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Mumbai-based artist’s AR-enabled merchandising combines art and storytelling


In the ever-changing space of art, one is no longer limited to traditional mediums. There is room for experimentation like never before and many are ready to take the plunge. Among these is Mumbai-based artist and graphic designer Yash Pradhan, 27, whose latest project is Common Goal’s “Play Proud” initiative in collaboration with Amplifer. Combining the power of art and the power of football with 8 clubs to transform communities and stadiums across the United States, Mexico and Canada, the original artwork he created was intended to an exclusive line of augmented reality (AR)-enabled products that connect fans with inspiring, bilingual storytelling.

In the spirit of this initiative, on July 30, Juventus and Real Madrid played at the Rose Bowl Stadium in front of almost 94,000 fans, with both teams wearing the same artwork embedded in their shirt numbers to represent their shared belief. Discussing the design and purpose of the AR-enabled merchandise, Yash says, “The design represents and promotes a common goal for football: to make the game an inclusive, fair and safe space for everyone. As part of Saturday’s activation, both clubs donated a signed shirt to Common Goal who have organized a giveaway giving fans the chance to own a signed version of Pogba and Benzema’s matchday shirts .

Image Courtesy: Yash Pradhan

Experimenting with the world of AR effects, Pradhan calls ‘Play Proud’ his favorite work to date, saying, “My favorite work would be the Play Proud collaboration and the impact it not only has on design and social media , but also on raising awareness. funding for sustainable development around the world. I also cherish my last job with Adidas India as part of Adidas Originals Collective. I was lucky enough to have my designs in the form of merchandising, custom shoes, and AR effects. Anything new or even non-digital is always amazing! »

Regarding his creative process, he tells us that he “…usually starts with an idea and I sketch a composition of what I conceive, the composition of the work is always key in my work, so I usually take longer to compose and try to incorporate the end goal or use of the artwork.Adding that it makes the work with crisp, bold lines and surreal elements while maintaining some of its most important design elements and structures.

At the end of the day, he says, “The goal of creating art that enables direct, functional, or social impact has always been my long-term goal.”

You can check out Yash Pradhan’s Instagram here.

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