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Mailbag #17: Two months to go


RALEIGH, North Carolina. – Another weekend mailbag after a win? You bet. Everything is better when you win.

With three wins in four tries against Columbus this season now all in the rearview mirror, attention turns to a Sunday afternoon meeting for Children’s Day against the Edmonton Oilers.

As it gets closer and closer and further and further away from a brief rod practice on Saturday, let’s get to some of your questions.

Thoughts on Jalen Chatfield? Every call he played very well. While the Ds in front of him are solid, he earned his shot. – @yyzman442

I am absolutely with you. He was strong. He earned praise from the coaching staff in his first stint and he earned more after his performance last night. What made last night even more impressive was that he hadn’t played a game in almost two weeks due to an injury he suffered while playing in Chicago.

For him to come back immediately and do it at the NHL level certainly deserves applause.

Honestly, I think he could be an everyday guy. If not right now, he could definitely continue to grow there. After all, before this year he had only played 18 NHL games. Those 18 games were all played for a last-place Vancouver Canucks team last year. Players need time to develop and adapt. I’m sure he feels like he’s learned a lot since his first NHL game. Now some consistency would be nice for him to prove he can hang on every night.

He has the qualities you look for in a defender, doesn’t he? He plays big, he skates well, he is physical and above all, he defends. Will he ever have a 30-goal season in the NHL? Probably not, but that’s not what you’re looking for in a defender. I think next month is going to be a huge opportunity for him and his future.

Maybe you’re thinking about giving Chatfield some power-play time to give Slavin a break? – @Erich_K8

I’m not sure Chatfield is still there, but never say never, I guess.

Next month is much more of a crucial opportunity for Ethan Bear to capitalize on his chance to play on the power play again. If he succeeds, I don’t know if anyone says no to DeAngelo running PP1 and Bear running PP2. Then Slavin gets the break you’re talking about.

How’s Jake Gardiner’s recovery going? He’s finished for the year, we know, but is he on track to return at some point next season? – @Conor_J_Power

Over the past few weeks, I’ve noticed a considerable amount of questions about Jake Gardiner.

I hate that I can’t give an answer when there’s interest, but honestly, I don’t know much. I inquired to try to get something to say, but didn’t really get any information. Although I don’t know he didn’t come at all, I haven’t seen Jake in Raleigh this year. I learned about this last week’s edition of CanesCast that Jake walked into the broadcast booth when the team was in Minnesota two weeks ago to say hello to Mike and Tripp. Mike mentioned that he’s still on the mend from his surgeries and has a lot of good things to say about Jake but, again, I know that’s not really an update . I will try to get more soon.

Do we play some of our best scorers on a line even if they are pure magic together or do we keep things moving even when they are not creating scoring chances or putting points on the board every game? – @aho_svech_fan

This is actually a fantastic question.

I think both are the correct answer, in waves. Of course right now Teuvo Teravainen is hot. From my point of view, it seems that the SAT line is working well. So you want to ride that, don’t you? But, if you have an entire line that’s hot and you think you can move a piece to spread offense to a new line, sometimes that’s the answer too.

The Niederreiter-Staal-Fast combo is certainly clicking right now too, but there was a time when the rebounds didn’t go their way. Rod Brind’Amour held on, left them together, and now things are working out for them. In the end, it all comes down to what the coaching staff sees and what they think of the situation.

What’s going on with Kids Day tomorrow? – @Brett8Smith

Here’s what I know will happen!

  • Child singing the anthem
  • Host of children in the arena
  • Kid Mermaid Mermaids
  • Huge range of mascots (Wool E. Bull, Rameses, Casey The Cardinal, Mr. and Mrs. Wuf and Muddy, and more…)
  • Kid DJ’s + Children’s Day Playlist
  • In-game content with child-drawn logos and player images
  • Possibility of post-game on-ice photos for fans

And a chance to see the best player in the world? Not a bad day in store.

Who do you have today in the Stadium Series game? – @HashtagNoahJD

I honestly don’t care who wins the contest, I’m just excited to see what next year Carter-Finley will look like. I think the league did a fantastic job with the visual aspect of things for tonight’s event at Nissan Stadium and it really makes me excited to see what they’ll be able to do here in Raleigh.

The Tampa jerseys are adorable too, in my opinion.

Thank you all for asking your questions today, thank you all. See you tomorrow at the PNC!

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