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Los Angeles Chargers and Snoop Dogg unveil new Nike uniforms for Inglewood Chargers



Snoop has a personal connection to the Inglewood Chargers, who play in the Snoop Youth Football League as “Coach Snoop” leading the 6U team. He started the league as a way to provide opportunities in football to children who didn’t have access to them before.

“I’ve seen kids take the streets and change their entire lives,” Thomas said. “I’ve seen kids going to college now who never thought they’d get there in a million years, and they’ve made it through this league. When Snoop started this league, it was was to help these kids because they couldn’t afford to play for [other leagues.] It was too expensive. Especially when you had a single mother who had two or three children. So he made it affordable for everyone and that was the best part of this league. ”

In addition to the uniforms, the Chargers have also partnered with Nike to fully cover the registration fees for every player in the league so that no parent has to pay for their child to play football this year.

Providing access to sport at a young age is a cornerstone of the Chargers organization. Allen started playing when he was the same age as the kids on the field, and Telesco, who is a father, knows the impact youth sports have on children’s lives.

“I have three kids, two boys and one played youth football and they now play football in high school, so I know that’s where it starts,” Telesco said. “This isn’t just where it starts if you want to play professional football. Even if you don’t play in college or high school, you learn so much by playing the sport. I have spoken with these kids before about the responsibility of being on a team, being a great teammate, the physical and mental strength that football requires to play, the management of time… There are so many life lessons you learn in football that I think so special and it starts right here. “

Previously known as the Inglewood Jets, the Inglewood Chargers changed their name and branding in 2018 to reflect their local NFL counterpart now called SoFi Stadium, a few blocks from the training grounds. of the youth league, at home.

In recent years, Inglewood Chargers players have been invited to participate in the announcement of NFL Draft picks, scrimmages before preseason games, and even join Zoom calls with players. of the Los Angeles Chargers. However, this donation of uniforms and registration fees was by far the biggest opportunity to date.



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