, such as locker rooms, athletic training areas, team meeting rooms and team lounges.

Use of the mark must be approved

In order to use the Ohio State trademarks, service marks, logos, symbols, or other intellectual property of the university during NIL activities, athletes will need to obtain written permission from the office. Ohio State Trademark and Licensing Services.

Athletes are permitted to use photos or videos containing trademarks, logos, service marks, symbols or any other intellectual property of the State of Ohio in building their personal brand on social media, but will need to receive written approval from the Trademark and Licensing Services Office – regardless of how the photo or video was obtained – to use those photos and videos in NIL activities. To use photos that include college markings such as uniforms, helmet bands, and Buckeye sheets, athletes will need to obtain these photos from the college or a college licensee at market price and with the permission of the copyright owner.

Participants in NIL activities are permitted to promote that they are athletes of the State of Ohio, but “may not imply, directly or indirectly, that the State of Ohio endorse your NIL activities or any product. or service associated with your NIL activities “.

Team clothing cannot be sold

Although Ohio State athletes can now sell their own personalized clothing – Teradja Mitchell and Zed Key are already among the Buckeyes who already do so – they will not be allowed to sell their equipment and team clothing (the examples listed include shoes, shirts, helmets, sticks / bat and warm-ups) until the end of their university career.

Coaches, staff cannot be involved

While Ohio State provides a variety of educational services to its athletes to help them maximize their NIL opportunities, Ohio State coaches and staff are not permitted to be involved in actual NIL athlete activities. any way ”. Ohio State coaches and staff may not organize, assist, promote, or contribute to athlete NIL activities, and athletes may not compensate Ohio State coaches or staff for help with NIL activities.

Athletes can hire agents for NIL representation only

Athletes are permitted to hire agents to help them organize NIL activities. These agents must be registered under Ohio law, unless the agent is an immediate family member of an athlete, and the agent must be remunerated at his regular rate; failure to do so could jeopardize an athlete’s eligibility for the NCAA.

College athletes will still not be allowed to hire agents for the purpose of pursuing a career in professional sports until the end of their college career.

International athletes should exercise caution

Ohio State’s NIL guidelines also include a two-page document that warns its international athletes that they may not be allowed to receive NIL compensation “without serious consequences.”

Since federal laws state that students who attend US universities on an F-1 visa can come to the United States “solely for the purpose” of furthering their education, there are strict limits to the income-generating opportunities available to them. can participate. athletes born who are not U.S. citizens, this means that participating in NIL activities in the United States could impact their ability to stay in America.

The State of Ohio is asking its international athletes not to receive compensation for sponsorship deals, event appearances, training at camps or signing autographs or starting their own business during their time in the United States, although the document states that athletes can participate in these activities when they are outside the United States as long as they comply with Ohio State and NCAA rules.

Big Sean and TikTok seek Creative Innovation Intern at Detroit Pistons – VIBE.com

Big Sean has partnered with TikTok in their search for a Creative Innovation intern to work with him and his hometown basketball team, the Detroit Pistons, as the franchise enters a new era.

In a clip posted on TikTok, the rapper shared a shortlist of qualities he looks for in the perfect candidate, which includes not only a love for the sport, but a wealth of basketball knowledge as well. “Hey, it’s Sean Don and I’m looking for a Creative Innovation intern to work with me and the Detroit Pistons,” the star explains. “You know we got the first pick in the draft and I’m looking for someone who is passionate, someone who is interested in this basketball culture, someone who knows music and lifestyle marketing.”

After showing off a custom Detroit Pistons’ Don Life jersey and urging applicants to submit their resumes to TikTok, the Detroit 2 the rapper concludes his post by adding: “Again, I’m looking, so if you know anyone [or] if that’s you, come work with me and the Pistons.

In December 2020, it was announced that Sean had been named Creative Director of Innovation for the Detroit Pistons, a team he has been rooted for since childhood. In this role, he will help cultivate the franchise’s spin-off design and gaming experiences, as well as its community initiatives, which he spoke about during a interview following the news of last year.

“Bringing that feeling and aesthetic that I grew up admiring the Pistons to the franchise,” he said of his goals as Creative Director of Innovation. “Not to say it’s gone anywhere, but to really think creatively about how to execute a vision. I’ll creatively come up with ideas to make us look great, have fun, and, you know, put our best foot forward culturally. On top of that, I’m sure there will be new missions and challenges as you go. There will be more things I’m happy to do that go beyond just designing t-shirts and jerseys, like giving back to the community. I know one of the things I’m good at is giving back to the city.

The Pistons, who finished the 2020-2021 NBA season with a 20-52 record, will have the No.1 pick in the 2021 NBA Draft, which takes place Thursday, July 29 at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY. prospects the team might consider include Oklahoma State point guard Cade Cunningham, Gonzaga point guard Jalen Suggs and USC forward Evan Mobley.

How does it feel to play against legends of the Flyers? Alumni vs Warriors recap

Joe watson was honored by Flyers Alumni for his 54 years of service to the Philadelphia Flyers Organization. The two-time Stanley Cup champion has been in the Philadelphia area since retiring from a 13-year NHL career. Watson scored a shorthanded goal against Vladislav Tretyak of the Soviet Red Army. The goal that legendary head coach Fred Shero has declared: “to set Russian hockey back 25 years”.

There was a game to play and it was publicized on social media. There were tweets from Alumni President and Warrior Head Coach Brad Marsh. Hell, the Alumni Flyers even made sure to bring in some extra muscle. Why? Because they knew they were going to fight. They faced an opponent who literally went to war, as they faced the Warrior flyers. The game was dubbed “America’s Toughest vs. Bravest!”

Warriors coaches and board members make it a day to remember

I’m a true C-level male leaguer. No one except my two kids would mistake me for an NHL player. By the way, it’s really cool when your kids still think you’re Superman. I mention this because I never knew what it was like to be treated like a top hockey player. I think most of us veterans would say the same thing. I only played organized hockey for a year. I was six years old.

Last Sunday, coaches Warrior Marsh, Rob Baer and Bob “The Hound” Kelly offered us this experience as a thank you for our service. Thank you for the support. Fellow warrior, Craig Nolan directed me to my team’s locker room (level II). As I turned the corner, I ran into my friend and former Flyers equipment manager, Derek “Nasty” Settlemyre. Nasty, who I haven’t seen in a few months, greeted me with a handshake or a hug, I can’t remember, and said “Hey brother, check this out! I entered the locker room and was greeted with a wonderful view. There was a locker with my new jersey hanging in the stall. A complete kit to include a training jersey with my number, socks and a shell – all of which looked like the old All-Star jerseys from 1983-1988.

Simply extraordinary! Lauren Hart sang the national anthems and Steve Coates was on hand to help coach the alumni. Members of the Stanley Cup champion teams included Dave Schultz, Bob Kelly, Jimmy Watson, Bill Clement, Larry Goodenough and Orest Kindrachuk all dropped the first puck. There was even a proposal! Congratulations “Chevy!” All in all it was an amazing day!

Back to the man of the hour, Joe Watson

As I mentioned above, the games started with a puck handover ceremony. Captain Timmy Wynn and Watson face to face. Warriors president William Duffy then presented Watson with a new Warriors jersey. Watson gave a speech and was extremely grateful and humble. I don’t think he said “me” once. He thanked us Warriors and of course Marshy for all his hard work as President of the Elders.

A little bit about Joe Watson. He was the oldest of six Watson brothers who grew up in the small town of Smithers, British Columbia. The Boston Bruins signed Watson in 1963. He shared an apartment with Hall of Famer defenseman Bobby Orr during their rookie year of 1966-67. Orr won the Calder that year, Watson came in fourth. This offseason, Watson returned home to Smithers and worked in the public works department. Watson’s salary was not enough to support him during the offseason. It was there that he found out he had been drafted by the Flyers in the expansion draft.

A difficult start for Watson’s Hall of Fame career

Watson was depressed. He and his disgruntled fellow defender Ed Van Impe held on. Watson eventually returned and played for the Flyers who lost a seven-game playoff streak to the St. Louis Blues. In 1971, the Flyers were showing promise when Bobby Clarke arrived with Fred Shero. Feeling as if the Flyers were buying him from a business, Watson left the camp in 1971. Enter ex-teammate, witness to his marriage, Bobby Orr. Orr called Watson and, as Watson described it, “really give me hell”. Orr reminded Watson that he now had a family to think about. Watson received the message and returned to camp.

Jimmy Watson was joined by his older brother in the 1973-74 season. Bernie Parent was bought out via trading this offseason and the Broad Street Bullies were set. Led by the Watson, Van Impe, Andre Dumont and the late Barry Ashbee, the Flyers’ defense was established. With Parent in the net, a young captain at Clarke, the rest is history.

Back to the game

I had the chance to play against the Flyers Alumni about six years ago. During a Hockey Fights Cancer tournament at Ice Works. Our team raised the most money for our friend, whose daughter was in treatment. The Alumni have crushed us. During the game, I noticed that at 72 years old, Joe Watson was impossible to move because his stick was so fast, very fast. At 78, it was pretty darn the same.

By playing on the right, I had two chances to get around the elder Flyer. First, I chipped the puck on the tape while trying to clear our area. Watson stopped him and in our area they went. The puck came back to me. This time I was going to skate around Joe. He was yelling at me, something like “HEY HEY!” I looked up and as if he was a magician, Watson seemed to levitate in my path. Knowing that I would face the wrath of all the alumni if ​​I collided with Mr. Watson, I decided to put the puck on the boards for myself. Considering that Watson was about four to five feet from the boards, that would surely work. Wrong! Watson, with a flick of his wrist, knocked down the auto-pass and nailed the puck to the board.

As for the game, as expected, those damn NHL players got the better of us. There were a lot of smiles, laughs and memories.

Other Notes:

Retired Naval Chief Nehemiah Tinsley celebrated his birthday on Sunday in style. The Warrior’s goalkeeper posted just before the game to express his excitement. Well, for his efforts, Nehemiah maybe received one of the best birthdays. Blow after blow after blow, to include a John LeClair rushing at him, dropping his mask in the process. Happy birthday, Neh!

The Level I team got off to a 2-1 start. Then, Danny Brière broke free in a breakaway. Duffy, who is a solid goalie, didn’t stand a chance.

Follow Alumni Flyers and Warriors on Twitter to see what they’re up to. The Warriors are expected to host the Warrior Classic in November.

Jersey Swimarathon 2021 raises £ 65,000 for charity


Almost £ 65,000 was raised thanks to this year’s Swimarathon in Jersey.

The challenge saw the teams swim lengths of the Quennevais swimming pool from Saturday July 3 to Wednesday July 7.

With fewer teams than any year in the past decade, the 283 participating teams swam 15,986 laps in total.

The five-day event finally took place after the cancellation of the 2020 event and this year’s event was moved from March to July.

Yesterday morning 64 girls from grades 2 to 6 at Helvetia House School took the eight lanes.

The money raised will be split between Brighter Futures, Brightly, Jersey Youth Trust, Teenage Cancer Trust and YouMatter – and the Jersey Lions charity account.

NHL Florida Panthers reveal intention to get involved in NIL deals

The Florida Panthers could sign a quarterback soon. Or a center that plays basketball. Or a goalie who plays soccer.

Everything becomes clear.

The Panthers are the first team in the NHL, and they believe the first major U.S. professional sports team, to offer varsity athletes an opportunity to match them amid recent rule changes that allow varsity athletes to take advantage of their name, image and likeness.

Florida unveiled the plan on Wednesday, beginning the process of assessing the interest of athletes attending the university closest to where the Panthers play – primarily Miami and Florida Atlantic.

“Right now, at the very least, we understand who’s interested,” said Sam Doerr, Panthers chief strategy officer. “We’re really trying to figure out what schools, who they are, what program, what type of social media they follow, and then we’ll set guidelines internally on who will be eligible for the program.”

Doerr hopes the Panthers can close deals within the next four weeks. The team will value diversity, he said, and want to ensure that female athletes and those in Olympic sports are part of the program.

Final details on what will be involved are still being worked out, but the Panthers are currently planning to offer merchandise such as jerseys to varsity athletes who get signed up, along with the possibility of earning money. money from a “pretty robust social media marketing campaign,” Doerr said.

“They’ll likely be paid per post or per campaign,” Doerr said. “They will benefit from the post. It’s really about taking the existing infrastructure of social media influencer marketing and extending it to varsity athletes, but using a professional team as an extension of that.”

There are no NCAA hockey teams in South Florida, but there are many schools with club teams. It’s still unclear how, or if, the Panthers might involve some of these players in their sponsorship program.

“We are moving forward,” Doerr said. “I’ve already had a bunch of texts from people in Miami saying they have interested kids. I’m sure we’ll see the same from FAU and some of the other schools. So far, so good, and we’ll see where it goes. “

Pittsburgh CLO Records Touchdown at Heinz Field 75th Anniversary Celebration on Broadway | Theater | Pittsburgh


Click to enlarge

Photo of the CP: Kaycee Orwig

Pittsburgh CLO Star Wizard of Oz In front of the Heinz Field stage: Scarecrow, Jessica Grove (Dorothy), Evan Ruggero (Briki Woodman), Drury Williams (Lion)

The Pittsburgh CLO went back in the dark for a year due to a pandemic, but not as much as many would expect. Instead of the Benedam Center in downtown Pittsburgh, the theater company has made unprecedented returns home to the Pittsburgh Steelers, swapping black and gold football helmets and jerseys for witch hats and brick roads. yellow. We will start in the summer of 2021. Opening round, Wizard of Oz, In the field Heinz.

“Toto, we’re not in Benedum anymore,” says Michael Freishire, executive producer of CLO. In the end zone, two series of shows titled ‘Summer Under the Stars’ featuring the Frank Oz classic and Pittsburgh CLO mentioned above are staged to feature the most talented performers in theater. Broadway musical celebration To commemorate the company’s 75th anniversary. American Idol Clay Aiken, a graduate who was originally supposed to play The sleepy chaperone At the Benedam Center in July this year before the pandemic forced the CLO to cancel them The original programming of the season, Current accommodation Broadway musical celebration, And both shows are accompanied by the Pittsburgh CLO Orchestra. The exceptional venue can accommodate up to 4,000 guests, tables and chairs included directly on the pitch in front of the stage.

Click to enlarge

Photo of the CP: Kaycee Orwig

Pittsburgh CLO Dancers Wizard of Oz In the Heinz Field rehearsal room.

Wizard of OzThe first article in the series, which begins Thursday, July 8, runs through July 10.

“It’s a show enjoyed by grandmothers, grandfathers, grandchildren and everyone else,” says Freisher. “I thought it was the perfect show to take my neighbors and family outside.”

The first rehearsal day was Thursday July 1st. The sky was gray and the humidity of midsummer remained in the air, but that didn’t seem to bother the cast. Wizard of Oz.. The stars of the series, who play Dorothy (Jessica Grove), Tinman (Evan Ruggero), Scarecrow (Dan Deluca) and Lion (Drew Lee Williams), are amazed to see the scene end for the first time at Heinz Field. . I had the feeling of. “Summer Under the Stars” will return to the stage for the first time in over a year.

“If you’re from Pittsburgh, you love Pittsburgh sports, and that’s the most important thing, then playing a musical in the NFL realm is very exciting,” DeLuca says. “It’s a community and family feeling.

Original work CLO Broadway musical celebration Carry on ounce, will be released on Wednesday, July 21 and run through July 24. A 90 minute ode to Broadway featuring iconic Broadway numbers and a mix of various Broadway musicals. Mom mia, In height, Purple color,and An American in Paris..

Click to enlarge Melessie Clark (Glinda) trains with Music Director James Cunningham at Heinz Field for The Wizard of Oz in Pittsburgh CLO.  -Photo CP: KAYCEE ORWIG

Photo of the CP: Kaycee Orwig

Melessie Clark (Glinda) practices with Music Director James Cunningham at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh CLO. Wizard of Oz.

According to Freisher, CLO has many famous graduates Broadway musical celebration, Including Aiken, Pittsburgh City Paper Called “Fabulous” As a teenage angel in the 2019 performance of CLO Fat.. Approximately 13 distinguished graduates will be in attendance, including Norm Lewis, Robert Fairchild, Joe Serafini and Ali Ewoldt.

“It’s a celebration on Broadway,” says Freisher. “It’s a celebration of the CLO. A celebration of Pittsburgh.

According to Freisher, in order to maximize the production of each show, CLO hires experts from New York and is generally involved in the production of live concerts. Lighting designer Andrew Giffin, who previously attended the Pittsburgh CLO and won the 2014 Gene Kelly Awards, has been involved in prestigious events including Justin Bieber. believe World Tour.

The stage used by Pittsburgh CLO was originally located at Flagstaff Hill in Auckland, with additional tracks on either side of the stage. When it comes to landscapes, we’re incorporating a huge digital video wall instead of the traditional background. CLO also has multiple IMAX screens per stage where the cameras provided by Steelers capture live close-ups of the actors during the performance of people seated away from the stage.

Click to enlarge Groups of young people practice dance at Heinz Field.  -Photo CP: KAYCEE ORWIG

Photo of the CP: Kaycee Orwig

Groups of young people practice dance at Heinz Field.

Freisher said there would be no mandatory security measures related to COVID, such as mandatory masks. However, the tables in the field are about 6 feet apart. He adds that Heinz Field offers a plethora of rooms where guests can choose to sit near or far from others in stadium seating.

The season at Heinz Field is also a sign of the withdrawal of the Pittsburgh CLO, which opened at Pittsburgh Stadium in 1946.

After a year of catastrophic isolation by the coronavirus pandemic, the Pittsburgh CLO aims to uplift the community with musicals and return to its roots.

“We went to see the Steelers, and they couldn’t have been more graceful,” said Freishser. “”[The Steelers and Pittsburgh CLO] Both are there to take care of the community, and I think that would be great. ”

When the Pittsburgh CLO announced an indefinite shutdown in April 2020, the CLO lost 252 performances and the academy switched to online learning. Meanwhile, the organization said:Raise the curtain campaign“It really worked,” Freisher said. The CLO has raised a theater company and raised enough to relaunch the show if conditions permit.

“I have to say, and I’m sure you can talk to any theater or nonprofit in town, no matter what they offer, this town is for all of us. We stepped up our efforts to make sure we were on the other side, ”says Freisher. “Pittsburgh is very proud of the institution. “

Summer Under the Stars Pittsburgh’s 75th Anniversary Celebration of Broadway CLO.. July 8-10, July 21-24. Heinz Field. 100 Art Rooney Avenue, north side. $ 15-85. pittsburghclo.org

Pittsburgh CLO Records Touchdown at Heinz Field 75th Anniversary Celebration on Broadway | Theater | Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh CLO Records Touchdown at Heinz Field 75th Anniversary Celebration on Broadway | Theater | Pittsburgh

One Star Buffalo Bills Player wants the team to bring back the Red Helmets

I grew up watching the Buffalo Bills just at the start of the 17-year playoff drought, so I barely saw the ’90s uniforms and classic red helmets before the team moved on to look more. modern in 2002 (you know, the red helmets with that navy blue stripe).

Then the Bills switched to white helmets again in 2011 and that’s the look they now wear with Josh Allen and company.

But after the NFL changed its rule on helmets (allowing teams to wear two helmets in a season), it led fans around the world to want NFL teams to bring back comeback looks, including Bills with their red and red helmets. white and blue swimsuits from the 90s.

Bills superstar wide receiver Stefon Diggs tweeted his support for the red helmets, insisting the Bills bring back the red helmets.

I know it’s photoshopped and it looks, but even so, this look on Diggs is amazing. There’s also some ’90s footage with Josh Allem, and it looks just as crisp.

I think the Bills will bring back the Red Helmets, even if it’s only for one or two games per season. They can start in 2022 and for my part, I am delighted to see the red helmets again. Many fans have grown up with these helmets and it would be a home run for the marketing and support of the fan base.

I am also excited about the returning uniforms of the other teams. The old silver helmets of the Seattle Seahawks. Houston Oilers helmets for the Tennessee Titans. The red helmets of the Atlanta Falcons. How about the orange creamsicles the Tampa Bay Buccaneers wore?

Dude, I can’t wait for all of these uniforms to come back from 2022.

WATCH: 15 Discarded McDonald’s Menu Items

MORE: See 30 Toys Every ’90s Kids Wanted

DISCOVER THEM: 100 years of Christmas toys, gifts and fashions

New Jersey’s famous secret drink


It’s no secret if you live in Burlington County, especially on the east side near the Delaware River. The drink is called Drink Atoast, Boost, or Take-A-Boost, depending on your family’s preferences.

This “Boost” should not be confused with the energy / vitamin supplement for the elderly that came out about 20 years ago. This drink has been around for over a hundred years.

There are a lot of families who swear by the stuff and keep it in the fridge or pantry year round. There are others who hate the stuff.

I discovered Boost when I was about 11 and visiting relatives of a friend in my neighborhood in South Philly. Her mother took us on two buses (not many women in town were driving at the time) and we finally made it to Riverside, New Jersey.

Riverside is Boost’s homeland, and it always surprised me that he still survives but is only known VERY locally in the Burlington County area. Of course, it can be shipped nationwide and around the world, and locals who have moved out of town are sent to them all the time. But this is still only a local phenomenon.

It was developed by a local pharmacist named Benjamin Faunce. He was looking for something to help his son who was often ill and had been developing the patented formula since 1913.

The company employs around ten people and the company survives to this day, albeit in a very small corner of our world.

You’ll see large red and white signs at pizzerias, delis, restaurants, gas stations, and convenience stores in many areas of Burlington County.

If you haven’t grown up with it, you might find the taste a bit odd, but I can’t go a summer without it.

Boost comes in a syrup, and you mix it with four parts of water. Some places sell it as slush, and you can get brain freeze by sucking it in so fast.

Try it out and see what you think … if you can find it!

The above post reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Dennis Malloy. All opinions expressed are those of Dennis Malloy.

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At Euro 2020, no semi-finalist is an island


England, with the possible exception of the early 1990s, have always produced players. Where it has always failed is in the way they are used. He has invariably arrived at a World Cup or European Championship and found himself foiled by teams using systems he did not fully understand, or foiled by teams with greater tactical flexibility, or foiled. by players with superior technique or better physical condition.

That has changed, and it has changed because the entire Southgate team, at one point or another in their young careers, has been exposed to imported ideas.

Part of it is straightforward: Kane was turned into one of the best strikers in the world by Argentine coach Mauricio Pochettino, with largely Spanish staff; Jordan Henderson has become a natural leader under the watchful eye of Jürgen Klopp; Sancho and Jude Bellingham went to the Bundesliga to complete their studies; Bielsa did for Phillips what Guardiola did for Walker, Stones, Foden and Sterling.

But the majority is indirect. Goalkeeper Jordan Pickford was encouraged to work on his cast as that’s what the elite of European football demand. Harry Maguire is comfortable scoring an area, not a player, on set pieces as this approach was popularized in England 15 years ago by European coaches.

The entire brilliant crop of promising young stars littering the Southgate squad was brought through academies where the coaches – if not always the coaches themselves – were in line with European, and especially Spanish, thinking. England’s great youth development revolution, the awkwardly titled elite player performance plan, was designed in part to mimic the furnace of talent happening in France and, once again, Spain.

Its products have been written in teams that invariably play style and use an approach tinged with internationalism. Not just in the way they play, but in the way they train, and even in what they eat: it’s only been a little over 20 years, after all, since Arsenal Wenger arrived at Arsenal and – as far as English football is concerned – invented Pasta.

Phillips has been shaped, figuratively and literally, over the past three years by Bielsa’s intense and relentless attention. This is the end result: a hole in the semi-finals of Euro 2020. His story is remarkable, but it is no exception. It is the rule.

Nike SB Sandy ZoomX Bruin official images release date

June 17, 2021 – This fall’s retro Air Jordan preview is showcased by the return of the OG Air Jordan XI Low IE in red and black, a variation known for its seasonal adaptation through hardware updates – and for its appearing in the ’96 playoffs. Likewise, four exclusive women’s styles for this season feature revised color palettes and material choices for energetic new interpretations of classic styles.

Air Jordan XI Low FR
The final chapter in the 25th anniversary of the Air Jordan XI, the black and red OG Air Jordan XI Low IE returns, redesigned to exact 1995 specs. The model features a genuine leather and mesh upper, a molded sock liner and exposed carbon fiber shank plate contrasted by the recognizable herringbone rubber outsole. The shoe arrives in OG packaging.

Air Jordan I Hi OG for women
Inspired by the calming colors of sage, this exclusive ladies’ style features soft, crinkled leather with premium nubuck inserts. The look is completed with a subtle two-tone lace inspired by the string used to tie bundles of sage. The shoe also comes with a hang tag and two additional sets of laces.

Air Jordan IV for women
This exclusive style for women is inspired by various neutral shades of makeup. This style is highlighted by layers of buttery soft nubuck and burnished leather that’s meant to age and shine naturally over time. The shoe also features transparent TPU wings and lace locks and is topped with a metallic and electroplated Jumpman branding on the tongue, reminiscent of the mirrors used in makeup palettes.

Air Jordan VI for women
Taking inspiration from gold earrings, this women’s exclusive adds interconnected gold hoops that are attached to the shoe’s Air Jordan VI lace toggle. Materials in this model include medium grain white grained leather with gold underlays, semi-gloss lining and milky white translucent rubber outsole.

Air Jordan XIV Low for Women
The exclusive women’s style features a color palette inspired by red lipstick. Materials like matte nubuck and suede provide the cosmetic base against metallic silver accents, while OG elements include tongue and laces with frosted platinum aglets. The writing on the insole is modeled on lines of lipstick; the shoe arrives in tissue paper stained with lipstick.

Air Jordan I HI OG
Employing a fresh and seasonal color scheme, this Air Jordan I HI OG features a genuine black leather upper with premium Pollen leather overlays and detailing on a White midsole and Pollen rubber outsole. The shoe comes with new packaging and will be available in full and extended family sizes for women.

Air Jordan I HI OG
This new take on the Air Jordan I HI OG features tailored leather and nubuck overlays with reflective silver accents throughout. With a perforated collar, this model can be personalized both at the top and at the bottom. Applying a new color scheme to both the shoe and the packaging, this version is available in a full family and an extended size for women.

Air Jordan I HI OG
Another seasonal iteration of the Air Jordan I HI OG, this fall model uses an Electro Orange, Black, and White color scheme with updated color blocking. Made of premium genuine leather, the shoe is highlighted by a metallic finish on the collar. The shoe is also released in full and extended family size for women.

Air Jordan III Retro
Applying a familiar color and color blocking scheme, this Air Jordan III Retro comes with a subtle touch of material. The shoe features premium leather and new reflective material on the iconic elephant print on the heel and toe. This model, which will come in new packaging, is coming out in full family size.

Air Jordan V Retro
This new version of the Air Jordan V applies a mix of materials ranging from genuine leather to foam and exposed textiles. The collar, quarter and bottom of the tongue of the shoe are covered with textile mesh, while the tongue retains its OG reflective finish. The model is accented with black tinted eyelets and a sheer lace lock and is completed with a matte finish midsole and a muslin tinted rubber outsole.

Air Jordan VI
Continuing the celebration of the Air Jordan VI’s 30th anniversary, this new iteration of the Retro model is inspired by the iconic Air Jordan VII Bordeaux colourway. True to the original specifications of the Air Jordan VI, this model uses a genuine nubuck upper with a translucent burgundy print tongue and sock liner. Showcasing familiar packaging with a splash of fresh color, this shoe comes in men’s and GS sizes.

Air Jordan XII Retro
Bringing a clean new twist to the Air Jordan XII, this model applies pops of metallic red to an all-white upper and midsole. The shoe is made of genuine leather, complemented by the imitation lizard-print OG mudguard. This offer comes with OG packaging and will be released in full family size.

Air Jordan XII
The model combines a Nike Grind outsole, made of at least 3% Nike Grind, with a ballistic mesh tongue. The shoe also applies genuine leather to the upper and suede to the midsole above the faux lizard print mudguard. The shoe comes in full family size.

Air Jordan XIII Retro
This retro combines a familiar Obsidian colourway with classic OG materials, true to form with a leather upper, textile tongue bottom and a cat eye hologram. This model comes in OG packaging and full family size.

To download high resolution images, click here.

Revisiting the magical off-season of 2001

For those Detroit Red Wings fans who had the chance to experience it, the 2001 offseason was like no other. The Red Wings were stunned by the Los Angeles Kings in the 2001 Western Conference quarterfinal, losing a 2-0 lead in the series and losing four in a row, the last game a stab in overtime. The Red Wings, who won back-to-back Cups in 1997 and 1998, had suddenly hit the proverbial wall.

Anyone could guess how GM Ken Holland would react. But it wasn’t a Salary Cap league yet. Owner Mike Ilitch has spent lavishly on his hockey club, and the 2001 offseason would certainly set the standard for years to come.

Twenty years ago, the Red Wings were doing their own fireworks a few days before July 4th.

Red Wings acquire Dominik Hasek through trade

Before free agency could even begin, the Red Wings made a successful trade to acquire Buffalo goaltender Dominik Hasek on June 30, 2001. Hasek was considered one of the best, if not. the best goalies of his generation. The trade has stunned everyone. Detroit gave up a first-round pick and winger Vyacheslav Kozlov in the affair.

For the record, Kozlov was a clutch scorer for Detroit during their playoff successes. He scored the winner of the game against Chicago in 1995 to win the Western Conference Finals, one of many important goals he would have in the next playoffs.

But the acquisition of Hasek turned the league upside down. Ilyich wasn’t going to sit and watch Colorado, New Jersey and Dallas lead the table. Detroit reloaded – and wasn’t.

Red Wings add Luc Robitaille and Brett Hull

Before Wings fans could even catch their breath, Holland followed just two days later by signing Robitaille to a two-year contract. Robitaille was part of the Kings squad that sent Detroit in six games that spring, and the addition of a lethal scorer – in the days of the dead puck – was another boon for Detroit.

Suddenly, a team overflowing with talent made up of Steve Yzerman, Sergei Fedorov and Brendan Shanahan is now proud of Robitaille.

But they still weren’t done.

In August, they signed Brett Hull to a multi-year contract, adding the future Hall of Fame’s total to what would be Ten players on the list.

Oh, and that was Pavel Datsyuk’s rookie season too.

Moves paid off with Stanley Cup championship

The 2001-02 Red Wings were absolutely talented and would go on to win the Stanley Cup that season, even after a few tough times, including a four-game trade to Vancouver, a back-to-back dominant shutout from Hasek in Games Six and Seven. against Colorado and then a thrilling triple overtime victory over Carolina in Game 3 of the Stanley Cup Final.

Each of these additions – Hasek, Robitaille and Hull – played a defining role in these respective games and series. While it certainly came with its fair share of doubt (who can forget the fans who threw Hasek jerseys on the ice after a Game 2 loss to Vancouver to put them in a 0-2 hole), the all-star roster and the future Hall of Fame won the Cup at home at Joe Louis Arena.

The season itself was amazing. But the magical offseason acquiring star after star was a moment fans are still talking about to this day – and perhaps never will be matched again.

Bibo Baller – Coach Rhulani adds to his impressive collection of jerseys


Even for footballers, collecting shirts is a hobby with Mamelodi Sundowns co-coach Rhulani Mokwena who recently added to his collection. Check it out!

To see Mokwena’s latest addition, scroll through the gallery above

What is the story?

Mokwena, who is still considered a young local football coach, has come a long way since his days in the youth ranks of Mamelodi Sundowns.

Today, the well-spoken mentor finds himself barking instructions to senior players, with many considering the former Orlando Pirates assistant to be one of the best young coaches in the country today.


As a coach, Mokwena has made many friends along the way and knows many baseball players plying their trade in PSL today, as well as some stars overseas.

In 2018, coach Rhulani gifted international Bafana Bafana Bongani Zungu a Pirates jersey for his birthday, while visiting the midfielder.

Mother City Booty

That being said, Mokwena took advantage of his Instagram Stories where he showed off the latest swimsuit in his collection. The player in question is that of Mpho Makola, who gave the mentor a Cape Town City shirt.

To see Mokwena’s latest addition, scroll through the gallery above

Have your say …

Where do you rank Mokwena among the best PSL coaches?

Explain to fools how the Blackhawks could in theory acquire Dougie Hamilton and Seth Jones


So I posted this tweet yesterday. I’m trying to be positive about this Duncan Keith move rumor. It drew some criticism. Criticism is good. I’m not even necessarily defending both. I say it is possible. Because … well … it is. Other people on the internet are GIANT pussies who just love to sit on an undeserved pitch and talk shit to their “audience” of like-minded goons who can’t think more than move or year at a time.

I hesitate to include the tweet in question, but it’s the only way to accurately show what a stupid loser this pussy is on the internet. Normally I wouldn’t respond, especially during my week’s vacation, but I don’t know … I’m gonna dunk on this guy because he’s an idiot and he deserves it

I didn’t have the guts to RT or tag or anything. I just scrolled through my tweets because he’s obsessed with me, probably because I do this for a living and he’s in the cheap seats on the internet. Red meat for the hockey section on Twitter on the internet, which got him a total of 25 engagements, including two from me because someone tagged me in response, to which he said

So to recap, this guy is crazy that someone had “snitch tagged” me in his tweet that he made using my tweet on a public platform. This is the hockey twitter for you. This guy probably does this all the time, but because he’s screaming into the internet abyss and no one is paying attention, I rarely notice him. This guy is such a loser.

Let us now come to the gist of his current criticism. A criticism that arose from his inability to think critically.

He says Jones and Hamilton will receive a combined $ 16 million with a flat cap. This could be true in 2022-2023 when an extension for Jones is expected to take effect. For now though… Jones is only costing $ 5.4 million. You know, other people do just about that… Duncan Keith. Keith’s hat trick is $ 5,538. So for next season, when the cap is flat, you swap Jones for Keith. It should be pretty straightforward to figure out, but it’s hard for some people. Mainly for this guy who fears and doesn’t understand hockey and has no one in the NHL talking to him because he’s nobody.

Dougie Hamilton will likely need a 7×8 or 8×8 contract if the Blackhawks work with Carolina to secure his full 8-year contract. The Blackhawks can tap into that LTIR space and manage it appropriately, as they will have Shaw’s $ 3.9 million and Seabrook’s $ 6.875 million. I also think (based on a few conversations) that the Blackhawks will be able to move Brett Connolly’s $ 3.5 million cap. Connolly could go to Seattle with a sweetener like Nylander to make it happen.

Okay, boss, but what about re-signing Jones long-term and having to pay him off from 2022-2023?

So glad you asked. You know who isn’t on the books this offseason and may see their hat-tricks headed for a Jones expansion? De Haan and Murphy. I really like Murphy, but if you sign Hamilton and Jones, you don’t need Murphy. Especially if you think Mitchell or Boqvist will become the 3rd dman pair on the right side (one of those guys will likely be traded for Jones).

Beyond 2022-2023, do you know who else needs deals? Literally everyone. Debrincat will probably get an increase to the 8 or 9 million VAA mark. I guess if Toews and Kane are going to sign here to end their careers, they’ll actually get a reduced rate compared to the $ 10.5 million AAV they currently have. So with that added flexibility, the cap increasing over these years thanks to new TV money from ESPN and Turner and a 32nd franchise selling shirts, tickets, parking lots, hot dogs, and TV rights to a new and big market, there will be enough money for the basic parts they love, Jones, Hamilton and RFA offers for Dach / Borgstrom, Mitchell, etc.

It is not difficult to understand. Like that idiot said … it’s math. You just need to be able to have an ounce of forethought and critical thinking and the ability not to be jealous without an audience and an even smaller brain.

Drake knows the best gift is a personalized Rolex

welcome to Watches of the week, where we’ll follow the rarest, craziest and most coveted watches spotted on celebrities.

Lil Baby is a great example of why having good friends is so important. The reason, of course, is the freebies! Last year, for Lil Baby’s birthday, Brooklyn Nets hero James Harden gave the rapper a hell of a treat: a “honeybun” ($ 100,000 slang) in a Prada bag … with a Richard Mille RM 030 Drake, meanwhile, doesn’t even need a birthday to give his boyfriend a nice present: a personalized Rolex Day-Date fitted with a Chrome Hearts bracelet.

Lil Baby posted an image of the watch to Instagram with a thank you for Drake. Since Lil Baby’s birthday won’t arrive until the end of the year, it’s unclear exactly what the gift is for. The educated guess is that this is a celebratory gift The voice of heroes, Lil Baby’s latest album starring Lil Durk, debuting at number one. Either way, whatever Lil Baby occasion they celebrate, his friends are smart to buy him watches. The rapper always wears a watch on each wrist, which gives him plenty of opportunities to wear both pieces at the same time.

Courtesy of Lil Baby

Lil Baby’s Chrome Hearts Rolex Day-Date

If anyone has the option of getting Chrome Hearts to customize a Rolex, it’s Drake. Mr. Champagne Papi recently collaborated with the brand on a full collection of clothing and a fully chrome Rolls Royce. Duck also has a Rolex Day-Date personalized with Chrome himself, with a bracelet adorned with flowers adorned with diamonds.

Chrome Hearts’ watch designs have been in the news recently: After Ben Affleck rekindled his romance with Jennifer Lopez, he started wearing the same Franck Muller watch (with a Chrome strap) he wore at the start of Bennifer.

Ed Sheeran’s Rolex GMT-Master II

We’ve seen a lot of GMT-Master IIs in this column, but we should take a moment to appreciate Sheeran’s specific pattern. On the Late Late Show with James Corden, he wore a vintage version of the watch with a different look than what we are used to seeing on this model. The reason is that for decades Rolex has given its GMT aluminum bezels, which tend to fade over time. This is what gives the Sheeran watch that charming retro look. However, Rolex didn’t like these watches to fade, so the company replaced the aluminum bezels with stronger ceramic bezels in the mid-2000s. However, the patina is now seen as a positive among many. watch lovers, so there are a lot of Rolex collectors – like Sheeran, apparently – who prefer discoloration.

Courtesy of Drake

Drake’s Richard Mille RM 27-04

Setting up Lil Baby with a new part didn’t stop Drake from getting a new watch himself. His last piece is a Richard Mille RM 27-04 produced for the Spaniard Rafael Nadal who takes his tennis inspiration literally. The steel cable wound around the dial is intended to evoke the strings of a tennis racket. Drake posted the watch on Instagram with the text “RAFAAAAA”.

Shaun Botterill – UEFA

Richard Mille RM 11-04 by Roberto Mancini

Coaching his Italian team against Austria at the Euro, Roberto Mancini wore a specially designed Richard Mille. I mean this very literally: Richard Mille designed the watch specifically for Mancini, including a feature designed to time the halves of a football match, as well as extra time, which the coach needed during the game against Austria. Aesthetically, the vibrant blue matches the jerseys worn by the team known as Azzurri.

Frazer harrison
Courtesy of Cartier

Cartier Tank Louis by Jeremy O. Harris

Big week for Jeremy O. Harris: he’s getting started Zola (the movie he helped adapt from an epic Twitter feed), and he wore a really nice outfit at the movie’s LA premiere. He also managed to organize a trip at disneyland in there. And like the drop on Splash Mountain, Harris knows how to think big before returning to calmer waters. The unconventional shaggy forearms of his suit give way to the classic Cartier Tank Louis in yellow gold. O’Harris joins the line of authors and writers, like Truman Capote and Andy Warhol, who have turned to the Tank throughout the story.

Valley Artist Creates Custom Phoenix Suns “The Valley” Signs

PHOENIX – Diehard Suns fans get a bit of adventure in the postseason race thanks to Valley artist Leslie Carrasco.

“I like getting into my creative side,” Carrasco said.

Carrasco finds her final creative side after being inspired by the Phoenix Suns’ incredible run to the NBA Finals.

“We love the Arizona sunsets and we saw the new Valley jerseys and it just blew,” said Carrasco, a Phoenix native.

For years, the lifelong Suns fan has done personalized signs or weddings and special events.

Now she uses those same techniques to create a truly unique tribute to an amazing team.

The new panel is carved from wood in the shape of Arizona and coated in the colors of the suns, the words “The Valley” prominently displayed on the front in gold.

So far, Suns fans can’t seem to get enough. She sold 50 in a few weeks, 50 more are out of stock. Each handcrafted plaque takes at least two days to complete.

“They love that they can have some of what is going on this year, some of that energy and that vibe that we have because we have this unity within our state,” Carrasco said.

A unit that also spawned the idea of ​​creating an adventure for those same fans along the way. Some lucky fans can even grab one for free. To do this you will have to go to Rufus Salvaged Goods Instagram page for clues as to where they hid them on our valley hiking trails.

“So I’m going to go up and hide it and take videos as I go, to let people know where I’m going and where I’m headed and we tell them which mountain, so they know the mountain and don’t hike. the valley, ”Carrasco said with a laugh.

Each match day, it will display the clues. She has hidden four of them so far, all have been found. A man showing his excitement of the discovery with a selfie on Lookout Mountain in North Phoenix.

“I love it, I love when you create something and someone sees your creation and cherishes it as much as you do, it’s inspiring,” Carrasco said.

Video Game Tournament Draws College Teams from Across Country to St. Louis as Esports Popularity Booms | Local company


“But real competitors are shining under these great times,” said Nathan Ryan, freshman from Maryville, a former professional Phoenix player.

Ryan specializes in the game, training for up to eight hours a day. It’s a hobby as well as a sport, he said.

Her on-screen character defeated several Wesleyan players on Friday, helping Maryville take a significant lead.

“When I wanted to play in college, I wanted to go to the more competitive team,” he said.

The invitation is part of Fair St. Louis, the multi-day celebration of July 4th that typically includes fireworks, an air show, and a riverside concert. David Estes, general president of Fair St. Louis, wants the tournament to become an annual stopover for college teams.

“We really wanted to attract a new generation of fairgoers,” said Estes, “and do something timely and relevant to highlight St. Louis as a hub of science and innovation.”

Some college players have aspirations to play professionally. Two of Maryville’s best players turned pro last year. Other students see opportunities to enter the esports industry in roles ranging from coaching to video game animation.

Troy Chiefari, athletic director at Ohio Northern University, was in the crowd as a spectator. He said the in-person competitions also serve as networking events and allow students interested in things like production to find potential internships.

Highlights Tour de France 2021 Stage 7: Vierzon – Le Creusot | 02/07/2021

12:00 2 hours ago

Thank you!

Thank you for following our coverage of the seventh stage of the Tour de France 2021, contested between Vierzon and Le Creusot. Stay tuned to VAVEL.com for the best information from the world of sports.

11:43 2 hours ago

Team ranking

11:36 3 hours ago

🔟⬜ Youth ranking

11:30 3 hours ago

Mountain classification

11:24 3 hours ago

Ranking of points

11:17 3 hours ago

General classification

11:11 3 hours ago

🔟🏁 Top 10 of the stage

Be confirmed.

10:56 3 hours ago

Primoz Roglic lost almost 4 minutes

The Slovenian lost 03’50 “with the main group and moved away from the fight for the Tour de France.

10:45 3 hours ago


A great victory for the Bahrain rider Victorious, who won the intermediate sprint and all the passes to win the stage.

10:42 4 hours ago

1 km to go

Last mile! It will be the victory for Matej Mohoric.

10:41 4 hours ago

🏁 3 km to cover

The last three kilometers of the stage. Mohoric is on his way to victory with more than 1’40 “over his pursuers. Richard Carapaz finds Dylan Van Bararle and already has 30 seconds on the field. Geraint Thomas had abandoned the group but is back.

10:33 AM4 hours ago

🏁 10 km to cover

Mohoric is still on the track for the stage victory. 01’29 “ahead of his immediate pursuers.

10:30 4 hours ago

🏁 13 km to cover

THE ATTACKS OF RICHARD CARAPAZ! The Ecuadorian rider of the Ineos Grenadiers accelerates to cut the time for the rest of the favorites … Nobody has chased him.

10:28 4 hours ago

🏁 15 km to cover

Primoz Roglic suffers in the peloton. He begins to fall behind and Pierre Latour attacks to move the group.

10:27 4 hours ago

⛰️ Signal d’Uchon (2nd category)

10:24 4 hours ago

🏁 18 km to cover

Matej Mohoric goes first on the second category Signal d’Uchon and in addition to obtaining the maximum score, he gained the eight seconds he left as a bonus.

10:18 4 hours ago

🏁 19 km to cover

Matej Mohoric is riding at a good pace and Van Moer and Stuyven were unable to follow him on the last mile of the course to the top of the pass.

10:16 4 hours ago

🏁 20 km to cover

Patrick Konrad (Bora Hansgrohe) has broken away from the group of pursuers and is now looking to reconnect with the leaders. There are two kilometers left before the fourth pass of the day.

10:14 4 hours ago

⛰️ Coast of the Cross of the Liberation (3rd category)

Matej Mohoric (Bahrain Victorious) was the winner of the best score of this pass. Jasper Suyven (Trek Segafredo) came second.

10:12 4 hours ago

⛰️ Côte de Glux-en-Glenne (4th category)

Matej Mohoric (Bahrain Victorious) was the winner of the only point given by this pass.

10:10 4 hours ago

⛰️ Côte de Château-Chinon (3rd category)

Matej Mohoric (Bahrain Victorious) won the best score of the port. Brent Van Moer came in second.

9:59 AM 4 hours ago

🅿 Intermediate Sprint – Saint-Bénin-d’Azy

9:51 4 hours ago

Escapes of the day

9:46 4 hours ago

Career status now

Forty kilometers to go to the finish line. The race started early with 29 riders in the breakaway. For now, there are four riders in the lead, a group of 23 in pursuit, and two riders who have already retreated to await their arrival in the peloton, which is more than seven minutes behind.

9:41 5 hours ago

We start!

We are ready to bring you all the information on the seventh stage of the Tour de France.

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Don’t miss any detail of Stage 6 of the Tour de France 2021 with live updates and commentary from VAVEL. Follow with us all the details and analysis of this career.

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How to watch the live broadcast of stage 7 of the Tour de France 2021 on TV and online in the United States?

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Route of stage 7 of the Tour

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Jersey wearers

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🔟👥 Team ranking

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🔟⬜ Youth ranking

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Mountain classification

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Ranking of points

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General classification

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Summary – Step 6

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Thanks in part to Lightning, hockey thrives in Tampa Bay, Florida and the South

The hockey program Joe Rhoads oversees was developed a generation ago by two North USF students who missed the sport. At that time, the Lightning did not exist. No competition nearby either.

The first USF Ice Bulls played their first staged game in the fall of 1989 against Georgia State University in Atlanta. Practice took place at the nearest ice rink near Ulmerton Road in Pinellas County. The team competed in jerseys bought cheaply from the former NHL franchise of the Minnesota North Stars, which shared the USF’s green and gold color scheme.

Today, the Rhoads team – still a non-NCAA sanctioned club program – compete in a league that includes Florida, UCF, University of Tampa, Florida Atlantic and Miami. His games inside the elegant AdventHealth Center Ice facility at Wesley Chapel usually draw a standing audience only in a venue that can seat 500 people.

After a one-year hiatus due to the pandemic, Rhoads estimates that 75 to 80 players will try for the 2021-22 team.

“We’re all very well organized,” said Rhoads, a daytime accountant whose Philly accent remains deep. “Some not so much, but hockey flourished in Florida, and I think it’s directly related to the Lightning and the Panthers, without a doubt.”

In a sense, the hockey world is experiencing global warming. The USF and the state as a whole, for that matter, represent a microcosm of the sports explosion in the South – or virtually any place in the country where sunscreen is a necessity in medicine cabinets.

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In 1999-2000, the Southeast had less than 25,000 participants in the sport, according to USA Hockey. Before the pandemic, that number had more than doubled to nearly 60,000.

Florida, of course, is helping fuel the boom.

Hockey is thriving in the South and the State, thanks in large part to a surge from the Lightning.
[ CHRIS URSO | Times (2015) ]

Attendance here has grown from less than 7,000 to almost 17,000 over the past two decades. In 2019-2020, only nine states in the country had more American hockey players than Florida: Minnesota, Massachusetts, New York, Michigan, California, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Wisconsin and New Jersey.

“I know our percentage of growth right now, just over the last year and a half, is around 30 percent in each of our programs,” said AdventHealth Center Ice CEO and co-owner Gordie Zimmermann. , which accommodates an assortment of adults. and youth leagues and clinics.

“Hockey is on the map.

It got there, in part, because of sunny success at the top of the sport. The Lightning, Dallas Stars, Vegas Golden Knights and Nashville Predators have all won or competed for the Stanley Cup in the past five years. Winning the title leads to a local increase in participation in USA Hockey, said Kevin Erlenbach, deputy executive director of group membership.

It helps that the southern markets teams are also among the most active in trying to develop the game among young people through leagues, camps and promotions.

“There are a lot of teams from really big markets that don’t come close to what Tampa is doing,” Erlenbach said.

Years of grassroots growth go back to the top.

When Tampa first hosted the Frozen Four in 2012, only one native Floridian attended. This year, there were three of them. George Mika of Naples won the NCAA National Championship with the University of Massachusetts, and two Pasco County products, Mitchell High alumni Nathan Smith and Lucas Sowder, helped the State of Minnesota qualify for his first national semi-finals.

The Winnipeg Jets selected Nathan Smith, a New Port Richey-born forward and Mitchell High School graduate, in the third round of the 2018 <a class=NHL Draft. He is believed to be the first Tampa Bay area native to be drafted by an NHL franchise.” class=”lazy” src=”data:image/svg+xml,%3Csvg xmlns=”http://www.w3.org/2000/svg” viewBox=”0 0 4745 3163″/%3E” style=”object-position:50% 50%;transition:opacity 0.5s ease 0.5s;opacity:0″ title=”The Winnipeg Jets selected Nathan Smith, a New Port Richey-born forward and Mitchell High School graduate, in the third round of the 2018 NHL Draft. He is believed to be the first Tampa Bay area native to be drafted by an NHL franchise.”/>
The Winnipeg Jets selected Nathan Smith, a New Port Richey-born forward and Mitchell High School graduate, in the third round of the 2018 NHL Draft. He is believed to be the first Tampa Bay area native to be drafted by an NHL franchise. [ RICK BOOTS | Rick Boots | Cedar Rapids RoughRiders ]

Hockey-reference.com only lists three Florida natives who played in an NHL game prior to 2011 (including Dallas Eakins of Dade City). Since then, at least 11 Floridians have made their debuts. Jakob Chychrun (Boca Raton) scored a hat trick earlier this year for the Coyotes, Shayne Gostisbehere (Pembroke Pines) has been in nearly 400 career games for the Flyers, and Devils center Jack Hughes (Orlando) has was the first choice 2019.

Smith could make it happen someday too. In 2018, he became the first Tampa Bay area native and high school graduate to be drafted when the Winnipeg Jets selected him in the third round.

And while the NHL isn’t just scouring the state’s college club rosters for talent, the league is finding its way to Florida nonetheless.

Zimmermann said NHL scouts were in his building for junior demonstration events and the owner of an NHL franchise showed up to watch his son compete. Additionally, the facility recently celebrated 15 graduates of its Global Prospects Academy, which combines elite-level training with an educational program, much like IMG Academy in Bradenton does with various sports.

“Our kids would always leave when they were 14 or 15, if they had any talent, and would go to Michigan, Canada or Boston to try and get a (Division I) hope out of it,” Zimmermann said. “And now they don’t have to go anymore. They come here to spot the children.

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Dave Beaudin also sees the change.

When he arrived from Canada in 1992 around the birth of the Lightning, his job at the Tampa Bay Skating Academy was to convince baseball parents that their 7-year-old outfielder should try out hockey, where there are no games. at 90 degrees or rain.

Now director of hockey at the Junior Lightning club, Beaudin follows the progress of the region. Sixteen junior teams. Nineteen high school programs (including his team at Mitchell High). Fifty video interviews this spring with players from Canada, Michigan or Ohio who want to play here.

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This leaves Beaudin and the rest of the local hockey scene with a problem that is the opposite of what they faced a generation ago.

“We have more kids who want to play,” said Beaudin, “than there is ice to play on.

Hockey warms up

USA Hockey membership figures show the rise of hockey in the Sun Belt in general and Florida in particular:


South East : 24 824

Florida: 6,798

Texas: 7,060

Tennessee: 1,271

Nevada: 1,185

California: 17,355


South-East: 39,807

Florida: 10,856

Texas: 10,909

Tennessee: 2,430

Nevada: 940

California: 20,404


South-East: 59 363

Florida: 16,956

Texas: 15,221

Tennessee: 5,288

Nevada: 3,235

California: 32,823

• • •

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Portland Trail Blazers Sign NBA’s First Crypto Jersey Patch Sponsor

Jordan, Gretzky and Mahomes among the stars to invest in Buzzer


Andrew Cohen

The Buzzer mobile sports streaming app has raised $ 20 million in Series A funding led by existing investor Sapphire Sport and new investor Canaan Partners. More than 20 current and former athletes have also invested in the tour, including Michael Jordan, Wayne Gretzky, Patrick Mahomes, Naomi Osaka and LaMelo Ball. Several sports team owners have also invested in the round.

Buzzer, which allows users to pay as little as $ 0.99 to watch games of live sporting events, already has rights agreements with the NBA, NHL, and PGA Tour.

“With the proliferation of new distribution platforms, it is increasingly difficult for fans to know when and where live sports are taking place. We envision Buzzer becoming the discovery and curation tool that brings Gen Z fans back to live sports with simple access to fleeting moments, ”Buzzer CEO Bo Han said in a statement.

The Buzzer app, now in early access mode, will officially launch later this year.

Team owners who have invested in Series A include David Blitzer (New Jersey Devils and Philadelphia 76ers), GSW Sports Ventures (a subsidiary of the Golden State Warriors), Stephen Pagliuca (Boston Celtics), Lerner Enterprises (Washington Nationals), WISE Ventures (Minnesota Vikings) and Jeffrey Vinik (Tampa Bay Lightning).

Latest Update 2021: Global Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV) Market with COVID-19 Impact Analysis | Top Key Players

Global Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV) Market Increased Growth Rate Amid COVID-19 Analysis

The report on “Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV) Market Published By Market Research Store Overview by Industry Top Manufactures, Trends, Industry Growth, Size, Analysis & Forecast to 2029”, the report contains 150+ PDF pages with table of contents, including a list of numbers and table.

Market Research Store has released another latest report on the Global Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV) Market to provide a better understanding of the overall market analysis and assessment under one roof. The report examines market dynamics through historical growth trajectory, current conditions, and future growth prospects. Thus, it can be seen that the report provides every detail of the past to the future prospects of the market for the in-depth knowledge of the readers, especially the investors. The information included in the report helps to form a solid foundation for future projections during the forecast period. The report also presents the opportunities and challenges and the drivers and restraints which are having a major impact on the growth rate of the Thermal Transfer Vinyl (HTV) Market.

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Segmentation study:

The various segments of the global Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV) industry offer more market insights from a regional and global perspective. The study of segments helps to understand the market position and financial results.

This report segments the market based on the following types:

Fiberglass, carbon fiber

On the basis of Application, the market is segmented into:

Shirts, Hats, Koozies, Tote Bags, Jerseys, Headbands, Others

Competitive landscape:

The global Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV) market size could be well understood from the numerical data on share, revenue and size presented in the report. In-depth industry analysis helps to better understand the changing competitive dynamics. Further, market strategies including mergers and acquisitions, agreements, collaborations, and joint ventures offer readers a comprehensive overview of the Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV) industry from a regional perspective and global.

Some of the major players in the Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV) market include Grafityp, Kenteer, Stahls’, Colman and Company, Siser.

COVID-19 impact analysis:

No market in the world has been spared by the current pandemic. The COVID-19 pandemic has hampered the businesses of many people and the world Thermal Transfer Vinyl (HTV) Market is no exception. In order to fight the pandemic, the government and the nations have taken some strict measures such as lockdowns and changes in a few industrial policies to help different companies keep themselves in the market. A full overview of the impact assessment before and after the pandemic is detailed in the report. The market is expected to slowly gain momentum through strategic implementation during the COVID-19 situation.

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Regional analysis:

A geographical study of the global Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV) market gives more details about the economic growth of the market and the attraction of the regional market. The report shows the United States, Canada and Mexico regions in North America, Peru, Brazil, Argentina and the rest of South America as part of South America, Germany, Italy, United Kingdom, France, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Turkey, Russia, Hungary, Lithuania, Austria, Ireland, Norway, Poland, Rest of Europe in Europe, Japan, China, India, South Korea, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Rest of Asia-Pacific (APAC) in Asia-Pacific (APAC), South Africa, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Israel, l ‘Egypt, the rest of the Middle East and Africa (MEA) under the Middle East and Africa (MEA) are the main market preferences due to consumer preferences, economic gains, analysis supply and demand and additional factors.

What does the report suggest?

• Detailed market analysis and market assessment
• Market share of the main market players
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• Industrial strategies, opportunities and challenges for new entrants
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• What is the expected size and growth rate of the market during the forecast period?
• What are the major market trends?
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• Who are the major players in the thermal transfer vinyl (HTV) market?
• What are the market opportunities and challenges that major players face to maintain themselves on the global platform?


Section 01: executive summary

Section 02: Scope of the report

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Free agency goals 2021 – SinBin.vegas


It’s July 1st, have a good free agency day!

What?… It is?… Tampa hasn’t won yet? ………. July 28!?!

Turns out Free Agency Day is still four weeks away, but today is still July 1, so we’re going to stick with the tradition and focus on who the Golden Knights could potentially go after more. late in the month.

Here are five pending unrestricted free agents that might make sense to sign contracts and don shiny gold jerseys on the Strip next season.

(Photo credit: Brandon Andreasen, photographer at SinBin.vegas)

Alexandre wennberg
Center, Florida Panthers

The longtime Columbus Blue Jacket signed a yearlong deal with the Panthers last summer and proved he was a good player, but not a player who should completely break the bank. He has scored 17 goals in his 56 games and added one more in Florida’s short playoff streak.

He’s a responsible defensive center who could certainly thrive a bit more in a role where he plays with a guy like Alex Tuch. A few years ago, Wennberg had 59 points, including 21 power play assists.

Oh, and he’s very good friends with William Karlsson.

(Photo credit: Brandon Andreasen, photographer at SinBin.vegas)

Blake coleman
Center, Tampa Bay Lightning

This one could get a bit pricey as he’s likely going to head to free agency with his name stamped on the Cup in consecutive years, but it’s a perfect match for what the Golden Knights are looking for. A center that has already received Selke votes while also scoring goals with a consistent clip.

Coleman has scored 22, 21 and 14 goals over the past three seasons, including two in under 82 games. He turned out just as good, if not better, in the playoffs and if he came to Vegas he would be a power play option as well.

Did you see this goal last night? Tell me the Golden Knights couldn’t have used that in their series against Montreal.

Brock McGinn
Left Winger, Carolina Hurricanes

McGinn would hopefully be the answer to the Golden Knights’ inability to score closely. He is a gritty type player who is not afraid to go into the hard zone in front of the goal. His goal numbers were heading in the wrong direction until this season where he scored eight in 37 games, translating to 18 in a full season. He then scored three more goals in the playoffs.

I imagine the Hurricanes would like to hang on to him, but with the pre-free agency expansion plan, they might leave him unprotected to save someone else. VGK could do a few maneuvers to get Seattle to “pick” him and then get him to sign the deal with Vegas.

It just struck a $ 2.1 million AAV deal, but it’s hitting unrestricted free agency for the first time. That number could easily double, but the adjustment might be too good for the Golden Knights to pass up.

Michael bunting
Left Wing, Arizona Coyotes

You may remember his name as a Golden Knights fan, as he scored twice in Vegas in April 2021. Bunting isn’t much of a household name in the league, as he only played 26. games in his NHL career. However, he is a good two-way player who has scored at every level he has played.

Bunting is set to become a Group 6 UFA, which means he hasn’t played enough to remain a restricted free agent. It’s certainly possible the Coyotes will re-sign him before he makes it to July 28, but if he does, he could be a good cheap option for the Golden Knights.

Sam Win
Center, Detroit Red Wings

Winning is a bit long in the tooth (he’ll be 32 at the start of the season), but he’s the kind of player the Golden Knights have been missing this season. He’s a smaller player, but he has excellent hands and a great ability to get creative in the attacking zone. He has rebounded a lot in recent seasons, playing for seven different teams, including several stints with Edmonton since 2014.

Early in his career, Gagner was a points producer, but that has diminished a bit in some of the recent stops. The scoring ability is definitely in him, as evidenced by his 50-point campaign in 2016-17 with Columbus. He’s defensively responsible and could potentially open up the Golden Knights attacking group by moving anywhere inside the 2nd, 3rd or 4th lines.

Filling the Pieces celebrates its roots in Suriname jersey unity


It’s an important day for Amsterdam-based labels Padding.. Every July 1, the Netherlands, called “Ketikoti” (or the chain broken in Sranan), commemorate the abolition of slavery in Suriname and the Netherlands Antilles in 1863. Special project.

Today, Filling Pieces is releasing a “Unity for Surinam” jersey. Reminiscent of the vintage football shirt with a button down collar and vertical stripes, the soft blue piece features a reinterpreted brand logo and the Dutch and Slinham flags on the front. Last moment of the fashion obsession with soccer jerseys, this offer amazes us: can we see? Telfer and Liberia type A partnership between Filling Pieces and the Surinamese Football Association in the future?

But it’s more than a discreet kit, it doesn’t matter. The Unity for Surinam jersey practices preaching. The profits of the limited edition jersey will be donated to all Okay, Suriname Youth Empowerment Foundation, and Black archives, Cultural Center and History Library, which promotes discourse from a black point of view.

This initiative is all the more important as Suriname faces a deadly crisis and Dutch activists are fighting for Keticoti. Recognized as a national holiday..

This project is very personal since the founder and creative director of Filling Pieces, Guillaume Philibert himself, is the son of parents from Suriname. And to bring this celebration of roots home, the brand invited some of Suriname’s talent to jersey and star sport, highlighting the importance of Keticoti, Dutch culture and later Suriname. Highlighted the many contributions of creation.

this It’s a way to celebrate the roots of your brand. Please see the following campaign Filler Parts Website Get the Unity for Suriname jersey before it’s too late.

Filling the Pieces celebrates its roots in Suriname jersey unity

Filling the Pieces celebrates its roots in Suriname jersey unity

Merchant Cash Advance Disputes Are Getting Wilder

Following the tradition, the merchant cash advance (MCA) industry was born in New York, and its law continues to be the law of choice in many MCA agreements. This has led to many disputes because, unlike dozens of other statesNew York has a 25% criminal usury cap for business loans. In many cases, MCA funders argue that MCA agreements are not loans and are therefore exempt; while business customers (referred to as ‘merchants’) seeking to evade their obligations, unsurprisingly, argue that these are in fact loans subject to the cap.

There are now dozens of trial decisions and several appellate decisions on this issue. This well-developed MCA case law has resulted in more careful drafting of MCA agreements in recent years, but some recent decisions suggest that MCA litigation is about to get wilder.

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A suggestion for the St. Louis Blues


The NHL Winter Classic returns in 2022 with our own St. Louis Blues taking on the Minnesota Wild.

And it’s a special time for the Blues to honor the past when they dress to hit the ice at Target Field in Minneapolis for the outdoor pageant.

To anyone familiar with their hockey history, this may seem like old news. But for those of you who don’t know your hockey history, please do me a few paragraphs.

Simply put, the Blues are not St. Louis’ first team in the NHL. In fact, long before the 1967 inaugural season at St. Louis Arena, St. Louis made a brief stint in the NHL during the 1930s. The St. Louis Eagles played a full season in 1934-1935 before dying. ‘finally be absorbed by the Ottawa Senators and disappear.

What does this have to do with the 2022 Winter Classic, you ask? Well, it is easy. Now is the perfect time and place for the St. Louis Blues to present the St. Louis Eagles uniforms. Or at least make their own version of it to pay homage to St. Louis hockey past.

The Nashville Predators uniforms in their Winter Classic appearance are a good example of this. That’s right, I’m using one of the Blues’ rivals to make a point. They took much of the design of their uniform to look like a former Nashville minor league hockey team from days gone by – all decked out like a Predator jersey of course, but with a friendly tribute to the hockey past. city.

So here is your chance, Tom Stillman (he is the owner of the team), to do the same. The Blues are expected for a new third kit, and of course you know St. Louis fans will want one for themselves.

The original jersey features an all-red eagle perched on a hockey stick with St. Louis arched above. The jersey is white with blue cuffs just below the shoulder.

Designers could really have fun with this one.

There could be full replicas for players to wear – maybe even swap the eagle for a red blue note – or reverse the colors and make the jersey blue with white cuffs and a red blue note. The possibilities are limitless.

And think of the sales of goods. Not just jerseys, but hoodies, T-shirts, caps and jackets. St. Louis loves its history, so I’m sure fans will want to shop for some vintage-inspired clothing.

We’ve already brought back the ’90s white and blue striped red and yellow swimsuits for retro parties. Why not revive the original St. Louis Eagles uniforms and give them one more chance in the public eye?

I think it’s gonna be fun, by hey maybe it’s just me.

The Motocross Gear Market is expected to exhibit high sales value by 2025, the major players! ADAC MX Masters (German National MX Championship), European Motocross Championship

KD Market Overview published new statistical data entitled Motocross Gear Market Various aspects of recent developments such as the Motocross Gears market have been drawn to include in-depth study of the growth of the industries. To find the right results, effective exploratory approaches such as qualitative and quantitative analysis have been used.

It studies various regions of the world, such as North America, Latin America, Asia-Pacific, Japan and India for successful market prospects, considering different segments such as shape , scale and applications. Relevant data such as spending, sales, revenue and end users was analyzed using SWOT and Porter’s Five analysis. To respond to the situation of enterprises, this research report has been aggregated on the basis of different attributes such as production base, goods or services and raw materials.

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Besides the geographic perspective, it sheds light on the major key players in the industry, such as understanding effective sales strategies in the market. It also includes various causes such as Motocross Gears Market which is responsible for growing the market. Analysts are also focusing on different characteristics, such as restricting business development, for a better understanding of times of business ups and downs. This detailed information provides the framework for identifying the global Motocross Equipment Market outlook, sector in the coming years.

Market segmentation :

Type of information

By product type analysis, the motocross gear market is segmented helmet, gloves, boots, jerseys, pants, goggles, knee pads and guards, back protectors, and others. The headset segment holds the major market share and is expected to retain its dominance during the forecast period.


Based on demographics, the motocross gear market is made up of men and women. The male segment holds the major share and is expected to retain its dominance during the forecast period. The increase in the popularity of motocross among men is the main factor driving the market demand.

Distribution channel

By distribution channel, the motocross equipment market is segmented into franchise stores, specialty stores, online sales channel and others. Specialty stores are small retail outlets that focus on selling a particular line and related items. Specialty stores maintain considerable depth in the type of product they specialize in selling premium priced products. In addition, manufacturers are constantly striving to increase the visibility of their products on the shelf and therefore mainly target specialty stores. As a result, a wide variety of motocross products are available in specialty stores. In addition, specialty stores offer large discounts, which helps attract more and more customers, which drives the market for motocross gears.

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Regional perspectives:

At the regional level, the world Motocross gears The market is segmented into North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, Middle East and Africa. Further, the market data classification and region-to-country analysis is covered in the market research report. In addition, the regions are separated into national and regional groupings:

– North America (United States and Canada)

– Europe (Germany, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Spain, Russia and rest of Europe)

– Asia-Pacific (China, India, Japan, South Korea, Indonesia, Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand and rest of Asia-Pacific)

– Latin America (Brazil, Mexico and the rest of Latin America)

– Middle East and Africa (GCC (Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman), North Africa, South Africa and rest of Middle East and Africa)

Some of the companies competing in the Motocross Gears Market are

The major market players are listed in this section of the study. It helps to understand the tactics and alliances players focus on to fight market rivalry. An essential microscopic look at the market is given in the detailed study. The major players operating in the global motocross gears market are –

MXGP of the FIM Motocross World Championship of Germany,

ADAC MX Masters (German National MX Championship),

European motocross championship

and others are part of the famous motocross competitions in Germany.

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OneTeam and Opendorse will help college athletes get a license

OneTeam Partners (OneTeam) and Opendorse have announced a partnership that will provide group licensing opportunities to athletes on a large scale.

The partnership, which comes at a time when college athletes are entitled to compensation for their name, image and likeness, designates OneTeam as Opendorse’s exclusive group licensing partner.

“This partnership with Opendorse enhances our ability to provide innovative licensing opportunities to athletes at all levels,” said Ahmad Nassar, CEO of OneTeam Partners. “As historic changes to the NIL come into effect, and in the wake of last week’s Supreme Court ruling, college athletes can finally license their NILs to the sport’s biggest brands.”

OneTeam will leverage Opendorse Deals, a sports industry athlete marketplace, as a platform to manage all group licensing initiatives. Through Opendorse offers, athletes can enroll in group licensing programs and receive compensation for using their NIL on consumer products such as video games, jerseys and t-shirts.

“OneTeam shares our commitment to giving varsity athletes of all skill levels turnkey, personalized monetization opportunities,” said Blake Lawrence, CEO of Opendorse. “The group player licensing model has huge benefits and we are excited to unlock more opportunities for varsity athletes looking to be paid for using their NIL and brands looking to reach current customers. and potentials in an innovative way. ”

To become available for future group licensing opportunities, university athletes can register and complete their Opendorse profile at any time and sign up for Opendorse offers from July 1.

Missoula native Joslyn Tinkle ready to start coaching career with Montana Lady Griz


MISSOULA – Joslyn Tinkle can’t identify the last time she walked around Dahlberg Arena in Griz outfit.

There are too many memories from when his father, Wayne Tinkle, was an assistant and ultimately head coach of the men’s program while Tinkle and his siblings, Tres and Elle, were all growing up in Missoula.

Now, more memories will certainly come in the near future for the older brother of the trio.

Joslyn Tinkle was officially hired as an assistant coach for Montana Lady Griz on June 11, a big splash for new head coach Brian Holsinger who created a lot of excitement for Montana basketball fans. She is now a coach in a program where her mother, Lisa (McLeod) Tinkle, from Great Falls, once played.

“I was so excited to be able to share my experiences and help give back the best I can to these young women here wearing Lady Griz jerseys,” Tinkle told MTN Sports. “I’m delighted, it’s a dream come true.

“It sounds a bit surreal and I’m at a loss for words. I’m driving downtown Missoula and it looks a lot different, things have changed, but I just couldn’t be happier to be back at home.”


Montana head basketball coach Wayne Tinkle, right, poses for a photo with his daughters, Elle Tinkle of Gonzaga (31) and Joslyn Tinkle of Stanford, second from right, his wife Lisa, left, and his son Tres after an NCAA college basketball game in Spokane, Wash. on Sunday, December 2, 2012. Stanford won 69-41. (AP Photo / Young Kwak)

Tinkle is one of Montana’s most decorated basketball players, male or female. She joins the Lady Griz after spending her post-playing career at various jobs in Portland.

Coaching was something Tinkle told MTN Sports she was weighing in early 2020, with an AAU coaching opportunity in hand before the COVID-19 pandemic hit the United States. While in Portland, she also started a youth basketball organization between grades 3 and 12.

But she had a major priority to complete before pursuing her own coaching career.

“The main priority for me was to wait until I saw Tres play for my dad (at Oregon State),” Tinkle said. “So when he graduated, that’s when my interest kind of kicked in and I was chasing things and trying to have these conversations, but obviously COVID happened. , so that put a wrench into things. “

California Oregon Street Basketball

Amanda Loman / AP

Oregon State’s Tres Tinkle (3) hugs sister Joslyn Tinkle after her final NCAA college basketball game at home against California in Corvallis, Ore. On Saturday, March 7, 2020 (AP Photo / Amanda Loman)

So, last spring when jobs started to open up, Tinkle said she had started looking seriously for jobs again and was waiting for the right opportunity that she finally found at UM.

“I was chomping at the bit on the potential opportunity to be here,” Tinkle said. “So when it all kind of fell into place, I knew that was exactly what was right for me. Coming home was what excited me the most.”

Tinkle’s new job with Lady Griz means his first college coaching job, but it doesn’t happen without good mentors.

Joslyn tinkle

Gary Kazanjian / AP

Joslyn Tinkle of Stanford celebrates after defeating Duke in the second half of a college basketball game of the NCAA Women’s Tournament Regional Finals on Monday, March 26, 2012, in Fresno, Calif. Stanford won 81-69. (AP Photo / Gary Kazanjian)

Wayne Tinkle recently led the State of Oregon to the Elite 8 of the NCAA Men’s Tournament, and Joslyn’s Stanford varsity coach Tara VanDerveer is the most successful coach in basketball history. -women’s university ball.

Not to mention his new colleagues Brian Holsinger, Jordan Sullivan and Nate Harris, all of whom bring their diverse and extensive coaching experiences to bear.

“One of the reasons I was most excited to join this team was great people,” said Tinkle. “I join some great people who support me and help me learn. I’m a rookie here, so yeah, coming here I was a little nervous. I was excited because I knew I could help and that I would be able to make an impact right away and bring my experience and knowledge over the years. “

Tara VanDerveer, Joslyn Tinkle

David Zalubowski / AP

Stanford head coach Tara VanDerveer, left, chats with forward Joslyn Tinkle in the second half of Stanford’s 57-40 win over Colorado in a college basketball game in the NCAA in Boulder, Colorado on Friday, Jan.4, 2013 (AP Photo / David Zalubowski)

Under Vanderveer, Tinkle played for four seasons and started as a junior and senior for the Cardinal. With Stanford, Tinkle went to three Final Fours as well as a national championship game. After his playing days at Stanford, Tinkle played briefly in the WNBA with Seattle before ending his playing career overseas.

“Now not only am I talking about hoops or catching up with daddy it’s’ hey help me with that” and we share some coaching tips and then Tara, and she was really really helpful too and even in this process. to get into I hope and I would like to think that I had my ears open and absorbed some things in my time because she is an amazing coach, she is the best. “

“Coaching is about people and she’s got things you can’t teach people,” Holsinger added of her hiring Tinkle. “She’s so dynamic, she loves people, she’s someone who did a normal job. Coaching is not a normal job. So she knows what it was like and now she says, ‘It doesn’t. is not my passion. My passion is people and basketball. ‘And that’s what it is.

Joslyn Tinkle, Amber Harris

Elaine Thompson / AP

Seattle Storm’s Joslyn Tinkle (31) grabs the ball as Amber Harris (Minnesota Lynx) defends in the second half of a WNBA basketball game Tuesday, September 10, 2013 in Seattle. The Lynx won 73-60. (AP Photo / Elaine Thompson)

“The other thing is, she comes from a basketball family. She’s been around college coaches all her life because of her dad, so there’s an experience in that that’s really valuable too. “

Now, like her playing career, Tinkle begins her coaching career in Missoula.

And if that sounds like her time on the court when she won two Gatorade Player of the Year awards and two back-to-back Class AA titles with Big Sky, big things could be in store for Tinkle and Lady Griz.

“This program uplifted me, this community uplifted me,” Tinkle said. “It’s kinda weird how best to wear that Lady Griz shirt right now and walk over to Dahlberg and practice with these now Lady Griz players.”

NHL helmet announcements return, no jersey announcements in 2022 – SportsLogos.Net


Tonight at a media event ahead of the start of his 2021 Stanley Cup Final, National Hockey League Commissioner Gary Bettman confirmed what we all knew was going to happen, the commercials for the helmets persist.

Yes, the league’s temporary “one-year-only” helmet advertising program, sold to fans as a way to mend corporate sponsorship deals lost during the pandemic, is not so temporary as it is. it seems. The ads are back on player headsets in 2021-2022 and, well, let’s be honest, probably for the rest of the time.

Want some good news? No advertising for the jersey….

Not yet, anyway …

So let’s at least enjoy the clean jerseys while we can.

the NHL announced the introduction of helmet advertising option in December 2020, an additional means of income for teams that lost due to non-crowd games played during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic in North America. Despite a match that a few teams might actually hold and choose to do without, the thirty-one teams would end up announcing helmet advertising offers within four weeks of the program launch.

You can see the promotional helmet of each club for the 2020-21 NHL season here. There is no indication whether the same deals made during the current season will remain for next season.

Peanut Chunks Part 4: President Peanut


Earlier this year, the Denver Broncos moved John Elway into the role of president of football operations. This is different from the role of Broncos president and CEO Joe Ellis and different from the GM role Elway previously held. The Broncos’ power structure now has four positions below the ownership level (president / general manager, president of football operations, general manager and head coach). The power structure gives Elway the ability to lead the ship in Denver without having to grind the movie to assess players and make all the myriad decisions required of a GM.

Speculation surrounding the future of head coach Matt Nagy, general manager Ryan Pace and president Ted Phillips dominated sporting talks in Chicago after their 2020 season ended with a resounding loss and a few Nickelodeon slime to clean their jerseys. President George McCaskey ultimately decided to retain the services of the three for the 2021 season, but the spotlight on Phillips interested me the most.

Pace and Nagy in 2018 at the introductory press conference
Photo by Jonathan Daniel / Getty Images

McCaskey has gone out of his way to make sure everyone knows that Phillips, who has worked for the Bears since 1983 and has served as president since 1999, has no influence on football decisions. He’s clearly there for the business operations side and as long as the McCaskey family is happy with the finances, public outcry over his role in football falls on deaf ears. While it’s undeniably good that the Bears don’t rely on Phillips for their football glimpse, they are missing a golden opportunity to create a role to ease some of the GM’s burden and fill a role that the current president of the l team can’t or shouldn’t. Why not add a fourth position like the Broncos and fill that role with someone who has credibility in football?

If the Chicago Bears were to pursue this idea, they would have to fill that role with someone who exudes football credibility, a figure people will respect in the community and in the boardroom. The person must be able to articulate the vision of Chicago Bears football in the future while embracing the rich history of its past. If you walk through the history of Chicago Bears players and coaches, one name stands out from the rest: Charles Peanut Tillman.

When the Bears drafted Tillman in the second round of the 2003 NFL Draft, it was a moment of loop. Tillman was born in Chicago but spent most of his youth following his father into the United States military. After 12 seasons in Chicago, Tillman has left as his greatest cornerback and one of his most impactful and beloved players in franchise history. He was Walter Payton Man of the Year for his extensive charitable work. He conducted himself with composure on and off the pitch. He is, in short, the best that the Chicago Bears can offer and individuals like him need to be a part of the organization to move forward.

That’s all well and good, but would Charles Tillman really be interested in such a role? It’s not a question I can answer without speaking directly to Tillman (and I would appreciate the opportunity!), But if I’m the Bears it’s worth a try. Tillman studied criminology at the University of Louisiana and landed a job with the FBI a few years ago. He might already be living his dream job and who can say a role like this would even interest him?

The answer is no if you don’t ask. The ball is in your court, Mr. McCaskey.

What do you think of President Peanut’s idea? Sound off in the comments below or hit me up on Twitter @gridironborn.

The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers – 10 Best Movie Callbacks


Although it was a dormant shot upon its release, the original Mighty ducks The trilogy has become a cult classic and is loved by thousands of millennials. And now Disney is doing what they do best, which is making the most of their properties by giving them Disney + series, which is exactly what they did with the Mighty ducks.

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And while there are a whole bunch of adorable new characters, it was the brief return of the original cast that made The Mighty Ducks: game changers most exciting, with a ton of other fun callbacks for the first three movies.

ten Fulton smashes the truck window

Elden Henson as Fulton Reed and Matt Doherty as Lester Averman in The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers on Disney +

Game changers is full of cameos from the original characters, but this one just might be the best. In The mighty ducks, one of the fan favorite characters was muscular but stiff Fulton (Elden Hens0n), who had an amazing swing but couldn’t skate for his life. He was featured in the original film when he accidentally hit a hockey puck through the window of Coach Bombay’s limousine (Emilio Esteves).

After being one of the few original Ducks to have had a fairly illustrious acting career, Henson returns as Fulton decades later, and he finds Bombay in exactly the same way. Now working in construction, Fulton accidentally hits the Bombay truck window with a piece of cement, and that’s the catalyst for the big Ducks reunion later in the episode.

9 The original team dining together

Garette Ratliff Henson as Guy Germaine and Marguerite Moreau as Connie Moreau in The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers on Disney +

The sixth episode of the series, “The Spirit of the Ducks”, is by far the best of the series, and it’s all thanks to the reunion between the original actors. There are so many callbacks to the original movies over dinner, including the fact that Guy (Garette Henson) and Connie (Marguerite Moreau) are still hopelessly in love and obsessed with each other.

There were still a few notable absences, however, as Charlie (Joshua Jackson) who was essentially the main character in the original trilogy didn’t show up, but was mentioned in passing. And Russ (Kenan Thompson) was nowhere to be found either. However, given that Thompson is the most successful actor of the lot, as he is a Saturday Night Live regular, maybe he was just too busy. But hopefully they will appear in season 2.

8 Averman’s song

Matt Doherty as Lester Averman in The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers on Disney +

Most of the characters were ticked off the checklist of those fans want to see return, and along with Fulton, Averman (Matt Doherty) is one of the most memorable original ducks, as he was the greatest prankster of all. .

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The funniest thing he ever did throughout the trilogy was make colorful comments about hockey games every time he sat on the bench, and at a few moments he even launched into songs that have no meaning. And in what is perhaps the greatest fan service Game changers could never have provided, Averman’s vocals return, as he tries to annoy Coach Bombay one last time.

7 “Charlatan! Charlatan! Charlatan!”

The Don't Bothers admiring the State Championship trophy

While this isn’t the most famous sports movie of all time, there are still a ton of iconic lines, not just in the first film, but throughout the series. Without a doubt, the most memorable quote in the series is when the ducks sing “corner!” Over and over again to get shrink.

It almost seemed like this wasn’t going to happen on the show, as the Ducks are now the antagonistic opponents of the Don’t Bothers. But in the final episode, when the Don’t Bothers win the right to name the legendary hockey team, they sing it at the end.

6 The flying V

Logan scores his first goal

Throughout the series, Bombay and Alex implement a bunch of weird training tactics with the amateur squad, whether it’s having the squad play blindfolded or passing their iPhones along. ice.

But the most famous piece of The mighty ducks is the Flying V, in which they all form a V as they skate towards the goal, passing the puck between them. The game was never practiced in practice sessions, but they had to work on it behind the scenes as they pulled it off in the final game against the Mighty Ducks, and that’s what helps them win back. their name.

5 Hockey jerseys

Evan and the rest of the Don't Bothers wearing the old Ducks uniform

The final game is packed with callbacks to the original movies, as not only do they sing “quack”, and not only do they perform the Flying V, the original hockey jerseys are making a comeback as well.

Although the Mighty Ducks are seen playing throughout all 10 episodes, they are mostly dressed in black jerseys, but the Don’t Bothers donned the classic green and yellow tops for the final period of the game. The original jerseys actually appear twice, as the original team also wear them when they appear in episode six.

4 Driving a limousine on the ice

The original cast of Mighty Ducks Game Changers

In the first film, Bombay convinces his limousine driver to drive onto the ice where the young hockey team is playing. Now, 27 years later, after Bombay was surprised to learn that Averman took a limo to work every day, thinking he had an amazing job, it turns out that Averman is actually a limo. driver.

Bombay finds out when Averman drives the limo on the ice, as he did over 20 years earlier. And as he always has been, Averman is still the same prankster he was in all three ’90s movies.

3 Gentle hands

Coach Bombay on the ice pond with the team

Bombay has been given the difficult task of training a bunch of pranksters and dropouts to become one of the best hockey teams in the world The mighty ducks, and he did it with some weird tactics. He taught the team to have “soft hands” by passing eggs between them on the ice.

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Because of this, the team has become much more resilient and skilled when handling the puck. And in Game changers, this unique training method has received a 21st century update. Instead of eggs, it’s their cell phones this time around, and the team were unquestionably more careful with those than they were with the eggs.

2 The music

Don't bother skating on the ice pond

While the original films weren’t as successful at the box office, with the first film only grossing $ 50 million and the third just over $ 20 million, it is clear to see how the Mighty Ducks score is well known.

David Newman’s score is so memorable, and he was brought back for the show. However, it was arguably made even better and more alive by songwriter John Debney through the rattling drums, making it feel more like being at a real hockey event.

1 Coach Bombay returns

Coach Bombay and the team on a pond of ice

Coach Bombay’s narrative arc throughout the series has so many parallels to the movies. At first he is completely demotivated due to an event that haunted him, only to be convinced to return to the sport by the children. And not only that, but he’s a hopeless romantic, as he once again seems to fall in love with the mother of one of his players.

Between Fulton breaking vehicle windows, Averman making silly jokes, and Bombay’s relationship with Alex, it seems some things never change.

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The 10 most intense moments of Justified

Montreal Canadiens to wear French crest in 2021 Stanley Cup final


The Montreal Canadiens will indeed wear the French version of the Stanley Cup Final logo as a patch on their jerseys when the series kicks off Monday night in Tampa, Fla.

thanks to a photo Tweeted by the massage therapist of the Claude Thériault team we can see the logo sewn into the upper right corner of the Montreal house’s red sweater.

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The logo itself is basically the same as the English version, a direct translation of English words to French (this causes FINALE to be placed above the text rather than below as it is in English). the French version of the NHL shield is also used, reading NHL for National Hockey League.

This is the first time that a Stanley Cup final has been played in a predominantly French-speaking city since the Canadians themselves did so in 1993. Of course, since the Nordiques moved from Quebec to Denver in 1995, Canadians the league that falls under this designation (although the Ottawa Senators consider themselves bilingual, they wore the English-language crest on their only trip to the final in 2007).

The Stanley Cup badges have been worn every year in every final round since the 1989 series between Montreal and the Calgary Flames. In this final, the Habs wore an all-English version of the 1989 logo on their shoulders; this was corrected when they reoffended four years later with an all-French version of the special crest for that year’s Stanley Cup Centennial Cup Final.

The 2021 Stanley Cup Final between the Montreal Canadiens and the Tampa Bay Lightning kicks off tomorrow (Monday) night in Tampa. The Lightning are looking to win back-to-back championships as the Canadians try to bring the Cup back to Canada for the first time in nearly thirty years.

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Rangers FC celebrates 150 years with 2021-22 home kit – SportsLogos.Net


Scottish Premiership team Rangers FC are celebrating their past while hoping there will be more gold to come in their new home kits for the 2021-22 season.

The Glasgow-based club unveiled the new kits, made by UK high-performance sportswear brand Castore, on Saturday 26 June. The shirts are predominantly blue, with white vertical stripes, white collars and white cuffs. The club monogram, Castore logo and sponsor logo are all rendered in gold.

The club’s RFC monogram is embroidered in gold on the left chest along with a ribbon with the years 1872 and 2022 on either side of “150 YEARS”. The RFC monogram has traditionally appeared on the shirt, sometimes in a shield, instead of the official club logo.

Since the Rangers won their 50th Scottish Premiership title in 2002-03, five stars have appeared above the monogram. But for this anniversary kit, those stars have been moved to the back of the shirt, near the collar, and above a second sponsor logo.

According to the Rangers website, the kit includes several nods to the history of the club:

Its classic V-neck design takes inspiration from some of the club’s most popular and iconic kits from the 50s and 60s worn by Jim Baxter, while its thin white stripes pay homage to the shirts of the early 80s worn by the heroes like Davie Cooper.

The shorts that go with this kit are white with blue stripes on the sides. The socks are black with red cuffs. Both feature gold RFC monograms.

Because the main jersey sponsor 32Red is an online casino, the youth jerseys the Rangers sell on their website have a different sponsor on the front: Utilita, an electricity and gas supplier.

The Rangers also unveiled their home goalie outfit on Saturday. It’s yellow with a tonal abstract stripe pattern on the front. Sponsor logos are rendered in black, as are the club monogram, anniversary ribbon and five stars. The shorts and socks are also yellow.

Courtesy photos @RangersFC / Twitter, rangers.fr and Footy Titles

Baseball Provides the Basis for Everyone to Enjoy | Sports News


Part of a party crowd, a bustling audience stands at attention during the pre-game national anthem by the Mooresville Spinners as part of the Craft Festival festivities.


used with


From staff reports

And it has never been better.

The game was once again the calling card for what has turned out to be one of the most attractive crowd-pleasers conducted so far this season – with several more to come – from the city. native and the Mooresville Spinners.

The entry into college baseball from late spring through summer, competing again as a member of the Southern Collegiate Baseball League, hosted one of its most anticipated promotions – the Craft Festival as a fencing.

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The largest single game attendance so far this season capitalized on an earlier-than-usual gate opening hour, which ensured all fans received the full pre-game treatment.

Special food and drink vendors have popped up throughout the Moor Park facility to allow all fans to savor the organization’s experience. Live musical entertainment, a rarity during the season, was also in the spotlight.

As for the action on the pitch, the Spinners were able to do their part to add to the celebration of the occasion.

Mooresville faced a 4-0 deficit in four full innings and was still led by a 4-1 count going into the bottom half of the eighth. With the majority of the crowd that had been there for hours still in place, the Spinners staged a six-race rally that saw them clinch the final 7-4 triumph over SCBL member Concord Athletics.

Louis Vuitton x Nike Air Force 1 is not a collaboration, it’s a bootleg

Virgil Abloh is a force of nature. His Louis Vuitton x Nike Air Force 1 collection, which is said to be made up of 100 colourways and designs, dominated the headlines and was the biggest fashion story yesterday, even more so than the runway itself. But as strong as the collection made, and as unprecedented and ‘game-changing’ as it’s been described, the Louis Vuitton x Nike Air Force 1 is actually just the latest evolution in the legacy of sneaker bootlegs. .

Abloh’s LV collection includes a range of Nike Air Force 1s, all made in Italy and made from various materials that are either synonymous with Louis Vuitton, or at least Abloh’s tenure as a men’s creative director. LV’s iconic monogrammed canvas is a must-have, as it’s splashed in a vast majority of the colourways shown on presentation in contrasting hues.

It is the integration of the monogram that is the most remarkable. The design and many colors are strongly reminiscent of the old custom or bootleg Air Force 1. As surprising as this collection is, slapping a luxury monogram on a Swoosh is nothing new, in fact, it’s a practice that has been around for decades.

The earliest example of customizing Nike Air Force 1 with monogrammed fabrics from luxury brand products dates back to Dapper Dan’s pioneering work in the ’80s and’ 90s. Dapper Dan’s work extended far beyond the Air Force 1, of course, because it has often remixed luxury brand goods into proto-streetwear pieces that better match the tastes of its customers than the clothing produced by current luxury houses. Dan’s own work was finally co-signed by Gucci in 2018, decades after pleading Dan in the ’80s and forcing him to partially shut down his operations.

In the early 2000s, it was Raif Adelberg, originally from Vancouver, British Columbia, who made a name for himself by cutting out authentic Louis Vuitton bags and using the leftovers to replace the swooshes in the general version, all-white Air Force 1s. Adelberg would first sell customs at Vancouver’s Twenty4 store for $ 300, before sending them to Eddie Cruz and Mary ann fusco in New York, for sale in the now closed UNION store. They were selling like hot cakes.

In an interview with Highsnobiety in 2018, Adelberg admitted to being influenced by Dapper Dan’s work. “I don’t pretend to be the first, Dapper Dan and all these guys were the first, they influenced me, and I kind of brought him back,” he said.

The point is, the Air Force 1 luxury bootlegs aren’t new or original, but they are deeply rooted in sneaker culture. Abloh is no stranger to flashes of shine. But he’s no stranger to controversy either, having been accused on several occasions of borrowing the work of other artists or rehashing existing designs. It is important to note that Abloh’s approach is well documented and while his work sometimes has clear inspirations, it is never a complete copy but rather an evolution of an idea.

It remains to be wondered where the official Louis Vuitton x Nike Air Force 1 sneaker collection falls in the bootleg spectrum. Is it a stroke of genius? Or is it an uninspired and revamped design?

On the one hand, the reactions of the community were overwhelmingly positive. Instagram sneakerheads recognize the similarities to past work, but choose to celebrate the collection as a tribute to those who walked so Louis Vuitton x Nike could run.

After Prada x adidas, Jordan Brand x Dior and Maison Margiela x Reebok, you could say it was only a matter of time before the most famous man in streetwear invited Louis Vuitton and Nike to join the fray. . Taking into account the previous luxury collaborations, the LV x Nike collection is in tune with the current times. If there’s one thing Abloh can’t be blamed for, it’s not knowing the history of sneakers, streetwear, or the people who shaped the culture like Dapper Dan.

Is it likely that Abloh used his position at Louis Vuitton to shout out all the designers and independents that came before him, repackaging a tried-and-true bootleg classic through the LV lens? Absolutely.

However, doubts remain as to whether a luxury powerhouse like Louis Vuitton should appropriate designs made iconic by independents. With Virgil at the helm, the answer to whether Louis Vuitton has a company to appropriate street culture becomes even murkier.

Across the aisle, Nike has been fighting tooth and nail recently to stop the smuggling of some of its most popular models, taking Warren Lotas to court for his “Reaper” Dunk Lows and recently receiving a federal mark. for the Air Jordan 1 High, low and low SE.

Then turning around and making a (presumably) very lucrative collection with Louis Vuitton is questionable to say the least. Nike owns the Air Force 1 design, after all, so it’s not a question of legality but of ethics; another case where the culture is ripped off and the big guys split all the money.

Bootlegs in sneakers have always been a difficult legal issue. Creatively, however, I’d say it’s pretty clear who owns the designs.

The exact motivations of Abloh, Louis Vuitton and Nike will likely not be clear. However, judging by feedback from industry insiders and Abloh’s track record of respecting streetwear greats, it’s not unfair to say that the LV x Nike Air Force 1 collection leans more towards the tribute and legitimation of an age-old bootleg design that the company’s money-grabbing.

Moral quibbling aside, there is objective truth at the heart of this partnership. The Louis Vuitton x Nike Air Force 1 is, objectively, another major feather in Abloh’s cap and a milestone in streetwear history for decades to come.

Houston Texans analyst John Harris discusses the new NFL helmet rule and the Texans’ uniform possibilities.


On Thursday, the NFL approved a measure that reminded me of the Texans, of course. The NFL, in essence, repealed a rule that said teams could only use “one helmet” during an NFL season. The rule was originally reinstated in 2013 as a safety measure and if any of you, alumni like me, remembers breaking a football helmet, it’s because is double hockey sticks to break a helmet.

However, unlike back then for us elders, headphone technology has improved dramatically and, in all fairness, colleges have been wearing multiple helmets for quite some time. Shoot, Oregon seems to have a different one every week. But, I digress. It was time to go back to those days.

The Buccaneers and their owner Joel Glazer have been pushing for this rule to change for the past two years, mainly because they want to wear their Bucco Bruce / Creamsicle helmet / jersey combination. Creamsicles without the Bucco Bruce wouldn’t look so good. But the Buccaneers weren’t the only ones who “won” Thursday. The “Old School Pat the Patriot Slapping the Ball” helmet may make a comeback in New England. The Eagles can don the Kelly Green that was the norm for decades in the 50s, 60s and 70s in Philadelphia. The Tennessee Titans can … okay, I’m not going.

Now the Texans are the only team in the league to wear retro and current jerseys at the same time. HA! See what I did there? Anyway, this rule got me thinking about what is the best combination of Texan outfits on game day, and with this new rule, different combinations to discuss. Here are some of the combinations that worked and some that may need to be implemented!

  1. Liberty White with the standard Blue helmet
  2. Liberty White with the alternate red helmet we haven’t seen – use your imagination folks! I think I would love it.
  3. Deep Steel Blue / Color Rush – one of the player favorites
  4. Battle Red jersey / pants, blue helmet
  5. Red Battle jersey / white pants / blue helmet
  6. Red Battle jersey / white pants / red helmet
  7. Battle Red jersey / blue pants / blue helmet – Jacksonville in 2016 – the last time and maybe the only time they used this suit.
  8. What about the Battle Red jersey / white pants / WHITE helmet?
  9. What about the white Liberty with a WHITE helmet? (Road type Texas Longhorn look or Stormtrooper circa 2012 Texas A&M look)

During Thursday’s Texans All Access, Marc Vandermeer asked me what was or would be my favorite combination. I said Number 6 – Battle Red jersey / white pants / RED helmet. Make this helmet in chrome or matte RED and you can mark my approval on this thing today.

Which is your favorite? What would your other helmet color be – white or red? Think about it, but it became clear to me that I loved football fashion more than I initially thought. You probably do too.

Comprehensive Analysis of Global Cycling Clothing Market 2021-2026 by Top Players – Adidas, Mavic, Specialized Bicycle, MERIDA – KSU

The latest market research report, titled Global Cycling Clothing Market 2021 by Manufacturers, Regions, Type and Application, Forecast to 2026 methodically compiles the main elements of the market research. The report helps clients to predict investment in an emerging market, expansion of market share, or success of a new product with the help of the global Bicycle Clothing market research analysis. This market research report has a consistent knowledge of what the market expects, what is already available, the competitive environment, and what can be done to outperform the competition. This report is intended to help readers make an accurate assessment of current and future market scenarios.

The report comprises an in-depth investigation of the global bicycle clothing market, highlighting the latest growth trends and market dynamics. In delivering this report, a strong commitment is given to customers who improve the customer experience. By understanding the importance of solid facts and figures, they are accurately inserted into the market report. Using in-depth knowledge of market research trends, industry verticals, and market research vendors, the market research report has been generated.

The global bicycle clothing market report provides comprehensive and detailed information to the customers. The right market research report is essential to unlock the maximum value from the investment. Highly motivated and enthusiastic young people as well as experienced researchers and analysts work hard to produce this excellent market report. This reliable market research report supports the decision making process. The report aims to help readers gain viable insights into the competitive spectrum of the market.

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NOTE: Our report highlights the main issues and dangers that businesses could face as a result of the unprecedented COVID-19 outbreak.

The following main players have been profiled:

Adidas, Mavic, Specialized Bike, MERIDA, TREK, Capo, Assos, Rapha, Marcello Bergamo, Castelli, Jaggad, Pearl Izumi, GIANT, CCN Sport, Mysenlan, JAKROO,

A detailed synopsis of the global Bicycle Clothing market valuation, revenue estimation, and market statistics is a key component of the report. Hence, the report aims to help readers gain viable insights into the competitive spectrum of the market. It further draws attention to the vital business expansion strategies adopted by the major market competitors to strengthen their positions in the global market. It also includes a vision for the size of the global market keeping the production and revenue of the vision.

On the basis of product type, the report describes the major product type share of the regional market. Products mentioned as follows:

Jerseys, long-sleeved shirts, pants, shorts, others,

The report defines the major application share of the global market. Application mentioned as follows:

Professional Players, Amateur Players,

Promising Regions & Countries Mentioned In The Global Cycling Clothing Market Report:

North America (United States, Canada and Mexico), Europe (Germany, France, United Kingdom, Russia, Italy and rest of Europe), Asia-Pacific (China, Japan, Korea, India, Southeast Asia) East and Australia), America (Brazil, Argentina, Colombia and the rest of South America), Middle East and Africa (Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, South Africa and the rest of the Middle East and Africa)

ACCESS TO THE FULL REPORT: https://www.marketsandresearch.biz/report/188436/global-bicycle-clothing-market-2021-by-manufacturers-regions-type-and-application-forecast-to-2026

Highlights of the Global Cycling Clothing Market Report:

  • Raw material sourcing strategy
  • Product mixing matrix
  • Supply chain optimization analysis
  • R&D analysis
  • Cost-benefit analysis
  • Estimation and forecast of regional demand (2021-2026)
  • Competitive analysis
  • Management of suppliers
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Technological advances

Customization of the report:

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Esports becomes mainstay of Dane County during pandemic


DANE COUNTY (WKOW) – While the pandemic wreaked havoc across many industries, Esports was not one of them.

Video games continue to grow and have now become a mainstay in the Madison area.

“I like playing because it’s an escape,” commented Codey Severance, XP League Madison assistant commissioner.

Escape and socialization are the reason why four in five American consumers played video games in the last year, according to the 2020 Entertainment Evolution Report.

“Overall, I think we’re starting to see this very well established trend,” said David Gagnon, director of Field Day Lab at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Gagnon said he sees games mingling with other forms of entertainment, such as television and sports.

“It’s the biggest media out there, you know it’s a lot bigger than the Hollywood kind of world.”

And that’s what prompted a new video game league to take off in Dane County, called XP Madison League.

“We are an Esports program for young people aged 7 to 15,” said JD Uhler, XP League Commissioner Madison.

Lucas and Lilly joined the team when their sports and other activities were canceled due to COVID-19.

“We get some cool jerseys,” they said enthusiastically.

“Kids are always looking for an outlet to be competitive and having a team and socializing was such a huge thing. And so they could find it in a safe environment with contactless sport in video games,” Uhler said.

They meet weekly in Sun Prairie to play games while the coaches help the children overcome difficult levels.

“We teach them how to play the games, how to improve, how to win games,” Severance said.

They take those skills and compete with others across the country and, in some cases, the world.

Colleges including the University of Wisconsin-Stout and Madison College have established esports teams and some offer scholarships to students.

“I think Esports is the future, I think it is, especially with the pandemic,” Severance said. “It turns out that’s the next thing that’s going to stick.

XP League Madison teams recently competed in the regional tournament and qualified for the national championships. They will travel to Raleigh, NC to compete in August.

MLB fans have strong feelings about the 2021 All-Star game uniforms


Bryce Harper may be the only Phillies member to make the 2021 MLB All-Star Game, but that doesn’t change the fact that we’re going to be seeing a lot of these uniforms over the next few weeks.

In the past, the All-Stars have worn their team’s uniform for the game, which has led to a mix of stripes and reds and blues – let’s be honest, most of the team colors are red and blue. blue – on the ground. It’s special to see a lot of uniforms that otherwise are rarely together in the field.

But like Spider Tack, that won’t happen this year.

For the first time in the history of the game, these shirts will actually be worn during the match. In the past, they were worn during the Home Run Derby or workouts, and of course, available for purchase.

I really like the caps; the stars are meant to evoke the beautiful mountains of Colorado; if you look closely, each point of the star is a purple mountain (majesty) with a white peak.

Jerseys look cheap and hectic, which is pretty much the opposite of how you want something worn on the national stage to look. The fact that the NL will wear white and the AL will wear navy blue is clearly due to the fact that the game was originally scheduled to be played in Atlanta, Georgia.

Overall, instead of being clean and classic for the first All-Star Game of uniforms, MLB went messy.

This was my first thought:

The rest of Baseball Twitter also had a few strong feelings about uniforms:

There are a lot of things that need to be fixed in MLB, including the all-star voting process, but uniforms are not one of them. As usual, the MLB has its priorities in order.

NFL to repeal rule preventing Patriots from wearing ‘Pat Patriot’ returns


FOXBORO, MA – OCTOBER 21: Devin McCourty # 32 of the New England Patriots reacts after a touchdown against the New York Jets at Gillette Stadium on October 21, 2012 in Foxboro, Massachusetts.

After eight seasons away from the game, a New England football legend could be on the verge of making a comeback. And while no, he’s not a player, he’s an individual that most Patriots fans know well.

Thursday afternoon, ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported that the NFL has approved teams using alternative helmet shells, starting in 2022. This new approval revokes the “one-shell rule” that was implemented prior to the 2013 season.

The “one-shell rule” limited teams to one helmet shell per season (decals and face shield could be changed from week to week) for player safety. Also, at the time, some players were using old-fashioned helmet designs that teams were struggling to get their hands on. With the NFL now banning the use of older helmets, supply is no longer an issue.

With the lifting of the “One Shell rule”, the Patriots are now able to bring back their classic white helmets emblazoned with the “Pat Patriot” logo – and the accompanying red jersey. It’s something the team suggested doing last year, when they unveiled their first new uniforms in 20 years. The team included a pledge in the release, stating “We recognize that fans have an affinity for the ‘returning’ red uniform as well and we hope to incorporate it into our uniform rotation going forward.”

In addition to helmets with the Pat Patriot logo, the team can also bring back their first helmets, worn only in their inaugural season in 1960. This look featured a tricorn hat, with the player’s number underneath.

Will the Patriots use this new helmet flexibility to revive an old uniform? Or create a new look that fans haven’t seen before? If they opt for the classic route, they will have a number of options to choose from. Here’s a look at the entire history of the team’s uniform, ranked from worst to first.

UPDATE: Teams will have until July 31, 2021 to notify the league of alternative helmets for 2022, according to Washington Post’s Mark Maske.

Click here for full coverage of the Patriots by The Sports Hub.

Alex Barth is a writer and digital producer for 985TheSportsHub.com. Opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect those of 98.5 The Sports Hub, Beasley Media Group or any affiliate. Thoughts? Comments? Questions? Looking for a podcast guest? Let him know on Twitter @RealAlexBarth or by e-mail to [email protected].

7 automotive and fashion collaborations that have merged the best of both worlds


Imagine that the cabin of your car is designed by the master tailor of your costume. Here are seven automotive and fashion collaborations that have created an elegant blend of the two worlds.

Designer cars aim to merge the best of fashion with the best of automotive. The result is an exclusive, eye-catching car that really elevates the style quotient. Essentially, it’s about answering, “What if you could extend your wardrobe to your car?” The idea behind this union of haute couture and the automobile is to create an exclusive novelty which fascinates those passionate about these two worlds of luxury.

The magic works both ways, while fashion brands like Belstaff take inspiration from automakers to create a special clothing capsule, automakers drape their interiors with fabrics borrowed from these fashion houses. Each collaboration is unique in its own way.


Fiat 500 x Bulgari

Fiat has teamed up with Italian design house Bvlgari with their very first fully electric car. Dubbed “B.500 BY BVLGARI -“ MAI TROPPO ”, which translates to“ never too much ”, Bvlgari has cast its glamor on the retro lines of the city car 500. The sparkling Imperial Saffron painting was inspired by the colors of Bvlagri’s hometown – Rome. The shiny finish is obtained by melting special gold powder, the very precious offcuts coming from the Bvlgari site in Valenza.

On the front you have the signature badge “500” and the nameplate “Bvlgari”. The golden wheels are said to mimic the rays of the sun. Things get very artistic when you walk inside. The dashboard is covered in fine silks with patterns from Bvlagri’s rich Italian heritage. The diamond-set logo on the steering wheel is made of precious stones – amethyst, citrine and topaz. Even the key is gold. The B.500 BY BVLGARI – MAY TROPPO was auctioned off in June and all proceeds were donated to one of Leonardo DiCaprio’s environmental organizations.

Image: Courtesy of Bvlgari


Lamborghini x Supreme

Italian luxury supercar brand Lamborghini has teamed up with the American skateboard brand to launch a brightly colored clothing and accessories line. The line consists of dungarees, shirts, hockey jerseys and bold green and black jackets. All feature bright colors in homage to Lamborghini’s iconic stable of V12-powered cars like the Diablo, Murciélago and Aventador. In addition to the bright colors, the giant Lamborghini logos ensure that you never miss any attention. The collaboration also includes monkey caps and skateboards.

Image: Courtesy Lamborghini


McLaren x Belstaff

McLaren is the maker of some of the most advanced supercars in the world. Belstaff is a fine apparel producer targeting customers looking for adventure. The two British brands have joined forces to create a new “capsule” collection. The clothing line has been designed to be as functional as possible.

Keeping in mind the clientele of both brands, the goal of the clothing line was to give the driver a full range of movement while driving. With features such as ergonomic seam lines, innovative stretch fabrics and minimal necklines, the capsule promises to be intrusion-free. The classic leather jacket boasts of a perforated material around the armpits to regulate temperature. Its side panels are in jersey to make your movements more flexible and the zippers are waterproof. Ideal clothes, therefore, for when you decide to tear up the racetrack in your McLaren 720S.

Image: Courtesy of Forbes


Bugatti Chiron x Hermès

When one of the fastest, most expensive cars in the world marries an iconic French label, you see a stunning all-white masterpiece.

Manny Khoshbin, a famous car collector from California, received the unique Chiron made by Hermes in 2019. Khoshbin, who already owns several high-end cars, wanted something even more exclusive than the standard Chiron. His passion for Bugatti and Hermès allowed him to bring together the brands and offer them to make a unique car for him. His mandate for Bugatti and Hermès was to create an elegant and luxurious car.

Modifications to this Chiron include the grille made up of Hs to honor the Hermès logo, the bottom of the rear fender is painted in the Hermès Courbettes horse motif and the rear bumper is matched to the body color. The interior is trimmed in exclusive cashmere fabric with Hermès Courbettes inserts on the door pads and knee pads. Many unique badges can be found on the car to ensure it is ultra-exclusive.

Image: Courtesy of Manny Khoshbin


BMW x Kith

BMW’s M division has teamed up with Kith to launch the Kith-branded BMW M4. The limited edition BMW M4 Competition Coupé receives Kith badges on the hood, trunk and optional integration on the car’s carbon fiber roof. The interior features Kith embossed headrests, armrests, center console and door sills. Based on the standard M4 Competition, the Kith Edition is powered by a twin-turbocharged inline 6-cylinder engine producing 510 horsepower mated to an 8-speed automatic transmission channeling power to all four wheels. This collaboration was limited to just 150 cars and all of them are sold out. Nonetheless, Kith’s tasteful embellishments and M4’s aggressive design make it a magnificent machine.

Image: Courtesy of BMW M


Vespa x Dior

Both founded 75 years ago, Vespa and Dior are great icons with a loyal following. The Italian scooter brand and the French fashion house have teamed up to design pure luxury on two wheels. The Vespa 946 has been given a chic makeover by Maria Grazia Chiuri, artistic director of the Dior women’s collection to celebrate freedom of movement and expression. The Dior edition of the 946 features a saddle covered with the recognizable Dior Oblique motif complemented by the scooter’s varnished beige finish and retro bronze-gold inlays. The collaboration also offers a line of accessories, including a Dior patterned helmet and a set of luggage. There is also a luggage rack on the back of the scooter.

Image: Courtesy of Vespa


Mercedes-Benz x Virgil Abloh

Mercedes-Benz collaborated with chief art director and founder of Off White and Men’s art director of Louis Vuitton, Virgil Abloh, to create Project Geländewagen. Mercedes-Benz Design Director Gorden Wegner and Abloh took the legendary G-Class SUV to explore ways to disrupt popular notions of luxury. The collaboration unveiled the G-Class which was radically different from any version of the popular SUV before.

The Geländewagen project is essentially a racing version of the G completely stripped down into a canvas. The partially sanded paint is there to embrace the notion of beauty in imperfection. The interior is stripped down with an F1 steering wheel and racing seats. Security features are highlighted in red. There are light blue elements that appear in an otherwise spartan cabin. The 1: 3 replica of the car was auctioned off at Sotheby’s Contemporary Curated.

Image: Courtesy of Daimler

The Benjamins and Scabal unveil the uniforms of the Olympic team


Istanbul fashion label Les Benjamins unveiled their uniforms for the Turk on Wednesday Olympic team for the Tokyo Summer Olympics.

And Scabal joined forces with the Belgian Olympic and the Paralympic Committees as the official clothing partner of the Belgian team for the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games. The company is one of many brands linked to national teams, individual athletes or corporate sponsors who anticipate the Summer Games after last year’s postponement. As cases of COVID-19 increase in parts of Japan and the vaccine rollout does not keep pace with some other countries, some critics are still calling for a cancellation to avoid further health risks.

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The Tokyo Summer Games are scheduled to start on July 24 and run through August 9. Financially, there is a lot at stake. At the end of last year, organizers put the cost of the Games at $ 15.4 billion. Already struggling ticket sales have been further affected by concerns over coronavirus variants and travel restrictions in some countries.

During the next Games, the Brussels-based family business Scabal will dress all the male members of the team for official and special events. The company will dress more than 250 people, including Olympic and Paralympic athletes and supporters of Team Belgium.

For Benjamin’s unveiling, Creative Director Bunyamin Aydin hosted a presentation in Istanbul to launch the designs that feature special mosaic monogram designs on the Nike jerseys and apparel athletes will wear during the Games, branding the designer as the first to partner with the National of Turkey. The Olympic team and the Ministry of Youth and Sports on uniforms.

Pieces such as shirts, shorts, jackets, tracksuits, windbreakers and accessories in black, blue and country red are adorned with designs that represent four pillars: authenticity, unity, creativity and diversity.

“This journey, inspired by our roots, has come to this point by being combined with my own design language,” Aydin said. “I would like to thank the Ministry of Youth and Sports, who believed in me from the very beginning and to this day, and Dr Nazan Ölçer, who supported me with his predictions. I wish our athletes success at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games. ”

Aydin said he met the athletes representing Turkey for the Olympics to learn about their performance and aesthetic needs. He met with Turkish art historian and author Nazan Ölçer to research Anatolian rugs, which served as inspiration for his symbols.

He wanted the designs to be as minimal as possible. Monograms adorn the sleeves and back of the team’s track jacket, as well as the sleeves of other pieces and the sides of the T-shirts. “The minimal placement is something I love,” Aydin said.

He added, “We have created our own symbols and are passing those values ​​on to the next generation. Combining them creates the identity of the design I made. It will be used for the next four years of sporting events.

Although the uniforms are not available for purchase, Aydin said he was in talks to make it happen. “They’ve never worked with a designer my size before,” he said. “It’s so important for Turkey to do something like this.”

This milestone is a looping moment for Aydin, who views Japanese fashion and street culture as a “huge influence” and also found success using rugs on his products in 2015. He took it further in 2017 by creating monogram carpet designs for his collection presented in Milan. The collection caught Nike’s attention and invited the designer to participate in their Air Max Day Vote Forward campaign.

But the interest in rugs and carpets, as well as fashion design, comes from Aydin’s parents. “Both my parents are in fashion,” he says. “My father passed away in 2009, but he was on the fabric and production side and my mother owned a store. I bought trips with my mom and met designers with my dad.

His parents, along with Japanese designers like Yohji Yamamoto and Hiroshi Fujiwara, inspired Aydin to launch Les Benjamins with the desire to connect the US and UK with Turkey in the same way he thinks Fujiwara l did for Japan.

As for the rugs, Aydin said his father would pick them up. “The Grand Bazaar has so many carpet stores,” he said. “Maybe because I lost him, it also had sentimental value.”

Since its inception in 2011, Les Benjamins has been available in 60 stores in 20 countries, with the Middle East as its largest market. The brand opened two stores in Istanbul, opened a third in Dubai in October, and in 2020 saw a 160% growth in online sales compared to 2019, as well as a 70% increase in retail sales.

The brand also recently secured venture capital funding from Esas Holding, which will help the brand to open stores in the United States in 2022. “They help me focus only on creative design,” Aydin said. “The plan is to open New York and Los Angeles in 2022.

“We want to be a retail brand with a strong e-commerce platform,” he added. “We have designed jewelry, sunglasses, widened product categories, created our own perfume, also worked on furniture and deployed children’s clothing, which is very successful. There are some collaborations that I can’t mention, but I can tell you that there are a lot of exciting things to come, especially the opening of our store in New York.

With extensive production and bespoke craftsmanship, the Savile Row Scabal tailor offers outfits individually tailored to meet the needs of each male athlete. The brand uses a lightweight, breathable and wrinkle-resistant fabric for added comfort to offset the scorching Tokyo temperatures. July and August are Tokyo’s hottest months with relative humidity hovering around 80%.

With more than 80 years of experience, Scabal develops each of its fabrics after years of research which involve the use of noble raw materials, advanced weaving and finishing techniques.

The deal was revealed by Belgian Olympic Committee CEO Philippe Vander Putten, Scabal Executive Chairman Gregor Thissen and Belgian field hockey player Simon Gougnard. BIOC Marketing and Communications Director, Dieter Reyntjens, said: “For the best Belgian athletes, we were looking for an elegant collection, offering optimal comfort in Japanese hearing and humidity, but above all adapted to the body of each. athlete. “

He also noted the “exceptional craftsmanship of Scabal combined with the best natural materials and the guarantee of a perfect finish since each costume is made to measure”.

Scabal takes his artistic approach seriously. The company has already collaborated with the surrealist painter Salvador Dali for 12 works. These pieces showed how Dali envisioned the evolution of bespoke clothing in the 21st century. His art remains in the cellars of Scabal. The company’s ties to Hollywood include providing the tuxedo worn by Marlon Brando’s “Vito Corleone” in “The Godfather” and nearly all of the 70 costumes worn by Robert DeNiro in “Casino”.

Scabal Executive Chairman Gregor Thissen spoke about the company’s commitment to Belgian athletes. “We are very happy to share values ​​such as excellence, respect and passion for all we do, in keeping with the spirit of the Olympic Games.”

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QR Code Creates New Way For Coaches To Find Talent Through Interactive Recruiting Jersey


AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) – College recruiting can be difficult for high school athletes. Finding ways to grab the attention of the college by sending emails to the handout leaflet, but now the technology allows coaches to go directly to a player and get the information through a QR code called a jersey. interactive recruitment. Off-Speed ​​Athletics owner Anthony Bethel has partnered with QR Recruiter to revolutionize the recruiting process.

“With our jerseys, we make personalized full sublimation uniforms. A few months ago I was dropping off some college uniforms in Arkansas and ran into a guy named Wayne Woolsey, ”Bethel said. “He’s started a business called QR Recruiter, so we’re on the verge of launching a series of products. Basically QR banners are QR codes that you can either put on a dugout canoe so far, that way they can scan that QR code that shows them everyone on the list. You can click on their link. This causes them to highlight their test results, so on, and so on, now we’re going to be the official QR recruiter merchandiser. We’re going to start putting QR codes on our jerseys.

Larissa Liska: “How do you think this will help speed up this process and help more children integrate into university teams?

“Basically you can go online. Buy your QR tag, and it’s very inexpensive. So once you’ve purchased your draft tag or purchased a jersey with a draft tag, we’ll link it to your profile. You’re good to go from there, ”Bethel said. “So, you know, I think I spoke to you the other day. We’re even going to set this up where you can go to camps. Basically you introduce yourself, choose your jersey size with your camp logo on it. We’ll scan it and link it to your profile, then any coach out there will have access to all of your information, which makes everything that much easier. It’s quite revolutionary. We call the jerseys real interactive recruiting jerseys.

You can purchase team jerseys through Off-Speed ​​Athletics or individual labels and banners through the QR Recruiter website.

Copyright 2021 KFDA. All rights reserved.

NJCAAE Joins EsportsGear in School Clothing Agreement.

â–² This has been sent to Inven Global as a press release.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK – The National Junior College Athletic Association Esports (NJCAAE) has entered into a groundbreaking apparel agreement with the leading supplier of school sportswear, EsportsGear, creating the first licensing partnership in college sports. The partnership will allow all members of the NJCAAE to develop, create and design their own team jerseys using the professional designers of EsportsGear. Additionally, EsportsGear will be the exclusive supplier of esports apparel and products at future NJCAAE LAN events.

This partnership ensures that EsportsGear will be the sole supplier of all clothing and merchandise to the NJCAAE with the use of the Diamond Tier jerseys which began on June 15, 2021. In forging this partnership, the NJCAAE ensures that their esports players have direct access to quality branded merchandise. “Evaluating how a potential strategic partner adds value to membership is a critical part of deciding who the NJCAAE to partner with.

NJCAAE is excited to partner with EsportsGear to add great value to NJCAAE membership. Not only will NJCAAE teams, colleges, fans and communities have access to best-in-class products at unbeatable prices, but team admins will have access to EsportsGear’s team of professional designers to create everything. what they are considering for their esports program. says Jeff White, executive director of AENJM.

“We couldn’t be more excited to partner with one of the leaders in college esports.” Anthony Guerra, CEO of EsportsGear. The Collegiate Sports Management Group, through its management team of Angela Bernhard Thomas, Jim Connelly and Neil Malvone, helped negotiate this one-of-a-kind esports partnership.

Jim Connelly, Senior Vice President of Consumer Products at CSMG, added, “CSMG is honored to have helped forge this pioneering licensing partnership between NJCAAE and EsportsGear. NJCAAE and its member institutions can now capitalize on EsportsGear’s best design capabilities, product portfolio and turnkey approach that has made it a leader in school esports licensing.

About the Collegiate Sports Management Group

Founded in 2014, CSMG is a “collegiate property group” that drives the business performance of varsity athletic conferences and schools, providing them with a successful growth strategy and generating revenue to support their athletic departments. CSMG specializes in marketing / revenue generation rights, content creation and distribution, media rights strategy and negotiation, sponsorship sales, licensing and e-sports.

About EsportsGear

EsportsGear was founded by gamers to take the hassle, stress, and confusion out of the process of getting high quality, custom clothing and gear. Offering premium materials, workmanship, artistic designs, a variety of accommodation options (from general store to wholesale and retail e-commerce complex hosting) and industry-leading pricing, EsportsGear has become the leading provider of college esports. EsportsGear is proud that all products are 100% sourced from the USA.

About the National Junior College Athletic Association Esports (NJCAAE)

The National Junior College Athletic Association Esports (NJCAAE), founded in 2019, is the only national esports association exclusively for two-year colleges. The NJCAAETM is committed to increasing access to team dynamics, academic representation and campus life for the benefit of student-athletes and member institutions. Esport participants and NJCAAETM members benefit from meaningful, educational and transformative opportunities that lead to higher retention and completion rates for participants. With over 100 schools from all over the United States already after just two semesters of competition, the NJCAAETM continues to make inroads to be the association of choice for all 2-year schools.

All pandemic shit is now selling on Craigslist.


As vaccines find their way into guns and final lockdowns are relaxed across the country, many Americans are trying to figure out what post-quarantine life will be like. They are looking for new friends and social groups, opportunities to travel or just a drink indoors; they’re not touching weight sets, inflatable pools, or other home essentials they bought in the nadir of the pandemic. Instead, they put all this bullshit on Craigslist.

I spent a few days browsing Craigslist ads in various cities to see what Americans are trying to unload right now. It was an enlightening look at how people were trying to be entertained, stay fit, socialize, work from home, get around, and survive during a weird and scary time. But also: Do ​​we really need to order so many disinfectant wipes?

Perhaps the most common exercise equipment that you will see for sale is exercise equipment: Platoons, weights, and rowers galore. Product descriptions are almost always the same: the seller bought the equipment in the hopes of exercising at home and couldn’t find the time and willingness to use it or not. needs more as gyms reopen. A subset of this category is sports equipment. A man named Arsen in San Francisco is currently offering a full set of hockey goalie gear – which includes skates, pads, mask, gloves, chest protector, sticks and jerseys – for $ 2,600. Arsen spent over $ 3,000 on everything, but say they didn’t use the set much in the end. “I have developed different hobbies and I don’t really have the same fire as before,” he told me. “Friends put me in it anyway.”

Hockey equipment ad

Another popular post-pandemic resale category is that of protective gear like masks and disinfectants. Where there were once shortages of PPE, now it seems there is a glut and people are eager to reduce their stocks. For example, there are two six-pound buckets of Clorox Hydrogen Peroxide Sanitizing Cleaning Wipes that have been on sale in New York City since late May. For $ 80 you can get a total of 370 wipes that won’t expire until March 2023. The buyer, who declined to give his name, told me by email that he was in “panic mode” at the start of the pandemic and he couldn’t find wipes anywhere. They eventually managed to find a business that sells medical supplies on the West Coast and ordered the two buckets last April. The cargo was due to arrive in June. However, as the wipes were out of stock, they were delayed by more than a year. “I contacted the company and asked them to cancel the order, but it was not refundable,” the seller said. “I received the wipes a few weeks ago, and now, as you know, you can easily buy / order disinfectant wipes.” The seller added that he no longer needed two full buckets and was trying to hand them over to someone else without “abusing the prices”.

A bucket of Clorox wipes.
Advertising for wipes.

A writer from Washington, DC, who has requested that his name not be published, is also trying to find a buyer for a large HEPA air purifier that he has only used once as a protective measure for a little New Year’s party he threw earlier this year. The purifier currently costs $ 50, about a quarter of the original price. “My husband and I have a long tradition of having a really big New Years party, which obviously wasn’t going to happen, but we wanted to do something,” he said. “We felt like there were about six people we could have, and we talked to all of them and agreed that we would be tested in advance and isolate ourselves between getting the results and getting the results. New year’s eve.” Beyond the testing, however, he felt it would give him and his guests some peace of mind that they had other precautionary measures in place. He had heard from a friend that there was some evidence that HEPA air filters could help curb the spread of the coronavirus, so he decided to take one. “I knew it wasn’t a quick fix, but it was kind of a security blanket, one more thing to lower the risk,” he told me. He and his circle of friends are now all vaccinated, however, he no longer feels the need for such a device. However, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of takers for the Purifier on Craigslist; one person made contact but ended up ghosting the seller on the day he was supposed to be picked up.

A Levolt air purifier.
Advert for an air purifier.

Finally, kitchen products from pandemic hobbies like bread making are plentiful on Craigslist. An art writer named Tansy in New York City sells an electric pot that comes with a pot and an “egg rack” accessory. “I’ve never had to cook in my whole life,” she said. “I live in a neighborhood where $ 6 for a healthy full meal is quite common. At the start of the pandemic, she “bought” the device because she feared that she would not be able to go to the restaurants where she usually gets her food for a long time. That fear didn’t really materialize, however, and Tansy never ended up using the stove. She now sells it for $ 32. “It was literally still in its original box, never used or even plugged in,” Tansy noted. “So I only dropped a dollar or two, I think. She wasn’t very lucky to find a buyer for the stove, although she was able to sell a bike she got during the pandemic for the exact same price she bought it at.

T’antay Cake Studio in Little Havana bakes personalized cakes

Click to enlarge

A cake from T’antay Miami Cake Studio

Images of Mikaylaj

In 2018, after many years working at the front of the house for restaurants such as Daniel in New York and LPM in Miami and Dubai, Ingrid Herrera decided it was time to start her own food business so that she could have more time for her husband and two-year-old Mateo.

She practiced doing alfajores (Latin American dulce de leche confectionery) in his home kitchen and selling them to friends. But the numbers, says Herrera, “didn’t add up.” She switched to decorating cakes that she made from scratch.

“I am completely self-taught. I didn’t even know I could cook, ”says Herrera, of Peruvian origin. New times. “When my mom worked in a restaurant in Peru, I would sit in the pastry corner playing with my sister – that was about all my experience with desserts was going. But I knew I could monetize my business. I researched the recipes for consistency and kept testing.

Herrera started going to markets and handing out samples to build his brand. The name, T’antay, is inspired by a word from the Quechua language spoken in the Peruvian Andes, which means “fresh from the oven”.

Orders kept coming in and the beginning baker finally quit her job to pursue the business full time.

Her initial investment, $ 10,000, was all the savings she had at the time.

Click to enlarge Alfajores by T'antay Miami Cake Studio - T'ANTAY MIAMI CAKE STUDIO

Alfajores by T’antay Miami Cake Studio

T’antay Miami Cake Studio

Today, Herrera and her team of three work in a small kitchen in Little Havana, and T’antay offers a menu of alfajores, cupcakes, cookies and personalized cakes decorated with fresh flowers, gold leaf. and pastel colors.

She bakes simple, monogrammed party cakes in five flavors: Peruvian chocolate, buttery vanilla, lemon olive oil, coconut and strawberry. Bigger and tiered cakes can also be ordered. Prices start at $ 175 for a standard sized cake for 12 to 15 people.

Herrera takes a limited number of orders per week – “to ensure quality,” she says.

“Our flavors are very local, natural and not too sweet, and the cakes are made clean and simple with Swiss meringue, so they’re easy to enjoy,” Herrera explains.

For some cakes, the process begins a month in advance.

“With each cake, I start from zero. I have to do my homework and interpret the client’s vision, ”Herrera explains. “I never know what the end result will be, I just go for it and I do it. It can take up to six to eight hours to make a personalized cake.

During the pandemic, customers couldn’t come to her store for consultations, so Herrera launched an online store. She also started running a monthly $ 35 flash sale of jar cakes that customers could take home to sample different flavors. Pre-order is available through T’antay’s website for the next edition, June 28.

Becoming her own boss isn’t easy, Herrera notes, but it was the best decision of her life. Her husband, Ryan Vando, stepped down from his leadership role at Coyo Taco last October and is now in charge of T’antay’s operations.

“When we moved to this country, we went through a lot. Working for myself has given my family stability and allowed us to spend more quality time together, ”she says. “Between social media, baking and cleaning, I never stop working, but I keep wanting to know more and do more. I see in myself that I am capable of becoming a staple in the community Miami is where I love to live, I don’t want to go anywhere else.

T’antay Cake Studio. 1900 SW Eighth St., Miami; 786-710-1963. tantaymiami.com, @tantaymiamicakes. Pastries and pastries available to take away and delivery by appointment.

New England Patriots 53-man Roster Projection 1.0


I know what you’re thinking: a New England Patriots 53-man roster projection? Now? It’s not even time for training camp for another month.

Yes, I know. This is way too early for a 53-man roster projection. Who can tell anything about the near 90 players on the New England Patriots’ roster from a handful of voluntary practices and organized team activities (OTAs)? So we’ll have a little fun with this 53-man roster projection and I’ll try to keep my “Fire Josh McDaniels” opinions to my Twitter account.

Well, this is Patriots 53-man roster projection version 1.0. There’s a long way to go until the season opens against the Dolphins in Foxboro, MA on September 12th. Also, there will be plenty more of these 53-man mock rosters to come throughout the preseason (do we not call them “mock rosters” because of fear of replacing “Rock Lobster” with “Mock Rosters” in the B-52s 1978 classic song. Just walking around the house singing, “And there they saw a mock / It wasn’t a mock / It was a mock roster / Mock roster!”).

OK, full truth and all cards on the table: This 53-man roster projection is just about impossible. Not just because it is so early in the preseason. But because the 2021 New England Patriots have a ton of quality depth on the roster right now. I’m up to iteration 16. This should be roster projection 1.16 because 1-15 had between 55 to 73 players on the 53-man roster projection. 

Look no further than this roster depth as a reason why the AFC East is again wide open. Yes, the Buffalo Bills are going to regress and should be scared of the Patriots in 2021. Brian Flores was a great story last year, but Tua was clearly the third-best quarterback on the roster in 2020 and probably battling Zach Wilson for the worst of the division. The Jets…I’ll believe it when I see it.

Back to the Patriots, though. Depth, it’s EVERYWHERE!

Offense? Check.

Defense? Check.

Special Teams? Check. 

Sorting out the starting quarterback is the big question of the preseason as there are two (maybe three?) quarterbacks on the roster battling for the starting role at the most important position on the team. If the Patriots get that right, with the new offensive weapons and beefed-up defense, they are right back in the AFC East battle.

So enough preamble, let’s get to the mock roster (Mock Roster! Help me, I can’t stop singing it in my head now.). Sorry, let’s get on with the 53-man roster projection.

53-man roster projection – OFFENSE (24):

Quarterbacks (2) : Mac Jones and Cam Newton

What about Jarrett Stidham, you “Stid the Kid” fans may ask? (Remember everyone buying Stidham jerseys after Brady left in free agency last year?) 

Well, what about him? He’s third best and there’s only room for two.

He’s not better than Jones, Cam is the starter and the roster is STACKED. No room for any third-stringers around here. Get out! (and take Brian Hoyer with you to the Texans, “Stid the Kid”).

Running Back (5): Damien Harris, Sony Michel, Rhamondre Stevenson, James White and Jakob Johnson:

Someone will get hurt in training camp and let Bill Belichick sneak Brandon Bolden back onto the roster. Sorry, Tyler Gaffney’s comeback is a great story but he’ll be lucky to get a practice squad invite. J.J. Taylor looks like he’s stuck on the practice squad for “Break Glass in Case of Emergency” situations. 

Oh yeah, 1,250+ yards rushing for Damien Harris. Chisel that prediction in stone. Sony will get hurt at some point this year, that’s an easy bonus prediction for free. 

On a serious note, Stevenson could become the goal line vulture and steal a bunch of touchdowns. Add in the tight ends and we may see more creative play calling inside the five-yard rather than Cam left, Cam right, Cam up the middle (Stop. No fire Josh McDaniels comments–I made a promise.)

Interested to see White’s role this year. He was kind of forgotten last year. With a deeper receiving group and the attention on the tight ends, he could see an uptick in usage. I left Jakob Johnson on the roster. Yes, Dalton Keene may be an H-Back, but I’m ready to see a fullback and two (three?) tight ends on the field and the Patriots playing some bully ball in 2021.

Tight End (4): Hunter Henry, Jonnu Smith, Dalton Keene, and Devin Asiasi

I’ve spent most every day wondering how Josh McDaniels is going to somehow screw up an offense with two (maybe three–I still am firmly in “Camp Asiasi”) dynamic tight ends (sorry, last time, I swear.). The other days I’ve dreamed of five tight end offenses and how I can get Troy Fumagalli on the roster. 

Fumagalli can play. His nickname is “The Phantom Finger”. He only has nine fingers! Fumagalli can block. He can play H-back. Sure, he’s third-string behind Jonnu Smith and Dalton Keene in the blocking/H-back tight end role. So what? Realistically, maybe practice squad eligible this year instead and can stick around.

Wait, Matt LaCosse is still on the roster? Really? After he opted out of 2019 and 2020…wait, he played in 2019? He was the “no production tight end” that year? GET HIM OUTTA HERE ALREADY!!!

Wide Receiver (5): Jakobi Meyers, Nelson Agholor, Kendrick Bourne, N’Keal Harry and Matthew Slater

Gunner Olszewski, sorry, kid. All Pro punt returner and no room in the wide receiver room. Tre Nixon, so sorry and don’t care that Ernie Adams picked you–it’s practice squad time. Ditto for freaky athletic Kristian Wilkerson and speedster Isaiah Zuber. 

Young veteran deep-threat Marvin Hall likely needs an injury to make the roster. Devin Smith? What a great story that would be. Pure speed there for the former 2015 second-round draft pick of the J-E-T-S, Jets, Jets, Jets. But not going to happen.

The media constantly underrates Nelson Agholor and Kendrick Bourne. I understand, who was watching the Las Vegas Raiders games last year? But both are HUGE upgrades to the offense. I’ll keep N’Keal Harry on the roster because although I may be the last one, I still believe he can be a productive wide receiver in the NFL. (On a side note, how many media/television/radio call him K’Neal? I should make a list. It cracks me up every time.)

Wait, who’s returning punts and kicks now? Hmmm, good question. Let’s call that TBD. Maybe N’Keal Harry or Sony Michel gets traded to a needy team during training camp and there’s space for Gunner. 

Offensive Line (8): Isaiah Wynn, Michael Onwenu, David Andrews, Shaq Mason, Trent Brown, Justin Herron, Ted Karras, and Will Sherman

First, there’s a lot of position versatility so we’ll lump all the big guys together. Second, Michael Onwenu, can we call you Mike? You were worthy of offensive rookie of the year last year. You’re in year two in Foxboro. We’re your biggest fans here at Full Press Coverage Patriots, so we’re pals? Can we call you Mike?

Marcus Martin is a legit NFL guard/center. I feel terrible leaving him off the roster. Ditto for Alex Redmond. If interior offensive line help is needed, though, somehow, someway, the call will come to the frozen winter fields of Iowa and James Ferentz will end up on the roster and starting a game at center or guard at some point.

R.J. Prince made the 90-man roster after participating on a tryout basis at OTAs, but he is focusing on making  the practice squad not the roster. Otherwise, the front five is set in stone and even after losing Joe Thuney in free agency, this unit should be a top-five line.

The final spot on the offensive line comes down to rookie Will Sherman, Korey Cunningham or Yodny Cajuste? The unknown rookie versus the invisible offensive tackle (Cunningham has been on the roster for two years and played one game in 2019 and 46 offensive snaps last year, but no one I mention his name to can tell me anything about him) versus the mystery man third-round draft pick (has anyone ever seen Yodny Cajuste? Is he a real person or a cover-up that the Patriots drafted a made-up player in the third round?).That’s a tough call. When in doubt, go with the shiny new object.

53-man roster projection – DEFENSE (26):

Defensive Line (6): Lawrence Guy, Henry Anderson, Deatrich Wise, Christian Barmore, Davon Godchaux and Montravius Adams

With the positional versatility of the defenders on this team, slotting into positions can be difficult. Who’s the nose tackle? Is Wise a defensive tackle or defensive end? Let’s keep it simple and go with “defensive line.”

Again, a deep position. I can find absolutely no room for last year’s emergency contributors Carl Davis, Akeem Spence, Bill Murray, and Nick Thurman. Some of them may end up on the practice squad and those spots are what they are likely hoping for in camp (or an injury).

The cut that kills me is Byron Cowart, who was active and started 14 games last season.  I desperately want to keep him. Big kid, great attitude, plays hard, one of the few defenders who looked capable against the run last year–I have nothing but good things to say about him. The return of Lawrence Guy and additions of Barmore, Anderson, Godchaux and Adams make the one-dimensional two-gapper irrelevant on defense.

Adams and Godchaux should upgrade the run defense on the interior. Anderson and Wise can rush the passer a little and hold up in the running game. Barmore will replace longtime interior pass rusher Adam Butler (another traitor who left for Miami!) on passing downs.

EDGE Rushers (6): Matt Judon, Ronnie Perkins, Chase Winovich, Kyle Van Noy, Josh Uche and Anfernee Jennings

Again, position titles are absolutely useless on this defense. Who’s a 4-3 end and who’s a 3-4 OLB? We’ll keep it simple again and call them edge rushers and lump them all together (and yes, Winovich may get some work inside at times like Van Noy).

Last year saw Chase Winovich in a larger role and the decline of John Simon and injuries to Shilique Calhoun and Brandon Copeland thrust rookies Josh Uche and Anfernee Jennings into the lineup to grab rare snaps as rookies. For Uche and Jennings, the extra work last year should pay off this season.

Judon and Van Noy should get the majority of work with Uche forcing his way on the field with his explosiveness. This position is so deep that Winovich and Jennings are on the outside looking in for playing time as Judon, Van Noy and Uche are likely to eat up the snaps on the edge.

A lot of talk this week of potentially trading Winovich. Really? He’s on a cheap contract, he’s a “Patriot Hustle Guy”, he’s on a cheap contract, and he’s growing as a run defender.  Did I mention he’s on a cheap contract?

Inside Linebackers (3): Dont’a Hightower, Ja’Whaun Bentley and Raekwon McMillan

Should we try this as a Question and Answer segment?

Question one: “What about Cameron McGrone?” 

Answer one: Good question. He’s starting the year on injured reserve. There’s no space on the roster for a linebacker still recovering from a torn ACL.

Question two: “OK, smart guy, what about Terez Hall?”

Answer two: Do you see those tears running down my cheeks? I LOVE Terez Hall. The man plays like he was shot out of a cannon each play. Serious man-crush territory here. 

Question three: “Harvey Langi?”

Answer three: Stop it, stop it. I’m in an emotional state already talking about Terez Hall. Harvey Langi back from the Jets is a boon and now I have to think of there being no room on the roster for him.

OK, no more questions. Hightower being back is huge. Bentley should play better with less pressure having to play Hightower’s role on defense. Van Noy and Uche can play inside to add extra pass rush to the position. McMillan doesn’t have an apostrophe in his first name, but we’ll let that slide and include him as an inside linebacker.

Latest Patriots News

Cornerbacks (6): Stephon Gilmore, J.C. Jackson, Jalen Mills, Jonathan Jones, Myles Bryant and Joejuan Williams

First things first. I am predicting a three-year Stephon Gilmore extension before the season starts. He’ll be in Foxboro this year and beyond. Trading Gilmore seems ludicrous. He’s the linchpin of the defense.

J.C. Jackson? I could see him getting shipped off for a draft pick if a team has a catastrophic injury at cornerback during training camp (hint: I cannot fathom the Patriots paying Jackson, who has failed as a number one cornerback repeatedly when Gilmore was out, anything even close to what he will get in free agency next year.). He’s a solid CB2, nothing personal but you shouldn’t want him as your CB1.

Cornerback is yet another stacked position on this defense. Jon Jones is incredibly overlooked as one of the best slot cornerbacks in the league. Jalen Mills, aka “The Green Goblin” (I’ve been reading Spider-Man comics since 1979–OF COURSE Mills is my instant favorite player), can play anywhere in the secondary. He’s a swiss army knife for the Belichick boys. Bryant was an undrafted free agent find who played 156 defensive snaps and also played on special teams last year. 

Joejuan Williams has positional versatility and should be able to be used against certain larger wide receivers and tight ends. Expect more of a role for the 2019 2nd round draft pick. I hate the idea of cutting Michael Jackson (I mean, just for the “Thriller” mentions during the game), but he is a strong press coverage cornerback. An injury or trade can squeeze him onto the roster.

Safeties (5): Devin McCourty, Kyle Dugger, Adrian Philips, Justin Bethel and Brandon King

How great is Adrian Phillips? Is there a player more fun to watch than the hard-hitting safety? Oh yeah, younger and faster hard-hitting safety Kyle Dugger. Dugger is just dripping with “future superstar”. Add in veteran free safety Devin McCourty who continues to flash top-end speed into his 30s and the safety position is yet another deep group.

Jalen Mills and Joejuan Williams can both play safety as well. That basically gets us five deep. Rookie Joshuah Bledsoe will likely be stashed on injured reserve to get him ready for 2022. Somehow, I have to figure out how to get “safety in name only” Cody Davis on the roster for his special teams contributions. Haven’t figured that out yet.

53-man roster projection – SPECIALISTS (3):

First, Matthew Slater, Justin Bethel and Brandon King are three specialists basically stuck into the offense and defense. I tried to make room for Cody Davis (and Brandon Bolden) as I imagine somehow they will be on the roster contributing to the special teams unit. How that will happen, I have no idea. Injuries? Trades? Creative stashing of young players on the practice squad? 

Hopefully, that will sort itself out as we get through training camp and the preseason.

Kicker (1): Nick Folk

The Roberto Aguayo experiment did not get past OTAs. Undrafted free agent Quinn Nordin will have training camp to show he can be accurate enough to steal the job from Folk.

Nordin has consistently been described as having “a big leg”. Obviously, that means he’s got distance and power on his kicks. However, it presents the delightful visual image of him having a disproportionately larger leg and using that additional torque to kick the ball further than Folk. 

That said, Folk has a history of big kicks in New England, accuracy and guaranteed money, which should be enough to win the job.

Punter (1): Jake Bailey

There was no competition. Bailey is a weapon at the punter position now. Heck, he could have been team MVP last year. 

Long Snapper (1): Joe Cardona

Cardona, the Navy alum, has long held down the long snapper position. The Patriots scooped up Wes Farnsworth for the OTAs but he was waived last week. Cardona has no competition the rest of the way.

PM Modi Launches Olympic Quiz, Winners Will Receive Indian Team Fan Jerseys: The Tribune India


Tribune press service

New Delhi, June 23

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday launched a quiz on the Olympics to raise awareness of India’s participation in the games.

The launch coincides with International Olympic Day, which marks the founding day of the International Olympic Committee.

“In a few weeks, @ Tokyo2020 starts. We wish the best to our contingent, which is made up of our best athletes. As the games approach, here’s an interesting quiz on MyGov. I urge all of you, especially my young friends, to participate, ”PM said in his tweet.

The winners of the quiz, which runs until July 23, will take home Indian team fan jerseys, and a few of the lucky winners will also have the chance to meet their favorite Olympian.

Sports Minister Kiren Rijiju also encouraged fans to take the quiz. “Thank you PM @narendramodi ji for your wishes for our athletes on the occasion of #OlympicDay. With only 30 days left for @ Tokyo2020, it’s time to start cheering – India, India! As the games approach, here’s an interesting quiz on MyGov. Participate! Rijiju wrote on his twitter page.

Participants will need to register on the MyGov platform, after which they will be offered several options and, upon successful completion of each activity, they will receive an electronic certificate marking their participation. In addition, quiz enthusiasts will have to answer 10 questions in 120 seconds.

The quiz is organized by the Sports Authority of India, the Ministry of Youth and Sports (MYAS) and the Indian Olympic Association (IOA).

Later today, the Minister of Sports will launch the official theme song of the Indian Olympic team for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games in the presence of IOA President Narinder Batra and Secretary General Rajeev Mehta. The song was composed and sung by popular singer Mohit Chauhan.

Justin and Hailey Bieber give Paris a taste of Hollywood style


The French style is loved around the world and many travelers try their best the second they land at Charles de Gaulle. Still, there is something to be said about staying true to yourself, even when you are away from home. Justin and Hailey Bieber took this idea to heart when they traveled to Paris this weekend to meet with French President Emmanuel Macron. Although they packed pieces from French fashion brands, the Biebers avoided clich̩s Рberets, Breton stripes, ballerinas among them Рand instead focused on items currently trending in Los Angeles.


On the first day, the couple enjoyed dinner in the 1st arrondissement while wearing casual partings. With Hailey in The Attico’s wide-pocket pants and a matching cropped white blouse and Justin decked out in one of Balenciaga’s hockey jerseys, the couple captured the young Hollywood look, right down to their viral accessories. JW Pei’s affordable and trendy Gabbi bag served as Hailey’s tote, while Justin sported a pair of retro rectangular sunglasses.

Image may contain: Handbag, Accessories, Accessory, Bag and Handbag
Image may contain: Clothing, Clothing, Pants, Denim and Jeans

Attico high-waisted straight-leg jeans

Marc Piasecki

This morning the Biebers started their day with some shopping in Kith in an equally casual outfit. Hailey went monochrome in a Raf Simons lavender knit top, Attico miniskirt and Bottega Veneta clutch. Justin kept things low-key in his Kith hoodie, khakis, and Nike Dunks, letting Hailey’s all-purple look shine.

Bottega Veneta The Pouch leather pouch

Image may contain: Clothes, Skirt, Lamp and Miniskirt

Attico stretch-wool gabardine mini skirt

Pierre Suu

For their tête-à-tête with Macron, the two Biebers dressed in new clothes. Justin kept his sneakers on but changed into a bespoke Celine black suit and pinstripe shirt. Hailey was the star of the show in a sultry look from LaQuan Smith’s Fall / Winter 2021 collection, worn with Little Liffner’s minimalist croc embossed mini tote. Boiled wool isn’t the first material that comes to mind when thinking sexy, but Smith’s piece comes with keyhole cutouts and a pencil skirt that changed the mood. Conscious of the body but just discreet enough for a political meeting, the dress illustrated the modern, American style.

Woman LA Barely There lace-up heel

Image may contain: Handbag, Accessories, Accessory, Bag and Basket

Minimalist brown crocodile bag Little Liffner

2021 Global Cycling Clothing Market Review & Industry Growth Till 2026 – KSU

Global Cycling Clothing Market 2021 by Manufacturers, Regions, Type and Application, Forecast to 2026 prepared by MarketsandResearch.biz carefully analyzes the key factors of the market, considering the state of the industry. The report focuses on an in-depth analysis of the significant market players to help understand the usage of the key strategies adopted in the global Bicycle Clothing Market. The report offers our readers added value to guide them in meeting the obstacles surrounding the market. A comprehensive addition of several factors such as global distribution, manufacturers, market size, and market factors affecting the global contributions are reported in the study.

The report then sheds light on an in-depth competitive landscape, defined growth opportunities, market share associated with product type and applications, key companies responsible for production and strategies employed are also marked. The report then describes the market division based on various parameters and attributes based on geography, product types, applications, etc. The market segmentation clarifies the regional distribution for the global bicycle clothing market, business trends, potential revenue sources, and upcoming market opportunities.

The competitive landscape section of the report explains the current nature of competition and shows whether the vendor landscape may undergo changes in the future. Players can use this analysis to improve their sales strategy, develop new marketing tactics, or explore other business strategies. The global bicycle clothing market report also calls attention to the product capacity, product price, profit streams, supply / demand ratio, production and market growth rate, and a growth forecast. The study also encompasses a number of emerging opportunities and trends which are taken into account by considering their impact on a global scale by gaining the majority of market share.

DOWNLOAD A FREE SAMPLE REPORT: https://www.marketsandresearch.biz/sample-request/188421

NOTE: COVID-19 has had a major impact on the global economy in addition to that on public health. This particular pandemic has caused severe economic destruction and not a single country has been spared. The virus has forced businesses around the world to change the way they operate. This report gives an analysis of the consequences of COVID-19 on the Bicycle Clothing market.

How does this market analysis help?

  • Market share (regional, product, application, end user) both in terms of volume and revenue as well as CAGR
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Analysis of the competitive landscape and market shares:

The competitive landscape of the global Bicycle Clothing market provides details by a competitor. Details included are company overview, company finances, revenues, market potential, research and development investments, new market initiatives, production sites and facilities. , the production capacities, the strengths and weaknesses of the company, the launch of the product, the breadth and breadth of the product, the dominance of applications. Market players help to understand the supply / demand ratio, consumer preferences, latest manufacturing process and latest developments. The competitive landscape focuses more on financial gains and market developments during the forecast period.

Key players covered in the report:

Adidas, Mavic, Specialized Bike, MERIDA, TREK, Capo, Assos, Rapha, Marcello Bergamo, Castelli, Jaggad, Pearl Izumi, GIANT, CCN Sport, Mysenlan, JAKROO,

On the basis of product type, the global market has been segmented into

Jerseys, long-sleeved shirts, pants, shorts, others,

On the basis of Application, the global market has been segmented into:

Professional Players, Amateur Players,

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Geographically, this report is segmented into several key regions, with Bicycle Clothing sales, revenue, market share and growth rate in these regions, covering:

North America (United States, Canada and Mexico), Europe (Germany, France, United Kingdom, Russia, Italy and rest of Europe), Asia-Pacific (China, Japan, Korea, India, Southeast Asia) East and Australia), America (Brazil, Argentina, Colombia and the rest of South America), Middle East and Africa (Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, South Africa and the rest of the Middle East and Africa)

Additionally, this report uses secondary sources to determine all breakdowns, divisions, and percentage shares and has completed their verification through primary sources. The report analyst used primary as well as secondary research processes to estimate the size of the global Bicycle Clothing market. In addition, extensive secondary research has been conducted to identify the major players in the market.

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VR Hockey League Season 4 Begins With Disruption


VR Hockey League Season 4 kicks off tonight for the first of the next eight weeks’ near-night clashes between eight teams divided into League A and League B. The VR Hockey League (VRHL) began its inaugural season in April 2020 and offers the first multiplayer VR hockey simulator Hockey League Pick-Up.

Tonight’s game featured Demons against Dynamo Yaks. The Demons have made it to the Finals over the previous three VRHL seasons and Dynamo Yaks are a new team, so a huge challenge was expected on the ice for the Yaks.

Unfortunately for the Demons, the Dynamo Yaks came out on the ice to win and came away with victory in the upper and developing leagues. The final scores were 7-2 in League A and 7-6 in League B.

I asked VRHL pitcher Itsabrassbonanza why he thought the finalist team from the previous two seasons had failed to secure the victory tonight.

“Sometimes they struggled to get the puck out in their own zone,” he said, adding that “the Yaks just took advantage of the opportunities that were given to them. “

Itsabrassbonanza also pointed out that “Bolty had a huge game for them [the Dynamo Yaks] with four goals. The Yaks managed to dominate both sides of the puck all night and it gave them the win.

Hockey League Pick-Up (PULH) became one of the first games available on Oculus App Lab earlier this year as a full multiplayer hockey game that uses realistic physics and motion controls. Customizable features for players include player-selectable jerseys and stick skins.

The VRHL draft took place on June 12 when the captains selected their teams of six. These teams were then divided into League A and League B. Teams A and B will compete in separate installments and League B players will be allowed to participate in League A matches, but League players A are not allowed to compete in League B. This gives players in League B the opportunity to develop skills with the potential to be part of an A team next season.


Players who have not been selected in the draft can register as substitutes for the league matches. They are classified as VRHL free agents and the replacement of teams may create opportunities for them to be drafted into a team in future seasons.

VRHL Season 4 Teams

When and where to watch

VR Hockey League games take place almost every night for the next 8 weeks, and then teams will advance to the finals. A full schedule and individual team schedules are available on the VRHL website.

You can watch league games on the official VR Hockey League Twitch channel or catch Hockey League Pick-Up anytime on the Twitch channel of game creator, Wraith of Electric Falcon LLC.

Join the community

Hockey League Pick-Up (PULH) is available on Oculus headsets, including the Quest. This is a free game available through App Lab.

As always, we encourage you to engage with other members of the VR community. You will certainly find many dedicated fans who enjoy hockey in physical and immersive reality on the Hockey League Pick-Up Discord server.

Stay tuned to VR Fitness Insider for more information on Hockey League Pick-Up and the VR Hockey League.

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Girls follow in Erickson’s footsteps


Kelly Santorilla attends basketball practice with her team in tow.

The gym has become like a home from home for her son Vince, 6, and daughter Sloane, 4, as their mom helps coach the Traverse City St. Francis women’s basketball program.

Squeaky sneakers and bouncing balls, however, aren’t the only echoes of those sessions, as Kelly recalls a time when she and baby sister Katie accompanied their father, Todd Erickson, as he led workouts between. girls at Manistee Catholic Central.

“Bringing my own kids to the gym now has been really special,” Kelly said. “I think I have a few gym rats on my hands, just like my dad did when we went to his practices and games.

“My kids love to be a part of it,” she said, “so I guess the cycle has started again.”

First taking the reins of college in 1992, Todd has already cemented his legacy as coach of the Saber Girls and still leads the team today.

He has impacted countless lives that have followed the program as players over the years and in doing so left traces that his two daughters are now following: Kelly as an assistant coach at TC St. Francis and Katie in the same role in Lake. Michigan Catholic of St. Joseph.

“Both want it done right,” Todd said. “I’ve always said that the little things matter the most because they’ll snowball into the big picture.

“They’ve always understood what it means. And they’re both very good at the details.”


Todd’s tenure with Manistee Catholic Central goes back further than his college days, as he coached a number of young Saber teams starting in 1983.

His wife, Jan, was also a youth coach, so basketball was just part of the family fabric.

“My parents always said I was in the gym in diapers,” Katie said, “so I guess it’s right in my blood.”

“We’re basically a basketball family,” Kelly added. “My mom coached me in elementary while my dad took over the college program. My dad had a pretty good team.

“I’ve always been there, and I’m still here,” she said. “When I get home, I’ll go to my dad’s practice and help work with the girls.

“I even love the smell of Manistee Catholic gymnasium. There is nothing like it.”

From layers to jerseys, Kelly and Katie have finally played for their dad on some of his most successful teams, among many over the years.

In 1999 – Kelly’s junior season – the Sabers reached the top of the program to date by reaching the Final Four. In 2000, they reached the quarterfinals.

“It’s been 20 years, but it’s like it was yesterday,” Kelly said. “I remember the team dinners, the trips, it was so much fun. That’s why I want to someday be able to do it with the teams I work with. I want these girls to carry those kinds of experiences with it. they.”

As an eighth and ninth grader who rose to the college roster during these in-depth tournaments, Katie treasures those memories as well.

“I was on JV, but when we went to the Final Four – this whole road trip – was special,” she said. “It will definitely be a memory that I always have.”

Todd jokes about the stark contrast between his daughters as players.

“They both did really well,” he said, “Kelly was a very complete team player.… She never forced anything and made sure everyone was involved and working. hard.

“Katie, on the other hand, would display a 6’2 girl and demand the ball,” he said with a laugh. “She didn’t care. She was going after you. When the ball went up in the air, her playing face was on. That’s how she was.

“We had a lot of fun. It might be a little challenge to train your own kids, but it’s a beautiful thing to look back on, because you can tell you did.”

And all three of them agreed: Todd was the coach, and Kelly and Katie were players.

“They never called me daddy during practices or games,” Todd recalls. “They called me a coach like everyone else. That’s not what I asked for, they just did. They were players on the team.”

“He treated us all equally,” Katie said. “On the contrary, I probably put more pressure on myself as the coach’s daughter.”

“We didn’t expect and don’t want special treatment,” Kelly said. “But we worked so hard for him. I think he instilled that in us, because we saw the teams before us working so hard and winning district championships and things like that, and we wanted to be a part of that too. . “


The apples haven’t fallen too far from the tree, and now the three coaches are helping each other over the course of a season.

“We definitely talk a lot about basketball now,” Todd said. “They sometimes call me, ‘Daddy, what did we do in this situation? Or,’ What was this play we were playing? ‘

“I also get, ‘Daddy, I don’t know how you put up with high school girls all these years,'” he added, laughing. “I told them both: I learned early on that you have to adapt to the team you have. When you understand that, the game becomes easier for the kids and they will produce no matter what. come.

“If you have a group that can perform plays on the fly, then do it,” he said. “But if you’ve got a group that’s struggling to make those quick changes, you have to keep it simpler.

“The better they understand what you’re doing, the better they’ll play – that’s what I’ve always thought – so you adjust to that as a coach.”

Kelly and Katie are now carving out their own coaching careers, but their father’s lessons are an integral part of their approach.

“He’s very patient,” Katie said. “Sometimes I wonder – just thinking about how I was when I played for him with my friends – how did he sometimes do?

“He has this attitude of himself that resonates with girls, in particular,” she said. “You have to have discipline, obviously, but his patience, humility and focus on the fundamentals have certainly played a role in how I help coach and advise these players now.”

Kelly agreed.

“He’s always so positive as a coach, and he never gave it up,” she said. “He never screamed. He has high expectations for them, and he pushes them, but he never looked down on girls in any way.

“He wants them to be the best they can be, and I try to take that into my own training,” she added. “It’s crazy to think of how many lives he’s been able to positively impact, and that obviously had a big influence on me.

“We were constantly in the gym with him and wanted to be there. I guess it’s something that doesn’t really leave you.”

Hawks hysteria soars over Atlanta after Game 7 win | New


ATLANTA (CBS46) – Legendary sports presenter Steve Holman called one of the greatest games in Atlanta Hawks history on Sunday night.

“It has been amazing, phenomenal, fun,” said Holman.

The high-flying Hawks upset the Philadelphia 76ers on the road in Game 7, sending Atlanta to the Eastern Conference Finals for just the second time in franchise history.

“Our bandwagon is wide open for everyone. We have a big bandwagon that is ready to take on anyone. I don’t care if you’ve never watched or listened to a Hawks game in your life, ”said Holman.

Hawks hysteria continues to build, as fans continue to believe. Merchandise sales increased by more than 50% at the Fan’s Wear store in downtown Atlanta.

“These are genuine Dominique Wilkins jerseys, and we got more because we used up what we had,” said Donnie McLemore, fan wear manager.

The Hawks will kick off the Eastern Conference Finals in Milwaukee against the Bucks on Wednesday night. According to Vivid Seats, tickets for the first game cost over $ 100. The second game at $ 150 and up and for the third game in Atlanta, the cheap seats cost a little over $ 250.

“I respect you, you respect, man,” Atlanta Hawks interim coach Nate McMillan told his team after the game.

If you’re planning on making the trip to Milwaukee to see Coach Nate McMillan and the team, a Delta round-trip flight will cost around $ 379 and a hotel room will cost at least $ 135 a night.

“It’s not your father’s sports team. This is not a typical Atlanta sports team. So whatever’s been going on over the years you can kind of erase it with this team because they’re not fooled by anything! said Holman.

Copyright 2021 WGCL-TV (Meredith Corporation). All rights reserved.

Ravens provide uniforms for youth football teams


OWINGS MILLS, Maryland – The Ravens Foundation Inc. has awarded grants to a total of 105 youth football teams in 15 nonprofit programs across the state of Maryland.

Continuing their commitment to improving the quality of youth football in the region, the Ravens and Under Armor will provide grants for new football clothing and equipment to more than 1,000 local young athletes who represent exceptional programs and have a positive impact. in their communities. The selected programs serve diverse populations in six counties – Baltimore, Carroll, Frederick, Harford, St. Mary’s, Washington – and Baltimore City.

Now in its 11th year, the grant serves as a pipeline between the Ravens and youth football programs to help promote, enhance and facilitate the healthy development of children in the community. Each grantee will use their grant to purchase packages that include Under Armor jerseys, field gear, and emergency response accessories.

Through Ravens RISE, the Ravens’ football outreach program, the team serves youth and high school football every year by contributing cleats to area football programs, donating equipment, running clinics. for youth football coaches, honoring area high school coaches through the Ravens Coach of the Week. program, and recognizing outstanding high school football games through the Ravens High School Football Showdown. Additionally, the Ravens invite area football teams to attend training camp and home games throughout the season. The team also organizes various tournaments and clinics, presented by Under Armor. Most recently, these have included the Ravens 7v7 high school football tournament and ‘Play Like A Raven’ football clinics.

2021 Ravens Junior Football Grant Recipients:

Baltimore Stallion Academic and Sporting Program (8 teams)

Baltimore Terrapins Youth Football (8 teams)

Youth Development of Charm City Buccaneers (8 teams)

Emmorton Buccaneers Football Program (10 teams)

FCA Park Heights Secret Society Saints Football and Cheerleading Program (8 teams)

Forest Park Black Hawks Football and Incentive Program (3 teams)

Frederick Cadet Youth Athletic Association (5 teams)

Glade Valley Athletic Association Youth Football Junior Lions (5 teams)

Joel Gamble Community Youth Outreach (5 teams)

North Carroll Colt Football and Cheer (6 teams)

North Hagerstown Junior Hubs Youth Athletic Association (11 teams)

Owings Mills Wolfpack Football Junior (8 teams)

Youth Mentoring and Sports Parkside Warriors (7 teams)

Southern Maryland United Association (9 teams)

Thomas Johnson Youth Sports Association (4 teams)

Additionally, USA Football, the national sports governing body and official development partner of NFL youth football, and the Baltimore Ravens recently awarded Riddell equipment grants to youth football programs in Maryland. , Delaware and Pennsylvania. These Riddell grant programs are valued up to $ 1,000 each and have been awarded based on an organization’s need, merit, and commitment to coaching education and best practices.

– Baltimore Crows

OLB Group helps minor league baseball teams connect with fans

5 minutes to read

This story originally appeared on StockNews

Convenience and safety are top priorities for sports team operators.

Next spring, three minor league baseball teams managed by National Sports Services will welcome fans back to the stands. Players from Indiana’s Lafayette Aviator, Pennsylvania’s Johnstown Millrats and South Carolina Spartanburgers will head out onto the field to swing again for fences and home runs.

Behind the scenes, National Sports Services is reexamining how fans will buy tickets, hot dogs, popcorn, team jerseys and pennants. With safety and convenience in mind, NSS’s goal is to provide the best possible experience for fans. To ensure the season starts off without a hitch, NSS has made the strategic decision to partner with a company called The OLB Group (NASDAQ: OLB) so that box office, stadium and online operations can work together seamlessly.

The OLB Group also helps each of the three teams analyze ticket and merchandise sales data to create personalized promotional and marketing campaigns that will attract more fans.

“Adopting OLB’s solutions represents an important strategic initiative for NSS that will have a profound effect on our ability to reduce costs, improve profitability and, most importantly, create an enjoyable experience for all of our customers,” said Bill Davidson, President and CEO of NSS. .

At the heart of OLB’s digital commerce offering is its Omnifast platform, a cloud-based management portal that enables merchants to seamlessly integrate multiple business functions that occur on-premises, online, and across devices. mobile.

Baseball party food with balls and mizuno on a wooden table.

“OLB’s proven management, point-of-sale and data solutions will allow our teams to interact with their fans through multiple safe, secure and intuitive touchpoints,” Davidson explained. “Through our partnership with OLB, we are confident that teams will be able to forge closer relationships with their respective fan bases by improving the convenience of the total stadium experience, which will translate into an increase higher income and profits. “

Davidson added, “Just imagine being a fan buying a ticket online with a selection of seats, pre-order concessions and keepsakes for your family, all from the comfort of your home or on your mobile device. The customer benefits from a convenient and enhanced gaming experience, while our operations can better manage food and beverage inventory by monitoring their demand as well as sports memorabilia sales.

When it comes to payment processing, OLB is already recognized as a full-fledged supplier.

With OLB’s Omnifast platform, business owners can now do everything from order acceptance and fulfillment to payment processing through traditional, contactless interfaces. They can also run personalized data-driven marketing campaigns and customer loyalty programs. The fact that OLB’s technology is completely secure and adheres to all data privacy mandates is reassurance for business owners as well.

OLB CEO Ronny Yakov points out that NSS’s decision to leverage digital commerce technology reflects the growing demand for these solutions among small and medium-sized merchants.

“Many small and medium-sized businesses recognized that digital commerce technology can have a transformative impact on their ability to generate income and improve their bottom line, but lacked the budgets or technical skills to take full advantage of these. capabilities, ”Yakov explained.

“Today, advancements in cloud computing have made digital commerce solutions much more affordable and accessible for these merchants, especially those who need secure and reliable payment and fulfillment options,” Yakov added. “As more merchants look for new strategies to engage with customers, reduce operating costs and jumpstart their sales efforts, we are confident that other organizations will integrate digital commerce capabilities into their own processes. commercial. “

The OLB group completes nearly 25 million transactions per year and expects further increase in activity as the global economy recovers from the pandemic. Most recently, the OLB group transferred to Nasdaq: OLB and managed to raise $ 6.5 million through Aegis Capital Corporation to accelerate its business plan through organic growth and acquisitions.

To learn more about the OLB Group, visit olb.com. Merchants interested in the payment gateway solution can register on CryptoAccept.com.

Mitchell Yu is a freelance writer and contributor to USA Today, Forbes, and StreetIQ covering key trends and players in the tech, gaming, e-commerce, and digital marketing industries.

The views and opinions expressed here are the views and opinions of the author and do not reflect those of StockNews.com.

Mitchell Yu is a freelance writer and contributor to USA Today, Forbes, and StreetIQ covering key trends and players in the tech, gaming, e-commerce, and digital marketing industries.


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Contest to celebrate the Tour de France!

“],” filter “: {” nextExceptions “:” img, blockquote, div “,” nextContainsExceptions “:” img, blockquote “}}”>

To celebrate the launch of the Tour de France 2021, we’ve teamed up with close VeloNews partners to help spread the love to celebrate the biggest cycling event of the year! Check out all the awesome prizes up for grabs and enter below for a chance to win. The contest runs from June 21 to July 19. Entry without purchase obligation.

3 months of coaching at a selected level from CTS ($ 615 MSRP)

Improve your performance with 3 months of CTS Select Level Coaching. You will be paired with your own personal trainer who will develop a personalized workout plan and provide weekly coaching tips and feedback to help you reach your biggest fitness goals.

Shut up your legs Men’s or Women’s Primal x Shut Up Legs Cycling Kit (Men’s and Women’s Kit – MSRP $ 225)

Win the Shut Up Legs Omni Elite Cycling Kit, inspired by the King of Pain, #TheJensie. Available in navy blue or Jens red. The lightweight, breathable fabric of the Omni Cycling Kit provides unparalleled cooling and moisture wicking. The fit will conform to your body with a comfortable 360 ​​° stretch. The kit includes a jersey, bibs, socks, gloves and a baseball cap.

$ 750 in cycling clothing starting at Pacimo

The winner can choose jerseys, bibs or accessories according to their size, color and gender preference.

InsideTracker Ultimate Testing Package ($ 1,725 ​​MSRP)

One lucky winner will receive: 2 InsideTracker Ultimate Test (value of $ 1,178) 1 InsideTracker DNA Kit (value of $ 249) 2 InsideTracker InnerAge Test (value of $ 198) Exam with a registered dietitian (value of $ 100)

Monday Morning Fly By: sport was a mistake


So we all agree that no sporting event took place in Philadelphia last night, right? Right. Anyone, on the links.

* Ryan Pulock played the hero role for the Islanders in one of the craziest moments of the playoffs, given the circumstances of the game and the series. (Sportsnet)

* So you want to repair the Flyers. What’s the first step? (BSH)

* Is the OEL part of this solution? Oliver Ekman-Larsson has his critics, but he’s another defenseman to watch as the Flyers’ quest to replace Matt Niskanen continues. (Philly Hockey now)

* Maybe Dougie Hamilton isn’t the Flyers’ primary target, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t a target. Its impact would be enormous. Charlie breaks everything down. (Athleticism)

* Two weeks ago, the Trois-Rivières Lions unveiled their gorgeous logo, sparking a conversation about the best hockey logos outside of the NHL. (Hockey news)

* I’m sure a lot of us don’t want to think about how Sean Couturier is set to become an unrestricted free agent at the end of next season. There is always additional fuel in a contract year. (NBC Sports Philly)

* Advertisements on the swimsuits? They may be on their way. Eek. (Athleticism)

* Our scoreboard continues with the Finnish center Aatu Räty. We are getting closer and closer to the territory of the Flyers. That is, if they really keep their choice. (BSH)

* Finally, Robin Lehner was very important to the Golden Knights in their series victory last night. Of course, not without reading all of your nasty tweets first. (ESPN)

2020-21 Tim Hortons NHL Mini Stick Sets Follow Popular Card Program


Hockey collectors have a week to drive to the Tim Hortons drive-thru to get what has quickly become one of the year’s most popular collectible no-card hockey collectibles.

The 2020-2021 NHL Superstar Collectible Stick Series features six players – five from Canadian teams and a Canadian star from the Boston Bruins. The mini sticks are 5 1/2 inches tall and come in a custom locker box featuring Auston Matthews of the Toronto Maple Leafs, Shea Weber of the Montreal Canadiens, Connor Hellebuyck of the Winnipeg Jets, Elias Pettersson of the Canucks of Vancouver, Leon Draisaitl of the Edmonton Oilers or Patrice Bergeron of the Boston Bruins.

The mini-sticks and lockers went on sale May 19 and are still available at Tim Hortons restaurants across Canada until June 25. They’re available for $ 5.99 each in stores and, of course, sell on eBay.

The 2020-2021 NHL mini-clubs and lockers will only be available at Tim Hortons until June 25. (Photo courtesy of Tim Hortons)

The mini-stick program is riding the tail of a successful program that took place in August and September of last year, also during the playoffs. This six-man set had more power, as it included Sidney Crosby of the Pittsburgh Penguins, Alex Ovechkin of the Washington Capitals, Connor McDavid of the Edmonton Oilers, Carey Price of the Montreal Canadiens, Mitch Marner of the Toronto Maple Leafs and Colorado Avalanche Nathan MacKinnon. Crosby and MacKinnon, both from the town of Cole Harbor, Nova Scotia, have appeared in Tim Hortons ads together in recent years to promote Tim Hortons Upper Deck hockey cards.

The year one six-player locker and stick set already sells in the $ 150 range on eBay and in hobby stores. The fact that sticks and racks were only available in Canada stimulated demand from American and European collectors.

Randomly inserted gold sticks

This year’s locker set contains randomly inserted gold sticks and a prize ticket that can be exchanged for a framed and autographed jersey of that player. There are 42 framed and signed jerseys.

Collectors have a chance to win a framed and signed jersey from one of the six NHL players.

All valid prize claims must be received by June 30, 2021 at www.TimsGoldenStick.com.

Tim Hortons has published the number of sticks and lockers produced for each player that are available at their quick service restaurants. They produced a total of 1,112,664 lockers and mini-sticks to buy in-store and on the fly. The numbers produced are Auston Matthews (252,384), Shea Weber (202,488), Connor Hellebuyck (173,952), Patrice Bergeron (184,848), Elias Pettersson (147,744) and Leon Draisaitl (151,248).

Completes Tim’s Upper Deck program

The hockey card set has been a must-have for the fast food partner of the NHL and NHLPA. For years it was McDonald’s. Upper Deck produced the first set of McDonald’s hockey cards, then the game went through Pinnacle, Pacific, and then returned to McDonald’s. Not only has the annual hockey card program been a source of revenue – McDonald’s card games have produced five million packs in some years – but it has played a crucial role in introducing mainstream hockey fans to the young hockey players and families in Canada collecting hockey cards. .

With the combination of the growth of the hobby, the buzz surrounding the return of the NHL after the league closed last March and the fact that the NHL and NHLPA have granted Tim Hortons permission to include cards. exchange for NHL Draft No. 1 Alex Lafrenière, the 2020-2021 Tim Hortons Card Set and Collector’s Album were the most anticipated hockey promotional card sets produced in years.

Adding a playoff collector’s item was a no-brainer for Tim Hortons. The first collectible without a card was a set of plastic cups featuring illustrations of NHL mascots. While young hockey fans loved the cups, they did not gain popularity in the hobby. Simply put, collectors are driven by gamers and stars. While Crosby, MacKinnon and McDavid drive hockey sales, Youppi, Harvey, Fin and Spartacat don’t.

Mini-sticks, however, have found the perfect combination of a low-cost novelty item of a small mini-stick inside a locker that has been personalized for each player. Suddenly, the collectors of Crosby, Ovechkin, Price et al had a reason to come back for another double-double in the drive-thru. The value of the secondary market has been driven by the power of the stars. The timing of the product release was perfect. The 2019-2020 Tim Hortons Mini Stick Set could become one of the most memorable hockey collectibles over the next decade.

Tim Horton’s UD cards in just four months

When the current Tim Hortons promotion ends, we will only be about four months away from the 2021-2022 Upper Deck Hockey Card Game and Collector’s Album. While there doesn’t appear to be a franchise superstar planned for this year’s draft, there are players like Cole Caufield of the Montreal Canadiens who made their NHL debut at the end of the year for help move the product forward. And the set will always have some kind of Wayne Gretzky presence. Gretzky, a spokesperson for Upper Deck, not only leads the market with the cards from his playing days, but his new cards, such as the cards from the Tim Hortons Card Game, are still in high demand among card collectors. hockey.

As for collectible mini sticks and lockers, there are certainly enough superstars out there to drive sales in Canada. With the NHL having a very open schedule and the likelihood of an NHL participation in the 2022 Winter Olympics, there is a good chance that stars will emerge. A mix of veterans and young superstars for the program could include John Tavares of the Leafs, Tim Steutzle of the Ottawa Senators, Karill Kaprizov of the Minnesota Wild, Nikita Kucherov or Steven Stamkos of the Tampa Bay Lightning, Marc-André Fleury of the Vegas. Golden Knights, Patrick Kane of the Chicago Blackhawks, and dozens of other stars to choose from. In other words, there is no shortage of star power, even though some of the elite superstars have been used.

The excitement of having a Canadian team in the NHL semifinals is helping to fuel the hobby in Canada. It was automatic that the winner of the North Division would be part of the last four teams of the Stanley Cup playoffs. Either way, the hockey collectibles craze in Canada now feels like it’s 1993, when the Canadiens beat the Gretzky Kings for the Cup and the Toronto Maple Leafs came down. are launched in the playoffs.

If only there was a mini Gretzky stick and a locker.

About Jeff Morris

Jeff Morris is a veteran amateur who has been a collector for over 50 years. Originally an amateur journalist, he became Brand Manager at Pinnacle, then worked as an executive for Collector’s Edge and Shop at Home before joining Pacific Trading Cards as VP Marketing. He is the former editor and publisher of Canadian Sports Collector magazine, and he was also a columnist for ESPN.com.

Tartan Army crackdown: Met issues DISPERSAL order for central London


The Metropolitan Police have issued a dispersal order giving officers the power to remove troublemakers from central London as 20,000 Scotland football supporters flood into the capital ahead of tomorrow’s Euro 2020 clash against England at Wembley Stadium.  

Thousands of fans draped in flags and wearing Scotland jerseys have been pouring off sold-out trains in London before the 8pm kick-off tomorrow – despite just 2,800 tickets being sold to Scotland football supporters for the much-anticipated clash with the Auld Enemy.

London pubs are cancelling reservations for Scotland fans after London Mayor Sadiq Khan told 20,000 supporters to stay home and ‘enjoy the game from Scotland’ if they do not have tickets. He previously said supporters would provide a needed boost to London’s hard-hit hospitality sector.

The Mayor’s warnings that the influx of people would cause a ‘serious risk’ of spreading Covid-19 prompted pubs to cancel bookings, while London Ambulance Service admitted it had no plans to have an increased amount of medics on standby in case of a mass party at Hyde Park.

Scotland Yard has now issued a Section 35 Dispersal Order today until 3pm on Saturday, in anticipation of ‘anti-social behaviour’. The order gives a police constable and a police community support officer in uniform the power to exclude a person from an area for 48 hours with an Inspector’s authority.

A Metropolitan Police spokesman tweeted this evening: ‘Due to the high profile UEFA EURO Football match between England & Scotland on Friday 18th June at 8pm and the anticipated anti-social behaviour this may bring, a section 35 dispersal authority has been implemented. 

‘This has been authorised by Inspector Dodds from 1500 hours 17/06/21 till 1500 hours 19/06/21 in the West End area in an attempt to reduce the likelihood of members of the public being caused alarm harassment and distress and the occurrence of criminality in the local area.’ 

A naked Scottish fan is arrested by police as they congregate in Hyde Park, London ahead of the Uefa clash tomorrow

Scotland football fans are seen drinking and jumping into the William Shakespeare fountain in Leicester Square, London

Scotland football fans are seen drinking and celebrating at the Shakespeare fountain in central London this evening

Scottish football fans arrive in London for the European Championship clash with England at Wembley Stadium tomorrow

The Metropolitan Police have issued a dispersal order giving officers the power to remove troublemakers from central London

Vast swathes of fans – several not wearing masks – were seen flooding off trains as they arrived in the capital

One man appeared to have climbed on top of a sign in King’s Cross Station in London as fans gathered

Scottish Football supporters arrive at Kings Cross Station today ahead of the England vs Scotland Euro 2020 football match tomorrow

And with no fan zone for those without tickets at Wembley, questions have been raised about where the droves of fans (some pictured) will go tomorrow – especially as forecasted rain is set to make outside spaces a no-go

A significant number of police attended at King’s Cross Station today to make sure the football crowd did not get out of hand

One fan was seen smiling with a hat and Scottish flag as fans gathered at King’s Cross Station in the capital

Women travelling to London from Waverley Station, Edinburgh, are seen posing with a Scottish flag

Section 35 Dispersal Orders: Explained 

Section 35 Dispersal Orders are issued where police believe there may be anti-social behaviour.

Under Section 35 of the Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014, a police constable and a PCSO have the power exclude a person from an area for a period of up to 48 hours.

The order must be authorised by an Inspector.

Mr Khan said: ‘Scottish fans are renowned around the world for bringing a party atmosphere with them to the big tournaments but with COVID restrictions still in place on both sides of the border, the best thing for fans without tickets to the game or a safe place to watch it is to enjoy the game from Scotland and not come to London.

‘In an ideal world I would welcome the Tartan Army to London for this match with open arms – but with Covid cases increasing, and with so much at stake as we fight this awful virus, I’m afraid that it just cannot be this time, so the best thing to do is not to come to London and instead enjoy the game at home.’ 

In February, the Mayor said he wants to see Scots ‘coming down to London to watch the Scotland-England game’ and said Euro 2020 will be a ‘springboard to a recovery, particularly if it’s domestic fans only’.

Many booked pub visits well in advance to get the best deals. But, after Mr Khan’s more cautious approach this week, many pubs have retracted bookings – with fans claiming it was down to their Scottish post codes.

Supporter Gary Ayton told MyLondon: ‘Sadiq Khan said he wants the Scotland fans to travel down; ‘feel free to come in book pubs, it will be good for tourism’, so everyone has done it, then literally a week later, they’re saying ‘if you’ve not got a ticket don’t travel’.’  

All 32 trains departing Edinburgh and Glasgow for the capital on Friday are fully booked, and southbound services from Manchester are also extremely busy.

And all bar one train arriving from Glasgow on Thursday were sold out today, meaning the influx of fans has begun more than 24 hours before kick off.

And with no fan zone for those without tickets at Wembley, questions have been raised about where the droves of fans will go tomorrow – especially as forecasted rain is set to make outside spaces a no-go. 

The rule of six and strict social distancing measures are still in force indoors, meaning those hoping to watch the match from pubs and sports bars to shelter from the downpour could be facing disappointment.

Jeering fans chant as they gather at Central Station before boarding trains to London on June 17 – ahead of the match tomorrow

Fans climb on top of benches and signs in King’s Cross Station after arriving in London ahead of tomorrow’s match

Droves of fans were seen at King’s Cross Station today. Many did not wear masks as they walked along the platform

Scottish football supporters – one clutching a bottle of Buckfast – look jovial as they wait in King’s Cross Station today

Scotland fans at Central station in Glasgow as they prepare to travel to London ahead of the UEFA Euro 2020 Group D match between England and Scotland at Wembley Stadium

Scotland fans at Central station in Glasgow before their journey to London today

Two young Scotland fans wearing matching kilts and jerseys were seen in Central Station, Glasgow, before boarding trains to London

Scotland football supporters gathered at Central Station before boarding trains to London on June 17. The match against England is tomorrow

Fans chanted and sung as they walked along the platform in London today

Scotland fans are seen posing on board a flight heading into London ahead of the Euro 2020 clash at Wembley tomorrow

Meanwhile, footage taken onboard planes flying into London showed rows of passengers singing Yes Sir I Can Boogie by Baccara – a song unofficially adopted as an anthem by Scotland fans

Footage taken at King’s Cross Station showed droves of Scotland fans – several wearing blue football kits – disembarking their train. Several chanted ‘we’ll be coming down the road’, a Scotland Football Team song.

Huge crowds were seen gathered outside the station, with Met Police officers on guard in case the festivities got out of hand. 

Meanwhile, footage taken onboard planes flying into London showed rows of passengers singing Yes Sir I Can Boogie by Baccara – a song unofficially adopted as an anthem by Scotland fans.

Tomorrow’s highly anticipated match marks the first clash between the two teams in four years.  

Scotland fans are already flooding into London ahead of the nation’s clash against England at Wembley tomorrow night – with the Tartan Army selling out trains from Glasgow and Edinburgh

As many as 6,000 Scots are expected to descend on the capital by Friday, according to the Scottish Football Supporters Association – while other estimates put the figure at 20,000. Left: A Scotland fan arriving by train. Right: Two visiting supporters posing in front of the Houses of Parliament 

Footage taken at King’s Cross Station showed droves of Scotland fans – several wearing blue football kits – disembarking their train

Several chanted ‘we’ll be coming down the road’, a Scotland Football Team song

Sadiq Khan this week performed a u-turn on Scottish fans travelling up to London. Pictured: Fans heading to London on a coach

Crowds of people were seen arriving in London today. Several train passengers did not wear face masks

Football fans cheered as they exited through the turnstiles in King’s Cross Station in London today

Some fans wore traditional kilts with their football jerseys – even though kickoff isn’t until tomorrow

It is thought that Scotland will join England in taking a knee to protest racial inequality during Friday’s game. Pictured: Scotland fans at King’s Cross Station today

This week, ticketless Scotland supporters (fans pictured today) were urged to stay away from Wembley for the match – with Sadiq Khan performing a u-turn on Scottish fans travelling down to London

After previously welcoming fans as a much-needed boost to the capital’s hard-hit hospitality industry, the London mayor said they pose a ‘serious risk’ to spreading Covid. Pictured: Fans arriving today

Hundreds of Met Police officers will form a ring of steel at Wembley to prevent ticketless fans accessing the stadium. Pictured: Police at King’s Cross Station as fans arrived today

Huge crowds were seen gathered outside the station, with Met Police officers on guard in case the festivities got out of hand

The mayor’s warning came amid concerns that those without tickets could meet in Hyde Park for a mass party after the match – with London Ambulance bosses putting the potential meet up ‘on their radar’. Pictured: Fans arriving today

There will also be a significant police presence in tourist areas of such as Trafalgar Square, as well as at King’s Cross (pictured today) and Euston stations

London Ambulance Service urged visitors to be sensible with their drinking but said it has ‘no plans’ to have an increased amount of medics on standby

Mr Khan said: ‘Scottish fans are renowned around the world for bringing a party atmosphere with them to the big tournaments but with COVID restrictions still in place on both sides of the border, the best thing for fans without tickets to the game or a safe place to watch it is to enjoy the game from Scotland and not come to London’. Pictured: Fans in London today

Mr Khan added: ‘In an ideal world I would welcome the Tartan Army to London for this match with open arms – but with Covid cases increasing, and with so much at stake as we fight this awful virus, I’m afraid that it just cannot be this time, so the best thing to do is not to come to London and instead enjoy the game at home.’ Pictured: Fans at King’s Cross station today

There are also concerns about Scotland fans infiltrating the home areas of the stadium as tickets are still changing hands on various resale websites. Pictured: Scotland fans in London today

Supporters were draped in flags as they waited to board trains in Glasgow today

Police were seen at Central Station in Glasgow before football fans boarded trains to London 

Most fans arriving today admitted they did not have a ticket for the crunch Euro match at Wembley against England and said they would watch the game at a pub.

John McCormak, 35, said ‘ There was no chance of a ticket, but me and two mates decided to come anyway. It’s a great away day and will be made all the sweeter if we win’

Mr McCormak, from Glasgow, said he was staying in a budget hotel near Victoria Station.

‘It’s a rip off with the price, but the cheapest I could find, I’ve been down before and there’s a good sports bar nearby which will do me,’ he added.

His friend Andy Allen 37, said: ‘Playing England at Wembley is the one match any Scot fan wants to attend. It’s criminal that more tickets were not made available.’

Between noon and 6pm six trains from Glasgow arrived at Euston. Others – equally packed with fans – arrived at Kings Cross station. 

Fans were seen holding bottles of beer and clutching suitcases ahead of boarding trains to London 

Football fans beam as they pose for a picture ahead of the Scotland vs England match tomorrow night

Football supporters are seen cheering and chanting outside King’s Cross Station in central London

Scotland supporters were seen chanting as they made their way along the platform in Glasgow before boarding the train to London

Fans wearing kilts chanted and punched the air as they walked down the platform in Glasgow today

Two young Scotland supporters wearing matching kilts and pushing a suitcase were seen walking along in Glasgow station

Ticketless fans said they had booked a place at a pub showing the match as part of a package. Others said they planned to find a pub in central London that would house them rather than travel out to Wembley Stadium for the 8pm kick off.

Sandy Blake 26, said he planned to spend the night on a friend’s sofa and watch the match at a North London pub.

Wearing a kilt and a Scottish football jersey, he said the three day trip would cost him £400.

He said: ‘I’ve got a ticket to watch in a pub near my hotel. Costing me between £300 and £400. If we win, money well spent.’

After the five-and-a-half hour train journey from Glasgow, most fans headed straight to their accommodation. One group of six friends had accommodation booked at a Premier Inn close to Wembley.

Martin Yarrew, 25, said he had reserved a room as soon as the Euro draw was made and faced months of uncertainty about whether he would be able to travel due to Covid restrictions.

He said: ‘To be honest, I’m just glad to be here and excited to watch the match. Booking very early meant I got a cheap rate. Others on the train said they were paying over £150 a night.’ 

Another fan who arrived today was Charlie Archibald, 30. He had a ticket for the match courtesy of his cousin Liam Cooper who is expected to play for Scotland tomorrow night.

Sporting a blue Scotland jersey with ‘Cooper’ on the back, he said: ‘I guess we are the lucky ones with a ticket. My cousin plays for Scotland so he was able to get us the tickets. Didn’t cost me anything. We’re really looking forward to the match.’

Charlie travelled down to London with friends Robbie Lapsley and David Snedden. They headed to their hotel Hyde Park after their train journey.

The police will work with stewards to stop ticketless fans accessing Wembley Way, and travelling fans in the England sections risk being ejected from the stadium. Pictured: Scotland fans in London today

Scottish Football Supporters Association founder, Paul Goodwin, questioned why there was no fan zone provided for supporters without tickets in London, adding that Glasgow has one that can take 6,000 seated and socially distanced people. Pictured: Fans in London

Sven Lister, part of the Roysth Tartan Army supporters club, said that not facilitating a way for fans to watch the match could bring about trouble. Pictured: Fans in London today

All 15 of the train services going straight to London from Glasgow in time for the match on Friday were sold out by Monday this week. Pictured: Trainline search results for today

It is thought that Scotland will join England in taking a knee to protest racial inequality during Friday’s game. 

Hundreds of Met Police officers are set to form a ring of steel at Wembley to prevent ticketless fans accessing the stadium tomorrow night.

There will also be a significant police presence in tourist areas of such as Trafalgar Square, as well as at King’s Cross and Euston stations. 

There are also concerns about Scotland fans infiltrating the home areas of the stadium as tickets are still changing hands on various resale websites.

The police will work with stewards to stop ticketless fans accessing Wembley Way, and travelling fans in the England sections risk being ejected from the stadium.

Scottish Football Supporters Association founder, Paul Goodwin, questioned why there was no fan zone provided for supporters without tickets in London, adding that Glasgow has one that can take 6,000 seated and socially distanced people.

All bar one train arriving on Thursday was sold out (pictured), meaning the influx of fans has begun more than 24 hours before kick off 

Following tomorrow’s match, Scotland will return to Hampden Park in Glasgow for the final group game against Croatia on 22 June. Pictured: Other fans opted to drive to London

He told The Times: ‘There will be plenty of tartan on display as we like coming down and showing off. The fact we have not been part of it [a major tournament] for such a long time is a factor.’

Sven Lister, part of the Roysth Tartan Army supporters club, said that not facilitating a way for fans to watch the match could bring about trouble.

‘I reckon there will be about 20,000 or so turning out. It just worries me that they’ve not done anything. There’s going to be groups wandering, possibly not getting to see the football, which would cause trouble,’ he told MyLondon.

But Goodwin said that Scottish fans have won awards for their friendliness and good behaviour at the previous two tournaments.

The news comes following disappointment for Scotland fans after their country lost 2-0 in their first match in a major tournament in 23 years, which saw a Czech Republic player score an extraordinary goal from the halfway line.

The game was played at Hampden Park in Glasgow in front of a socially-distanced crowd of 12,000 fans.

The Met’s Deputy Assistant Comissioner, Jane Connors, told Sportsmail the force were preparing to deal with an invasion of ticketless fans for Scotland’s first game at Wembley since a World Cup qualifier five years ago in what will be only their second tournament meeting in 114 fixtures.

Scenes of fans descending on the capital today no-doubt evoked memories of previous Tartan army invasions in London, such as in 1979 (pictured)

Scotland beat England 2-1 at Wembley Stadium in 1977, prompting fans to invade the pitch and pull down goalposts (pictured)

Fans are seen celebrating their sides first goal in the match against England at Wembley in 1977

‘We anticipate a significant number of fans are expecting to travel to London,’ Connors said.

‘I would urge people: please, only come to London if you have a ticket for a match, or fanzone. There are no alternative sites for fans to gather in large numbers and there are limited spaces in pubs and bars and you could end up missing the game. London is still in lockdown and must observe current Government guidelines.’

Mr Goodwin added that said Steve Clarke side’s defeat by the Czech Republic may have deterred fans from travelling and complained about the lack of a fanzone for the visitors in London.

‘There’s less likely to be a mass invasion as people are feeling deflated after the Czech result, but there will be a few thousand without tickets, that’s for sure,’ Goodwin said.

‘In addition to those travelling, as someone who lived in London for 16 years I know how big the Scottish community is down there.

‘The official allocation is 3,000 so it could be double that or even more. A Scottish fanzone would have helped keep people away from Wembley. Maybe that decision was taken to stop people from travelling.’

Following tomorrow’s match, Scotland will return to Hampden Park in Glasgow for the final group game against Croatia on 22 June.

About 12,000 people descended on Hampden to watch their match against the Czech Republic on Monday. 

Valley Christian makes history with 4th consecutive title

SAN JOSE – When Easton Kreshel smashed his third homer in as many games on the left center wall, it was the culmination of a week of quick work on his swing. Kreshel’s two-point blast opened a game in a tie, and Valley Christian never gave up on his lead en route to a fourth straight Coast Mid Section baseball championship, 6-5, against Archbishop. Mitty.

Two innings later, coach John Diatte bit back tears after second-year reliever Alec Belardes survived a final trade from Mitty and was swarmed by his teammates. The championship was Diatte’s 10th in 32 seasons as a coach. Diatte, who has worn number 10 since playing Valley Christian before it was a baseball powerhouse, said he holds a special place in his heart.

“My nickname is ‘Ten’. My own kids laugh at me because I have this obsession with number 10, ”said Diatte, after celebrating the victory with a kiss with his wife, Kelly. “For us getting our 10th (CCS Championship) is pretty cool.”

Kreshel’s long ball was the biggest hit in a three-run fifth inning that gave Valley the lead for good.

Mitty’s right-hander Tristan Fox recorded the first two outs in the fourth, but he couldn’t get out of the frame.

After Kreshel brought home elder Jonathan Cymrot home on his home run, sophomore Michael Casteneda scored a single and came home on the next batter when Griffin Allen hit a double to give Valley 5 the lead. -2.

Jacob Schlesselman scored on a wild pitch the next inning for an insurance run that would prove critical after Mitty responded with one of his own in the bottom of the sixth.

SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA – JUNE 19: Valley Christian’s Jacob Schlesselman slides home safely past a tag from Archbishop Mitty catcher Jake Geiss to help the Warriors claim their fourth straight CCS title with a 6-5 victory in the Division I Championship Baseball game, Saturday, June 19, 2021, in San Jose, Calif. (Karl Mondon / Bay Area News Group)

The Monarchs were led by three and were on their last three withdrawals. It was a position they held before, however, having advanced into the title game by rallying for a win on foot in their last trip to the plate in the semi-finals against Los Gatos.

Zach Yorke and Matthew Halbach reached the start of the inning and eventually came back to score, bringing the Monarchs to one point. Once again, Mitty loaded the bases.

This time, instead of a walk for the Monarchs, Belardes got Mitty’s point guard, Jarren Advincula, swinging for the 21st out.

SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA – JUNE 19: Valley Christian celebrates his fourth straight CCS title after a 6-5 victory over Archbishop Mitty in the Division I Baseball Championship game on Saturday June 19, 2021 in San Jose, California (Karl Mondon / Bay Area News Group)

When the pile of dogs cleared, the Warriors won their fourth straight CCS trophy in the top division (there was no open division this season). This is only the second time that the feat has been accomplished, and the first time that it has been achieved under a single coach. (Bellarmine won four consecutive victories from 1985 to 1988 under coaches Don Ardissone and Gary Cunningham.)

Diatte took over the program 32 seasons ago and was left by his predecessor, he said: “10 pants and five shirts, which we weren’t going to go very far with.

“We’re in a much better place now,” he said.

Valley entered the CCS game after falling to Archbishop Mitty in the WCAL title match.

As the tournament’s third seed, Valley Christian made his way to the championship by knocking out top seeded Palo Alto in the semifinals and then seeded in the final.

Kreshel left the court in both games, as well as the Warriors’ quarter-final victory over Aptos to open the CCS tournament.

With a week between the West Catholic Athletic League and CCS tournaments, Kreshel said he used the free time to rework his swing. He spent every day working at Cymrot, trying to improve himself to stay back on the ball.

SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA – JUNE 19: Easton Kreshel (11) of Valley Christian is greeted by Jonathan Cymrot (14) after hitting a 2-run homerun against Archbishop Mitty in the CCS Division I Baseball Championship game on Saturday June 19, 2021, in San Jose, California (Karl Mondon / Bay Area News Group)

“I was just like, ‘See a fastball, line it up in the middle,’ and it worked,” Kreshel said.

The 11th Diatte Championship may not be as predestined as the 10th for the man whose license plate is personalized with 10s on it.

But next season, Valley Christian sacks Kreshel and a host of other underclassmen, including rising juniors Jacob Hudson and Michael Casteneda, who each scored runs and pitched innings on the mound in the Championship game.

No team has ever won five CCS titles in a row.

“I’m not even going to think about it,” Diatte said. “I’m going to enjoy 10 now.”

Austin’s football history makes Saturday’s home opener even more special


Go back further and you may find the chicane on top of the misfortune and failure. In 2004, a group started the Austin Posse with a list of friendlies and big talk about joining the Mexican league instead of an American division. When they drew the UANL Tigers (or at least a version of the Liga MX giants) to town and made notable signings like US internationals Roy Lassiter and Chad Deering, it appeared they could actually mean business. .

Then the main directors left town without warning, leaving the players, the sponsors and everyone else to hold the bag. The ‘Soccer Watch’ column of the Austin Chronicle, a staple of ATX football lovingly curated for decades by Nick Barbaro, ranked the Posse Saga as the best football story in town for 2004 in its January 7, 2005 edition:

“With almost no prior publicity, this professional start-up team presented a major league roster and announced matches against top teams from four different nations. Then, just as suddenly, they were gone – after just three games of exhibition, and leaving behind an ocean of ill will, unpaid debts and an act that is difficult for the next people to be brave enough to try to bring professional football to Austin.

Earlier attempts to establish high profile football roots in the rocky soil of Hill Country date back to the 1980s, with names like Sockadillos, Lone Stars, Lightning and Thunder rarely winning much or drawing more than two thousand through the gates. . While House Park was a central and atmospheric location, the school district banned beer sales and eventually laid artificial turf with unsightly grid marks, and teams generally withered when looking for better options in the suburbs.

St. Louis Blues give Keean Washkurak his NHL shot in fifth round


The St. Louis Blues began their offseason quietly, signing Keean Washkurak to a three-year entry contract on June 1.

That doesn’t guarantee the 19-year-old from Kitchener, Ont., But it’s a pretty big jump for a fifth-round drafted player (155th overall) in the 2019 NHL Draft. others, Washkurak has taken a slightly different path over the past season, but that hasn’t affected his value to the Blues’ brass in any way.

After being selected, Washkurak competed in the annual Traverse City Prospects Tournament and was also invited to Blues training camp before returning to play a second season with the Mississauga Steelheads of the Ontario Hockey League. .

With the OHL sidelined for the entire 2020-21 campaign, Washkurak made a unique commitment, crossing the ocean to play Level II professional hockey with HK Levice in Slovakia. In 21 games there, Washkurak had 9 goals and 19 points before returning to play three games with the Utica Comets, the joint AHL branch of the Vancouver Blues and Canucks.

The Mississauga Steelheads’ Keean Washkurak was drafted by the St. Louis Blues in the fifth round of the 2019 NHL Draft (Terry Wilson / OHL Image)

With the signing, the quick and tough Washkurak will keep the eyes of Blues scouts and makers on him, but given his age, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see the 19-year-old return to Mississauga this fall. .

Washkurak made his presence felt with the Mississauga Steelheads – he was voted the hardest worker in the Eastern Conference in 2018-19 and 2019-20.

Scouting reports praise the young center for his speed and tenacity, and he doesn’t hesitate to play in dirty areas in front of the net. In 49 games with the Steelheads in 2019-2020, Washkurak totaled 22 goals and 52 points. He led the team in shorthanded goals with three goals and added eight on the power play. Two of his goals emerged as match winners. His 62 penalty minutes are a testament to his abrasive style of play, especially in and around the opposing goal.

To say that he is far from making the Blues this fall even seems overly optimistic, but the fact that a player drafted so late has already made an impression of good omen for his future with the Blues.

Odds vs. Fifth Rounds

The fact that Washkurak has gained the attention he has so far is a testament to both the player’s gut courage and the Blues’ ability to find a diamond in the rough.

An interesting online report from Jokke Nevalainen assesses the possibility that players from every draft round will make it to the NHL. According to his report, while the former have a 37.3% chance of success, the numbers drop sharply from the second round (17.2%), and by the time a fifth round is selected, the number has dropped to 7.5. %.

Ironically, the fifth round had a lower chance percentage than the sixth round at 7.9%, but that’s far from the case.

Here’s a look at some of the team’s previous picks in the fifth round:

2018 – Hugh McGing

Taken at No. 138 a season before Washkurak, Hugh McGing, a 5-foot-9, 174-pound center from Chicago also had a brief glimpse at Utica this season, playing 23 games with the Comets after concluding a fourth and final season with the West Michigan Broncos.

McGing has 13 goals and 35 points in 35 games for the Broncos, wearing the captain’s “C”. In 23 games to wrap up the season at Utica, McGing scored his first professional goal and added three assists.

2017 – David Noël

A 6-foot-1, 194-pound defender David Noël returned to Val-d’Or from the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League after being selected 130th overall by the Blues. He played two more seasons in Val-d’Or, both as team captain before moving to the University of Quebec / Trois Rivières last season. He made his professional debut in 2018, playing a game with the San Antonio Rampage.

2016 – Nolan Stevens / Connor Bleackley

With two picks in the fifth round, the Blues selected Nolan Stevens in 125th place and added Conner Bleackley in 144th.

Bleackley, a six-foot, 192-pound forward, was actually selected in the first round (23rd overall) by the Colorado Avalanche in 2014, but was not signed and was available two years later. Since being signed by the Blues, Bleackley has rebounded between the AHL and ECHL, wearing 10 different jerseys.

Latest Blues content:

Stevens was a member of the Northeastern University Huskies and completed a four-season race there, the last season as team captain.

The 6-3, 185-pound winger played two seasons with the San Antonio Rampage and last season played with the Comets. In 136 AHL games, Stevens has amassed 24 goals and 67 points, but has yet to play for the Blues.

2015 – Niko Mikkola / Luc Opilka

The Blues also had two picks in the fifth round of the 2015 draft, picking up defenseman Niko Makkela at 127 pick, and Luke Opilka, a 146 goalie.

Makkela has made his way into the defensive body of the Blues, appearing in 30 games last season after honing his craft in the Finnish Liiga and the AHL in 2018-19. He has played a total of 118 AHL games and made his NHL debut with a five-game streak in St. Louis in 2019-20. In 30 games last season, Makkela had one goal and two assists, finished the season minus-11, and averaged around 2:30 pm per game.

Niko Mikkola San Antonio Rampage
Niko Mikkola, San Antonio Rampage (Jenae Anderson / The Hockey Writers)

Opilka, a 6-foot-1, 192-pound goalie, was a member of the United States National Development Team when he was selected by the Blues. He played a few seasons with the Kitchener Rangers in the Ontario Hockey League before retiring abruptly as a player, moving on to assistant coach / goaltending coach for the ACHA team. ‘Maryville University (St. Louis) for the past three seasons.

On the right track, but a long way to go

Washkurak seems to be on a somewhat fast lane, and the combination of his speed and physique, despite being on a smaller frame, has certainly turned some heads, but he’s still not sure of anything. In fact, it seems likely he’ll spend at least one more season learning the ropes in Mississauga.

Another thing playing against Washkurak, at least at this point, is the depth of the Blues, especially at the center. The first two in the middle are occupied by two of the team’s best players, captain Ryan O’Reilly and Brayden Schenn. This depth table lists six centers battling for two spots, including Zach Sanford and free agent Tyler Bozak, as well as Oskar Sundqvist, who hopes to come back from his knee injury in time for training camp in September.

The offseason trades and additions and subtractions could change the depth of the club, and with the role Washkurak is used to, he’s not locked into the center role. In fact, he could be more effective as a hard-hitting winger. Another potential tournament and training camp could give Washkurak a few more opportunities to impress decision-makers and so far it looks like he’s up to any challenge.

K-pop star Soobin wears “VANOOOVBR” Canucks shirt


The oddly spelled Canucks t-shirt appeared on Korean television.

I’m not sure what place would be the least likely to see a Vancouver Canucks logo, but “on a K-pop star on South Korean TV” ranks pretty high up there.

Soobin is the frontman of K-pop group Tomorrow X Together, aka. SMS. The last album of the group, Chapter of Chaos: Freeze, was a crossover hit, reaching number 5 on the US Billboard charts and they made their late night debut in the US on The Late Late Show with James Corden last week, singing their new single, “Magic” .

The song is a certifiable bop.

On Friday they performed “Magic” on KBS World TV wearing outfits straight out of the late 90s or early 2000s: baggy jeans, long-sleeved shirts under oversized baseball jerseys and jackets. aviator.

Soobin’s shirt was a bit more of the late 2000s, however, as he wore a Canucks t-shirt with “Vancouver” on top of the Orc logo, which the Canucks debuted in the 2007-08 season. .

Only there was something a little weird about the logo. Instead of “VANCOUVER”, the shirt clearly reads “VANOOOVBR”.

Yes, it definitely says “VANOOOVBR”. By KBS World TV

This was spotted by a sharp-eyed Redditor and posted on the Canucks subreddit.

While oddly spelled or worded English wares aren’t exactly uncommon in places where English isn’t the primary language, that doesn’t appear to be what has happened here. Instead, it seems quite intentional, perhaps to avoid copyright issues.

In fact, if you look at some of the other shirts that TXT members have worn, Soobin isn’t the only one with weird spelling.

The Kansas City Chiefs jersey appears to read “CIIFF”. A shirt that appears to be an Underarmor shirt, instead reads “IIIIDCRARMCUR AIIIIFTICS”. I’m sure “TOURNDVENI” on the open baseball jersey is also meant to be something else.

TOMORROW X TOGETHER - Magic (Music Bank) _ Screenshot KBS WORLD TV 210618 0-24That’s not how you spell Underarmor. By KBS World TV

On closer inspection, the letters on the shirts appear to have been altered with small pieces of duct tape that match the color of the letters or the shirt. Adding a few lines to “VANCOUVER” can quickly turn the “C” and “U” into “O” and the “E” into “B”.

The reverse is done with the Chiefs and Underarmor shirts, instead of removing parts of letters to turn them into “I” or “C”.

My assumption is that this is done to avoid legal issues. Sometimes you will see logos or shirts with a brand fade on TV. This is called product movement or, informally, “grecking”. While it is not illegal to display a logo or use a trademark, it is always done to avoid any risk of legal trouble or to avoid free publicity to a business or brand.

Is Soobin really a Canucks fan? He wouldn’t be the first K-pop star to love hockey. NCT U did a full hockey-themed music video for their song “90’s Love,” although that helps NCT U member Mark Lee, who is from Canada.

Battle of Britain: England take the field to take on Scotland in historic Euro 2020 clash


England’s football players have taken to the field ahead of their historic Euro 2020 clash against Scotland at Wembley tonight.

The national side was led out by captain and star striker Harry Kane as they came face to face with the Auld Enemy for the first time in the competition in a rainy north London.

They were cheered on by some 22,500 supporters – 2,800 being Scots – under the iconic arch ahead of the must-win game.

But there were concerns among football bosses that both sets of fans would boo the two teams when they take the knee in a show against racism.

There were also fears the largely-English stands would jeer while the Scottish national anthem was played and sung before kick off.

It comes after 20,000 Scottish fans turned the English capital into mayhem over the last two days, with punters fighting, stripping naked outside and swimming in public fountains.

Police admitted they had to ‘flexibly’ manage the huge swathe of Scotland fans who took over the West End earlier today with no social distancing, showering any England supporters brave enough to go near them with beer.

Fans parted to allow the Three Lions fans walk through – then tossed booze over them as they hurried by and let off blue and white smoke flares chanting: ‘I’d hate to be English’.

The Tartan Army had been in the pub at 10am, trashing central London and leaving the capital’s landmarks strewn with detritus having completely ignored pleas from Mayor Sadiq Khan and the Met Police to stay away.

They flouted a Scotland Yard two-day order warning them not congregate in the West End from 3pm yesterday – and instead they partied in Leicester Square where they danced in fountains they filled with foam into the night.

On Friday afternoon, officers admitted defeat in trying to move on the fans and said they would implement a ‘flexible policing plan… to reduce the likelihood of crime, disorder and anti-social behaviour’. 

England’s football players have taken to the field ahead of their historic Euro 2020 clash against Scotland at Wembley tonight

They were cheered on by some 22,500 supporters – 2,800 being Scots – under the iconic arch ahead of the must-win game

But there were concerns among football bosses that both sets of fans would boo the two teams when they take the knee in a show against racism

There were also fears the largely-English stands would jeer while the Scottish national anthem was played and sung before kick off

What social distancing? There was little room for space in Leicester Square as Scotland fans massed today ahead of the game

With the absence of an official fanzone, Scotland fans massed in Leicester Square to soak up the atmosphere today

A huge crowd of Scotland fans gather near Leicester Square in the West End ahead of the England verus Scotland Euro 2020 clash

The supporters left huge piles of litter in the popular London square with cans and bottles strewn across the floor after fans moved on

Fans seized the opportunity to jump into the fountain in Leicester Square and take off their shirts as they sprayed water over each other

A fan attempts to clear up the huge amount of litter left in Leicester Square after the fans vacated to make their way to the stadium 

Throughout the day, the Tartan Army were chanting, letting off flares and drinking as they made the most of the rare occasion for an England clash in an international tournament

There were wild scenes of jubilation throughout the day and despite the drunken revelry, police have only made two arrests so far

Supporters dance among the litter in central London after thousands of fans descended for the Euro 2020 clash between the old rivals

Fans scaled monuments, let off blue flares and sprayed beer over each other in the party atmosphere in the capital on Friday

There were clashes among the Tartan Army, many of whom had arrived on Thursday and had been drinking throughout the day

A topless fan has a run up then slides on the wet pavement to the delight of the gathered supporters during the crazy scenes ahead of the highly-anticipated clash

When the hundreds of fans finally dispersed from Leicester Square, the whole area was littered with crushed beer cans, broken bottles and plastic bags

Chief inspector Joe Stokoe said: ‘We have contingency plans to deal with any number of potential incidents as they arise but my message is clear: if you don’t have ticket to the matches, fan zone or officially booked into a pub, bar or club, please do not come to London – you could end up missing the game.’

After a night of disorder, the fans were back on the beers in the West End in the morning, with 20,000 Scots said to be in London and thousands more arriving by train from Glasgow and Edinburgh throughout the day.

When the hundreds of fans finally dispersed from Leicester Square, the whole area was littered with crushed beer cans, broken bottles and plastic bags.

Most of them still chanting were visibly drunk, some barely able to stand and staggering away with the sound of crunching glass underfoot.

Opposite the Hippodrome Casino ambulance crews had one fan strapped to a stretcher but before they could take him away he vomited.

His friend was equally drunk and was propped up against a wall by a police officer, but despite the state of many present, no arrests were made.

Many questioned why Nicola Sturgeon allowed the fans to travel south as she appealed for them to ‘stay safe’ on Friday and ‘be respectful to our hosts’.

She strongly condemned the thousands of Rangers fans who gathered earlier this year to celebrate their league title, but had not spoken out strongly against the Scottish fans descending on London.

Many noted the irony of Ms Sturgeon imposing a travel ban to Manchester and Salford because of rising cases there at the same time as tens of thousands of Scots travelled to London without a ticket to the game.

Last night supporters hugged and posed with smiling police officers meant to be dispersing them from central London.

Thousands of fans also spent the afternoon and evening in Hyde Park, which was strewn with litter including bottles and takeaway packaging. Although there were wild scenes of drunkenness, only two arrests were made.

A 25-year-old man was last night detained and cautioned for indecent exposure in Hyde Park, while another man was arrested for trying to take a police officer’s hat, assault with intent of avoiding arrest and assault of an emergency worker. He was taken to a south London police station where he remains.

It came as two men were badly hurt after a fight on the street just behind Leicester Square as Scottish fans partied.

The Met said a 55-year-old male is fighting for his life, and police say inquiries are going including into whether it is football related. 

Police watched on the proceedings throughout the day but rarely intervened as fans enjoyed the party atmosphere for the highly-anticipated game

Without a flare in the world? Scotland fans today seemed unworried about social distancing or staying dry in London

Flaring up! Scottish football fans arrive in London today for the European Championship tie versus England this afternoon 

Showing plenty of flare: Scottish football fans arrive in London today for the European Championship tie versus England

A fan with a Scottish flag draped over his shoulders walks through piles of rubbish left by supporters during the pre-match antics

Scotland fans gather in Leicester Square today before the UEFA Euro 2020 match between England and Scotland later

On Friday afternoon, more than 1,000 fans packed into a row of restaurants just off Leicester Square, whipped into a frenzy by bagpipe player Martin Brown. 

Wearing full Scottish regalia he led the massed fans as they sang along to his bagpipes, with the thronging crowd making it impossible for others to walk through. 

Police kept watch but only ventured into the crowd after reports of bottles being smashed as fans revelled in the party atmosphere.

One said: ‘This feels line a normal football match and we can forget about all this Covid stuff. 

‘For many here it’s been over a year since we could get away. Playing our biggest enemy just makes it all the more sweeter.

‘There’s been no trouble. People here just want a bit of fun and a good drink.’

Hundreds of fans again congregated by the William Shakespeare monument clambering into the fountain and standing atop the statue.

Dozens of police were on duty in the area but stood back from the crowds, while fans attempting to enter Leicester Square tube station carrying alcohol were told to leave it behind.

Tube staff swept broken glass from the steps as fans mingled with commuters and shoppers leaving the area.

While face masks are compulsory on the London Underground no attempt was made to stop any of the maskless fans from entering.

England fans making their way to Wembley or a pub were booed and jeered.

Scotland supporters had partied through the night in central London despite the Metropolitan Police issuing a 48-hour dispersal order yesterday as 20,000 ticketless supporters descended on the capital ahead of Friday night’s Euro 2020 crunch match against England at Wembley Stadium. 

Thousands of boozed-up fans draped in flags and wearing Scotland jerseys were seen chanting ‘we hate f***ing England’ as they jumped into the William Shakespeare fountain in Leicester Square, while others partied hard in Hyde Park – some naked – ahead of the 8pm match.   

Supporters poured off trains at King’s Cross Station yesterday, despite just 2,800 tickets being sold to Scotland fans, after Mayor Sadiq Khan pleaded with ticketless supporters to ‘enjoy the game from Scotland’. He previously said fans would provide a needed boost to London’s hard-hit hospitality sector.

A small number of Scottish fans ventured out into central London for pre- match drinks and a cooked breakfast this morning. 

The advance party of supporters headed to a Wetherspoons pub for early morning pints and breakfasts.

Among them was 27-year-old Josh McNair, who had left his friends sleeping off the excesses of the night before.

‘I didn’t feel too bad so came for breakfast’ he said as he walked into the pub.

‘Things will not get going until the afternoon when everyone wakes up and wants a drink’ The Wetherspoons was the only pub to open before 11am.’

The Mayor’s warnings that the influx of people would cause a ‘serious risk’ of spreading Covid-19 prompted pubs to cancel bookings, while London Ambulance Service admitted it had no plans to have an increased amount of medics on standby as a mass party broke out in Hyde Park.

Glasgow was previously a hotspot for the so-called Indian coronavirus variant, but has since been downgraded from its high alert status. Though most of Scotland was recently lowered to Level One in the county’s five-tier system, 13 council areas are in Level Two as the virus surges.

Scotland Yard has now issued a Section 35 Dispersal Order until 3pm on Saturday, in anticipation of ‘anti-social behaviour’. The order gives a police constable and a police community support officer the power to exclude a person from an area for 48 hours with an Inspector’s authority.

With rain expected to pour all night into Friday, celebrations could be dampened – meaning that police could have less on their hands than they might otherwise expect ahead of the Euro 2020 clash. 

There were plastic bags, bottles and cans all over the ground in Leicester Square after the fans descended for the party atmosphere

The Tartan Army on the march, as Scottish fans mass in Leicester Square today after the festivities of the previous night

A topless Scotland fan chants while crossing the road at Leicester Square in front of the Hippodrome Casino 

A fan wearing a kilt lets off a blue flair while on somebody’s shoulders during the wild scenes of revelry in the English capital today

A Metropolitan Police spokesman tweeted this evening: ‘Due to the high profile UEFA EURO Football match between England & Scotland on Friday 18th June at 8pm and the anticipated anti-social behaviour this may bring, a section 35 dispersal authority has been implemented. 

‘This has been authorised by Inspector Dodds from 1500 hours 17/06/21 till 1500 hours 19/06/21 in the West End area in an attempt to reduce the likelihood of members of the public being caused alarm harassment and distress and the occurrence of criminality in the local area.’

Mr Khan said: ‘Scottish fans are renowned around the world for bringing a party atmosphere with them to the big tournaments but with COVID restrictions still in place on both sides of the border, the best thing for fans without tickets to the game or a safe place to watch it is to enjoy the game from Scotland and not come to London.

‘In an ideal world I would welcome the Tartan Army to London for this match with open arms – but with Covid cases increasing, and with so much at stake as we fight this awful virus, I’m afraid that it just cannot be this time, so the best thing to do is not to come to London and instead enjoy the game at home.’ 

In February, the Mayor said he wants to see Scots ‘coming down to London to watch the Scotland-England game’ and said Euro 2020 will be a ‘springboard to a recovery, particularly if it’s domestic fans only’.

Many booked pub visits well in advance to get the best deals. But, after Mr Khan’s more cautious approach this week, many pubs have retracted bookings – with fans claiming it was down to their Scottish post codes.

Supporter Gary Ayton told MyLondon: ‘Sadiq Khan said he wants the Scotland fans to travel down; ‘feel free to come in book pubs, it will be good for tourism’, so everyone has done it, then literally a week later, they’re saying ‘if you’ve not got a ticket don’t travel’.’  

All 32 trains departing Edinburgh and Glasgow for the capital on Friday are fully booked, and southbound services from Manchester are also extremely busy.

And all bar one train arriving from Glasgow on Thursday were sold out yesterday, meaning the influx of fans has begun more than 24 hours before kick off.

And with no fan zone for those without tickets at Wembley, questions have been raised about where the droves of fans will go on Friday – especially as forecasted rain is set to make outside spaces a no-go. 

The rule of six and strict social distancing measures are still in force indoors, meaning those hoping to watch the match from pubs and sports bars to shelter from the downpour could be facing disappointment.

Footage taken at King’s Cross Station showed droves of Scotland fans – several wearing blue football kits – disembarking their train. Several chanted ‘we’ll be coming down the road’, a Scotland Football Team song.

Huge crowds were seen gathered outside the station, with Met Police officers on guard in case the festivities got out of hand. 

One fan admirably tries to sweep the rubbish while others walk on as supporters made their way to Wembley or to a TV screen for the match

William Shakespeare was given the Duke of Wellington treatment from Glasgow as a cone was placed on his head with fans dancing around the statue

A number of fans tried to collect the vast amount of litter left in the square after hundreds vacated in the final hours before the game

A group of fans gather for a photo in Leicester Square after authorities pleaded for supporters only with tickets to head to London

On Friday afternoon, officers admitted defeat in trying to move on the fans and said they would implement a ‘flexible policing plan… to reduce the likelihood of crime, disorder and anti-social behaviour’

Many have questioned why Nicola Sturgeon allowed the fans to travel south as she appealed for them to ‘stay safe’ on Friday and ‘be respectful to our hosts’

Pedestrians were unable to pass through the huge swathes of fans who had gathered for hours ahead of the game for a raucous atmosphere

Meanwhile, footage taken onboard planes flying into London showed rows of passengers singing Yes Sir I Can Boogie by Baccara – a song unofficially adopted as an anthem by Scotland fans.

Friday’s highly anticipated match marks the first clash between the two teams in four years.  

Most fans arriving yesterday admitted they did not have a ticket for the crunch Euro match at Wembley against England and said they would watch the game at a pub.

John McCormak, 35, said ‘ There was no chance of a ticket, but me and two mates decided to come anyway. It’s a great away day and will be made all the sweeter if we win’

Mr McCormak, from Glasgow, said he was staying in a budget hotel near Victoria Station.

‘It’s a rip off with the price, but the cheapest I could find, I’ve been down before and there’s a good sports bar nearby which will do me,’ he added.

His friend Andy Allen 37, said: ‘Playing England at Wembley is the one match any Scot fan wants to attend. It’s criminal that more tickets were not made available.’

Between noon and 6pm six trains from Glasgow arrived at Euston. Others – equally packed with fans – arrived at Kings Cross station. 

Ticketless fans said they had booked a place at a pub showing the match as part of a package. Others said they planned to find a pub in central London that would house them rather than travel out to Wembley Stadium for the 8pm kick off.

Sandy Blake 26, said he planned to spend the night on a friend’s sofa and watch the match at a North London pub.

Wearing a kilt and a Scottish football jersey, he said the three day trip would cost him £400.

He said: ‘I’ve got a ticket to watch in a pub near my hotel. Costing me between £300 and £400. If we win, money well spent.’

After the five-and-a-half hour train journey from Glasgow, most fans headed straight to their accommodation. One group of six friends had accommodation booked at a Premier Inn close to Wembley.

Martin Yarrew, 25, said he had reserved a room as soon as the Euro draw was made and faced months of uncertainty about whether he would be able to travel due to Covid restrictions.

He said: ‘To be honest, I’m just glad to be here and excited to watch the match. Booking very early meant I got a cheap rate. Others on the train said they were paying over £150 a night.’ 

One unfortunate fan was bundled over into the mud by a Leicester Square fountain where litter was also dumped by supporters

Nicola Sturgeon urged fans to ‘stay safe’ but there was no social distancing in sight with fans hugging each other and gathering in small spaces

Scottish Football supporters on the pints in Leicester Square today – hours after the country’s supporters went wild

Scotland fans arriving at King’s Cross station show their support today in London ahead of the UEFA Euro 2020 match

There were cans of Thatchers and Strongbow dropped on the ground in London despite Nicola Sturgeon’s pleas to ‘respect’ their hosts

Scotland fans at Edinburgh Waverley railway station on their way to London today ahead of the UEFA Euro 2020 match

They’re still coming! This Scotland fan was on her way to London today ahead of the big match in Wembley Stadium 

Four patriotically dressed Scottish fans make their way through a wet Hyde Park this morning ahead of the big game

Scotland fans at Edinburgh Waverley railway station today as they prepare to travel to London ahead of the UEFA Euro 2020

Two men were badly hurt after a fight on the road just behind Leicester Square as Scottish fans partied (crime scene pictured). The Met says a 55-year-old male is fighting for his life, and police say inquiries are going including into whether it is football related.

The scene in a trashed Leicester Square this morning after the Tartan Army partied and filled the fountains with foam

The Metropolitan Police have issued a dispersal order giving officers the power to remove troublemakers from central London

Another fan who arrived was Charlie Archibald, 30. He had a ticket for the match courtesy of his cousin Liam Cooper who is expected to play for Scotland.

Sporting a blue Scotland jersey with ‘Cooper’ on the back, he said: ‘I guess we are the lucky ones with a ticket. My cousin plays for Scotland so he was able to get us the tickets. Didn’t cost me anything. We’re really looking forward to the match.’

Charlie travelled down to London with friends Robbie Lapsley and David Snedden. They headed to their hotel Hyde Park after their train journey.

It is thought that Scotland will join England in taking a knee to protest racial inequality during Friday’s game. 

Hundreds of Met Police officers are set to form a ring of steel at Wembley to prevent ticketless fans accessing the stadium on Friday night. 

There will also be a significant police presence in tourist areas of such as Trafalgar Square, as well as at King’s Cross and Euston stations. 

There are also concerns about Scotland fans infiltrating the home areas of the stadium as tickets are still changing hands on various resale websites.

The police will work with stewards to stop ticketless fans accessing Wembley Way, and travelling fans in the England sections risk being ejected from the stadium.

Scottish Football Supporters Association founder, Paul Goodwin, questioned why there was no fan zone provided for supporters without tickets in London, adding that Glasgow has one that can take 6,000 seated and socially distanced people.

He told The Times: ‘There will be plenty of tartan on display as we like coming down and showing off. The fact we have not been part of it [a major tournament] for such a long time is a factor.’

Sven Lister, part of the Roysth Tartan Army supporters club, said that not facilitating a way for fans to watch the match could bring about trouble.

‘I reckon there will be about 20,000 or so turning out. It just worries me that they’ve not done anything. There’s going to be groups wandering, possibly not getting to see the football, which would cause trouble,’ he told MyLondon.

Scenes of fans descending on the capital no-doubt evoked memories of previous Tartan army invasions in London, such as in 1979 (pictured)

Scotland beat England 2-1 at Wembley Stadium in 1977, prompting fans to invade the pitch and pull down goalposts (pictured)

Fans are seen celebrating their sides first goal in the match against England at Wembley in 1977

But Goodwin said that Scottish fans have won awards for their friendliness and good behaviour at the previous two tournaments.

The news comes following disappointment for Scotland fans after their country lost 2-0 in their first match in a major tournament in 23 years, which saw a Czech Republic player score an extraordinary goal from the halfway line.

The game was played at Hampden Park in Glasgow in front of a socially-distanced crowd of 12,000 fans.

The Met’s Deputy Assistant Comissioner, Jane Connors, told Sportsmail the force were preparing to deal with an invasion of ticketless fans for Scotland’s first game at Wembley since a World Cup qualifier five years ago in what will be only their second tournament meeting in 114 fixtures.

‘We anticipate a significant number of fans are expecting to travel to London,’ Connors said.

‘I would urge people: please, only come to London if you have a ticket for a match, or fanzone. There are no alternative sites for fans to gather in large numbers and there are limited spaces in pubs and bars and you could end up missing the game. London is still in lockdown and must observe current Government guidelines.’

Mr Goodwin added that said Steve Clarke side’s defeat by the Czech Republic may have deterred fans from travelling and complained about the lack of a fanzone for the visitors in London.

‘There’s less likely to be a mass invasion as people are feeling deflated after the Czech result, but there will be a few thousand without tickets, that’s for sure,’ Goodwin said.

‘In addition to those travelling, as someone who lived in London for 16 years I know how big the Scottish community is down there.

‘The official allocation is 3,000 so it could be double that or even more. A Scottish fanzone would have helped keep people away from Wembley. Maybe that decision was taken to stop people from travelling.’

Following Friday’s crunch match, Scotland will return to Hampden Park in Glasgow for the final group game against Croatia on 22 June.

About 12,000 people descended on Hampden to watch their match against the Czech Republic on Monday.