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Islanders Best Fisherman Concept Jerseys


The ever-controversial Fisherman jersey could make a comeback for the New York Islanders. I know the team already sells fisherman themed gear and even sells the jersey. But he hasn’t made an appearance on the ice since his introduction in the late 90s.

I understand why some people don’t like the jersey. I respect their feelings about the jersey, its history, its design and how it represents a lost era for them. This is an entirely justified opinion. But there are others, like me, who love the jersey and I hope my point of view can be respected without someone making a lame/lazy ageist argument that frankly doesn’t apply.

With a possible* Back on the way, I wanted to share some of my favorite fisherman concepts.

*I find it hard to believe that the islands will change from an extremely boring retro reverse design in 20-21 to something so controversial two years later, but anything is possible, right?

White background
I didn’t think a white field like this would grab my attention, but man makes this one work. The four-color palette (the original’s fuchsia is gone) makes it easier to digest. And the wave isn’t as wavy as it was in the original, so the change from the normal island jersey is as shocking as the original angler would have been.

I love this one. Again, the wave is not as wavy as the original. So the “ocean” gimmick doesn’t crush you on the head. There’s clearly a “wave” here but it’s subtle. The net behind the fisherman is gone in this sweater, so again the gimmick hockey player fisherman isn’t too on his nose even though he’s still wielding a stick in his hands.

The field of blue matches the blue of the last reverse retro, so there would be a callback here as well. I really like this one. And may be it may appeal to some who do not like the original fisherman’s jersey?

My man
Matt and I have talked about taking the fisherman back to the past several times. When the reverse retro was first announced, Matt showed off some concepts he came up with. It was a really solid effort on his part. It doesn’t change too much from the original Fisherman jersey other than flattening out that wave. I love this one from my good friend.

I still find it hard to believe that the Isles will go from a simple jersey darkening to a still very controversial jersey in the span of two years. That would mean an absolute paradigm shift has taken place in terms of on-ice marketing and with Lou Lamoriello still president, I doubt a paradigm shift is happening. But if so, I’d like to see one.