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How Travis Kelce got over his nerves from playing in prime time



Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce.

Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce knows playing the Baltimore Ravens in prime time, with all eyes on them, is just plain intimidating. However, the nine-year-old pro has mastered the art of calm and approaches Sunday’s Week 2 showdown at M&T Bank Stadium like another day in the office.

“I think early in my career I got a little nervous,” Kelce told Heavy exclusively. “Today, it’s just something that excites me. You only get a few of these prime time games per year. So you just gotta embrace the moment and not let it be too much. It’s the same old game against the same old team you’ve been preparing for all week. It is important not to let your mind tie your feet.

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The last time the Chiefs faced opponents AFC North, Kelce had 87 yards on six receptions. Kansas City left Maryland with a 34-20 victory in September 2020 and, according to ESPN, are favorites to win this weekend’s showdown by 3.5 points.

Can Raven fans match the energy of the Kingdom of Chiefs?

The atmosphere at GEHA Field at Arrowhead Stadium remains unmatched, and that’s mainly thanks to the more than 76,000 fans who invade the Kingdom at every home game with red shirts, white jerseys and other logo-splattered gear and of the colors of Kansas City.

Baltimore played the majority of last year without fans, which Kelce and his teammates couldn’t fully relate to. Although the Ohio native adapts to a milder environment week after week, he understands how important it is to have the encouragement of fans live. Especially for a team hoping to secure their first victory of the season.

“It’s going to be unfriendly going to Baltimore this week, because I knew how the Kansas City fans just missed being in that atmosphere and cheering on the Chiefs and being proud to be the stadium. loudest in the world, ”Kelce told Heavy. “It was fun Sunday and this Sunday, especially if it’s a night game, I would expect their fan base to be as enthusiastic as Arrowhead.”

There is nothing to be ashamed of in being durable

What makes Kelce such a likeable person both on and off the pitch is his commitment to inspiring those around him to make better choices. The 31-year-old lends his voice to a talking washing machine to inform the masses that washing clothes in cold water saves energy and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

“IIt’s just about making the planet a better place, which I strive to do every day, ”Kelce said of his work on the #TurnToCold campaign with Tide.

Tide Trusty Laundry Detergent will be giving away a handful of exclusive washers in a raffle with other big names in the NFL endorsing the benefits of cold washing. Washers arrive already customized so that the cold setting is your favorite wash as well. Fans can go to tide.com and participate for a chance to welcome Kelce to your home.


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