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Lakers rumors: Bibigo partnership is NBA’s richest jersey patch deal



The Los Angeles Lakers made headlines this week when they announced a new global marketing partnership with Bibigo, a Korean food company.

Bibigo will replace Wish as the Lakers jersey patch this season and the company will also be involved with LA in other marketing campaigns and local community service.

Such a shift for a global brand like the Lakers couldn’t have been cheap, and LA Times Bill Shaikin reports that Bibigo will pay the organization $ 100 million over five years, which is the richest jersey patch deal in the NBA:

The five-year deal is worth more than $ 100 million, according to people familiar with the deal but not authorized to publicly disclose its terms. NBA jersey patch deals have sold for an average range of $ 7 million to $ 10 million per year, according to The Athletic.

Wookho Kyeong, Marketing Director of CJ CheilJedan, which is Bibigo’s parent company, explained why it made sense for them to pay such a large fortune to partner with the Lakers:

“The Lakers are the # 1 team in the sport,” said Wookho Kyeong, marketing director of CJ CheilJedang, Bibigo’s parent company. “The Lakers are more than just a basketball team. The Lakers around the world are a cultural icon, especially for young people. “

The Lakers aren’t just one of the biggest brands in the NBA, but in sports in general, so it makes sense that a global company like Bibigo would want to partner with them.

LA is expected to launch the new uniforms with the Bibigo logo on them when the team takes the field for its opener against the Brooklyn Nets on Oct. 3 at Staples Center.

LeBron James # 6 jerseys now on sale

Lakers biggest star LeBron James has decided to change number 6 this season, which is the number he wore with the Miami Heat and Team USA.

James No. 6 jerseys are now officially on sale, possibly with the Bibigo logo replacing Wish on all future purchases.

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