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NHL Rumors: Ducks, Eichel’s Possible Business Destination; Max Comtois on the block; and Seattle Kraken to get an outdoor game?


The Anaheim Ducks have been one of the teams longest committed to acquiring Jack Eichel. So far, the Sabers’ asking price in Anaheim has likely included Trever Zegras and / or Jamie Drysdale. It is believed that demand has come down.

No trade appears imminent, which is largely due to the uncertainty of Eichel’s health. Although there was reports earlier this month that a deal was being struck, things are calm again.

Currently, Eichel’s camp is visiting medics and gathering medical evidence to give to the Sabers so that he can get an artificial disc replacement.

NHL rumors: Ducks dominate Eichel’s landing spot

Eventually, an exchange will occur. The best bet is to let Jack have his favorite operation and come back healthy to play.

Once that happens, teams will be more willing to acquire it. And if the schedule lines up correctly, it could be nearing the trade deadline, making it easier for hats-strapped teams to fit in. Nevertheless, it will depend on the assets and the Ducks will continue to prevail.

The Athletic’s Erik Duhatschek recently reflected:

In terms of player compensation, you will need to step up a gear. Now, as I understand it, the asking price on Eichel is dropping – still high, but not completely impractical. So if you’re Anaheim and ruled out parting ways with Zegras and Drysdale, would you nominate Mason McTavish and next year’s first round? Now that’s something to chew on.

Now don’t get too excited about the Ducks fans because it might take more. Another item Anaheim can add is Max Comtois, who was recently crossed out.

Since he was named, healthy scratch speculation has gone wild that he’s in the block. The 22-year-old has zero points in 4 games this season and is -5. A 2nd round pick in the 2017 Draft, he has 51 points in 98 career games.

Kraken on the radar for an outdoor game

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