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NBA All-Star jerseys reportedly leaked


NBA All-Star festivities have always been highly anticipated by basketball fans. Certain events have certainly lost their luster (seriously, who can’t wait to watch the Skills Challenge?). Overall, however, All-Star Weekend is a highly anticipated event, especially the NBA All-Star Game held on the final day.

Recently, a leak of the reported jersey for the 2022 NBA All-Star Game was leaked. If it turns out that the actual jerseys will be used…well, that’s not a good sign. (via Legion Hoops)

These jerseys are, for lack of a better term, awful. Fans clowned on last year’s NBA All-Star jersey to look like a kid’s jersey, but this one looks even worse. It looks like a cheap jersey you can find at the thrift store. It’s bland, uninteresting and doesn’t catch anyone’s attention.

What makes this even more disappointing is the fact that this year marks the NBA’s 75th year. If they’re using that NBA All-Star jersey for the league’s 75th anniversary, either the creative minds have lost their sight or the NBA doesn’t care anymore. Frankly, either option is scary to think about.

The good news is that these jerseys might not be legit at all and won’t be used in the NBA All-Star game. The source credited in the Legion Hoops tweet, Matthew Moreno, allegedly found this at a local store in Los Angeles. If it sounds like a cheap knockoff made by an amateur looking to make a quick buck…that’s because it probably is.

There are plenty of inspirations for what the NBA could do instead for All-Star jerseys. A “throwback” style jersey idea was suggested by a Twitter user. It would be in keeping with the whole NBA 75th anniversary thing.

Or better yet, just go old school and have the NBA All-Stars play in their team’s jersey. Team A plays with light jerseys, while team B plays with dark jerseys. You know, a tribute to classic All-Star games.

Just please, for the love of God and all basketball fans on this planet, don’t use these jerseys for the game. The NBA has already done a terrific job of making the All-Star Game more interesting to watch (by adding real-world stakes to the game, captains drafting their teams). It would be a shame if the matches were tainted by this… jersey abomination.

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