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NEW YORK, 23 October 2021 / PRNewswire-PRWeb / – The Elephant Soccer Club of Harlem was launched with a simple but serious belief: the belief that all children who love football deserve the opportunity not only to play, but to reach their full potential. Since its inception in 2005, the club has offered competitive sports to young athletes from across the Harlem area, focusing on children and adolescents who live in underserved communities and have fewer opportunities to play football. school or leisure. Now, through strategic partnerships with companies such as gearUP and MaxOne, Elephant Soccer Club of Harlem has taken the youth sports experience to the next level, giving its players the opportunity to look and feel like stars. .

“We have always believed that children who are drawn to the great sport of soccer should have every chance to play on and off the field, to challenge themselves and to develop skills that will last a lifetime,” commented Jay block, director of strategic partnerships and communication. “Thanks to our generous collaborators, we can now add to this list: we are giving our players the opportunity to truly feel like stars of professional football.”

A collaboration with gearUP, a company well known for its excellence in personalized youth sports uniforms and fan gear, is particularly noteworthy. The gearUP team donated Nike football kits to the Elephant Soccer Club program, each featuring the club’s logos and graphics. This donation allowed every athlete involved with the club to wear a top quality bespoke jersey to every match.

“We provide kits to any athlete who cannot afford them, and historically these kits have come from shoddy brands that no one has ever heard of,” Block notes. “When our athletes put on these Nike uniforms, their faces lit up like it was Christmas morning. It was like they had just received a pair of Nike Air Force One. looked like champions. “

According to the CEO of gearUP, Mac Lavier, that’s exactly what gearUP is. “We strongly believe in the value of youth sports and we know that uniforms and brands really matter,” says Lavier. “Every young athlete deserves to feel like their favorite star, and we are happy to have been able to make this possible for the athletes in the Elephant soccer program.”

The collaboration with gearUP has resulted in another connection: MaxOne, a digital coaching platform that has generously donated its services to the Elephant Soccer Club of Harlem. “They have helped us by providing our athletes with access to amazing coaches and development opportunities; combined with the new kits our athletes really started to feel like they had the opportunity to excel, ”said Block. “MaxOne not only donated his platform, but it also facilitated our relationship with gearUP. We couldn’t be more grateful.”

“My colleagues and I were inspired by Jay’s vision to bring value to club members. From the start of our discussions, it was clear that Jay wanted to be innovative, providing tools like the MaxOne digital coaching platform, so that club coaches could use digital tools to strengthen engagement between coaches and coaches. players and their families. With MaxOne’s mobile app, coaches are able to deliver skills and drills, conditioning workouts, and educational programs right to a player’s mobile phone, all with the goal of complementing and improving “, said Todd grant, Chief Revenue Officer of MaxOne.

The Elephant Soccer Club in Harlem welcomes 60 to 80 children each year, providing them with training and games each week, including indoor and outdoor events depending on the season. The Club has a unique model that pushes athletes to take on tough opponents from a number of local leagues, genuinely developing their skills and personal values. The approach has paid off: every season the club finishes first in every league they participate in, and they have seen some of their players recruited from the best schools in the country.

“Our coaching model, combined with these amazing gearUP kits, instills in our athletes that they can be and do anything, while showing them what it means to function as a unit,” concludes Block. “For the children who live and breathe football, these are gifts of almost unlimited value.”

Additional information on the Elephant Soccer Club is available at https://www.elephantsoccerclubofharlem.com

Additional details on gearUP can be found at https://gearupwithus.com

Information on MaxOne can be obtained at https://maxone.ai


MaxOne’s Digital Coaching Platform (‘DCP’) enables athletes, coaches, club administrators and parents to have a digital solution to train, connect and grow together, anywhere. Complementing and enhancing in-person coaching, MaxOne’s DCP offers cutting-edge training tools creating the most sophisticated and engaging digital on-demand training experience available. Programs use the DCP MaxOne to be relevant to the daily lives of athletes 24/7, ensuring that training and mentoring efforts not only lead to improved performance on the field games, but help inspire young adults to become champions for life.


gearUP is a leading supplier of personalized youth sports uniforms, offering high quality jerseys and apparel from top brands like Nike. Their goal is to help coaches, club directors and volunteers eliminate the need to collect payments and distribute uniforms so they can start investing their time again in young athletes. Parents and athletes can log into their team’s online store and stock up on the gear they need, anytime, anywhere. Orders are shipped direct to the athlete, in time for the game!

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