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Is it safe to use Chatroulette? 2021 tips


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Check that Chatroulette is safe to use?

When it first appeared almost ten years ago, Chatroulette took an innovative approach to online forums and chat apps. The idea was to video chat with random strangers and enjoy fun, informal conversations with people from all over the world.

On the surface it sounds benign and entertaining, but the reality is a little different. Like other similar chat portals, Chatroulette has become a playground for various abuses. The list includes cyberbullying, indecent exposure, and online scams.

However, the site is trying to improve user protection, so it is not easy to provide a definitive answer whether it is safe or not.

Chatroulette – First impressions

Surprisingly, the website user interface is almost completely blank. There are navigation buttons at the top of the screen and two video chat windows in the middle. The lower part shows your camera and the upper part shows your current chat partner’s camera.

Right off the bat, the whole design looks fishy, ​​especially for the site which is almost ten years old and has millions of registered users. However, it is not the main thing that raises the red flag. To start connecting with other users, the software must capture your face.

Also, your face needs to stay in the frame if you want to continue. While there are no official comments on this, it is safe to assume that this solution prevents indecent exposure.

Trouble in paradise

The main complaint that has turned off many Chatroulette users is the number of men showing off their private parts on the platform. To clarify things, Chatroulette is not an adult video chat, and the facial recognition feature is there to keep private parties private.

But then you need to allow the browser and website access to your camera and microphone, and this is where things get tricky. There is no way to be 100% on how the website stores or handles facial recognition data. Additionally, it is not possible to find a privacy policy or FAQ section that can resolve this issue.

Important note: Due to its popularity, Chatroulette has spawned a bunch of derivative websites with almost the same name. The real deal is on chatroulette.com, and we have inspected the security and functionality of this site.

Security concerns

To allay your worries immediately, it would be quite difficult for a hacker to attack you directly through Chatroulette. But hacking attacks are not the main problem.

By nature, Chatroulette promotes face-to-face video chat and there are tons of free software that can record conversations. Additionally, some tech-savvy online crooks may set up a video chat bot and lure unsuspecting users into a fake video chat.

Even if you don’t do or say anything that could be used against you, there is a possibility of a privacy breach. Chatroulette records can be manipulated and abused for phishing scams or posted to the web. But there have been no lawsuits in the United States involving abuse of Chatroulette.

Aside from the requirements, you can perform a simple test to assess the security of the platform. For example, an extensive search for Chatroulette on Google can lead you to a lot of X and YouTube rated clips. Most likely, featured users never agreed to any clips being posted online. And in some cases it is very difficult to know the age of the participant.

The light at the end of the tunnel

The portal allows you to easily switch to another user or stop chatting when you suspect something. There is also an option to report a user breaking the rules, and if more people do the same, the user can be banned permanently.

Given the lack of login information and other data, Chatroulette likely bans users based on their IP address. It’s great that you don’t need to provide any credentials to use the site, but it opens the door to other issues.

Chatroulette was once very popular with minors, and there should be a way to provide them with better protection. For example, facial recognition software could be used to distinguish between adults and minors and provide two distinct roulette sequences that do not mix.

Otherwise, teens and young people can be exposed to malicious strangers, even if there is no indecent exposure.

Are there safe alternatives?

As stated, Chatroulette has inspired a bunch of other similar portals, and its security is questionable to say the least. Some of the alternatives offer different chat rooms, have separate sections for adult chats, or require age confirmation.

Sounds good on paper, but it doesn’t take you away from exhibitionists. It should be noted that Chatroulette is better in this regard compared to the competition, and this is mainly due to the facial recognition software.

However, it is difficult to pronounce the competition as safer, on the contrary. The bots following the video stream can be easily fooled and you can get a flash out of nowhere.

Chatroulette – The Final Verdict

It is a pity that some users tend to abuse the tools that are at their disposal. And this is one of the reasons why many consider Chatroulette dangerous and move away from the platform. The bottom line is that Chatroulette would benefit from a full review of the software and more transparency.

Have you used Chatroulette before? Did you meet someone interesting? Share your thoughts with the rest of the TJ community in the comments section below.

Final words: Is Chatroulette safe to use?

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