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K-pop star Soobin wears “VANOOOVBR” Canucks shirt


The oddly spelled Canucks t-shirt appeared on Korean television.

I’m not sure what place would be the least likely to see a Vancouver Canucks logo, but “on a K-pop star on South Korean TV” ranks pretty high up there.

Soobin is the frontman of K-pop group Tomorrow X Together, aka. SMS. The last album of the group, Chapter of Chaos: Freeze, was a crossover hit, reaching number 5 on the US Billboard charts and they made their late night debut in the US on The Late Late Show with James Corden last week, singing their new single, “Magic” .

The song is a certifiable bop.

On Friday they performed “Magic” on KBS World TV wearing outfits straight out of the late 90s or early 2000s: baggy jeans, long-sleeved shirts under oversized baseball jerseys and jackets. aviator.

Soobin’s shirt was a bit more of the late 2000s, however, as he wore a Canucks t-shirt with “Vancouver” on top of the Orc logo, which the Canucks debuted in the 2007-08 season. .

Only there was something a little weird about the logo. Instead of “VANCOUVER”, the shirt clearly reads “VANOOOVBR”.

Yes, it definitely says “VANOOOVBR”. By KBS World TV

This was spotted by a sharp-eyed Redditor and posted on the Canucks subreddit.

While oddly spelled or worded English wares aren’t exactly uncommon in places where English isn’t the primary language, that doesn’t appear to be what has happened here. Instead, it seems quite intentional, perhaps to avoid copyright issues.

In fact, if you look at some of the other shirts that TXT members have worn, Soobin isn’t the only one with weird spelling.

The Kansas City Chiefs jersey appears to read “CIIFF”. A shirt that appears to be an Underarmor shirt, instead reads “IIIIDCRARMCUR AIIIIFTICS”. I’m sure “TOURNDVENI” on the open baseball jersey is also meant to be something else.

TOMORROW X TOGETHER - Magic (Music Bank) _ Screenshot KBS WORLD TV 210618 0-24That’s not how you spell Underarmor. By KBS World TV

On closer inspection, the letters on the shirts appear to have been altered with small pieces of duct tape that match the color of the letters or the shirt. Adding a few lines to “VANCOUVER” can quickly turn the “C” and “U” into “O” and the “E” into “B”.

The reverse is done with the Chiefs and Underarmor shirts, instead of removing parts of letters to turn them into “I” or “C”.

My assumption is that this is done to avoid legal issues. Sometimes you will see logos or shirts with a brand fade on TV. This is called product movement or, informally, “grecking”. While it is not illegal to display a logo or use a trademark, it is always done to avoid any risk of legal trouble or to avoid free publicity to a business or brand.

Is Soobin really a Canucks fan? He wouldn’t be the first K-pop star to love hockey. NCT U did a full hockey-themed music video for their song “90’s Love,” although that helps NCT U member Mark Lee, who is from Canada.


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