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League of Their Own Halloween Costume Ideas


Between A league apart and yellow jackets, I personally can’t wait to see so many hot dykes in athletic uniforms on Halloween this year. Both have so much potential for group costume possibilities! Maybe you’ve already decided to become a Rockford Peach this Halloween. Perhaps you have already discovered that there are not many ready-made costumes readily available online. WHY? Idk, probs homophobia tbh! But if you’re determined to do all your ALTO dreams come true, I’m here to help. One of my most specific and specialized skills in life is being very resourceful when it comes to planning and executing Halloween costumes.

Let me preface this guide by saying: I am not a DIY expert in the traditional sense! I don’t know how to sew. I don’t have a lot of artistic abilities. And while I love crafting, I wouldn’t really consider myself crafty. That said, as mentioned above, I am incredibly ingenious when it comes to costumes – especially on a budget! I’m good at DIYing costumes with a mix of store-bought and handmade items that don’t require too much technical skill. Some of my most iconic Halloween costumes — including a DIY Silk Specter costume in 2011 — were made entirely from second-hand components. I am here today to tell you how to make a A league apart Rockford Peaches costume that’s going to have a bit of a DIY approach, but ultimately you’ll still look good and recognizable as the peach you are. You won’t be building something from scratch, but together you will fashion a costume that is distinctly yours.

There are of course some shortcuts you can take. The spirit of Halloween has an official licensed Rockford Peaches costume for $50, but he appears more inspired by the film than by the new series. It is also only offered in sizes S-XL. (Am*zon has them too.) The wit can sometimes work in a pinch for pop culture costumes, but if you have the time to plan a little more, I think you might end up with something cozier and more customizable. For about the same price, Etsy also has these dresses that look kindly like the uniforms but having more of an actual dress look than a uniform look, but I guess that could be a workaround too. And if you box To sew, there are also patterns available for dresses.

Another shortcut you could take is to bypass the one-size-fits-all approach and instead dress as a specific character from the show. I’ve created a series of style guides for Greta, Carson, Max, Jo, Jess and Lupe that are more about channeling their looks into an everyday, practical sense rather than costumes, but you can look at them for inspiration ! A Greta/Carson couple costume could be very cute! Or a joint Max/Clance costume with your best friend could be cute too!

But if you’ve got your heart set on a Rockford Peaches uniform, let’s get down to business. I’ll break down the essential components you’ll need and combine some purchasable options, but I also encourage you to use this as an inspirational guide rather than a very strict how-to. Go ahead and save some of the parts or add your own touches.

1. Skirt (or pants!!!!!)

Yes, to be completely authentic, you actually need a dress. But other than those limited (and possibly shoddy!) shortcuts above, “baseball uniform” isn’t something you can easily find online or in a store. So instead, I recommend going for a skirt + shirt combo as a workaround. The primary Rockford Peaches uniform is a pale pink, although I think you could get away with a cream or even white colourway. This ASOS Pleated Skirt ($19) might work, and again Amazon has some options, but I understand if you don’t want to buy from there. This The Etsy skirt is more expensive ($38+) but goes up to a 3XL. Here’s the key if you want to search online for a brand/size/price that’s best for you: if you want a shorter skirt (think: Slutty Rockford Peaches, which is the vibe I’m going to go with if I choose to do a a ALTO suit this year), then search for “tennis skirt” or “pleated miniskirt”, then filter by color (the hardest part here is the color! It’s like a VERY pale pink!). If you want a skirt that’s a little more authentic, search for “skater skirt” and add “knee length” to be more specific. It’s also a chance to be resourceful at a Spirit Halloween Costume Shop or similar. Many of these costume store chains sell separate costumes in addition to full sets, and you may find a pale pink or cream skirt meant to be part of a cheerleader costume or something similar and you reuse it. I kind of have more of a cheerleading skirt from Spirit.

Pale pink pants

So, here’s something to keep in mind: you don’t have wear a skirt! Just because the Peaches were forced to wear skirts doesn’t mean you have to. Want to add a touch of butch to a Peaches costume? Buy sweatpants in cream or pale pink! These are $11 and look comfortable as shit. I’m sure you’ll wear them a lot beyond the holidays. And for what it’s worth, I actually found a lot more pants options in the right shade of pink than skirts, so maybe that’s the movement in general! Also, if you live in a cold place, it will be more comfortable.

2. Shirt + Crest

Rockford Peaches crest

If you opt for the skirt, you will need a shirt. Yes, you could shell out for a real baseball jersey, but it’s going to be 1. expensive and 2. not even that accurate, because the dress uniforms worn by the Peaches button close off center, and most baseball jerseys button in the center. This is the part where I plug into one of my favorite chain stores on the planet: Michael’s craft store. I know I said I wasn’t cunning, but I do have a membership in Michael’s rewards program, so maybe the lady is protesting too much. Here’s my cheater uniform recommendation: Get a Michael’s t-shirt that best matches the color of your skirt. Obtain a Rockford Peaches crest ($14+) and tie it with fabric glue. HERE. If you want to add an extra layer of cuteness/baseball-ness, you could throw an unbuttoned baseball jersey over the shirt and customize it even if you want. You might even go wild with it. For example, you could get a baseball jersey that says ROCKFORD DYKES rather than Rockford Peaches on it. Just an idea!!!!!!

3. Belt

A leather belt readYou don’t even need a skirt with belt loops to pull off the signature belted Peach look. Don’t think too much, baby! This is absolutely an item you might find in a thrift store. or you could buy one for $18 at Nordstrom Rack (and hey, the best thing about buying actual clothing/accessories for a costume rather than costume parts is that you can probably get a decent amount of them beyond Halloween!).

4. Athletic socks

Athletic socks

I’m extremely biased, but I think you should get out of the book here and wear the Gay Chaos Autostraddle Socks. But if you want something more authentic, go for a high sock in a shade of red similar to the belt you end up with. Fun fact: Most of the sports socks – other than the Autostraddle Gay Chaos socks – that I own were indeed purchased from Spirit Halloween. I realize now how often I shop at Spirit Halloween????? But I also feel like I’ve never purchased one of their full sets before. It’s so much more fun to customize/DIY!

5. Hat

A vintage red baseball cap with an R on itHere’s the problem: I saved the hat for last, even though it’s the most important element. I think you can really have fun with the rest of the costume and get out of the book in a personalized way. As long as you wear the hat. Maybe you can’t find the exact skirt length in the right color. But if you have the hat, people will know what you’re doing. Or, at least, the people who matter will. Lucky for you, there are SO many Rockford Peaches hats on Etsy. I am a supporter of this vintage ($30), but there really are so many options, See for yourself. But you could also just buy the patch and peel off that fabric glue and attach it to a plain red cap of – you guessed it! — Michael’s craft store.

As for the finishing details, I again encourage you not to think too much. Wear a pair of sneakers you already own. Borrow a baseball bat from your athletic friend or buy a child cheap. Wear red lipstick to match the red accents in the uniform – or not! Again, if you have a few specific touches like the hat and the logo patch, you’re going to be recognizable as a peach. There is no need to cling too much to authenticity. I believe Halloween costumes should be identifiable while showcasing personality! Swing for fences and have a very league of theirs Halloween.

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