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Gareth Southgate proves a middle aged crush


Gareth Southgate a middle aged crush

You could only feel a little sorry for Gareth Southgate when digital marketing agency North revealed the results of its research in which Euro 2020-related internet search queries had seen the biggest increases since the start of the year. tournament.

Topping the list, with a 950 percent increase, was, “Is Jack Grealish single?” Then, with an 800% increase, was, “Is Mason Mount single?” Most of the England squad’s relationship status was, in fact, a source of considerable interest, but one query saw a meager increase of only 120%: “Is Gareth Southgate married?”

Thankfully, the gaffer was the subject of a very admiring Twitter thread where contributors speculated on how charming he is. A Penny Mullord, for example, suggested that “he would hang the laundry properly, being careful not to stretch the shoulders of your cardigan,” while comedian Madeleine Brettingham said he was ” middle age”.

“I just want him to drive me to a colonoscopy appointment, then sit outside eating a scotch egg in dignified silence.” It is an image that will never leave us.

Quote of the day

“If you want to knight someone, you have to knight everyone on the team. It’s a team game. What about the right-back or left-back who aren’t as much in the public eye as Harry Kane? “- If Kyle Walker and Luke Shaw are not Gentlemen after Euro 2020, Harry Redknapp will spit.

Day number

54,000 – That’s how many pounds a seller on the Ticombo site was charging for a ticket to Sunday’s final…. with a face value of £ 295. Not expensive at the price.

Conspiracy Theory of the Week

The finalist is the one proposed by the Spanish journalist Roberto Morales who described Euro 2020 as “the most shameful competition” because UEFA had “organized” for England to win it by allowing them to play all of their matches. except one at home, then assured they got a questionable penalty to win their semi-final. Quite why UEFA would do this, he did not explain.

Italian newspaper Gazzetta Dello Sport, however, knows the answer – it’s because UEFA wants to reward Boris Johnson for taking a stand against the Super League.

“Roberto Mancini will have to take into account the political wind blowing. Johnson is the man who saved European football. A return on investment would make sense. We can have bad thoughts, we can be sinners, but better than to be a fool. “Hmm.

Caught pulling a sick man

Fans are generally delighted when cameras detect them during games and they are on TV. Aside from digital content producer Nina Farooqi, of course.

“We were all over the news, my face was on every TV screen in the world – I had friends from Australia and America telling me they had seen me,” she said. told The Telegraph, herself and her friend having been shown wildly celebrating England. equalizer against Denmark at Wembley. “The rational part of me was like, ‘Oh no, is this going to come back to haunt me?'”

You can see what’s coming. Her boss spotted her and gave her the bag. Yes, Nina had fired a patient, her business was already understaffed. Without regret? “I would do it again,” she said. This is the idea.

The Italian players sing their anthem before the semi-final with Spain. Photograph: Matt Dunham / AP

Final ticket scam

How desperate are English fans to get their hands on tickets to Sunday’s final? You can imagine. And, as you might expect, there are quite a few wicked souls out there who intend to make the most of this desperation.

A Twitter account by the name of ‘Wembley Scam Tickets’ (@WembleyTickets) has been set up to warn people of the shady guys selling non-existent tickets on the platform. Based on messages they had received from deceived buyers, on Thursday alone people had paid £ 32,000 for ‘fraudulent tickets’ on Twitter.

“It will be a lot more,” they added, “but many are too embarrassed to say it.” Pancakes.

Verratti and Kuipers have a story

How would Italian Marco Verratti have felt to learn that Bjorn Kuipers had been chosen to referee Sunday’s final? Probably not great, they have a bit of history.

In May, when Verratti’s Paris Saint-Germain met Manchester City in the Champions League semi-finals, Kuipers was in the driver’s seat, with PSG not very happy with their decision to kick Angel Di Maria out. A somewhat heated discussion ensued between the referee and their players, during which, according to Verratti, Kuipers “told me f ** k you – if we say that we are banned for 10 games”.

It will then be a moving reunion.

A tail of two Gary

Gary Neville: “When our national anthem was booed, I always saw it as the opposition fans trying to destabilize us, drown our fans and never as some kind of attack on us as people. Is it really that bad and disrespectful? “

Gary Lineker: “Please, please don’t boo the Italian anthem. A / It’s an absolute worth listening to. B / It’s really rude, disrespectful and totally classless.

Make your choice.

Let down the kingdom

You may have seen the photo circling the two guys in Kerry shirts amid the Italian crowd in last Tuesday’s semi-final against Spain. They appeared on Ray D’Arcy’s RTE radio show, their identity revealed as twins Seamus and Niall O’Connor from Brosna in North East Kerry.

A tweeter by the name of John O’Sullivan made a very salient observation about this, however. “They let the whole county down – sure what Kerryman ever made it to the semifinals?” True.

Prince of Wales

“Watching football is a bit too much for the nerves.” – Prince Charles revealing why he can’t watch Euro 2020 matches in England, so unless the Queen tells him he won’t know on Sunday night if football has come home.


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