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NJCAAE Joins EsportsGear in School Clothing Agreement.


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NEW YORK, NEW YORK – The National Junior College Athletic Association Esports (NJCAAE) has entered into a groundbreaking apparel agreement with the leading supplier of school sportswear, EsportsGear, creating the first licensing partnership in college sports. The partnership will allow all members of the NJCAAE to develop, create and design their own team jerseys using the professional designers of EsportsGear. Additionally, EsportsGear will be the exclusive supplier of esports apparel and products at future NJCAAE LAN events.

This partnership ensures that EsportsGear will be the sole supplier of all clothing and merchandise to the NJCAAE with the use of the Diamond Tier jerseys which began on June 15, 2021. In forging this partnership, the NJCAAE ensures that their esports players have direct access to quality branded merchandise. “Evaluating how a potential strategic partner adds value to membership is a critical part of deciding who the NJCAAE to partner with.

NJCAAE is excited to partner with EsportsGear to add great value to NJCAAE membership. Not only will NJCAAE teams, colleges, fans and communities have access to best-in-class products at unbeatable prices, but team admins will have access to EsportsGear’s team of professional designers to create everything. what they are considering for their esports program. says Jeff White, executive director of AENJM.

“We couldn’t be more excited to partner with one of the leaders in college esports.” Anthony Guerra, CEO of EsportsGear. The Collegiate Sports Management Group, through its management team of Angela Bernhard Thomas, Jim Connelly and Neil Malvone, helped negotiate this one-of-a-kind esports partnership.

Jim Connelly, Senior Vice President of Consumer Products at CSMG, added, “CSMG is honored to have helped forge this pioneering licensing partnership between NJCAAE and EsportsGear. NJCAAE and its member institutions can now capitalize on EsportsGear’s best design capabilities, product portfolio and turnkey approach that has made it a leader in school esports licensing.

About the Collegiate Sports Management Group

Founded in 2014, CSMG is a “collegiate property group” that drives the business performance of varsity athletic conferences and schools, providing them with a successful growth strategy and generating revenue to support their athletic departments. CSMG specializes in marketing / revenue generation rights, content creation and distribution, media rights strategy and negotiation, sponsorship sales, licensing and e-sports.

About EsportsGear

EsportsGear was founded by gamers to take the hassle, stress, and confusion out of the process of getting high quality, custom clothing and gear. Offering premium materials, workmanship, artistic designs, a variety of accommodation options (from general store to wholesale and retail e-commerce complex hosting) and industry-leading pricing, EsportsGear has become the leading provider of college esports. EsportsGear is proud that all products are 100% sourced from the USA.

About the National Junior College Athletic Association Esports (NJCAAE)

The National Junior College Athletic Association Esports (NJCAAE), founded in 2019, is the only national esports association exclusively for two-year colleges. The NJCAAETM is committed to increasing access to team dynamics, academic representation and campus life for the benefit of student-athletes and member institutions. Esport participants and NJCAAETM members benefit from meaningful, educational and transformative opportunities that lead to higher retention and completion rates for participants. With over 100 schools from all over the United States already after just two semesters of competition, the NJCAAETM continues to make inroads to be the association of choice for all 2-year schools.


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